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The Latest: Mnuchin says opening country a health decision

The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can...

3/29/2020 5:09:00 PM

Dr. Anthony Fauci says U.S. will have “millions of cases” of COVID-19 and more than 100,000 deaths. Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, is the U.S. government’s foremost infectious disease expert.

The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can...

TOP OF THE HOUR:— Mnuchin says decision to reopen business will be health decision not economic— Governor of Louisiana warns the coronavirus could soon overwhelm state’s health care system— New Jersey Governor doesn’t mind President Donald Trump’s travel advisory

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— Fauci warns U.S. will have “millions of cases” of COVID-19 and more than 100,000 deaths___WASHINGTON -- U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says a decision whether to reopen the nation back for business as early as Easter will be a health decision not an economic one.

Mnunchin acknowledges surging unemployment numbers and declining GDP as 1 in 3 Americans remain under government orders to stay at home to slow the coronavirus that has killed over 2,000 Americans.But he says President Donald Trump’s top objective is the health of the American public.

Mnuchin tells “Fox News Sunday” and CBS’ “Face the Nation” that his own top focus is getting stimulus money from the just-passed $2.2 trillion aid package from Congress immediately into the hands of workers and businesses.He said American workers will get direct deposits of money in three weeks, while a federal program aimed at helping half the workforce by encouraging small business to take out loans to hire back their workers for eight weeks will be up and running by Friday.

He said the stimulus package should help keep the economy and workers afloat for 10 weeks, and if more time is needed to stem the coronavirus, the administration will assess what else is needed at that time.___WASHINGTON — Gov. John Bel Edwards of Louisiana warns the quick spread of the coronavirus could soon overwhelm the state’s health care system.

Edwards said on ABC’s “This Week” that Louisiana is on a trajectory to overwhelm its health care system and will need more ventilators by the end of the first week of April. He says the state will be out of hospital beds several days into April.He said they have orders out for more than 12,000 ventilators through the national stockpile and private vendors, but Louisiana so far has only been able to get 192.

He made a plea to the people of Louisiana to shelter at home in an effort to slow the spread in the state, which per capita has the third highest number of cases and second highest number of deaths in the country.___WASHINGTON -- New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said he was fine with President Donald Trump’s travel advisory and his state will take it seriously. Murphy noted it’s essentially already in effect because people are getting the message to stay home.

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Murphy said on ABC’s “This Week” that New Jersey will take stronger steps to enforce the stay-at-home order if needed.Murphy said New Jersey is getting some of the PPEs it needs but is still short of ventilators. He said he had a “very specific conversation” with the White House about ventilators and made clear receiving more is the state’s top priority.

___MOSCOW — The Russian capital has deployed trucks equipped with loudspeakers to broadcast a message discouraging Muscovites from using parks and asking them to stay at home.A video posted by a journalist for the Interfax news agency showed a truck parked Sunday at an entrance to Patriarch’s Ponds, blaring the message as a handful of people strolled through the popular park.

Non-essential businesses in Moscow were closed beginning Saturday. About two-thirds of the 1534 coronavirus infection cases reported in Russia occurred in Moscow.___WASHINGTON -- The U.S. government’s foremost infection disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says the U.S. will certainly have “millions of cases” of COVID-19 and more than 100,000 deaths.

As the U.S. tops the world in reported infections from the new coronavirus, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases predicts 100,000-200,000 deaths from the outbreak in the U.S.The U.S. is currently reporting more than 124,000 cases and more than 2,100 deaths.

Fauci was speaking to CNN’s “State of the Union” as the federal government is discussing rolling back guidelines on social distancing in areas that have not been hard-hit by the outbreak.Fauci says he would only support the rollback in lesser-impacted areas if there is enhanced availability of testing in place to monitor those areas. He acknowledged “it’s a little iffy there” right now.

___LISBON, Portugal — The Portuguese health minister says a 14-year-old boy with COVID-19 has died. Authorities said the boy had prior health conditions.Minister Marta Temido said the boy tested positive for the coronavirus but health expert still need to investigate if he died of the disease caused by the virus or other health problems.

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Portugal reported Sunday it has 119 total deaths from the virus and 38,042 infections.___WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Donald Trump shouldn’t be rushing to reopen schools and businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.The top Democrat in Congress says the government should be “taking every precaution” and that there needs to be more testing for the virus in place to determine if areas currently showing fewer infections are truly at lower risk.

Speaking to CNN’s State of the Union, Pelosi said Trump’s “denial” early in the crisis was “deadly.”She says: “As the president fiddles, people are dying, and we have to take every precaution.”Pelosi says Congress will have to investigate whether Trump heeded advice from scientific experts as part of an after-action report on the pandemic response. She asks: “What did he know and when did he know it?”

___PANAMA CITY — Panama will allow two Holland America cruise ships to pass through the canal on their way to Florida even though one of the ships has confirmed COVID-19 cases.The Health Ministry says it will allow the passage because of the health risks to passengers aboard the Zaandam. No passengers or crew will be allowed to disembark and the timing of the transit wasn’t immediately clear.

Holland America Line said via a Facebook post, “We greatly appreciate this consideration in the humanitarian interest of our guests and crew” and said it was working with authorities to finalize details.The Zaandam and 1,243 passengers and 586 crew left Argentina on March 7. South American ports began denying it docking on March 15.

Holland America said Friday that four passengers had died of causes it did not describe, and that two had tested positive for COVID-19.Panamanian officials initially denied the ships transit for health reasons. Panamanian pilots and other workers come aboard ships as they make their way through the tricky, narrow passage.

___SKOPJE, North Macedonia — North Macedonia reported two more deaths Sunday to raise the death toll from COVID-19 to six.One of the dead was a 31-year-old man, the other was 91.More than 9,000 people in the country of 2.1 million are in quarantine or in self-isolation. The country is also under curfew.

___MANILA, Philippines — Nearly 50,000 people have violated quarantine regulations and night curfews in the Philippines and officials warn that police will make more arrests to toughen the fight against the coronavirus.Police Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar told The Associated Press that 49,333 violators have been apprehended in the two weeks since the main northern island of Luzon and other regions were placed under a month-long lockdown.

Many of those violators were treated leniently and allowed to go home after being warned or fined. But Eleazar says penalties will be stricter due to widespread defiance.Curfew violators would be locked up if local ordinances in provinces and cities allow such arrests. Authorities will look for detention centers big enough to allow “social distancing” among those who will be arrested.

Officials on Sunday reported 343 new cases of the COVID-19 disease, bringing the country’s total to 1,418, including 71 deaths. It’s the biggest-single day jump in infections as the Philippines acquired more test kits and opened more testing centers.___

TOKYO — Health officials in a Japanese prefecture of Chiba, near Tokyo, reported a total of 86 confirmed cases of the virus over the weekend in a mass infection at a facility for people with mental disabilities.The Chiba prefecture said 58 people tested positive at the facility Hokuso Ikuseien on Saturday. Infections of 28 more people at the facility and their families were confirmed Sunday.

Another 26 staff members at Eiju General Hospital tested positive in Tokyo, where rapid increase of new cases have prompted the Japanese capital to request its residents to stay home. Tokyo reported 68 new cases Sunday, a new record for a single-day increase, bringing a prefectural total to about 430.

