The Latest: Virginia's senators call on Northam to resign

The Latest: Both of Virginia's U.S. senators say they have called the state's governor, Ralph Northam, to tell him he must resign after a racist photo was discovered on Northam's page in 1984 medical school yearbook.


The Latest: Both of Virginia's U.S. senators say they have called the state's governor, Ralph Northam, to tell him he must resign after a racist photo was discovered on Northam's page in 1984 medical school yearbook.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Latest on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and a racist photo in a 1984 yearbook (all times local): 7:20 p.m. Both of Virginia's U.S. senators say they have called the state's governor, Ralph Northam, to tell him that he must resign after a racist photo was discovered on Northam's page in a 30-year-old medical school yearbook. Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are joined by the dean of Virginia's congressional delegation, Rep. Bobby Scott, in a statement Saturday night that says they have told Northam that they no longer believe he can effectively serve as governor. Their statement says Northam has served Virginians faithfully for many years but that the events of the last 24 hours 'have inflicted immense pain and irrevocably broken the trust Virginians must have in their leaders.' Northam says he is not in the photo, which shows someone in blackface and someone in Ku Klux Klan robes.

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Today's DNC the same as yesterday's. Lots more need to resign too. Just to clarify, RalphNortham was probably 27 years old - NOT A TEENAGER when he did this. He was an adult and should be held accountable for his actions. This racist should resign now. I am from Virginia and I vote!!!! You sure have room to talk you criminal. I've see a picture of you in blackface! Admit it

come on. I'm pretty sure that's him in blackface. I once had a very comfortable leisure suit that matched the pants he's wearing But it is OK for two black actors to dress up as white women in a stupid movie? Where is the call for their heads. And yes I know who they are-the Wayans brothers. The movie was called 'White Chicks' released in 2004. How demeaning is this, double standards at their best!

I think GovernorVA has proven he’s changed completely. His voting record on civil liberties and women’s rights are 100% ✔️ Like Franken, look at the whole of any person. Forgiveness I am a conservative, and he has two reasons to resign: 'The Photo,' and his support of VA state Democrats' bill for retroactive birth control - terminating life after birth is murder, simple as that.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Defies Calls to ResignMr. Northam, isolated over a yearbook photo showing two people in blackface and Ku Klux Klan robes, said he did not think it was him in the photo, and would stay in the job for now. NorthamResign AbortionIsMurder yearbook Nope. He is such a liar. NorthamMustResign

your such a racist and we the American people know your history and your views of the black population Remember your idol Margaret Sanger... Nothing about killing/murdering , even up to full term babies. Nice work dems. The dems are the party of radical and crazy criminals. Hillary should be locked up, people who have done less than she are in prison, but just because her name is Clinton she's not

So now we move the question to which is the worst outcome....the person in the VA Governor's seat is someone who dressed in either blackface or a KKK robe 34 years ago and apologized or someone who may have assaulted a woman 15 years ago and denies it happened? your byrd buddy wore a kkk costume. why u so mad?

Oh hell. If you are calling for someone to step down. There is something afoul. Youre pure evil & he must not be dancing to your tune anymore. I’m sure this was known & would be used when needed. Misinformation, disinformation, propaganda is the name of your game.

Ralph Northam Resists Calls to Resign as Virginia Governor Over Racist Yearbook PhotoMr. Northam, increasingly isolated over a yearbook photo showing two people in blackface and Ku Klux Klan robes, was calling fellow Democrats to say he did not think it was him in the photo. Only a democrat can get away with this. Sadly, Ralph Northam strategy has been employed by all politicians....and it works!

Your husband should have resigned. You should have resigned. Totally unethical. Lying to the public when you WORK for the public in a public office should be grounds to remove a public official. Since we now know that lying to the public is not against the law, what do we expect? He wont resign, he will have to be pushed out.

Why do YOU care? They all look alike remember? Oh, that’s right, you are a drunk. You probably don’t remember. That is, after all your go to answer right?! Good thing our memories are intact! Heard anything lately from those guys in Benghazi, Uranium One, your EMails, ........... Ooops! Least We Will Forget! PERFECTION IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER...Huh HillaryClinton

You can’t be serious. Over a picture in the yearbook? Not infanticide? Sen Robert Byrd and HRC (her mentor) What do you have to say about that AP? Think how many thought it was OK to put that in the yearbook. How many signed off on that? This man should not lose his job because he may have been a racist while in college. So what...he may be an entirely new person now.(I'm black by the way)We keep saying how people need to change and when they do...we go back and say it doesn't matter.Leave the man alone.

Has it been lost on everyone that this was a MEDICAL SCHOOL yearbook? As a doctor, you are supposed to care for you patients without regard to race. My med school graduation page had family pics and a poem! I think we should forgive him. Drake wore black face and we forgave him. He's from Canada! Now tell me...why can't we forgive an American? Stop the hypocrisy! He loves Michael what?

