The Latest: DOJ says 2 Epstein guards are placed on leave

The Justice Department says two guards assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein when he killed himself in jail have been placed on administrative leave.


The Justice Department says two guards assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein when he killed himself in jail have been placed on administrative leave.

NEW YORK (AP) — The Latest on the aftermath of Jeffrey Epstein's death (all times local): 2:35 p.m. The Justice Department says two guards assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein when he...

The department says in a statement Tuesday that the warden at the Metropolitan Correctional Center has also been temporarily reassigned to an office post pending the outcome of two investigations. Both the FBI and the Justice Department’s inspector general are investigating Epstein’s death.

The 2008 deal allowed Epstein to avoid a lengthy prison sentence by pleading guilty to lesser state charges. It also shields several of his associates from prosecution.

A Justice Department official who spoke on the condition of anonymity says Barr has recused himself from any review of the 2008 plea deal involved in the federal investigation into Epstein.

That person wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

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Highly paid (off) administrative leave. He got to go out easy peazy... wonder if they got a nest egg waiting for them for letting this happen....smh I bet the guards are expecting a sizable check from the Clinton Foundation...but for some unexpected reason, one will commit suicide and the other will have a heart attack.

Jeffrey is finally well hung! A.k.a paid leave for a job well done,kinda creepy that they volunteered to watch him. On leave where? The Bahamas, Figi, Paris...a vacay? Something sus is going on here, not one but two guards and they both fail to recognize anything ? Who cares he is dead. Move along another dirt bag 6ft under. On to the next one

Well I know I’m getting a good nights rest knowing that dirtbag croaked himself Let this not distract you from the fact that on May 23rd, 1999, during an intercontinental world wrestling foundation championship match, The Blue Blazer AKA Owen Hart fell 78 feet to his death when his harness broke. So they are the fall guys?

The Latest: Epstein guards were on heavy OT, sources tell APNEW YORK (AP) — The Latest on the death of Jeffrey Epstein (all times local): 4:50 p.m. A person familiar with the Manhattan jail that housed Jeffrey Epstein says it was so... To damn busy.... That one isn’t going to fly either. It was the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the DOJ’s responsibility to adequately staff MCC due to the extremely high profile of the case and the defendant and the information he had on powerful people across the spectrum here and abroad.

'Reassignments' Can we get an investigation, interview, ANYTHING from these DOJ officials who couldn't do their job! RayleneHansen Scapegoats. It's really easy to blame two overworked, sleep-deprived guards on a Federal budget freeze that has left thousands of positions open and existing workers thoroughly exploited. The blame for this suicide goes ALL the way to the top, right to barr and trump.

Administrative leave before they are found dead somewhere starts. Let me guess..investigation coming up next ..then congress gets involved and then nothing ! Everything comes to a halt ..sweep under the rug .. Next .. With a severance package of $10 million dollars each They haven't even said how he committed suicide.The first attempt was by hanging himself and that was released immediately. Never should have been taken off 'suicide watch' and never should have 'shared a cell' We will never know the truth!

Bet they're feeling really safe and secure right now. Hope they're in hiding.

Attorney General Barr: Epstein co-conspirators 'should not rest easy'Under pressure over suicide death of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, Attorney General William Barr says Epstein's alleged co-conspirators 'should not rest easy' just because Epstein won't have his day in court. Including his father? Including Donald Trump? Anyone that is not named T-RUmp or is a very generous donor to T-RUmp or T-RUmp's GOP?

iSteelCity07 nice try at a cover up It’s been all over the internet that be probably would be murder for months . So they are going to use the guards as scapegoats. It’s a cover up to protect the famous, rich ,royalty, and politicians. What the Republicans and Democrats have a lot to lose if you lived.

niveKnija Ya ok...... 🙄 What does it take to get fired these days? Yeah, like they are going to need those jobs anymore, after those bribes are paid. wbaltv11 Doesn’t mean a damn thing. Just a cover up for the real cover up. Even the warden being reassigned. Give me a fucking break. They can afford it after being paid off.

You mean the ones paid to look the others way ? How much did AGBarr pay them ? i love my india Wonder if they'll get suicided...

Epstein co-conspirators 'should not rest easy,' Barr saysThe day after Epstein's death in prison, Barr announced he had asked the DOJ Office of Inspector General to investigate the circumstances surrounding the matter. MORE: Before Epstein was formally removed from suicide watch, he had to undergo more than one psychiatric evaluation, sources say. Oh yeah- it is the fault of his lawyers Who were the sources?

Hope they stay alive I wonder if they too are going to be placed on “suicide watch” Yep, bet they have Paid Clinton administrative leave. Those two are out on the yacht sipping margaritas. Until they blow their boat up to cover up the cover-up these 2 guards will find themselves 'missing' in a few days. Thrown under the bus 🚌

Don’t be surprised they end up as well, committing “suicide” or getting “accidentally” killed. ClintonSuicide They will likely never need to work again once they get paid off💰💰💰💰💰💰 A well deserved vacation, thank you for your service 😉 I wonder if they are on some deserted island afriad to testify once this case goes to trial? I feel sorry for these two guards who clearly know what the F happened to him . I honestly think someone but the fear of God on these two men . What a way to go threw life .🤔🤨

The Latest: Barr says 'irregularities' found at Epstein jailAttorney General William Barr says there were 'serious irregularities' at the federal jail in New York where accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein killed himself over the weekend. Like letting him in for a secret visit. How does someone on suicide watch kill themself? If only he cared as much about the lower profile prisoners that have been saying this for years.