Japan has more than 2,400 cases, including 712 infected on a quarantined cruise ship near Tokyo, with 62 deaths.___BELGRADE, Serbia — Pet owners in Serbia are furious over the populist government’s decision to ban even a brief walk for people with dogs during an evening curfew to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

Angry dog owners have flooded social networks, warning that the ban could harm their dogs’ health and cause frustration and anxiety for both the animals and their owners.Veterinarian Nenad Milojkovic said protecting animal rights is a test for a society during hard times such as an epidemic. He said skipping the evening walk could worsen the condition for the dogs with urinary problems and “aggravate basic hygienic conditions in people’s homes.”

Serbia’s government made the decision on Saturday, revoking a previously introduced 20-minute permission for dog owners to walk their pets.Serbia has imposed some of the harshest measures in Europe against the spread of the new coronavirus, including a total ban on movement for people over 65 years and a curfew from 5 p.m. until 5 a.m.

__OSLO, Norway — Norwegian health authorities say they are set to start performing random coronavirus tests, following the experiment Iceland has done.Citing officials at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norwegian public broadcaster NRK said Sunday such random testing among all citizens will provide answers to two key questions: how many of those who appear to be infected actually have the coronavirus and how wide the spread of the virus is.

NRK said Iceland, with its 12,000 random tests among its population of 340,000, has the largest number of tests per capita in the world. Norway, a nation of 5.4 million, has so far reported 4,054 coronavirus cases with 25 deaths.___VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis is backing the U.N. chief’s call for a cease-fire in all conflicts raging across the globe to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. He also said his thoughts are with those constrained to live in groups, citing in particular rest homes for the elderly, military barracks and jails.

During his traditional Sunday blessing, the pope called for ’’the creation of humanitarian aid corridors, the opening of diplomacy and attention to those who are in situations of great vulnerability.”He cited U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ appeal this past week for a global truce ’’to focus together on the true fight of our lives” against the coronavirus.

Francis, as he has throughout most of the coronavirus emergency due to bans on public gatherings, addressed the faithful from his private library in the Apostolic Palace, and not from a window overlooking St. Peter’s Square as is tradition.___BEIJING — Airline flights from the Chinese province at the center of the coronavirus outbreak resumed Sunday in another step toward lifting restrictions that kept tens of millions of people at home.

The first flight took off from Yichang, a city in Hubei province, bound for the eastern city of Fuzhou with 64 passengers, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.Most access to Wuhan, the city where the first coronavirus cases were reported in December, was suspended on Jan. 23. Restrictions spread to other cities in Hubei, cutting train, air and road links.

The government has been gradually relaxing restrictions since the Communist Party declared victory over the outbreak. Subway and bus service in Wuhan resumed Saturday and the city’s train station reopen.Airports in Hubei were scheduled to have a total of 98 departing flights on Sunday, Xinhua reported.

___MADRID — Spain says it has hit a new daily record for coronavirus deaths with 838 fatalities in the last 24 hours for a total of 6,528, the world’s second-highest death count behind Italy.Sunday’s number is slightly up from Saturday, when 832 people were reported to have died from the virus.

The number of infections rose by more than 6,500 from Saturday to Sunday for a new total of 78,797. The rate of that increase in infections, however, continues to decrease.Spain has been in lockdown for two weeks under a national state of emergency. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s Cabinet will approve on Sunday a new decree to tighten those controls and impede workers from commuting to work in all industries unrelated to health care and food production and distribution for two weeks.

___BERLIN — Health officials in Berlin are calling on the chronically ill and people with symptoms of strokes or heart attacks not to avoid seeking necessary medical treatment during the coronavirus crisis.Berlin’s state health ministry and hospitals’ and doctors’ associations said Sunday that local hospitals that treat stroke victims are seeing a significant decline in stroke patients. They said in a statement that they suspect many patients who suffer mild strokes or heart attacks are staying at home for fear of being infected with the virus.

They said that not seeking treatment may be more dangerous than the “relatively small probability” of being infected with the coronavirus when visiting a doctor’s practice or emergency unit.Germany has reported a large number of infections with the coronavirus but a relatively low death rate. Berlin itself had 2,337 confirmed cases, including nine deaths, as of Saturday.

___PARIS — A French politician who for decades was in the limelight as a mainstay of the conservative right is the first politician in France to have died after being tested positive for the coronavirus.Patrick Devedjian died early Sunday at the age of 75 after being hospitalized earlier in the week, the regional council of the Hauts-de-Seine region, which he presided over, announced.

Numerous other French politicians have tested positive, but Devedjian was the first known to die. For decades, he served as a lawmaker and was a minister under former presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and Jacques Chirac.As of Saturday, 2,314 people had died of COVID-19 in France, the fifth highest death rate in the world.

___BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — Slovakia’s government has unveiled a massive package to help the economy struggling amid the pandemic of the coronavirus.Prime Minister Igor Matovic said on Sunday that as part of the “First Aid” measures, the state will be paying 80% of wages of employees from the companies and businesses that had to be closed because of the government’s response to the outbreak.

The state will contribute up to 540 euros ($593) a month for wages of employees or self-employed people based on the drop in revenues of their firms.The moves are meant to help businesses retain their employees.The government will also provide 500 million euros ($549 million) a month as loan guarantees.

Those who had to stay at home because they are quarantined or have to take care of their children because the schools are closed will receive 55% of their gross salaries.The government said this aid package, the biggest in the country’s history, will help about 1 million people in the country of 5.5 million.

Slovakia has only 292 cases of the virus, mainly due to a low numbers of tests.___SYDNEY — Australia has announced that public gatherings will be limited to two people, down from 10, and has enacted a six-month moratorium on evictions for those who cannot pay their rent as part of its latest measures in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the new measures on Sunday night after earlier in the day flagging a 1.1 billion Australian dollar ($680 million) welfare package boosting mental health care, domestic violence support, public health care services for those self-isolating at home, and emergency food relief.

Morrison said the reduction in the maximum size of public gatherings had come after the latest advice from medical experts to slow the spread of the virus. It does not apply to families.Morrison said Australia’s states and territories would implement the six-month ban on evictions of people from residential and commercial properties as a “result of financial distress if they are unable to meet their commitments”.

Australia had 3,966 confirmed cases of the virus as of Sunday afternoon, including 16 deaths.___LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson is writing to every household in the U.K. to urge people to stay home and follow the rules amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The letter from Johnson — who has tested positive for the virus — warns Britons that “things will get worse before they get better,” as he urged people to stay indoors to slow the spread of the virus.The letter, landing on 30 million doorsteps this week, will be accompanied by a leaflet spelling out the advice.

Johnson says that the “more we all follow the rules, the fewer lives will be lost and the sooner life can return to normal.”Johnson has been accused of sowing confusion in his messages about the crisis.The 55-year-old leader has been accused of failing to follow the British government’s distancing measures after he, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack and the chief medical officer for England, Chris Whitty, began self-isolating with symptoms.