Calls for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to resign flood in after blackface, KKK photo surfacesRepublicans and Democrats, including some presidential contenders in the 2020 race, joined together to call for Northam's resignation. Things to know: turns out he’s a racist Where were you bias filled lunatics with these revelations about this bigot back when he was running for office?

So you're telling me all black schools without segregation isn't racist? Hmmmm ...this was from DECADES ago. Is he currently trying to pass actually racist legislation on his local level of government? No? Then quit whining and look to other, actually useful things that need looking over and calm the hell down.

vets_againstGOP So, has he taken a polygraph and had the photo examined w facial recognition software.. What's he done to back up what he says? This Governor doesn't have any allegations brought against him for racism. When this photo was taken Blackface was a common thing. Blackface were in people's front yards in the 80's. Which exonerates him today.

Black face was NOT ok in the 80’s. A KLAN costume was NOT ok in the 80’s. How about that Yearbook’s staff, posting that shit like it’s funny ?! What’s that about? Cringeville. Is he there for money and power or to destroy a better world Northam GreatAwakening Q What does Benghazi Hilary want? To rule the country as an unelected and defeated president? Everyone has a past and made decision based on poor judgement. We all grow up, regret those actions and move on! We all have our ‘go and sin no more’ situations. Ralph you’re forgiven.

And this happened too!

Richmond Times-Dispatch calls on Virginia Gov. Northam to resignThe Richmond Times-Dispatch, the primary daily newspaper in Virginia's capital city, is calling on Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam to resign following the emergence of a racist yearbook photo he appeared in during his time in medical school RETWEET PLEASE least your not calling him a Republican anymore🙄 The fact that RalphNortham didn’t resign immediately simply proves that he’s unworthy to lead Virginia.

Took them long enough... it fricken college.....get over it And cant people and their ideas and ideologies change after 34 years? Even prisoners get parole after years for changing. Why damn this man for youthful mistakes? I’m still mad about Al Franken losing his seat when many republicans behavior is abhorrent and a President who abuses women as a hobby. Now we have King who gets away with being a racist yet the entire weekend was about Northam needing to resign. I’m over it.

A photo of any stupid stunt from long ago is all it takes to ruin anyone’s career these days. A dumb photo ruined Al Franken’s political csreer. I hope young people are paying attention because the world is getting much less rather than more forgiving or compassionate. It may have been accepted in the 1950’s but not since Civil Rights has it been generally accepted in the south. I honestly think he is being sacrificed to take the news cycle off of our MIA SCJ Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Can Mitch McConnell resign too...? Spot the difference Will you just go away !

Embattled Virginia Governor Ralph Northam won't resign this morning, Virginia Democrats sayVirginia Democrats say Gov. Ralph Northam won’t resign this morning just as reports state he does not think he is in a racist yearbook photo This man has pissed off liberals and conservatives in just a span of a week. He is toast If that picture isn't of him, it wouldn't be a matter of 'I don't think'. Now, this smells like some bullshit. 🤔

Don’t forget HillaryClinton and BillClinton and their photo I do not agree with the White Supremacists’ ideology AT ALL; but let’s talk about a more radical & dangerous group; the Muslims that somehow made it into our Congress! Infiltrate, indoctrinate, world domination! WakeUpAmerica Should resign for advocating full term abortions! abortion RalphNorthman Virginia democrats righttolife

It's from 19-friggin-84 for goodness sake...get real! Libs...quit punishing everyone for their past. Look FORWARD! People learn...people change. Wonder what else RalphNortham did in college that wasn't captured on film that was racist? He needs to speak to this instead of just saying he's not resigning.

Whose this? He needs to resign because he’s ok with KILLING BABIES, not just for a 35 year old photo and being a total nut job. Smh thesepeoplearesick

Northam tells Virginia Democrat it wasn't him in racist photo, won't resignVirginia Gov. Ralph Northam has told a source he now believes it is not him in a racist yearbook photo and that he has no recollection of taking the photo, according a top Virginia Democratic source who spoke to the governor on Saturday. Uh-huh. Interesting ploy. Ah yes. Straight out of the Democratic hand book. Deny deny and forget and forget until people just stop asking. Like listening to HillaryClinton talk all over again. I am in shock that something that occurred 30 years ago when there was no PC can come back and haunt you. These costumes were very normal at the time. However, Northampton is a scum ball so if it has to happen, so be it!