I haven't read every article (yet) on this but WHERE ARE THE CAMERAS?! How much did he pay them to look away Really! Now will the real murder stand up; or maybe there was no murder; and JE has gone to a far away islands; never to be seen again! Or possibly Saudi Arabia!! Who killed Epstein... or is he hidden away, getting his face and his identity changed? Was it Putin protecting his well-developed US govt assets? Did Barr's DOJ bump him off? How about Wild Billy's Willy Killers? Or M16 Assassins For Andrew?

Maybe he paid the guards to not check on him 🤔🤔TheFive greggutfeld That must just be terrible having those big fat bank accounts full of payoff money and then be placed on Administrative Leave. The Horror. Hope they check their bank accounts for recently wired incoming funds. Spouses too. Under mattresses, freezer, old socks,...

Guards coming back to the cell I knew there’d be a reasonable explanation 🙄 yeah this definitely wasn’t a suicide. im not biting. guards turned a blind eye and his rich friends would rather see him dead than to let him talk. he was already dead the moment he got hemmed up. enough money and power and nobody is out of your reach

In Short-Staffed Jail, Epstein Was Left Alone for Hours; Guard Was SubstituteBreaking News: One of Jeffrey Epstein's guards was not a full-fledged officer, and he was not checked on for hours in the short-staffed jail where he died That sounds about right! He’d have been better sat on a bench in the middle of Central Park . I don't believe anything BARR says.

Wow! Going all the way to the top. Can you say scapegoats? Quick, the Dow is down 7 points, still high as fuck, trumpsrecession. Whew, that should preoccupy them for a bit Check bank accounts of management to see who had a large deposit of 1.2 million, which is the $$$ taken out of The campaign funds of this clown.

I rarely watched ScandalABC, but it feels that this story could've been orchestrated by Olivia's father, and carried out by that short White bad criminal guy. Epstein was too connected to power players--here and with UK royalty. No suicide watch. Guards not watching him x hrs? I would hope that the FBI is checking and monitoring their bank accounts AND maybe putting them in protective custody, so that they don't end up dead......they were on the take, and this is like a Hollywood Movie!!!!! COME ON!!!!!

Overworked guards who ridk their life everyday on leave. But people in charge... ICE raids that take poor people working and give them a criminal record and lose their jobs. But the people running the companies... maybe a fine or something. Lol blame the small 🍟..🤣😂 Someone needs to monitor ALL the bank accounts belonging to these 2 guards. I suspect someone paid them well for their services.

So they got paid and sent on vacation to spend that money. Gotcha.

Questions swirl around Epstein's monitoring before suicideNEW YORK (AP) — One of Jeffrey Epstein's guards the night he hanged himself in his federal jail cell wasn't a regular correctional officer, according to a person familiar with the detention... All part of Barr's plan He was irregular? Must’ve been officer Clinton.

Sounds like what happened the the murderers who chopped up Ghashoggi t when you need fall guys for the fall guy scapegoats Calling it now, the two guards are going to end up dead plus the Warden. God speed, gentlmen. The tanking economy is a terrible way to divert attention from Epstein. Thanks POTUS We all know Killary did it to protect Bill.

Wait... I thought there was only one officer & the other wasn't. They were asleep 💤! How kind! Now they have time to spend that fat pay-off on anything! Have fun in the Bahamas, guys! I'm sure they'll be okay. $$ in the bank.

Oh no, how will they ever replace them? Fuck the associated press. Big oil, corporate America & even the intelligence agencies themselves (who btw are orchestrated by your shadow government deepstate) literally own these people. Mainstream media is STATE TV. Yes, full bore Orwellian. Accept none of their lies WakeUP.

For all we know, he paid people to give him the time do do so, not wanting to face trial or prison. Or for true conspiracy folks - Trump paid them, so he could keep his involvement in this nastiness hid a while longer. SaraCarterDC They are probably set for life so it's no biggie to them. This is a DISTRACTION. Stop letting the MSM narrativize in accordance to their interests. He was MURDERED, we all know it left & right alike, and they don't want you asking by whom. The guards are irrelevant. They stood aside when power walked in. WakeUp DeepState EpsteinGate

Those poor guards are in serious jeopardy of having horrible Clintonesque accidents Can we put Barr and realDonaldTrump On Administrative Leave also? Give them time to spend bribe money leaving Epstein unattended, haven’t we all seen how the Movie ends when the sex trafficking identifies top world leaders with court/jail fears? Who is always involved? Yep, those in charge, Barr realDonaldTrump Prince Andrew, AlanDersh

“Administrative Leave” AKA, they’re cashing in their bitcoin, and will be driving around in brand new Lambo’s on their very own Islands named after them!

Clearly He would’ve killed himself regardless. If not that day then it would’ve just been another day. Blaming the CO’s is pathetic honestly You mean 'vacation'? & those 2 guards & the warden will b next to get suicided b4 the fbi has a chance to interview them. But those folks are likely all millionaires now.

Oh well I’m sure they’re real broken up about being in administrative leave, and all that extra time off to spend their dirty bribe money. How stupid do they think we are ? Hope they were paid well enough to take this fall TrumpEpstein EpsteinSuicide The truth will come out eventually. It always does.