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Your post was right on. And the number of cases is still climbing. toots717 According to know who he's his own expert on everything. I'm sure Fauci will soon be fired as Trump doesn't accept people communicating the reality: edeweysmith I respect the scientists Dr.Fauci and he colleagues ,but I pray to GOD that this isn't so.😭🙏🙏🙏

Fahaddurraniii What model is predicating these outrageous number of predicted deaths? Is every death now labeled a COVID-19 death? What happened to all cause mortality. benshapiro And why is this alarming? Out of how many? Why does the MSM never post the how many overall tested, how many overall? It would show the lopsided ratio and would relieve the citizens from fear BUT that is not what the MSM wants!

But yet he will not tell the people to wear Mask! Are the people that stupid to wait for this man to give the US premission to die. Wear Mask and Gloves. He wants more people to die. What is he not telling us! I heard Fauci say many things! benshapiro What? The press is being negative, and trying to spread more fear in people? That’s just crazy.

When will some doctor talk about the root cause of this virus & most other pandemics-animal agriculture! Don't blame China for their wet markets when our CAFOs are filthy, disease-producing businesses. Time for doctors & newscasters to tell people to stop eating meat & dairy! BretBaier Didn't he say this was worst case?

He is lying by omission. Almost as if planned! benshapiro Didn’t he say that was a worst-case scenario?(not certain: just saw a video clip on the news that described it has him giving a worst-case scenario.) COULD HAVE....COULD HAVE...just deliver the news instead of painting a narrative....this is why people have lost all respect for the media

Trump n the entire republicans pundits was talking shit u remember Kung flu, n the virus will disappear like magic men u shd hear the talking points on Fox.this administration had enough time to take preemptive action 🤔now makeshifts hospital is being setup in Central Park NY. I’m sure he’s being paid by the Democrats to spread his propaganda. 60.8 million had H1N1 in America we never shut anything down then.

So why does the media keeps telling the numbers of people that are going to get it and die when they never tell the numbers of the people who have got and got over it. Dr. Fauci must be a Democrat RealCandaceO said: The Corona doomsday cult refuses all questions about the flu because “IT’S NOT THE FLU, BRO!” We are simply asking why 730,000 flu hospitalizations + 62,000 flu deaths & 54 MILLION positive diagnoses since October, did not overwhelm our hospitals.

Dr. Fauci was confusing me but, it's clear now. Dr. Fauci, seems to be an alarmists or he is operating with ulterior motives. He is not helping. Is he a FEAR MONGER in a celebrity quest? FEAR SELLS. Who is he speaking for? Who he actually represents? Who is paying him? BretBaier When Doctors predicts an outcome, they thinking with thier head under the sand!! You can not believe anything the news says TODAY! People are not stupid like they think we are!!

BretBaier Listen to the experts not CNN or MSNBC. I don’t trust Dr. Fauci! BretBaier But Fox said it was a hoax & fraud & scam. Despicable. And trump says less then 200,000 deaths is not only acceptable but a job well done. 😡 benshapiro Nice job fear mongering. Bravo! You’ll have more than that if you keep it shutdown a month Riots begin in less than 2 weeks People need to work. Welcome to the new world People won’t stand for that kind of control

JohnMoralesNBC6 And regrettably he is going to get fired for stating this fact. BretBaier I c watched news conference and that is not a correct statement because completely out of context. He was discussing a range of possibilities. benshapiro Fauci is also a Fool That is so over the top. Re-open America

BretBaier Dr. Fauci comes off as the classic “bad cop” in this crisis. And guess who’s the “good cop?” BretBaier They are using models to predict the spread and deaths. Well they did it in the UK 500g & 100g deaths. They had to refigure this time 100g and 2000g deaths. And it will probably be lowered again. You can’t trust modeling it’s like climate change. Nobody can guess the outcome.

BretBaier Can anyone tell me why we barely had an emergency declared for swine and bird flu, with hundreds of thousands infected and tens of thousands dead in US? Shutting the economy was never even mentioned!! We need to fully understand this anomaly!! BretBaier And then he continued to explain ... those are the numbers *without considering mitigation*

I'm praying he's wrong. The Communist Party is a hooligan regime and a representative of evil BretBaier Could ... BretBaier Based on a model that is educated speculation which is going to change every few days. Hysteria needs to stop. BS. The numbers are unknowable and to portray anything else is dumb.

BretBaier Could have not will have. !!!! , you should watch the live show to see what was said. Your version is dishonest. BretBaier They said that Issa what threw models say. However, those same models said 2 million dead not more than a few weeks ago. Like Dr. Brix and Dr. Fauci said, these models can change daily add the data changes. The 100k is only if we stay on the present course.

BretBaier That is not exactly what was said... BretBaier Nope. Don’t think so. Thank you, Mr. President! These are hard times and hard decisions. BretBaier As usual, AP. You don't know WHAT the fk you are talking about. You did not put the question being responded-to. LAME-STREAM MEDIA STRIKES AGAIN !! MORE YELLOW JOURNALISM AT ITS FINEST !!

BretBaier He said 'may have' not will BretBaier Lie BretBaier Fauci is lying BretBaier And Donald Trump said if that happens he will have done a good job. BretBaier Please stop with this BS reporting! You fail to mention the context of what he said. Damn! You people are annoying! BretBaier How long before the MSM starts complaining that he should have opened everything up by Easter. They are never satisfied with anything he does.

BretBaier Harry and his bride should read Clause 8 of the constitution . BretBaier What an inaccurate and purposely misleading headline. He said it was possible foe this to happen. He dis not say it would happen. Surprised you would knowingly retweet this garbage Bret. BretBaier Jesus Christ. He said UP TO. As in he gave a range. This is pathetically irresponsible. But you got clicks right ?

BretBaier He said that is worse case scenario if we do nothing? We are taking 45 days of social distancing which let’s hope should mitigate substantially the number of cases? BretBaier Someone please press Dr. Fauci for the data and an explanation of his analysis in arriving at that projection. Nothing I've read, seen or heard would make that seem realistic. He's likely off by an order of magnitude, but he's given a mic and a pass.

BretBaier Worst case scenario, and could. Get it right. BretBaier Bret you were manipulated. Keep better track. You are better than this. He did not say what the AP is saying in their tweet. You are wrong to retweet the misinformation. He said..... “could.” Not “will.” Words have meaning. BretBaier Wasn’t the CDC = CENTER for DESEASE CONTROL Not model or prepare for a pandemic or emergency. They seem to be completely caught off guard and bewildered. Just watched Contagion (movie is about 11 years old) 🤔🤔

BretBaier This should be annotated with *based on model runs from statistically insufficient data. Please consult experts in 'big data' in addition to medical experts before reporting such a flagrant unsupportable claim. BretBaier Fauci is twisting your melon POTUS. Check out filmingyourhospitals in Louisiana . Hospitals empty.

BretBaier So what happened to the 1m+ experts were predicting less than a week ago? BretBaier He didn’t say will have, he said “could” have; there is a difference! All of them on tRump every last citizen . this is an insanely low estimate, a lot of projections i've seen have been assuming that, optimistically, only about 20% of the population is infected total

DS Fauci is wrong. Our President will do everything within his power to protect the American people from the attack. NotDoneWinning DeepStateLoseAgain stayhome He’s not wrong. Not what he said at all benshapiro He said it is “very, very unlikely”!!!!! Wait so it’s not just the flu? He is the head (or politician) of one of NIH institutes, not the most renewed scientist in the field of infection. We need to follow the advices from world renewed scientists in this country, who actually predict less numbers of death. Keep social distance, no panicking.