.. This coming from a woman who swears at her staff and secret service personal calling them the N name. Remember the deplorables! HillaryClinton you have no right to point your finger at anyone, you’ve left a legacy of dead bodies DonaldJTrumpJr CNN Who's the other guy? Hey at least he’s not wearing a MAGA hat

Bill didn’t quit. People can change. What was your thoughts on gay marriage in 1985? I'm certain he has known all along, the photos were in the yearbook. Why didn't he say something or do nothing, pertaining to the photo? I'm curious to know, was he was hoping no one would find out? If so why has it taken as long as it has, for sources to find out?

nice corvette .... Et tu, Brutus? If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime. The crime that human do catchup with them........ Hey Hillary how's the weather at Gitmo

Justin Fairfax would become Virginia’s 2nd black governor if Northam resignsLt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, a 39-year-old lawyer, grew up in Washington and is descended from slaves. The white supremacist troglodytes will lose it and that's fine by me. He should be in place by Monday *will / *when

MarkWarner timkaine This you day he should resign over, but not a peep about the infanticide? So, murder is ok with you both? Traitor JudgementDay SaveTheChildren Stop justifying. Pictures don’t lie. Boy Bye!!! BS that’s not him People can change if they can prove he dis done more racist thing in the oast few years make him resign. We also got to give people a benefit of a doubt

Indeed he must be lead off the white house grounds in hand cuff please Lllpllj)l L loo Resign. What We are all human beings. Therefore, we are all capable of showing a great lack of intelligence! If every politician is investigated 30 years ago, many may not be fit for office! That’s why we grow to hopefully become more intelligent. We need to be a more reasonable society.


Ralph Northam Under Pressure to Resign as Virginia Governor Over Racist Yearbook PhotoThe political fallout for Mr. Northam came quickly after he acknowledged he had dressed as either a member of the Ku Klux Klan or in blackface. BYE BYE WHITE SUPREMACIST POS He hasn't resigned yet? McConnell too

Should Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) have to step down from the House Financial Services Committee for embracing Louis Farrakhan? Should Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) have to step down from the House Foreign Affairs Committee over her blatant anti-Semitism? Hillary can’t run again Make all the Demo-brats resign they are all crooks and liars. They don’t even lie good.

Had to read this twice. Thought she was discussing Drumpf White Privilege at work Mountains out of mole hills that's the Democrat way! To all those saying it was 34 years ago & he's changed, etc. - if it was discovered a politician molested a child or raped a woman 30+ years prior, would you defend him if he'd lived an exemplary, law abiding life ever since?

He didn't have time to scrub his yearbook book. Why is no one focusing on the FACT that EVMS included the photo in their yearbook

Ralph Northam Resists Resigning Over Racist Yearbook Photo, Virginia Dems SayBREAKING: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam will reportedly not be resigning on Saturday morning over a recently surfaced racist photo from his old medical school yearbook. The Democrats have always been the official party of the KKK. Now they are throwing a racist Democrat under the bus? Why? Because he didn't deliver on the baby killing legislation! Yeah, he's still resigning. Maybe not today, but he's defo resigning soon.

So should Mitch Ralph Northam's support from both of Virginia's U.S. Senators appears to be flagging. BabyKillers RetroActiveAbortion! I’m Friday, this here’s Morgan. We’d like to ask you a few questions” Yes he should for sure. But it’s a two pronged problem and that won’t be nearly enough to erase the bad taste left in the mouths of just about EVERYBODY (r&d) I’ve talked to regarding his description of the late term abortion process. What was he thinking? It’s called MURDER.

People cry about Az representative David Stringer calling him a racist and then protecting Northam =Blackface/KKK outfit. Another reason you lose 2020 Killing babies? Meh. Questionable dress up party? LYNCH HIM! I find it so impressive how Dems manage to shoot themselves in both feet with impunity and so frequently. Most people don’t pay attention to what you say, but your actions have consequences. ResignRalph

Abort Northam👼🏼💀👼🏼💀👼🏼💀👼🏼💀👼🏼💀👼🏼💀👼🏼💀 Why do people discriminate ? So young people of today, who all have cameras rolling 24/7 on everything, pay attention here! Only people who made photos in the past when times were different (not condoning) will be persecuted for things found politically charged today. No photo, no sin - right Hillary?

Reports Say Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Is Not Planning To Resign Over The Racist Yearbook PhotoAfter confirming on Friday that he appeared in a photo showing one man in blackface and another in a KKK hood, reports Saturday said the Virginia governor is unsure if he is in the photo. then he needs to be HECTORED AND DRIVEN from our ranks ... by ppl wit enough weight in the seat of their breetches, who know better.. by resigning.. he could have saved what was left of his reputation.. and left ppl thinking he did the right thing, in the end. governorVA DNC - here’s you chance! Will you clean your house? Oh yeah, let’s just punish everyone for their past! Remember that one shitty thing you did/thought/said when you were young, reckless, and stupid? We should fire you for that!