Funny Distraction....Where Is El Chapo? It’s gonna take a lot more alcohol for all us to believe this story! And how about Bar? Both guards will “mysteriously” be found deceased within a week. The Clintons can reach out and touch you anywhere you are....Just ask Jeffrey Epstein.....uhhhh....oops. Yeah, back to their other jobs

Is this the 10th 'Suicide' associated with the Clintons? Poor poor unlucky Clintons Who paid them off? Trump has a habit of paying people off...just saying🤔 Nice, they get time off and spend the money they were paid to go away for a few hours 👍🏾 Trust in government erodes by the day and the sad thing is they dont even put effort in lying to us anymore.

Epstein was the lead headline for a month and ready to cause trouble on so many levels. Why would DOJ take extraordinary measures to keep him upright through a trial? Love the feigned outrage, Mr. Barr... You're damned good. scapegoats Does it matter they got paid by someone That’s yesterday’s news ap.

Little too late Administrative leave Sheesh Looks like we have found out scapegoats.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE!! Who are the guards? Where are they from?what exactly was their routine and timeline, and how did it specifically alter that night?Better put a watch on their bank accounts! Please take 3 mins to share your email with us on our homepage. You will not receive junkmail from us. Every 10 -15 days you will receive a new paper that’s been submitted to us. That’s it. You will receive no other emails.

They probably all got paid off a ton so they don’t care Scapegoats They outta give those guys a raise. Good riddance! Administrative leave, heck they’ll be retiring with the money they’ll receive! Barr is encharge of “Truth” again?🤦‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️⌛️🤔🇺🇸🗽 'killed himself'

The fall guys. Well, they certainly don't need the money any more. CuiBono Where are all these other 1000 if not more girls or boys that this guy funneled into the his sex cult,,, why is it only like 4 or 5,,,coming out,,,hes dead they all should be coming out,, or is it out of fear or are they already been taken care of,, financially or dead

SaraCarterDC They are Correctional Officers not guards. Use correct language to cover this hot mess. Yes, they should be on AL pending the full investigation. Let's start w/ the 'Acting' Dir of the Bureau of Prisons. Never worked inside a prison. 2 High Profile inmate deaths;Bulgar & Epstein. The guards have been given more appropriate duties

Well I am sure we will get answers after both guards are killed in a murder suicide 3 days from now. I'm calling it now. The two guards tasked with monitoring Epstein & put on leave will both end up dead under mysterious circumstances. They’ll both disappear Prison Guards Have Dangerous, And Demanding Jobs. Not To Excuses Them, But I’m Not Interested In Punishing And Leading The Little Guy Take The Fall, While Giving The The Big Players And Enablers That Were Directly Responsible Get A Pass Or Allowed To Walk. For This Guy’s Crimes!

“Administrative leave” aka retiring early because they got paaaaiiiiiddddd

Barr should be put on administrative leave I think he was murdered . Knew too much ..a lot of rich .wealthy .powerful men like young girls.. Hope they live long enough to access their new Swiss bank accounts. Lets get this right. Rich White man arrest for child sexual abuse and was released the first time! Oh ok

Clear cut case of murder. He didnt commit suicide; he just knew too much. I hope these guards don’t ....wait for it....commit suicide😵 'Protective' Custody!? Please drug test these guards. They could be victims too. Calm down everyone. All part of the plan. Sure. Epstein guards later this week . . .

These two guards will probably be the next to 'commit suicide' or die in random crashes... This is the beginning of the end for these guards. Wrong place wrong time. First it’s admin leave. Then it’s firing. Then they will be killed once they’re out of the spotlight. This is the Deep State and that’s how it works!! Poor guys. I hate fat ugly old Billy Bar!

AKA: permanent vacation. AKA: job well done. 'Leave'? What in the Fuck? No way, start with them and keep digging until you find who pulled the trigger. Don, Bill...who else...GET THEM MSM. This is your chance to remain relevant. If Jeffrey Epstein had been released with an ankle monitor and under house arrest, would he still be alive? 🤔

Conspiracy or . . . a simple case of incompetence? I'll go with conspiracy at some level. Can't wait to read the book and then see the movie! They are next I’m sure . They need protective custody He was murdered! Considering how much they might know they should be put on suicide watch. And by the end of the year both will die in 'accidents'. Hollywood reality sucks.

So now they'll show up suicided. Got it. Sure blame the guards for taking orders Get top dog DOJ . Top dog must go. It's so strange that the media hasn't put the name of the warden and guards out there. Maybe they don't want us putting 2 and 2 together. I bet they faked his death and he's living free on an island

Administrative Leave = Clinton Vacation Home And they died in a car accident, tomorrow. Check them for money hidden in the caymans or some other tax haven What was the cause of death?

I guess they didn't exactly assign their 'A-Team' guard contingent on the high profile Epstein watch. 🧐🙄 His death is worse for the co conspirators and accused because the evidence can no longer be suppressed through the defense. There was no way he was 'talking' because his crimes don't have a statute of limitations as the others accused would. Not sure about a conspiracy.

So how did he do it ? Or should I say how did the Clinton's get him Better check their bank accounts while there at it Epstein’s guards be like Of course they else could they meet with Barr and coordinate their stories. Hate it when work gets in the way... Are these the same low level employees from the IRS in Cincinnati?

The buck stops over there, right Barr? We all knw this shits getting covered up and nobody will be brought to justice

Oh it was their fault. Investigation over. Lol At least until they can get their stories straight..... This is what we refer to as “fall guys” Not enough. What about supervisors, etc? administrative leave..... Really that’s a crock of u know what, This is Trumps & Barrs way of covering up the real truth 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾

When is Bill Barr going to be placed on administrative leave? Too late for that. Like closing the barn door AFTER the livestock ran away 🤦‍♀️ Are they awaiting their hero award ceremony? Those guards are great Americans and should be rewarded. Epstein More like paidvacation 💯

Fall Guys.....this is REAL BULLSHIT!!!!! If I was in the Trump Administration I would want Epstein dead because he has too much information on the presidents. Then I will blame it on the guards they just get fired that's it then I would blame it on another president a conspiracy theory. This was MacBeth’s alibi in the murder of Duncan. The two guards.