That’s not what he said Still think it’ll only be 0.1% of the population elonmusk fraudboy? 'Could see' 100,000 deaths according to your own link. Not 'will have' 100,000 deaths. 😳🤔🙏🏾😳🤔🙏🏾😳🤔🙏🏾😳😳🙏🏾🤔😳🙏🏾 Really? What is wrong with you? That’s a misquote. That’s what could happen if we did nothing. Fire your reporter.

He said those numbers are in the absence of the mitigation actions they are taking thru April 30th. Stop reporting this as truth! Dr. Fauci just stated these numbers are a POSSIBILITY, but with the mitigation being done, he doesn't see these numbers happening. Stop scaring people! Who can say that Dr. Fauci is not right when the death rate is rising exponentially every day. He is the expert and the only qualified to tell us the truth.

I listen to Dr Fauci! Example 1 of why AP is just wrong JoelCRosenberg Fake news Those numbers are no where in this article. And he was talking about best and worse case scenarios. I pray you are wrong. If things continue the way they are currently going, we will have 'millions of deaths', not 100,000's...

Thanks Trump. Dr. Fauci = Globalist Doctor Death edeweysmith Right 🧐🧐🧐 p_hannam Funny how you omitted the “could” and “possible” from your report. Key word 'could'. benshapiro Yeah, if we keep letting Fauci slow walk this every step of the way. He slow walked the test & now the treatments. I think it is time for an audit to see if big pharma is paying him to hold out for a more profitable drug.

This little guy has an agenda. Hundred thousand deaths, we are shutting down the entire world economy for 100,000 deaths in the US? He said 100,000-200,000...and that was the first drip in the drip...drip...drip...of inconvenient news...let's get prepared for a worse reality... RobertAlai Too bad. People should heed to the Government's Instructions in every country. It is for the benefit of the citizens. sanitize StayAtHomeChallenge StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

The only way this happens is if the deep state released another virus. Watch for it. They have already played out two false flags. One is OK and 2 in NC. I’m lost on numbers and who to believe. People in authority got to get on same page really!? All is see is a few deaths. Of course we should be weary but there’s no room for fear mongering. People will get sick, unfortunately people will die, sad, Keep ourcivil liberty alone

He said could not will That isn't what he said. He did say there 'could' be millions of cases and there may not be. He said there 'could' be more than 100K deaths, but there might not be too. AP, you need to get it accurately. He spoke of possibles, not for sures. And he specifically explained that! Every year 50 million Americans come down with flu and up to 70,000 die per year from the flu. So this Coronavirus May kill 100,000 - 200,000 Americans? I’m sure I’m missing something here but that at high estimate is 3 times as bad and at the low end not much worse than flu?

So if this is still the prediction with the measures we have already taken, we will never be able to leave our homes for months......either tell us all you know and let us start to fend for ourselves or cut this bullshit fear mongering. dfaraldo Mother Earth letting us know we need to curb the population; she works in mysterious but obvious ways...

How will we know how many? The +'s are people feeling the worst...we aren't close testing everyone who has some symptom. ABC6NEWS I seriously doubt ap is telling the truth here. benshapiro I was just at Home Depot with my mask and 300-400 people there with no mask and no social distancing. We have no chance in hell of containing this. A lot of kids there too. American arrogance is going to kill a lot of people here.

This is BULL! Well known doc in NY & increasingly all over the world, now using protocol of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin & Zinc Sulfate. Its rapidly improving critical Covid-19 patients..NY Gov. Cuomo has ordered trial of this - death rate will soon plummet! Check it: - Forecast of corona virus death counts using Python, FB Prophet linear regression and John Hopkins data. Based on the existing death trend minus epidemiology factors. Fauci says 100,000 to 200,000 in the U.S. could die which is in range. 1.7-2.2 million U.S. deaths was too high.

CalebJHull We lost more in WW1 and 2... This is unacceptable number compared to China’s population. We should immediately quarantine and lockdown completely areas with high number of cases to prevent the spread of the virus as China did. I know it is a political suicide but human lives are so precious.

Oh oh did he clear that with bone head realDonaldTrump POTUS Delete this and your fear mongering headline. POTUS shut down flights from China in January despite WHO tweeting this. Stop playing politics. JenniferJJacobs Although every death is heartbreaking, this is far lower than initial estimates. Thank God. Hoping this decreases even further as antiviral therapies become available.

benshapiro He said worst case scenario this might happen holy shit the fear mongering in this tweet is unreal WEARING HOMEMADE MASKS IN PUBLIC SLOWS THE SPREAD 1) Make a homemade mask 2) Take a Selfie 3) Post with Masks4All 34 scientific papers plus tips and tricks for making your own at OMG, he is a moron just like you guys and that Pelosi. It is such an exaggeration to help you keep up with the number of clicks.

I think the death toll will not exceed 10,000.. benshapiro Isn’t this the same Dr Fauci that wrote love letters to Hillary? The little man that used to stand next to Trump? benshapiro Don’t you love Fauci? He is always so uplifting. Why did you not include the whole quote? What the fuck is wrong with you?

😞 BluesCityJoe 😐 Did he say “will” or “could.. if ppl continue to ignore quarantine.. say NYC ppl moving to other states 🤷🏻‍♀️ I call bullshit Crazy realDonaldTrump 'Georgia first' in leading the way toward this catastrophe. Fauci is an estimable man and a hero but he needs to listen to Dr Birx and stop sharing guesstimates w the press. Save it for the TF discussions. Media never has context or things like all of the different cases. They want disaster stories aNd this doesn’t help..

As the governor of CA stated recently in a letter to the POTUS, 55% of the population will actually catch C-19. So the C-19 mortality is going to be 0.098% ? Approx 2M people die per year in US.. so talking about a 5% spike. So 3.1M people unemployed for a 5% spike? 👍 AmericanPapist Dr Mengele Fauci is the same 'expert' who said the terrorist who currently heads the WHO is 'a great guy.'

Yes, it would IF he got his and Bill Gates' way! We say NO to these globalists' agenda. We say NO to their faulty testing and we sure say NO to their virus. Keep your immunity up, people. I’m not saying that COVID-19 doesn’t need to be dealt with as a full emergency. But we do need to keep things in perspective.