Then there is the now but because of politics this gets brushed under the rug. Yet something that happened 30 years ago because of politics does not. Even if there is no proof it happened 30 years ago. Swamp scum making the runs up as they go along. jonella_moore Just a coincidence right? If people have to pay for ignorant behaviors from high school and college in their 40’s and 50’s we are all going to lose our jobs and go to jail.

Non bisogna mai smettere di indagare! Shut up Hillary The Democrats must bear the lead in fighting racism. Look at our POTUS for heavens sake. Not a word from his Republican sheep! A 35 year old picture does not make a person racist. Hillary is the racist for saying all black people look the same. we are on day 3 of February 2019 and y’all .TheDemocrats are ahead of schedule with the total destruction of y’all’s dysfunctional so-called party carry-on 🍿👀

But not for advocating infanticide. Morally bankrupt. Is all this out of context ? Was it Halloween ? and was bad satire ?

I Don’t believe a word of Northam. As a 60’s young child I saw signs on buses and water fountain at Sears; “Whites Only”, too young to understand. 20 years later this guy says “sorry” then, “not me”? Really? Just RESIGN! CocoThePatriot Anyone viewed the video of GovernorVA refusing to shake the hand of his debate opponent in the tv studio? Opponent just happens to be...well just look it up. It’s out there.

GD, wasnt the left picture made after the klan picture or this is a recent edit? Wondering why no backlash for the school here or editor Hillary Clinton let Americans be killed in Benghazi. Shes the last person who needs to act so offended. Emails. The only thing I wonder is has he done or said anything racist since then? Let's not forget that this isn't a crime but a stupid and ignorant opinion. An opinion that may have changed since then. If all of our past opinions would discredit us forever, very few people wouldve jobs

You too... This is so much more heinous than his position on live birth abortion. Isn’t there a photo of Bill and Hillary in black face back in their college days? I also recall HRC had a dear friend and mentor who was a high mucky-muck in the KKK. What’s really going on here?

Thirty years ago, it was twenty years after MLK’s assassination. Did nothing get through to the school administration, little own Northampton, this was wrong? well, well, well, a proponent of infanticide undone by a halloween photo. God IS laughing. MAGA The true identity of democrats is here. Stop that fake news that the party switched because it didn’t. AB Lincoln was a republican, while LBJ, JFK, Jim Crow and Northam are all democrats. oleDemsStillDems

Which political party does this governor represent? That, and murdering babies. Hey! What about Hillary and Margaret The one thing that really stands out here is how his campaign smeared his opponent with racist innuendo. He has betrayed those he falsely appeared to be a champion for. Racism is a convenient diversion. He should resign b/c he supports and defended infanticide, killing babies after birth, which is a current position.

But, but my blackface Do the editors of the yearbook or the school's administration bear any culpability? This is a blemish on the school, too. I would expect higher standards to be applicable as these submissions moved through the approval process.

I use to say 'lizbo' & 'greer'. I'd never say that or anything like that now. I have evolved as a person. If I still said that or treated people in degrading way than that would be stagnation. You want someone to resign if they have evolved? Northam is a good man. Was happy when he won. That being said we need to live our values not just pay them lip service. Otherwise we are just another hypocrisy - can anyone say Brett Kavanaugh. I prefer to let the Republican Party continue to be the poster boy for hypocrisy.

I sincerely doubt they would be calling for his resignation if the Lt. Governor were a Republican. It's all politics. Dems fear Northam's remaining in office will give cover to Republicans in similar situations; and that it will be used in the next elections as a talking point. How about jimmykimmel AOC RepAOC HillaryClinton

Omg, just because you paint youre face black, means youre a racist. Aw 1984. When Baby Boomers were young. Go back to 1960 & I am sure you will find a boat load of inappropriate photos done by that generation also. We must learn to evolve from past indiscretions. Remember to NOT also use racism to further political agendas. Sick of race cards.

Remember saying “they all look alike” referencing African Americans Hillary? This must. Evburning a how in the Democrats plan. Another negative that won’t go away. Raise your hands if you have never made a bad choice in college, come on let's see the hands.Oh and l am sure Cortez and the baby eater are immune, come on man!!!

It’s OK he’s a democrat. Being a hypocrite is par for the course Here’s my thing on this particular situation, I’m equal opportunity if this was a republican we would be all over him saying screw that he must resign immediately, well unfortunately he’s a democrat in all fairness HE MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

I don’t think so Hilary, everyone is entitled to a few mistakes in judgement when growing up. Sorry your politics are showing!👌😀 Thanks Hillary. Lol. davidwebbshow What's done under the white sheets, comes out in the wash! Just saying!How about the liberals? 35 years ago. How many mistakes did you make then? What's more is that you continued to make them? Marrying Bill just being one!!!