Let’s see what happens to them Wanna bet they also 'commit suicide'? What about video Sorry to those who wanted Justice on Epstein's acts. Hillary just could not let Bill's involvement be made public. I would also recommend just their financial accounts immediately without delay. It's going to be quite funny to eventually find out that the Clinton's were behind all of this.

Here's where the guards were relocated.

“Administrative leave” jeffreyepstein Never to be seen again.... We will be reading about their [suicides] in the coming days.... Oh wow. Admin leave. That's tough Cover up, those at the top slap on the wrist and moved, those on the bottom will be fired , especially sleeping while on duty too.2019 story of the century the making of a tv show, documentary, and a lifetime 🎬.

These 2 are still getting paid right? And both will soon be on their new personal yachts cruising to their new private islands. PayoffsAreLucrative We will never know the truth SuicideOrMurder Someone dies on your watch and you get a paid vacation... how do I get that job? But didn't they say he wasn't on suicide watch at the time?... so which one is it he was or wasn't

I'm sure trump and barr will have them silenced soon On triple pay for the next 50 years....! These 2 guards are going to be so distraught about their suspension, they will both commit suicide. RiP They're gonna get Jack Ruby'd Who cares he was a pedaphile! Better put those to on arkancide watch.... But on a brighter note they’re much richer now and don’t need the job

Can you say Patsy? Give them life in jail for this

This is ridiculous, the only bad thing about him killing himself is the poor victims will not have their day in court!!! No one else in The entire world get this much publicity for hang them selves. Oh stop the Bullshit leave those guards alone.Start from the top where they were paid and told to do this or they could lose their jobs...Now you making a big deal..

SaraCarterDC We agree with gross incompetence narrative - it’s govt run. Why weren’t search warrants issued long time ago to take Epstein’s records. Pathetic! Why? Surprised they haven't committed clintocide yet. They don't care. They're going home to spend the money they got to look the other way I hope they take their vehicles to a mechanic, relinquish their firearms and watch all of the Final Destination movies ever made for tips and tricks on avoiding life's little mishaps while on administrative leave

Barr needs to recuse and resign immediately. This “investigation” has his finerprints all over it!

Administrative leave! Yes! That’ll teach them a lesson! Said no one ever. Geez Dope. They get a vacation and get to cash those nice checks! white guy kills himself....immediate discipline kill a black person....🍻🍾🍸 People and admin are appalled by the conditions of Epstein’s prison, but anyone who’s ever been to jail/prison knows this is nothing new. They just got caught because he was high profile.

Finally DOJ has a couple patsies to make an example ofindict Comey Leave - They should be prosecuted How do we know he’s even dead? Little late, isn’t it? You mean given a raise by Barr. How much are they being compensated?

Unfortunately Republicans are going to use this to do something they have wanted for a long time, privatize the federal prison system Yeah he was murdered. SaraCarterDC wonder if they plan on leaving the country Big Surprise! No one saw this coming! One just needs to follow the time line. Besides it’s Trump and His AG Barr that are top dogs over Federal Prisons! The accountability is with them! For once make them responsible for their choices and actions!

Will they be paid while on leave, or will they have to rely on checks from from the Clinton Foundation? Guards placed on leave. Warden relocated. What Barr and Trumps DOJ won’t admit is that this happened prior to, not after. The “Justice” Department also covered up the hit on tech journalist Danny Casolaro because they thought they were above the law and he was looking too hard

That's story has already been done by Washington Irving. The short story Rip Van winkle Cover up. This is embarrassing. Charge them for incompetence

Sleeping on the job. I work nights and I call B.S. Union Labor at it's finest!👍 I call massive bullshit. They claiming the guards just pretended to check Epstein. If you were a prison guard making 31k a year and you got Epstein to guard, that's the guy your faking rounds on? The one guy YOU CAN'T lose in that entire jail without pissing off America.

I’ve been resisting conspiracy theories, but along w/ the fact that narcissists are usually too narcissistic to off themselves, this... “one of the guards assigned to Epstein’s unit wasn’t a correctional officer, but a fill-in who had been pressed into service”...says it all. Fall guys This is bull ... everyone has been paid off. They don’t care if they become the fall guys. It’s insane how anyone with half a brain could have predicted this !!

Bullshit, nobody is buying it Nah, these guards didn't kill Epstein. They just looked the other way while the Barbarians Stormed Through the Gate. They said to him: 'Yo, Jeffy Boy, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way.' Epstein looked at the size of the tools in question, and chose the easy way out.

You had one job! One!!

These guards are going to move to an exotic island where they will never be found, commit suicide or just disappear real soon. Reassigned? Waterboard them so we can find out who paid them to look the orher way during a murder. Narrator: Patsies Selected, more news ar 7. Reassigned? Are you kidding? Those guards need to be investigated, audited by the IRS, fired, & possibly prosecuted.

They’re both going to get “suicided” too. -1of the guards WASN'T a correctional officer, but a fill in...that level of security & not a correctional officer?..hmm -The federal Bureau of Prisons sending a suicide RECONSTRUCTION TEAM 2 to the jail.. ...why? Weren't there cams? I come from the same small town as the famous Attica State Prison, so I know a lot of corrections officers. Most are lazy buffoons who I wouldn’t trust to housesit a cat. Keep that in mind when formulating your grand conspiracy theories.