Certainly. With more than half the country living in the fictional MAGA-verse, efforts to stop the spread will be limited. With their last breath, they will utter, “fake news.” They choose that corrupt, misogynist, madman over their own families, their own self-interest. Finish the rest of what he said . He said he won’t stand by that number cause it’s impossible to really know this . Fake news mother fkrs

benshapiro What happened to the 500,000 deaths that was predicted before? Is it being downgraded? How many more revisions are coming? cmdabe I have never wanted someone to be more wrong. That's called covering your ass MMuller2019 yes Italy 60.000.000 - 100.000 contag. 13.000 dead America 300.000.000 - 500.000 contag 75.000 dead

ginaglaros AP and other media blatantly editing or omitting entire comment to stir panic. You should be jailed. He said could have. Not will. How are you guys still considered honest and unbiased media? This is very irresponsible reporting. Oh bullshit ! Fauci says COULD see AP NEWS fauci says WILL see......two completely different words with completely different meanings in connotations. You know what you're doing here and it's pretty sad

* If we did nothing.... You cut that part out. APisFakeNews TRex21 fake news.. that is not what he said 😯 The numbers are not bearing out. Someone check his bank accounts and those of his relatives. Sounds like Soros might have funded him. We already probably in the hundreds of thousands of cases, right now. We just don’t have them confirmed. I’ll be shocked if deaths can be kept under 1M, considering the we are already in a path/curve of doubling deaths every 2 days...

benshapiro Possible, but who will pay the price for panicking the public when it doesn’t happen, there will be harsh penalties klaasm67 How did “could see” turn into a headline of “Will have” Scary Went to Walmart for supplies. Can't believe there are TOTAL FAMILIES of 4 to 6 coming in to the store. I am beginning to think Fauci is a doomsayer....

This is strangely reassuring, as I was expecting well north of that. jtLOL if this does happen and we dont bomb China then we aint shit No shit sherlock! I have no such accolades & I said that 6-7 WEEKS ago. As far back as December, when I was hearing about China I was saying thats coming to the U.S. and will be 10x worse. I'm an every day person could deduce what's happening today. Why didnt leaders act sooner?

Fauci gets paid to say such things Clarendeezy here you go this is what made me think about it And yet he and Gov Cuomo both disagrees that a quarantine should be imposed. ButItsThefFlu 100,000...that's an underestimate. Kudos to our asshole president for not closing the borders as soon as he heard about the coronavirus. De was more interested in what stopping trade with Mainland China would do to the economy. Well guess what, the economy is in the shitter anyway.

ForQ2 In two weeks we will beg for those numbers. Some Truth from someone in Whitehouse and not the idiot with the red hat saleemkhan Isn’t that in range with best case scenario.. which obviously isn’t the case. Didn’t CDC leak from a few days ago predict orders of magnitude more… pdacosta Canada must keep the border closed indefinitely.

Wasn't this when he said he wouldn't want to be held to these numbers? Actually, he said 100,000 to 200,000. It is important to report this acurately. TrumpVirus QuidProCOVID19 WeStandWithDrFauci Please note .fauci -w (.) Removed- is a troll, not Dr fauci. onecaliberal JonLemire realDonaldTrump on you!

Again, some perspective & consideration of is the cure worse than the disease? The seasonal flu infects (and this varies widely from year to year) AROUND 30 million Americans ANNUALLY w/ 60,000 deaths. There is ZERO panic over the flu, & MILLIONS don't bother to get vaccinated. CalebJHull Birx Fauci

benshapiro What he said was at the extreme worst we could have that many cases. Print the whole comment. It’s more journalistic malpractice Undoubtedly I believed this! If you don’t do this every time you hear or say “Dr. Fauci,” you’re doing it wrong. richardsenecal Piga yo revoke l ?Allo president scientifique 😡

This is going down as the biggest of all time😲 We have 2 drugs that work this is bs Your tweet says will, your story says could. STOP TRYING TO PANIC PEOPLE. One is a definitive statement, the other is a guess. His was the latter. Be better at your job LOL is that if we lock ourselves in the closet for a hundred years or is that without locking herself in the closet for a hundred years I'm confused LOL this is just f****** ridiculous give me a break dude I'll take the life-saving meds instead

Hahahahahahahaha another one who joined the d(emonkratik)ark side And that’s never happened before, right ? I guess we’ll end up finding out, won’t we benshapiro No Way! benshapiro He did not say US WILL HAVE, he said could...words have meanings. Concerning to me is that seems as if the “smart folk” don’t have a fucking clue and Trump has to depend on their guesses to make decisions. Thank God for DJT!

The Chinese Coronavirus is a Bio-Weapon. It somehow got out of the Bio-Weapons lab in Wuhan. China lied and let the Virus spread to the World. China should have to pay REPARATIONS to the rest of the world for the Economic Destruction and loss of Life. BoycottChina MAGA He is just another prophet of disaster. And we don’t care if he is the super expert. Right now the world doesn’t need another opinion, it needs action people.

Is it could or will? it cant be both. He was saying 1.7 million just recently and shut down the country and ruined millions of jobs. What are the prospects of treatment please. This is definitely my least favorite cross-over episode of 'The Leftovers.' I would be interested in how many victims Trump is responsible for. Slowly he joins Putin, Assad and others.

Probably best to listen to the entire interview. Pulling sections out of what Dr Fauci said, like you did, doesn’t give the full picture. It’s irresponsible and fear mongering. Okay. I'm watching the Fauci interview from CNN now. He said we don't really have any firm idea. rainyoldlady Blood on realDonaldTrump hands! Trump failed to act soon enough when he had advance warning from IC in early January! Now Americans are going to die by the thousands due to his incompetence! IvankaTrump DonaldJTrumpJr Children of TheDeathPresident

This estimate is FAR lower than the earlier wildly inaccurate “scientific” predictions that the death toll would be 1.5 million in the US. That is what led to all this shutdown nonsense. Now it is 100,000? Not materially different than deaths from flu! REOPENAMERICA Convenient that there’s no video of him saying this, more fake news.

People just don’t comprehend the reality we’re facing, a scaled-up version of what we’re seeing in the hospitals of northern Italy. That’s realism. Revisit this argument in two weeks’ time, when US hospitals are overwhelmed and they are triaging thousands of people every day. With a mortality rate of 2% the US will have between 3-5 million deaths if 50%-70% population infected

benshapiro Yet two weeks ago the NYT predicted 324,000 to one million deaths. JenniferJJacobs U.S. has a population of ~330 million. 80,000 people died from flu in 2017-2018 season. Even with a vaccine, which is usually off most years, that many people still died. adventuregirl I havent joined the cult of personality around Fauci. This is the guy who thinks we should only test people with symptoms. Can't eradicate this virus if we don't know where it is. TESTTESTTEST

Some reports have Dr. Fauci saying more than 200,000 Not good CalebJHull It’s all Bull Shit benshapiro It’s funny no one wants to talk about how he said he doesn’t want to be held to those numbers because he really doesn’t know. You left this part out of your headline: Fauci says he would only support the rollback in lesser-impacted areas if there is enhanced availability of testing in place to monitor those areas. He acknowledged “it’s a little iffy there” right now. ___

Listen for yourselves... benshapiro GHS Just the C-19 deaths - many thousands more will die from having no access to an already piss-poor, overwhelmed health system rwang0 AP you have demonstrated repeatedly that your expertise is MISLEADING the public, not reporting factual news. Dr. Fauci clearly stated the numbers in your “Headline” represent PROBABILITIES based on models with “ASSUMPTIONS”that my be INCORRECT. I’am a Healthcare Provider🇺🇸

sadafaj Super power only Allah benshapiro Let’s get it over with then and move on letthemdie He didn’t say that. Please watch the video. He is talking about a worst-case model that in his years of experience has never happened. Until and unless all 50 states limit the movement of their residents . . This will be reachable and we will experience multiple waves. . Let us hope COVID-19 will not mutate and disguise itself to medical experts

benshapiro I can’t comment on the validity, yet here we are: He's understating the deaths part CalebJHull Over how many weeks months years decades? Timeframe is important missing context We shut the country and turned my grandchildren into debt slaves for that? Fauci, our protector being attacked. We would have more death by now if it weren’t for him FauciProtector

In other breaking news DonChubby says Fauci is a feeble old man and he, DonChubby, alone will be the admin Infectious Disease expert from now through the end of this faux hoax pandemic Fear Mongering bullsh*t. You know damn well you ripped this out of context just to scare the sh*t out of people. POTUS priority no 1 should be to take care of yourselves & your people. Save as many lives as possible. However, once we are through with this crisis I would be keen to see how would the US react to China. Do u think there is a conspiracy theory behind the chinesevirus ?