They should throw you in jail Hillary for your crimes to our people of the United States. Your a lier and a criminal. To jail with Hillary. Hillary, you have internet at Gitmo? BTW an official of Georgia's administration ultimately resigned when pics of him were shown. So why can't a Democrat resign, when a Republican from Georgia has done that in a quite similar (though not as bad) situation? Shouldn't Dems be better than the GOP?

They need to lock you up

I never agreed so much with Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, Ralph Northam must resignnow. oustNortham And what of Trump. This is nothing compared to Trumps racism RalphNortham you MUST RESIGN or be impeached! mUh sWiTcHed PlaTForMs davidwebbshow Seriously. He's demonized for that but not for the killing of babies.

I never liked snooty corvette owners. GovernorVA why would you apologize for the picture one day and deny it the next? Seems you’re going to be sacrificed by HillaryClinton. And now, will the some MardiGras parade participants have to change their parade costumes? But you had nothing to say when he ran the ad depicting trucks trying to run over minority kids. It’s clear journalism is dead!

Nah nah nah nah nah nah Nah nah Hey Hey Hey. Goodbye. Dems cry foul over a stupid costume pic from 30+ years ago but we hear crickets when it comes to calling for premeditated infant murder? And in NY, they have not hidden their perverse evil. They have legalized it. Talk about FAKE news twisting focus for distraction? This=Sick!

NorthamMustResign The FBI is coming to you. A stupid photo from 30+yrs ago is not the issue? Gov Northam's sick twisted evil calling for premeditated infant murder=the issue. Thank God it died in the legislature. Meanwhile NY's Gov Cuomo signed into law virtually the same sick evil twisted bill-getting thunderous applause?

Let realDonaldTrump and Steve King lead the way.... Isn’t it interesting that here we all need to bring healing into relationships and these stories and purposefully forcing division even at the levels of splitting hairs. Does not seem like real journalism but propaganda pumping against a political party.

Incredulous that Gov “had not seen the photo before Friday (February 1st).” He should connect with Christine Blasey Ford to compare notes on what appears to be two of the most fabricated lies of the past year (12 months). This topped off by CNN captioning him as R-VA. Not good So why must this guy resign? I say bullshit on Clinton et al. They're nothing more than proxy Muslim terrorists.

Truth hurts. This is who Democrats are. Baby killing racists

Bills behavior was much worse yet you didn't come out on him. Stop judging ancient behavior. People change. Let us just stop mudslinging each other. I think what matters most is what has he accomplished and how has he evolved from that man to being a public servant now? Is he really Racist? Grassroots Leader 🙊👊💯😒It's Like Being A Nazi, Hiding That 🌟 And Getting Discovered And Getting Discovered. We Get Him On Accessory Too Crimes Against Humanity. We Are Who We Hang With. Well That's What They Tell Us😋😂👊💯

JonathanLanday Additionally, how 'bout the quote? JonathanLanday How come there's no attention to his awesome quote as well? Validates stupidity. This is in a medical yearbook?!! Why isn’t she calling for his resignation because he supports killing babies at birth? Arent Va citizens responsible to make the decision about who governs their state, or not?

But people voted Trump that once put C on their applications that stood for colored people so they wouldn’t rent to their Property. That’s okay?!!!. No ! This nigga must resign😀😀😀 God will have last word you kill baby’s you pay for it !!!!!

“He who is without sin or has never made a mistake should cast the first stone.” We need to stop judging people on their past behaviors unless they are still continuing. Our country needs to learn about forgiveness and grace. And Clinton should be the last one saying anything. It was OK when Lester Holt did it. Oh, forgot. Anything against whites is acceptable.

If hes not in the picture and no comments associated with him, then how do we know the context. If we dont know it, we cant just fill the blanks, if there is serial racist behaviour fair cop, but if not, this is not what should cull a career it should be the abortion stance. Resign leopard s don't change there spots

It may be tragic that highly inappropriate behavior from many years ago is his undoing, but it’s totally necessary in order for Dems to retain moral high ground. NorthamMustResign I don’t care about the picture but I do care that that he took an oath to become a physician and supports murdering a viable baby.


LMAOOOOO it was okay when you and Bill did it

davidwebbshow Yes. The new thinking is that if something you have alleged to have done in your life offends someone else, even just one person, you are not fit to hold public office. Never. Apology and atonement do not erase the crime. You are soiled forever. Period. Don't forget about HillaryClinton

No he doesn’t. Hell look at trump Democrat's attacking their own over Their own history of racism, Love it.. Why are people not more outraged at the infanticide position? You can look at the pic from the 80s and see racism. Or you can see at it as symbolic. Men dressed in costumes. A kkk standing side by side with a black man. It's all in what you want to see. None of us know the intent of the men in the picture, nor do we know their thoughts.

