The Latest: Illinois man faces federal charges in rioting

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UPDATE on protests Attorney General William Barr encourages governors to take more aggressive action against those who cause violence. Curfews at 11 p.m. for NYC, 7 p.m. in Washington. Florida prosecutor fired after comparing demonstrators to animals.

The Latest on the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who pleaded for air as a white police officer pressed a knee on his neck:MINNEAPOLIS — An Illinois man who allegedly participated in rioting in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd has been arrested and charged with federal counts.

He was arrested by Chicago police for violating an emergency curfew in the city. Officers found several destructive devices, a hammer, a heavy-duty flashlight and cash in his vehicle, according to authorities. Durkan said most of the thousands of protesters were peaceful, but there was an element that engaged in “violence, looting and chaos.” Gov. Jay Inslee has sent 400 National Guard troops to help Seattle contain demonstrations.NEW YORK — New York City is imposing an 11 p.m. curfew as the nation’s biggest city tries to head off another night of violence erupting amid protests over George Floyd’s death.Its curfew will last from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., Gov.

That autopsy included the effects of being restrained, along with underlying health issues and potential intoxicants in Floyd’s system, but also said it found nothing “to support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.” The Democratic governor said he agreed with demonstrators fighting racism and societal inequality. But he expressed frustration about possibly compromising more than two months of social and economic sacrifices. New York City is set to begin phasing in economic activity June 8.Although many demonstrators are young, they could be spreading the virus to their mothers, fathers and grandparents, Cuomo said.

Scott said officers were overwhelmed Saturday when San Francisco’s iconic Union Square saw people stealing leather bags from the Coach store and shoes from the Salvatore Ferragamo location. “There were individuals who came to this city with crowbars, bolt cutter, tools that were designed specifically to get into businesses, to take property and loot,” he said.

He encouraged both the residents of Washington DC and those protesters opposed to violent tactics to help police identify vandals and looters.On Sunday, during a news conference she dismissed the idea of a curfew but then changed course early Sunday evening. “We certainly empathize with the righteous cause that people are here protesting. Everyone should be outraged by the murder of George Floyd,” she said. “However smashed windows and looting are becoming a bigger story than the broken systems that got us here.”A Florida prosecutor was fired Monday after where she compared demonstrators to animals in a Facebook posting she quickly deleted.


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But we’re protesting AGAINST brutality what the hell

The ones rioting are the animals.

I agree that Governors should take more agressive action.

I'm thinking that Rape and P*ssygrabbing would be more animal- like than People Protesting a Black Man's Execution.



It is time to choose, now.

Enough with the looking and vandalism

Let's riot untill he gets his job back

Demonstrators are the right approach not the other stuff which we saw nights after nights ?

They should treat the looters like animals. Because that's what they are f----ing animals

They are animals.

Please also arrest and lock up all of the racist white people that have called the police wrongfully on Black people. John Crawford was killed in Walmart after a white man call the police and claimed that John was walking around with a rifle terrorizing people in the Walmart.


Good! Time to put the hurt on anyone who is violent, threatening violence, or damaging property. AntifaDomesticTerrorists

Does that include the dirty cops that caused all this violence to start. ICantBreathe

Shoot them in the legs. That's all you have to do.

See how the coverage compares against other news outlets on Ground News GeorgeFloyd DonaldTrump Protestors WhiteHouse racism

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Why? So he can dismiss the charges!

If they would actually target those who caused violence, they'd be looking at the police and the white supremacists and agitators who took advantage of a communities grief and anger to hurt people and destroy property. Be aggressive against them and we might see see change.

We're trying to take more aggressive action against those who cause violence, but it's hard to get the police to arrest themselves.

Do that and these protests are really going to expand!!!!

“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Because TRUMP screwed it all up! He will be voted out! Dump the TURD on the THIRD!

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Buy guns and ammo. Democrats are rioting, killing and burning everything in site. Protect your family, business and yourselves. Elected Dems are standing down to allow and the media encourages it. Be on alert!

LA curfew stands at 6pm. Shame on MayorOfLA for imposing such draconian laws when NYC has 11pm curfew. Resign!!!!

If we're not animals and we're not plants, then what are we? Science can we hear from you please?

ALL protest marches should be band until the cities recover. All groups of 4 or more shall be arrested. President should enact Martial Law.

Crazy thing is I could go loot and then burn a business to the ground with no response from the police, but that business owner would be locked up if he/she opened for customers

“Florida prosecutor fired after comparing demonstrators to animals.” What else are they to be compared when they mindlessly smash and burn property and beat people up?

matteroffacttv You should start by arresting Trump in the rest of the complicit GOP. TrumpResignNow TrumpDeathToll110K

Well, it’s either take action or continue to let your city get torn to shreds! They’ll be the First to ask for more federal money to rebuild!

Well those torching stores & vehicles, throwing molotov cocktails & bricks, & desecrating monuments & churches ARE animals. More precisely they're evil domestic terrorist thugs who could care less about Mr. Floyd. They just found an opportunity to cause anarchy & lawlessness.

Some of these Demonstrators aren't saints either, some are Animals so sometimes you have to treat them like they are or do we just ignore of what they are doing? Do we just let them keep Looting, burning up bussinesses right and left?


Damm son just keep locking up the people... go ahead put some more 👁👄👁

What about more action against the criminals who murdered Floyd? There are 3 left and change the murder degree to 1rst. Then, I think all gonna be over. 😔🤷🏼‍♂️

Throw Barr in jail

So the gangs of armed men with badges?

It’s Florida....

AG Barr”History is written by the winners, Ha Ha”

An obvious insult to animals, subhuman more appropriate.


Is COVID still a thing? Russia didn’t work, impeachment didn’t work. Virus won’t work. Now a race war.

While waiting for paycheck to paycheck you, you can earn more than $8500 in a week, you don’t send money to anyone, ask me how.

Guess he doesn't remember the Nixon Presidency with riots country-wide in the 1960's/70's. Oh, Trump was dodging 'bullets' in bed.

Reminder that every city that has been crippled by riots are Democrat cities with Democrat police. The federal government didn’t cause these problems. It’s all localized... over and over and over.

Screw that fat bastard, he needs to do his job. The first crime was murdering this man. The riots are the subsequent crimes. Prosecute them 1 at a time. I would guess busting out a window won't carry the same amount of prison time as murder.

11pm? Sundown would be better.

Did Trump reach out to the FL prosecutor to offer them a job in his staff yet?

“More aggressive action against those who cause violence.” So...they’re finally doing something about the excessive force used by the police?

The organized rioters and looters are acting like “animals.” They’ve hijacked the true GeorgeFloyd protests.

Wow Barr is finally going to go after the police?


They are animals

Aggressive and Tom Wolf will never be in the same sentence. He’s more limp than a wet noodle.

trump incited the riots so we need calm, massive, organized, non violent, peaceful protests in front of the homes of kushner, barr and fox news HQ at a pre determined date/time BEFORE THEY ALLOW PUTIN AND XI TO KILL US ALL WITH A TRUMP INCITED RACE WAR, BOTS AND BIOWEAPONS

so.. the cops? because they're the consistent agitator in every city.


First was JusticeforGeorgesFloyd Now we have JusticeForJamesScurlock killed by a white supremacit won’t be any charges Oh not another one justiceDavidMcAtee killed by LMPD and National last night justicefoblackpeople

Agree with Barr there, governors need to take very aggressive actions towards cops.

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