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The Latest: FBI says rioters weren't fake Trump protesters

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on FBI Director Chris Wray's testimony about the Capitol insurrection (all times local): 12:05 p.m. FBI Director Chris Wray says the Jan. 6 siege on the...

3/2/2021 8:24:00 PM

FBI Director Chris Wray says the Jan. 6 Capitol siege was not organized by people posing as Trump supporters, as some Republican members of Congress have suggested, Wray told a Senate committee that the FBI has “not seen evidence of that.”

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on FBI Director Chris Wray's testimony about the Capitol insurrection (all times local): 12:05 p.m. FBI Director Chris Wray says the Jan. 6 siege on the...

12:05 p.m.FBI Director Chris Wray says the Jan. 6 siege on the Capitol was not organized by people posing as Trump supporters.At a hearing Tuesday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin asked Wray if there was any evidence the attack was organized by “fake Trump protesters.” Wray replied the FBI has “not seen evidence of that.”

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Some Republican members of Congress have suggested that left-wing protesters dressed up as Trump supporters to attack the Capitol, despite no evidence of that. The group laid siege on the building and interrupted the count of presidential electoral votes after then-President Donald Trump told them in a speech to “fight like hell” to overturn his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden.

ADVERTISEMENTFive people died as result of the violence.___HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FBI DIRECTOR CHRIS WRAY’S TESTIMONY ON THE CAPITOL INSURRECTION:FBI Director Chris Wray condemns the January riot at the U.S. Capitol as “domestic terrorism” as he defends the bureau’s handling of intelligence indicating the prospect for violence.

___HERE’S WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON:11:55 a.m.FBI Director Chris Wray says the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 by supporters of then-President Donald Trump was “domestic terrorism.”Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday for the first time in almost two years. Wray is defending the bureau’s handing of intelligence indicating that there might be violence Jan. 6. He says the bureau immediately shared with other agencies a report that included “raw and unverified” intelligence predicting the attack.

A Jan. 5 report from the FBI’s Norfolk, Virginia, field office warned of online posts foreshadowing a “war” in Washington the following day. The former chief of the Capitol Police and others have said the information wasn’t flagged for them and was only sent in an email.

Wray says he did not see the report until after the insurrection but it was shared properly.Five people died as result of the violence. Read more: The Associated Press »

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oh, yeah, Trump said in his speech, 'now we go to the Capitol' then it surely is a left conspiracy 🤣🤣🤣 USA is unique in so many ways, but the worst unique qualification comes now from being the only First World country whose own President sent domestic terrorists to attack the Capitol during the election results confirmation, in order to make him the first Dictator Made in USA.

JudiciaryDems why isn't the fbi investigating why the guard was not sent in when requested? are they not looking at the planning from the behind the scenes plotters? MaddowBlog maddow Repugnuts don’t need or want evidence !!!! meanwhile, ron johnson was spotted.... Well I'm sure that'll put it to rest for the Q crew

Independent panel of experts support claim that Joe Biden is a racistrapist as alleged by Kamala Harris and others: In my eyes, what occurred on our Capital January 6th was DOMESTIC TERRORISM! Imagine being questioned by Tedcruz, or HawleyMO & not just saying.. incitement.. yea, we are Looking into your roles. No it was not a leftist coup, it was trump supporters & white supremacists acting out domestic terrorism in support of an insurrection you helped instantiate.

Congress puts the FBI in a, damn if you do damn if you don't situations. Watching MikeLeeforUtah tedcruz HawleyMO questioning about the evidence the FBI TheJusticeDept has or using is ASININE! It's obvious they are fishing for the evidence that will be used against them! THEY SHOULD NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN ANY INVESTIGATIONS REGARDING JAN 6, 2021

Another unsatisfying hearing. What's the point? An FBI agent, he has all the tools and resources and still can't find any evidence and still made the claim that's not professional smh in before the 'But John Sullivan' idiots come in with their propoganda. Dude literally said 'I’m not saying I’m Antifa, by any means.'

Who is that man? Hawley sure is curious about what the FBI knows about all the collected data from January 6th. The issue is he was asleep at the switch. Oh and about the lootings - arson and killings this summer - DavidDorn Are we going to be talking about this staged event for the next 4 years? Does it ever stop?

Unfuckingbelievable GOPCorruptionOverCountry Whoa whoa whoa, are you telling me Trumpers lied?! 😂