Some in our country are so eager to cast people out it's sickening. Some people preach forgiveness, other's preach permanent condemnation. Look at the person they've become, & see if they're different than years ago. We say we want people to be better, yet, deny them a chance. Amazing how TheDemocrats are okay with abortion at birth (Infantcide) but suddenly the founders of the KKK are supposedly bothered by his racism. The Left continues to expose for what they truly are.

Everyone is telling him to resign because of a 34 years old pic...we are here celebrating a sitting governor with 9 current videos collecting dollars.... I dont follow him, what has he done while in office, is he fair, anti biased, and hard working? I am not excusing his behavior from 1984, but I sincerely want to know how he is since than. Has anyone looked at his policies and what he has done/stood for?

No, the people who elected him should have vetted him better! This is the face of the Democrat Party. What about the babies? Everybody bi*ching about this stupid photo, but OK with killing babies that are born! Sickening, really depraved & sickening! 😡 WTF resign already... geez Torn on this, but honestly, the things we’ve done 35 years ago should not define who we are now. If he’s voting or making statements NOW that reflect who he was then, RESIGN. But if not, if it’s just a picture, then he’s obviously learned.

ComeAwayFromRacism Some resign, others don't. It shouldn't be like this. They should have no choice, but to resign. Has the US gone completely insane or are most of these responses from foreign agents trying to tear the U out of USA? The picture is clearly racist. But how many people/politicians have done stupid wrong things when younger? Clinton,Trump,.. Look at what he’s done since then , what he stands for & who he is now. A lot of people should resign or be fired if judged by their remote history.

You’re telling me that no one else in congress did anything stupid in college? Get real. Why does he need to resign over something that happened 35 years ago?

He should resign for his abortion comments, not for the yearbook photo. Seriously I could have lived with him not resigning maybe if he hadn’t come back with these hideous stupid lies. His lies are so bad that he’s obviously to Trump like to be a Governor. So, Um, he’s still standing next to a person in a KKK getup!!!!😡. What a scumbag!!!

timkaine and MarkWarner are nervous 😬 because they campaigned for this guy. The school would never support someone showing up to dances in blackface, but same school has no problem of pictures of students showing up at those dances in blackface in their yearbook. So, they were both lying when they first issued statements of support? Or, are they both lying now? This is confusing.

👍 It would be something if they found a picture from last month but from 1984? I’m Pot calling the kettle

But thats not him. He said so. Its his yearbook & all the other pictures are him on that page, except that one.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 that's what he said. Looks like Halloween party to me. He is obviously brought up in a elite racist southern family. People cannot chose where and how they are raised. It is what you become when your on your own. Recent behaviour is what matters not 1984 parents paying for school years.

LilCheetah3 Has it been proven that he is the one in the black face/kkk picture? The pic is appalling, BUT DO WE HAVE THE RIGHT GUY? i've seen way too many people persecuted unjustly. We have to be SURE before we call for him to resign. Everyone is so knee-jerk reactive these dayz.... What about when Hillary did it?

First he apologized for the picture then the next day he said he wasn’t him. So he must be the guy in the klansman robe because that’s the only way he’s got any deniability The medical college should be held responsible for allowing those items to be published. Trump should resign before Gov. Northam resigns. And with everything Trump has done, he should not comment on anything regarding Northam situation.

He's s prick that's for sure . .but the photo is a fake Calling someone to resign is to ask him to do the right thing voluntarily. To have integrity. Well what if they don’t? Do we have what it takes to do what is right. Do we have integrity ourselves? The same thing is happening with the actual president. At least Nixon resign trump

He is standing next to a black guy and he seems to be smiling and not offended ..

Zombie are coming out.🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ ResignRalph So an abortion fanatic has links to organised racism, who would have thunk it? 1984 picture surfaces people upset and speaks out that the governor needs to resign. Ya'll president racist on a day to day basis and not one big protest for this idiot to get his ass out of a house my people built. shame letsmakeitright govermentshutdownsurvivor

He should've called Olivia Pope because he blew this lie If he is to resign,,then the president of the United States must, as his comments, actions and policies have done far worse in damage to the people and culture. I identify as black sometimes and I dont think he should resign. Shocking. Then there was the time he dressed up like Oprah, but we won't get into that.


Why did it take so long to discover these photos? I agree Wake up...history...proof of racists democrats. They didn’t change their hatred against blacks.. I don’t understand, Michael Jackson always did whiteface What about when he basically talked about killing babies? Nothing? Why did the school publish something like that? Crazy

Lolololol Well that 180 turn did not take long So must Steve King!!

This deserves his ouster. However the shame in it all is not many cared when he called for a born full term baby to be aborted. Priorities in this country seem backwards. Babykiller RacistDemocrats. This waa all abt changing narratives. It's ALL abhorrent. What do you mean it’s racist, it’s just a big white cone on his head.