How much did they/are they paying the scapegoats? EpsteinSuicideCoverUp More bullshit... *sigh* And the two guards will end up dead,too

Or, hear me out, question them and dig through the last couple weeks of their lives to find out who paid them off. It’s not rocket science. Wink wink 😉 Well I guess we should be thankful they didn’t lose el Chapo coverupEpstein ClintonBodyCount monster This is the real result of budget cuts that go way to far in order to pay for tax cuts for billionaires

like they said they was able to guard El Chapo just fine. Plenty of powerful people wanted Epstein DEAD. JackiMGittos tRump pardon & medal pending? Gee, did you not see that coming? Flimsy excuses & lies are just part of the cover up story. Look for the cash attached to the deal. Oh, &accidents are coming up soon. Remorse, guilt, perhaps even a suicide or two. Caveat: if I die, even in a seemingly normal way, it's murder.

This will be the first time white people are actually mad when cops or guards are given paid leave for something they should be in prison for. 100% certainty that: a) Epstein was allowed to top himself to save the incrimination of other Satanic pedophiles. Or b) Was murdered. Or c) Is now in witness protection

So, there were 2 guards assigned to watch him, and..... ? Why weren’t they on duty at their post? Or making regular 15 minute observations..? It’s not that hard guys especially with a high profile guy. I need information. Does this surprise anyone?! 🤷‍♀️ They would have been paid handsomely in cash - knowing that their careers would be over they would have accepted no less than a small sports bag each. Small beans for those that had so much to lose.

These stories are a joke... this all just bull... why is it so hard for the truth to be said So wonder how much cash they got paid to 'fall asleep'? Just the guards? Why not the warden? I think Americans should ask first where did he find all these money and why did he have to make those parties and why invite all those powerful people to be part of it.... I doubt he personally needed to blackmail anyone so for whom or what country did he work for?

Watch those guards are gonna die soon They should both avoid bathtubs, kayaking, small aircraft and driving through mountains.... Trump only politician with guts to call it out.....only politician to question 9/11.....only politician to denounce Iraq war from the start

Rudy J, former mayor of NYC, says looks bad, but do not jump to conclusions....he quickly got rid of all evidence of 9/11 and told workers safe to be around rubble janismclaren1 It’s a little late for that. They should check their bank accounts to see how much they got paid not to watch him! There’s the real story. SuicideWatch

the patsies are next Someone on that list of his had him killed Doesn't take a lawyer to figure that out Trying to cover up a murder like its the early 2000s, 90s etc. Heck! I do a better job covering up murders in GTA. Local tv stations repoted multiple bombs at OKC...FIlm showing them.....check YouTube.

Said no cameras in cells but has in common areas, does that include hallways outside of cells? Of course, look what happened to security cameras at OKC and around Pentagon on 9/11.....private video seized......JFK.....private video Pentagon has fewer than target? Each time I see this photo, I think it’s Obama🙃

'administrative leave' = RIP One less piece of crap in this world n i hope Epstein suffered before he died just like his victims suffer everday. Would have been better if he lived this way he would have been in jail for life n in jail they dont like guys like him n ge would have felt it everyday

They killed him Guards better watch out....dead witnesses.....JFK Aha from he was under suicide watch to no he was not under suicide watch and now the two guards are made to go on administrative leave, has America lost it? who will trust them now Most probably this guy is still alive .. Suicide is a cover up story for us

Aha from he was under suicide watch tonohe was not under suicide watch and now the two guards are made to on administrative leave, has America lost it? There in Bali kicking it Original reports said that he was found “unresponsive “ About 30 minutes later the reports change to dead in cell. I’m loving how the princeandrew and realDonaldTrump and AlanDersh are being hushed. GB and prayers for oberman and lewis

Hmm. I wish cops were placed on 'leave' this quickly when they commit state-sanctioned violence against Black and Brown people. Omg! Hillary’s next close the gap shut.

The man was a pedo who cares Cover up! Show us the video. They either let him die or he's still alive and been relocated to live out his life. What do those guards care, they probably made six figures to look the other way when the dark suits paid Epstein a visit. Barr makes a secret visit to Epstein two weeks before Epstein kills himself in a cell with nothing that one can hang themselves with. The sheets are paper

*Taking their vacation to Clinton island So, they are being rewarded with paid vacation? Same punishment a cop gets for killing a black man without cause.. Someone should explain how paid vacation isnt actually a punishment...... How about they should immediately be brought in for questioning before they end up suicided

Buuuut let’s see the video. Administrative leave? How awful. Ya think someone there could have watched Epstein? What a perfect storm for the escape/switch up. That doesn’t explain anything! His death by one means or another was very predictable. Prison systems lack of vigilance from top down shows systemic incompetence and quite possibly that they want to protect the sex trafficking industry.

It won't be long before one of them die from a car accident and the other one from a accidental fall...

Oh so they’ve selected the two sacrificial employees to take the blame and enable the coverup. 🤔 oh boy Tbh they probably okay with that since they get overworked. If the guards are the reason for his death, somebody please have a barbeque for them and hand them a 12 pk of Budweiser.... Jeffrey Epstein sick ilegal life style is a result of a failed system that again protects the elite. Even Trump knew about his underage abuses with young girls. Bill Clinton knew & Bill Richardson also participated. People in high places knew & did nothing

The sicko did many a favor. That's okay. I'm sure they made BANK to turn their eyes away. And then they..what? Slip on the soap in shower? Why is this considered anything but a very convenient occurrence for BillBarr it’s all faux concern. Good work, Nancy Drew.