JenniferJJacobs And Trump go to play golf ..... benshapiro , so is it 'will' or 'could' have more than 100,000 deaths? You say both, and your article doesn't clarify which one Fauci said. The good news: At least that means the death rate is well below 1%. Note the difference in the tweet versus the article title. The tweet says we 'will have' and the article says Fauci says we 'could or may' have that many cases. One is deinite and the other is an estimate of worst case. Big difference. The tweet should be corrected.

benshapiro Fake News Can someone cite the hospitalization percentages of ppl with COVID? Many ppl have it with mild symptoms. In this way is urgent people stay in home all the time. Follow instructions of doctors from nations where Covid19 begun to go away. I think; USA doctors NASA must be in touch and receive support from china doctors, and doctors of nations with little impact. WHO nytimes BBC

benshapiro Objection! Leading the witness. farrisbaba Dr. Trump will not agree. FlyrUsr H1N1 infected 60+ million. Fauci is like VanWilder behind the basketball coach benshapiro Which is it, “could see or will have?” Meanwhile CalebJHull Time to start shutting more things down. Where is Congress on this? People are still working in public spaces and spreading the virus and it seems like it’s becoming deadlier with younger folks getting it and sometimes dying.

So 0.0003 percent of the US population will die from this virus. Lord I pray this is the worse case scenario and we don’t come anywhere near this. The entire country has help by taking this seriously. We can make a difference! Sounds like it will be much lower than the 60Million Americans infected with Swine Flu under Obama in 2009.

All thanks to Trump benshapiro Directly after he said that he said... “I just don’t think that we really need to make a projection when it’s such a moving target that you could so easily be wrong and mislead people” There is still a s..t of people not taking this seriously enough. benshapiro Wasn't it 4 million worse case? 2 million best case? What happened?

A study from 2007 determined that for every 1% of unemployment 40,000 people die. So if we head into a recession at 10% unemployment that’s 400,000 deaths. If we head into a Depression 25% equates to 1 million deaths... and those numbers will continue as unemployment continues! JenniferJJacobs fake new, he said we could not that we would

Dr. Fauci - You keep warning and that seems to be it. No solutions other than Social distancing. Just social distancing will not solve the problem. We should learn from South Korea and quickly make testing and PPEs available extensively. benshapiro He needs to clarify his comments with a timeframe MyPOV: many epidemiology models show covid19 will result in 20-30 M cases and about 30-40k deaths. coronavirus. The average Influenza year is similar in numbers and cases but not in ICU bed consumption over a period of time. The flu is yak ally more spread out.

benshapiro Fauci is a lousy Democrat not to be trusted Dr. Fauci is playing in to the anti-Trump, anti-capitalism propaganda under the false banner of 'saving lives' at the expense of business and workers' livelihood and it is irresponsible. Realistic is maybe 50,000 deaths in the US and no more than 75,000 at worst. COVID19

He predicted 80k influenza deaths three months ago. This will probably happen by Easter Fauci should have led the task force since the beginning. But no, it was just a “democratic hoax” and fully “under control”. In the meantime, Trump’s approval rating is rising. I can’t comprehend this... diva_gourmet And I think he is being conservative with his estimation

That's not what he said. He said it's a moving target. CalebJHull BS Imperial College projected 1.1-1.2 million US deaths in an optimistic mitigation scenario and 2.2 million in an unmitigated COVID-19 epidemic (not accounting for the negative effects of overwhelmed health systems on mortality). 1,264,000 Americans died in all the nation's wars.

Let’s pray he’s wrong!🙏🏻 All these numbers mean what to The Individual? Wear a mask/gloves, stay home if ill, and don’t lick the produce in your grocery store. WTF? Petition your gov to produce provide PPE. But you can’t do that in person now. Can you? Freedom to assemble squashed There is about a 1% fatality rate at this time. If 1 million get infected in a short amount of time there will be 100,000 dead. If we don’t knock down the curve more will get infected. If 10% of the population get infected in a month, the Healthcare system will collapse.

benshapiro That little man is full of crap benshapiro This guy loves to hear himself talk...meanwhile CDC has just announced 24000 deaths from influenza since September 2019. Dr Fauci is a Vaccine Pimp! 2009 H1N1 was worse and his advice was no need to panic, Kids go to school! QUACK benshapiro Fake news.

Somebody pls tell me when how why Dr Fosse foss-ee became Dr. Fouwww-see CalebJHull But it was a misleading headline and you didn’t correct it either. “IF” we don’t flatten the curve” was the full quote. The media loathes our country and we the people. benshapiro Scary CalebJHull More speculation from the guy drunk on his own celebrity.

CalebJHull Could and will are the same thing to the AP it seems 🤦‍♀️ benshapiro I wonder; if the seasonal flu was being tracked as COVID-19 is, how would the infection/death ratio look on a per capita basis—which is what ultimately counts? I suspect the mortality statistics, taken alone, would cause panic.

Silver_Watchdog An imbecile at the head of the US government would always be a problem. But this is a calamity! FakeNews and FearMongering EllenBarkin The response by our POTUS has cost lives. The infection is leaping ahead by nearly 20,000 per day. Think how many more it REALLY is, if wide testing was done. With testing, we could predict communities in trouble & get AHEAD of it. Instead, their hospitals,1-by-1 are unprepared.

So not over by Easter?! Trump lies?! decolonize_this I hate to say it but that seems like a very conservative estimate Dr. Fauci also said in the same statement that he 'hates to give predictions on a moving target be cause you can be so wrong.' Also said 'you try and give worst case and best case scenarios and reality is somewhere in the middle.'

This is a natural population correction So, being this nasty corona virus will be here forever, are we to all huddle at home and whimper in place as the world goes round and round or get out there and take our chances...with a brain using common sense or are we to just give up and die because that is what is happening.

benshapiro Fauci will go down as a disgrace after this. Its sad but true benshapiro Oh My! Should we call China....Collect? Trump is the most incompetent President in American history! Out of context press! We won’t break 15,000 thank God. He can’t remotely have any insite to that nor should his fear mongering be accepted.

100,000 deaths would be over 65,000 more deaths than there are reported world wide right now..... benshapiro I wonder why H1N1 didn’t get near the attention or action? 🤔 benshapiro Dr.Fauci should resign. He failed to stop the spread. If only he had gone with quarantine proposal in Feb.... Doubtful, but at least Fauci is finally espousing numbers. Unfortunately, the closer he is to correct, the more imperative the economic curve also becomes - perhaps a Hiroshima type moral conundrum.