This is another Kavanaugh rerun. The Left has lost their shit once again. 34 years ago has nothing to do with today. Not saying it it’s ok, but look at all the other photos in that book... looks like a whole bunch of people dressed in black face at some Halloween party. The whole book is fucked up He blew it. At times like these, when you've been an idiot and feel terrible about it, dont meet with your 'advisors'. Own it and prove you are no longer that person. If he resigns, it should be because he just acted like an idiot.

Ridiculous. You are not judging him by the content of his character but lynching him. One bad photo doesn’t make you a racists. A lifetime of it does. If that is the case then let him resign if not let him have the chance to do better. But abortion AFTER BIRTH didn't phase you? What about the photographs of you and and the head of the KKK ?

The fact that he hasn’t resigned tells you all you need to know He must resign ✌ is this a ploy of the republicans to separate and divide the party ? You can't cherry pick. If one is expected to resign, then they all should be asked to resign. Trump on down. Trump states he apologized 24 hours prior for being in the picture. Is trump lying.

Why? He apologized, plus said it was not him in the pics. As I recall, he “prematurely apologized”. *still trying to figure out what “prematurely apologized” even means. This is why Leftist Radicals are such a danger to democracy. They don't believe in forgiveness. They believe once someone does something inappropriate or that they don't approve of, even if it was decades ago, they are beyond redemption must be destroyed.

Maybe it was his Halloween costume 🎃 I mean, he sees the example being set above him, and he sees how there are never any consequences there .. so why wouldn’t he refuse to resign? resist 2020

He denies it was him in the picture. Why aren’t we affording him the same (or any) due process that Kavanaugh was given? Why the *rush to judgment? I think Democrats need to be careful about knee jerk liberal outrage. This kind of hysteria plays into the narrative of the right. Black face New Born Baby Sad that him justifying the killing of new born baby isn’t the reason ...

ResignNortham That’s an outrage! Let me say this. I worked on HS yearbook staff. No way would that picture been inserted into Latham’s page without him giving it to them or someone took the pic and submitted to be included when it went to print. Yearbooks are carefully edited for content So, when is Jimmy Kimmel resigning?

Look at you calling the kettle to resign. You’re just as bad, actually worse with your paid for fake dossier, bleachbit and hammered cell phones, lies upon lies with Mueller and cronies. Clinton Drug Cartel Foundation taking in millions from drugs. Need I continue? I am in complete agreement with Senators Warner and Kaine on this topic

Quoting Kanye West 'She got a light-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson Got a dark-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson' Watch 'Slow Jams-Kanye West ft Twista & Jamie Foxx' on YouTube

Too bad a group of senators can't kick up enough nerve to tell Graham and McConnell they 'must' resign. Why? It was 35 years ago! The 'gotcha' culture is out of control. I think it’s dumb to resign because of a 35 ur old photo. But he should over the abortion comments. says they should worry about their sorryass selves. f'ing hypocrites. let they without sin cast the first stone 30 years later; let the voters decide sanctimonious hypocrites.

No. It’s ok for Democrats not for republicans If I’m not mistaken, Northam would submit those photos for his YB page himself. About flippin' time! What about 'utterly acceptable' did it take MarkWarner & timkaine so long to comprehend? They are all equally despicable. VirginiaGovernor ResignNortham

Why do the good people of Virginia not move to recall the Governor Yes he should! You’re going to need another African-American President. I’m going to put my feet up. There’s water gushing through the ceiling. CIA (UKinUSA/realDonaldTrump) washingtonpost

POTUS44 (CIA) told everybody that whilst he is POTUS (a title kept in retirement) people would have to worship him like a god or America would never have an African-American President again. After Obergefell they don’t need one. But his homophobia made me rather sadistic. Please don't resign until after the SOTU. realDonaldTrump will destroy the democrat party as the party of racists. Please don't resign.

The Dems shouldn’t have nominated someone who voted for W Bush in 2000 and 2004. He really isn’t a true dem. What took them so long? Where were they yesterday? Maybe it’s Ed Buck under the hood🤷‍♂️. So there was not ONE parent that found this to be an inappropriate picture published in their child’s high school yearbook?

Imagine if our country really believed this mattered? It would be a better place. 😢 I am less concerned about a laps in judgement about an issue that was more socially acceptable 35 years ago then a doctor today endorsing infacide 'murder'. Where are your priorities? Well that took them a while

Tell the senators don’t throw stones if you live ina glass house. Absent any proof that the governor has actually done anything racist, or has racists views, then there is no basis for calling for resignation. KARMA.. KARMA.. KARMA.. KARMA Yeah, the Governor has to go BUT for any Republican calling for him to leave, you’re a hypocrite, if you don’t call for Steve King to resign too.