Prison guards could care less if an inmate commits suicide. Those guys are spread thin dealing with criminals all day; fights and other spontaneous incidents keep them too busy as it is Two guards on their way to DOJ to collect their bonus and plane tickets Most obvious cover up of all time? How convenient.

ENTIRE GANG O' BULLSHIT ! They keep saying “suicide” 🙄 Epstein was dead the day he got arrested. Connected to too many VERY wealthy, VERY powerful, VERY twisted people. Not suicidal but claimed he was attacked the 1st time-cameras off, cellmate transferred & no cell checks-sounds like a set up to me JeffreyEpstein He knew too much. Many politicians were involved in the crimes. Barr knows how to take care of business leave not evidence or his mystery death.

That's ok, I'm sure they're a lot more financially stable than be he was killed...I mean suicided. I mean this story just keeps getting better and better as time goes on really lol

Does anyone actually believe he is dead? lol 😂 He didn't kill himself.... BarrResign I don’t think those guards care. They’ve got their cash money now $$$ Right... & the cameras malfunctioned, & his cellmate was transferred, & he was taken off suicide watch... right...? Maybe someone should tell them to avoid high places and open windows.

Follow. The. Money. Scapegoats: check their bank accounts and the bank accounts of their families for the next year! ... and hopefully none of them will have mysterious accidents! In a surely untelated development, both guards immediately booked flights to Tahiti. EpsteinSuicide It’s ok, they likely received a big payoff to turn a blind eye...

Laid off or paid off?

realDonaldTrump senatemajldr AGWilliamBarr Who’s high enough and has enough to loose to kill Epstein! Where did the recruitment start- Mar a lago! Who’s Daddy hired Epstein to host his party in Dalton-William Barr! BabyRapistBarr TrumpKilledEpstein Y’all sticking w/“He kILLED HIMSELF” story, huh!?🤨 Whatdoya take American’s 4 ~ idiots!?🤪 Can we ALL just PLEASE get REAL & tell the TRUTH for ONCE, 4crying out loud!?🤨 The man, JeffreyEpsteinMurdered was KILLED! There’s a GIANT coverup! Can we investigate THAT pls!? Q

A billionaire pervert dies at the hands of our Gov system... they 'move' some people to fix the situation.... Yet... immigrants die at the hands of our Gov system... nothing happens girl.... kstreet111 Place Barr on permanent leave Fake suicide, fake reconstruction, fake fake fake fake fake. It’s all part of the cover up. Don’t fall for it ppl

Gotta get those guards to talk. Hopefully no cement shoes. Put them in protective custody immediately. Didn’t be surprised 2 guards assigned to Epstein are missing. I would not want to have been assigned to that. You either do it or else. They do it and still get the else. Damn out them in protective custody.

CrookedHillary must be getting some suites ready to pay those boys a visit.

Administrative leave?! So basically they are on a paid holiday. We won’t ever know the truth, Barr will cover it up. Who will quote commit suicide or die next Closing the barn door after the horses run free. They’re being used as scapegoats! This is totally B613 sh*t ScandalABC FallGuys old as time in the playbook

They were going to quit their job tomorrow anyway because they're millionaires now kstreet111 Gonna punish the little guys But something like this, has higher up influence written all over it. Also know as *Lavish vacation before a sudden mysterious death BULLLLLL CRAPPPPP BARR DROPPED IRRESPONSIBLY SEVERELY INTERNATIONAL LEGAL CASE BARR SEVERELY UNQUALIFIED DID SAME SEVERE UNPROFESSIONAL MANIPULATIVE JUDGE JURY CRAP WITH MUELLER REPORT REMOVEEE BARRRR EPSTEIN DEATH PROTECTED TRUMP

They never make “mistakes” Administrative leave you say...? Ahhhh you meant murdered and had the bodies dumped in the ocean. Gotcha. 👌🏼 You'd have to be a journalist to believe this tripe. Bet these guards end up dead in the near future. Somebody ought to search the guards' and warden's personal physical and digital communications for the past month.

That ain't what happened. The union won't stand for this. Check their bank accounts a month from now Yet cops that kill people without reason... nvm

Yes go after the under paid shift worker who perhaps is simply as pawn in this killing. How did they die next week? Did they not have cameras near the cell or in the cell? clinton’s killed them LOLOLOL blaming the guards...nice try. 🙄 So, with pay...? People will say the guards were well compensate kstreet111 Maybe they received enough Rubles to quit and retire?

I’m sure Epsteins hundreds of victims will be pleased. /s epicfail

With zero 💰 Argh, the fall guys The department of justice just blaming the little guy. No investigation. No getting the big guys that actually got it done. Let’s just blame two little guards We all knew that people would be trying to kill Epstein and still it happened. Same thing with these guards. They know who made the decisions that led to Epstein’s escape/murder/suicide? And are in danger. You couldn’t write a more predictable political thriller Epstein

Admin Leave = Paid Vacation! Dont be fooled Epstein is alive. He held all the cards on Trump, Clinton, & others. If he died the black book would come out, keeping him alive keep n free keeps pervy secrets secret. The body double was as bad as Khashoggi’s (🇸🇦 help?) shitty double. So these guards were transferred in to cover and aledhedy one were sent home at 3:am, then between 4-6 he was murdered ,excuse me committed suicide and aledgedy found at 5:15 too many inconsistencies and money involved

why must we keep seeing his photo? can new outlets + other just stop showing his face please? Why, so they can't be interviewed? This whole thing reeks. Where's the death certificate? Barr is planting false stories to media. That's why the story has changed several times in the last 2 days. He knows that trump ordered the hit & Barr hired people to carry it out. He also knows that the public knows. Stay on him.