Fauci is puttin out worst case scenario in case this happens so people wont get caught too surprised. But i don’t believe its that much. Personally To hell with the Media and to hell with DR fauci!!!!! benshapiro Reopen the economy May the strong survive PekingMike Trump is literally making this worse.

benshapiro Headline says “could”. Tweet says “will”. Which is it? Fuck At least we have an expert on the case. I hope the Orange Menace steps away. MarALagobroughtCoronatoFlorida That’s a lot less than the millions of death predicted just a few weeks ago I sure hope he is wrong. benshapiro Your two headlines are worlds apart: “will have” and “could have.” Your first one advances your political agenda, while the second is what Dr. Fauci actually said.

You are pathetic, your tweet says it WILL have and the headline says it COULD. Which one is it? Make up your mind. You know nothing! 100,000 seems high at this point. Certainly possible, but we’re not there yet. Then why even have an institute or CDD when they won’t do anything and just let the pandemic run rampant?

That is not what he said. Leaving out the full quote here is DANGEROUS LockHimUp_2020_ So much for the hoax and flu. benshapiro Rs yo rarsa benshapiro Still less than h1n1 He also said he could be wrong. KeithOlbermann The tweet says WILL and the link says COULD. Big difference there, but definitely not fear mongering at all. 😏😏😏

Another misleading headline. The virus thrives very well in populations that are not united. This is not a matter of politics. TRUMPGENOCIDEFORPROFIT benshapiro Ben, fear mongering again? Shame on you... nbcaaron Someone needs to listen to him. What are we waiting for? I disagree. The fatality rate of this pandemic is 1%, according to the data. So stop making news out of an ordinary cold. You are scaring the people with your irresponsible sensationalising of an ordinary event. Change that doctor, if needed.

The level of stupidity/denial in the comments is astonishing. US math: 2,026 COVID-19 deaths to date Line slope last 24 days: 1.24x Last 7 days: 1.31x 30 days at 1.24x = 635x (1.3m deaths) If the slope flattens: 30 days at 1.15x = 66x (133k deaths) Is that his full quote? Because I suspect that it's not.

EITMonline But how? Trump said it was contained? 🙄 benshapiro can’t think of a bigger “l told you so” than this.. Dr Fauci , the main villain:( why he is not messaging the people on how to amp up body’s defenses by using vitamin A, C and D , use Hydroxychloroquine for infections !! He needs to be immediately replaced by a scientist and innovator va_shiva

benshapiro I don’t believe a word he says. I haven’t and I won’t benshapiro Didn’t the H1N1 outbreak, which the C.D.C. estimated infected 60 million and killed 12,000 in USA? , so we’ll see more deaths with ChineseVirus benshapiro It’s about the same amount of people that die in 30 days in traffic accidents.

Faucci is a dangerous fraud. Clickbait headline. Publish the entire sentence. benshapiro ClayTravis Mteh6 IndepndntVotr All due to trump’s failed, dishonest, irresponsible & grossly incompetent, response to COVID-19😡 أكبر خبير أمريكي في الأمراض المعدية: إصابات ڤيروس_كورونا، ستكون بالملايين والوفيات، ستتخطى مئات الألوف في أمريكا وحدها - واليمين الأمريكي، يضيف د أنتوني فوتشي ل 'الدولة العميقة' التي تريد فشل ترامب في الانتخابات أعظم وأقوى وأغنى دولة في العالم، تتخبط

benshapiro Pelosi is a sick human 6 million is more realistic. benshapiro Okay. Then there’s no need for the silly shutdown. Let’s get back to life. benshapiro Except hes not tue foremost expert but whatever... Crystal ball? benshapiro We will be lucky is we “only” have 100,000 deaths. JoshDubowAP There is no data that corroborates these numbers. They are pulled out of thin air.

benshapiro 70k from overdoes. Where’s the outrage benshapiro Yet another randomly generated number to incite fear amongst the people. Nice job twats Ap This number is scientifically low Fire the S.O.B. FairCareCanada Those are very alarming numbers With a mortality rate at between 1.5 and 2% in the US assuming treatments don’t improve that number over time there would have to be ~10 million people infected I’m calling bullshit because at that rate we’d be flattening the curve until 2025. The Dr. needs to explain.

Ok, so 2x the flu. KeithOlbermann Fauci is real..Trumps power comes completely from News media. You coveribg what he says at any time gives him his power. STOP!!! Take the only avenue he knows...stop letting him use you and us! TV gave him his power...TV needs to take it away! Fauci needed to say something to keep big pharma happy. The data is not helping Fauci. Also, where did he publicly comment on the 2017-18 flu season?

benshapiro When this whole thing started it was 2 million Americans would die benshapiro “Will have” or “could see” Not what lord narcissist wants to hear Liberal media.... Fauci being optimistic....He's a Trump puppet! Fauci being pessimistic....He's the expert! Stop with the Hysteria potus 💯 maga Trump2020 MakeAmericaGreatAgain

He said potentially. You actually managed to have a material misquote in the HEADLINE. StayWonked Scary. Very scary. RonaldKlain Dr. Fauci was awarded the Medal of Freedom by G.W. Bush - yes a Republican. Trump's base is now actively smearing him. But then again, Trump awarded that precious Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, which speaks volumes.

If we keep doubling, we might unfortunately be over 100k deaths in less than 6 weeks. Covid19usa COVID2019 benshapiro What happened to 2.2 million Americans dying? 1% of our population? Don't talk about math, exponential growth is the words that matter! How outrageous Imperial College, COVID Act Now numbers were and that they steered policy destroying more lives than this virus ever will.

heffnera Trump pandemic carnage. There is no crisis Trump won’t use to sow chaos and suffering. When you elect a sociopath malignant narcissist expect chaos, corruption, carnage. Remember when they were telling us 2-4 million dead. Wow how short everyone's memory is. somebody in his agency would have to have done the math on this by now showing that the growth in US death rates must mean COVIDー19 is either: a) far more prevalent within US community or b) far more deadly than previously estimated.

Univ. of Washington study says 80,000 and breaks down the numbers including when each state is expected to peak and how many ICU beds they’ll be short. Mr. Fauci is *very* optimistic. If number crunching out of Harvard and others (see below) is accurate, COVID-19 will infect 228 M Americans. If we're optimistic and unlike everyone else they only experience a 1% mortality rate, that's 2 million deaths.

benshapiro Spread fear. benshapiro Why did you retweet this, Ben? That’s not what he said. This is just irresponsible. Dr. Fauci suggests virus mortality rate may be lower than previous estimates - OAN So not a hoax? heffnera He also said that model, as most models tend to do, is probably over estimating.

An embarrassing lack of integrity in this reporting. benshapiro So in other words, just a little more than the flu Is there anyone besides me who finds it odd that we haven’t seen any inside footage of these packed hospitals? None, zero, anywhere! Hospitals are empty! Maybe a few clips of a few people.