GovernorVA is also a lier. On one day he apologises for appearing in the picture, the next day he says he is not in the picture. Ralph Northam, the racist Senator must go! RalphNorthamResign POTUS44 (VanJones68) and CIA need RalphNortham gone. Because Mr Obama is one step away from being outed now. Mind you, I didn’t know cnnbrk would employ somebody responsible for blackmail. Thanks Don! realDonaldTrump (FBI) UKInUSA (🎟⚫️) SCOTUS

The secondary crime is he likes beer. Can't have one rule for Kavanaugh and another for a Democrat. Northam is the wrong color to think he'll get away with this.

Stephen King asks “what’s so bad about white supremacy”, why aren’t we also demanding his resignation too while we’re at it? But a Pediatric Neurologist — A PHYSICIAN — killing babies 👶🏿 is just fine by them. cgtnamerica Are we all gonna just sit up here and deny this is a pic of a black man and KKK member finding common ground?

'A Wild Avenatti Appears!' Well, look at here.. Wow, they finally joined the rest of the state and over half of the nation. Nobody tells a Democrat what to do! And if they do the answer is No!

Funny that the main Campaign contributors of Northam, the man who supports INFANTICIDE (what a shit cnt) is Planned Parenthood😲 When are they gonna deal with this trafficker of baby parts for fck sake. The US can chose to go to war in hours but allow this shit to go on for yrs Omg.. every picture on his page ( Name at top of page) EXCEPT the racist one is Northam. I'm insulted this racist believes I'm that stupid!

Obviously, Republican opposition research is pitiful. I am betting Putin had a thicker background file on Ralph Northam. Investigate this, Mueller. BlackHistoryMonth Fight the power, governor! Running facial recognition software, closest matches are..... mybellmichell While Northam is resigning (appropriately) let's make sure all are held accountable

Sure, why I can't I be Governor of Virginia? The US Senate just overwhelming passed legislation to keep troops fighting illegal wars—but decades old racist pics—that’s too much. values Looks like a Halloween costume. Big Fuckin deal. But he should resign for being a democrat. AmericaFirst 🇺🇸 It's ok to kill babies after birth though!

Has anyone actually held one (or more) of these yearbooks in their hand and examined an original bound copy? Are you absolutely sure that what's circulating couldn't have been doctored in some way? Disclaimer: I am NOT a fan of Northam, but I am a fan of fair play & truth. It was 30 years ago! Move on

Is it okay to say “that boy,” says he ain’t going nowhere 🤔or only white folks are allowed to call Black Men, boys? It is the monster the left created. Can any video or photo editors out there change the Blackface to white so that we may see who is in Blackface, please. Isn't anyone in the media going to watch this and followup?

KevDoyleBK Colin_Francis never get into politics lads👀 They have no authority in this matter. 'I am deeply sorry for the decision I made to appear as I did in this photo and for the hurt that decision caused then and now,” Northam said in the statement. It's time for racist GovernorVA to resign now! This is the same jerk who calmly promoted infanticide earlier this week.

The Mass media remained silent when Robert Byrd's klan involvement came to light. Must be that Democrat privilege.

Except that he doesn’t HAVE to resign, and he knows that Dems don’t have the guts to pursue an impeachment. “It Wasn’t Me” ~Shaggy on the album Hot Rod, 2000 Great, now make Kavanaugh resign too But but but but Michael Jackson and moonwalking 'The KKK took my baby away..........' RacistDemocrats Moonwalk DrKevorkian BabyKiller

where is the black caucus and pelosi and shumer? And the crying liberal senators? Maxine walters were are you? Hard to imagine a more racist costume. It is past time for him to resign I’m sure he can get a good gig on Fox after wearing blackface...

old school democrat... Dems are hypocrites I say keep him— let the world see the true democrats. This happened 34 years ago & was more wisely accepted back then. There is no need to resign if he has learned from the incident & not repeated the behavior. Attitudes in 2019 are so different than attitudes in 1984.

Thank goodness! He must step down. Ralph Northam’s press conference today was just a cluster of ideas, so now the Democrats want to abort his political career. I can tell it’s him in the picture because in the photo with the cowboy hat he’s holding the exact same type of beer the same exact way Democrats call on their racist and sex offenders to resign(Al Frankin)....Republicans elect theirs(Steve King, Trump)!!!

Gillespie must take over the helm

They should’ve done so after the infanticide comments Now do trump While yes, he must resign, what kind of 'medical school' would even allow this nonsense to be published in a yearbook? -A Democrat comes out as a racist: Democrats call on him to resign. Republicans call on him to resign. -A Republican comes out as racist: Democrats call on him to resign Republicans yell MAGA. **see the difference** ResignNortham ResignTrump

Al Franken also called and just laughed hysterically for a solid 3-4 minutes.

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