Message: Honestly it is best that he is dead. If u believe in heaven u know he did not go there. U know jail would of been fun 4 him. His own kingdom. He wasn't going 2 pay a day 4 what he'd done. Rich people never do. He is where he belongs.

Well... when you do a good hit job,.. you have earned a little down time.... Just curious... how many other people on 'suicide watch' have been able to commit suicide? Or getting a payout... Fools took a payday only to suffer an impending “tragic accident” It’s funny to see the astro-turf TrumpBodycount hashtag. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, key witness to the Epstein sex club, fingered the radical leftists and globalists as participants and specifically said Trump wasn’t involved. The left lives in a fantasy.

The guards : Have they been assigned around the clock protection? they probably got paid 100 mil each to let it happen lmao The coverup begins They should go to jail! Oh, wait ...

IT GETS SPICIER What’s the over/under on them suddenly becoming stricken with grief & resorting to suicide? 🤣😂 that's a joke! Um, OK ... but, anyone else think this is FBI how to kill a prisoner 101? Suicides in Federal prison are insanely low. Overlapping protocols governing the control of high-risk inmates like Epstein make it almost impossible for a suicide completion. There would have to be coordinated simultaneous ‘failure’ for this to happen. A hit job is more plausible

Really ? So now everyone more focus on how he died and who did it ? who gives a shit he’s dead . What we need to know who was part of it & question them !!!!! Jezzzz They need fired! Barr should recuse himself... His father maybe a conflict in this case. Arrest them before they fled to Mexico! Did they move to Brazil?

Picture of them leaving the building leaked Cut the crap. Everyone knows he got taken out. Anyone call the tech dept to determine why all the cameras went out yet? While kids sit in cages separated from their families alone and scared I really don’t care that a monster like this took his own life and that fact people care more about him than those kids speaks volumes.

Guards being quarantined in their new fully paid for homes, film at 11. And as usual, the employees get thrown under the bus. $$$ they have ties to ClintonCrimeFamily So what they millionaires now or their families are or they were blackmailed told their families would be killed Tge Clinton’s are hard core mafia and they don’t play They must be put in jail now NOW NOW

'killed himself'

This just in....both guards found dead, each from an apparent suicide......CnsprcyHrsmn Do you know stevejail? Epstein is still causing grief from the grave.... They gonna die accidentally now just watch BREAKING NEXT: The two guards assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein when he killed himself in jail have committed suicude. If so, you can bet the liberal media will line up experts to testify it is normal behavior to commit suicide & anyone who disagrees is a conspiracy theorist!

That'll make everything all better. Scapegoats and purposely placed so this could happen samtripoli these guys are gettin iced! You called this! One of Epstein's guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on the night he died was reportedly not a regular corrections officer. How in the hell did this happen? Some people are being quiet about this and heads will roll. Come forward now before it's too late!

Keep feeding us the bullshit lies. He was taken out. 🙄 AttorneyGeneral williambarr killed JeffreyEpstein If his oversight of the Bureau of Prisons were better, epstein would still be alive I mean, is that what realDonaldTrump would say if a Democrat AG and President was involved? Oh wait - he did

He was pulled off suicide watch so why have 2 guards watching him?! Too many questions!! Someone knows what really happened. Don’t let them get away with this, what if it was your daughter or family member being sexually abused help them get justice plse Every Jail in America has A Hospital ! Why was he taken to an outside facility to determine what folks inside could have done? There is NO possible way someone with Millions Of dollars was left unattended for more than 10 min let alone 2 hours! FollowTheMoney

DilaraEsengil Shame on DOJ! Is Barr placing himself on administrative leave? It was predictable they’d throw some poor shmuck under the bus. ?👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 WTH is going on here Not fired🤔🤔. Guess they did their job♀‍🤷🏾 😵😵😵

They acting like they doing a investigation. 🦅 Scapegoats. Lol no way 😱, I’m sure bill gave them a nice package , it’s real wierd that Hillary’s brother looks a lot like Epstein One named Scape. One named Goat. I’m sure they can afford the time off. Trump and Barr must have paid them very well. Better check their bank accounts and see if they've purchased any big ticket items lately. PaidOff JeffreyEpstein

They'll commit suicide via 2 gunshots to the back of the head before the month is out two guards assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein will still receive their pay checks. Yeah that's protocol, no big deal So now the jail is even MORE short handed. Can’t wait to hear what the guards have to say.

Lightworker2012 and are now off on vacation... AG Barr: Hello, my name is William Barr. I'm the Attorney General. Me and these four guys need to have a little talk with Mr. Epstein. Here's $500. Go have some lunch and hang out for a few hours. Correctional Officers: Yes Sir. I'm sure you know what you're doing.

They will be suicided soon By you know who Administrative leave - Code word for ' Vacation' 😡 He didn’t kill himself. Look at who he was connected to. I’m not saying anymore. I don’t wanna end up dead too realDonaldTrump NicolasMaduro PresidencialVen BarackObama TheJusticeDept IntlCrimCourt UN UN_OROLSI UIE_List UN_Spokesperson Newsome spent over 90+ Days as a HOSTAGE of USA Nazis/Zionists as they had her SHOT UP with Drugs to MURDER her...