Duh... more like 500k die But Trump said we only had 15 cases and it was going to 0. benshapiro BS benshapiro Isn't this 25x lower than expected? TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide TrumpGenocide

benshapiro Probably...going back to work in two weeks Multiply by minimum 10 Positive thinking twithersAP Dr. Fauci is part of the deep state. United States will not have over 100,000 deaths. I’ll even say that we won’t have over 25,000. benshapiro Let’s all remember that the original projections was that even if mitigation actions like the government is taking now, we were supposed to see 1.1 to 2.1 million deaths.

benshapiro Y you pushing this stuff? Even if it’s true Fauci is a lier + it’s creating panic 60k+ die every year from the flu. Be cautious but please stop this march/sprint towards communism. The government doesn’t know better than the people...They just get more money from big pharma KyleWIIM I’d say 100k is off by about 5fold.

In interview, he LITERALLY also says he gets taken out of context when he talks and then you go and do just that. josh_greenberg This is so sad for those living in the US and for those in Canada, the US becomes an incubator of the virus. It’s incompleted quotes like this that cause fear and panic in people. Was that your intention? Is that how you wanted to make your family feel?

Are you people just incapable of putting out the whole truth? You are NOT journalists, you're nazi propagandists. To finish the actual quote for your hapless liberal minions...'...IF social distancing measures are ignored'. benshapiro Doubtful. Curve suggests ~300k cases. benshapiro What do we do when he’s wrong? Nothing He will still be the expert everyone touts...

JohnMoralesNBC6 Ya pronto Trump lo despide de sus funciones y comienza a dirigirse hacia él con adjetivos burlones y faltas de respeto. 🙄 benshapiro H1N1 deaths hit 500,000+ in 2009/10.....just sayin benshapiro Covid19, Heart Disease, Diabetes etc. We are all walking towards death. Or, are we? The Son of God, Jesus Christ✝ is the gift from God for ALL. God did not send His Son into the world to judge it, but to save the world through Him. Eternal life continues. John 3:13-20 read it.

Part of flattening the curve? Adequate PPE for healthcare professionals. If we get sick bc our hospitals are limiting our use of PPE...who’s going to run the ventilators, take care of the sick? Did u all go to nursing/Med school? benshapiro benshapiro Top six countries by confirmed cases per million people (based on population numbers from the CIA World Fact Book) in descending order: 1. Italy (1386.13) 2. Spain (1280.78) 3. Germany (615.57) 4. France (436.17) 5. Iran (380.72) 6. USA (283.30)

He needs to go one step further and put the blame right where it needs to go benshapiro Ben Shapiro is spreading fear instead of updated models and pandemic math. The worst case scenario models have retracted. benshapiro Or not. This reporting doesn’t take into account many of the good things going on. So fake news.

I’m glad he is a man of principle and integrity. Consequently Frump will fire him shortly benshapiro “ I don’t want to get pinned down on a number because it’s dynamic.” Journalist proceeds to quote the number as a prediction. 😂 Clickbait. Finish the headline, ‘if people continue to ignore quarantine requests’. Cmon do your part to report AND educate in this time of need.

NPSusa Dr. Fauci is being very optimistic. We're already seeing how quickly hospitals are overwhelmed, not even having proper equipment for the first weeks. Over a year, the larger part of the population will be infected. He needs to double and add a zero at least. How is that different from the projections without social isolation? We need context AP.

100,000 would be optimistic considering the poor response, poor healthcare system and slow testing! CapitalismKills TrumpGenocide CorporateBailout TrumpRapture Democrat driven media hype, Walkaway Only a guesstimated opinion! Welp. He did try warning US. But how- Fake news We all learning as we go. We are a country under God. We will get over this and we will be strong as lessons learned will pass from generations to generations. God's Promise stands!

MichaelSSmithII Donald knows it too. Think of that next time he holds his next self congratulatory media session. He will continue to blame everyone and everything else. SportsTVRatings 😳 With Lord Dampnut in charge I see this as a completely reasonable projection. What was the date Dr Fauci first became aware of the virus, and what was his and his department’s reaction? Was the federal scientific and public health preparedness army permitted or prevented from acting quickly to respond? If so, by who?

colvinj This isn't new information and frankly his estimates are probably too low 100k Huh? Last time I checked there is a difference between 'could' and 'will'. Funny how your headline somehow doesn't mention that. Your tweet should reflect the headline in the article: “Fauci *warns* U.S. could see some 100,000 deaths”

His days are certainly numbered under Trump if he keeps this s**t up. That is not the narrative Trump is pushing and you know what happens to truth tellers. bradheath But Trump said Covid19 would magically disappear in April? 😩 Just a big flu Who made him the leading expert ? Fake news liberal media that is who.

Prediction was 2million so sounds a good estimation? JonLemire Number one? What is this, the playoffs? Think where we might be is DangerousDon hadn’t Lied to all of us and said it was a “hoax”? VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare VoteBlueToSaveAmerica How about a million deaths. China had about a million deaths or more. You just didn't get the news.

So dishonest. AP should be ashamed. 🙏 Fake News Keeps Ignoring THIS: Perspective Flu season 2019. 80,000 deaths almost a million tested/confirmed cases, many not tested. It will be more than those numbers.. wave after wave. Why are cruise ships still operating? Why is Florida apparently letting it dock? Or is the ship without passengers?

you forgot to finish the sentence. Probably just an error. Can we have the good news now? TrumpGenocide I call bullshit I'm pretty sure it will easily cross half a million given the current tends in USA. All the experts around the world say so! No country will suffer more than the USA! BenAxelrod 🧐. Why are some reporting 1.1 million-2.2 million deaths in the U.S. the ?

Forgot to finish the statement. '... If people continue to ignore quarantine requests' Dr Fauci feeling optimistic today 👀 Capitalism is fun.

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Jimmy Fallon Talks At Home 'Chaos' as Daughters Adorably Trash His Latest MonologueThe 'Tonight Show' host talks about the challenges of rallying the 'controlled chaos' of his house to create a late-night show, and why it's so important to him to do it. TooFab He looking for a reality show TooFab The media is lame

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case CountA detailed county map shows the extent of the corona virus outbreak , with tables of the number of cases by state and county. God help us all! 🙏🏼 'When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero. That’s a pretty good job we’ve done.' WHY IS THERE A PAYWALL FOR CORONAVIRUS CONTENT

China reports 54 new coronavirus cases – latest updatesChina reports 54 new imported coronavirus cases, here's what else is new: - South Korea reports 146 new cases - Brunei reports its first death - Australia tightens restrictions Read more: As Tokyo confirms more than 50 new Covid-19 infections, here is the latest on the pandemic: - Dozens of UN staffers report cases - Thailand reports 109 new cases, one death - Four dead aboard cruise ship anchored off Panama Read more: China reports 54 new imported covid-19 cases? WTF They exported the virus all over the world.

The Latest: UN says 86 staffers around world reported casesThe Latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can... But please tell me that Chik-fil-a employees are okay. Nobody cares about UN employees. 😥😥 👍

The latest sign the recession is intensifying: White-collar workers are being laid off nowService sector jobs got slammed early in the coronavirus crisis, now it's tech, legal and other professionals reporting layoffs, pay cuts and furloughs. MOre propaganda...Morgan, Goldman, Chase, etc lay off workers every year b4 Xmas and b4 Memorial day. They lay off workers of all races. This what standard operating practice for the last 10 yrs. Your lies are stupid. When will MSM be laid off? For some white collar industries they been laying people off for a while. We need to address the issue of outsourcing job and automation or there won’t be any jobs left.