How long until they go missing or wind up dead themselves? Just like the plan... They need to be placed in jail.

This a pathetic slow motion coverup Tomorrow's headline: Two guards who were placed on administrative leave committed suicide. Both found with 2 shots to the back of the head. He was murdered QTime_ There's no justice in America. FBIGATE Russiagate TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist princeeric LawlessAmerica

SaraCarterDC Escape goats! 'Killed himself ' .... Stare directly at this littlte light.... 😎😎👉📲💥🤯 Here they are, on administrative leave with their new friend. Do they think this will suffice as adequate justice or accountability? “Don’t worry everyone! Nothing to see here! The *purposefully* negligent guards are being put on leave. Problem solved. It’s all better now.” Meanwhile Ghislaine Maxwell has disappeared

Gotta spend all that cash they made looking the other way I wonder who paid them to look the other way

Shocked I tell you, shocked. All expenses paid vacation in Bermuda for a job well-done. Trump will probably give them medals later for this EPSTEIN was a sex trafficker who assulted forcing young girls to have sex with him and many different men. The fact that he's dead doesn't bother me its the others that need to be convicted of their crimes. Everyone needs investigated that were always with Epstein

So the only time guards and wardens are punished is when a rich pedophile kills himself in jail for a crime he committed? Charlottebabyz Those 'guards' work for: TheJusticeDept The DOJ whose prior deal with Epstein WOULD have been exposed as grotesquely corrupt in the SECOND investigation (which now won't happen). Same with FBI which, under BobMueller and AlexAcosta said '[Epstein] belongs to intel.'

Standard procedure. With fat wallets. Wonder who the scapegoat will be?

They probably made 2 years salary to let him off himself. I AM NOT SURPRISED!! They have hight government ppl involved that will go to jail if they find all the files in those computer's........ if Bill got some under the desk job! I wonder what else they have under their sleeves...... And for the guards and warden they plotted too...

I don’t buy it. Barr is involved..blame the guards, suspend them, camera malfunction..nope. Ultimately, it is Acosta who is responsible for arranging a lenient plea deal for this pedophile. Figure out who bribed them first lol This stinks to high heaven. Everything in me thinks he expected to walk given everything and everyone associated with him, not be killed because of everyone and everything he knows.

Spending time on the Clinton Estate getting a little vacation.... Check thier bank accounts ijs Can you say scapegoats? Future news headline - 2 prison guards missing.

You elitist media will go to hell for all this First he wasn't on suicide watch, now he was? Get the story straight. Obvious cover up. TrumpEpsteinMurder Scapegoats? Y’all know the government needs some scapegoat right? That order came straight from the cult of pedophiles Epstein was a part of but I guess we’ll never know now. Pretty sure they’ll be paid on administrative leave so they really not losing but ok 😭

Were these the guards or secretaries filling in? PAID* What about his judge from original case was found dead on Sunday then Jeff killed himself on Monday. Hmmmm..... Clintoncide

That's ridiculous, they were told to stand down!!!! Lol! Theyre prob vacationing in the Caribbean, with all that money to turn turn an eye....i call bs. Barr and Epstein, Prince Andrew, Ken Starr, Acosta. ....bullshit Oh how convenient! No one is buying this shit anymore. It’s foul play and everyone knows it. How bad is it when they can blatantly lie and not even put any effort into making it believable? Justice must be served.

Hmmm, you'd think people paid off by the Clintons or globalist leaders would have disappeared by now. This is almost was a DoJ issue. Who runs that Department again? Oh please how dumb do think people are knock it off already Someone is laughing all the way to the bank. Oooh they bout to be taken out like 911 witnesses

The connection to William Barr... Remember 💩 rolls downhill

“When he killed himself” Those are assuming words, wouldn’t you say? I mean, the coroner won’t even officially mark that as cause of death until further investigation. Awhatdafudge And never to be heard from again. “In other news, the 2 guards assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein have been reported missing”

Bohemian Club definitely not conspiracy They both should be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting a pedophile. Their names and addresses should be made public. How many of Epstein victims will never get justice because of these two idiots? morgfair Apparently the two guards were already on administrative leave. How Epstein was able to be murdered.

The guards should be fired, not placed on paid leave. That’s a reward, not a punishment! And the warden should be fired, not reassigned. EpsteinSuicide They’re going easy on them to reward them for assisting in the EpsteinSuicideCoverUp Are either of them named Kevorkian? Paid off Lol, who cares when they already got paid. HillaryClinton ClintonBodyCount

Oddly, DOJ statement doesn’t state that the warden or guards were accused of any wrongdoing. DOJ states only that they’ve been temporarily assigned pending outcome of investigation. Why does everything that involves Barr and Trump smell to high heaven? Sure sure To spend all the money they won in a a a lottery. Yeah, that’s it. They won a bunch of money in a lottery.

What happen to the one that was not a Guard AGWilliamBarr illiamBarr oh FFS please! ...” at the time he WAS FOUND DEAD in his cell “!!!! Are AP Ed’s now medical examiners? morgfair proud new owners of a condo in Trump Tower. AnOpenSecret ClintonBodyCount ? Soon? Never to be seen again......

Tune in next week for the... Jussie did it. All the guards' and supervisors' families, friends and bosses to the top need to be placed in indefinite solitary confinement. All co-conspirators need to be rounded up immediately On Leave Enjoying The Money they got Paid to Help him Escape,Get Killed or 'Suicide'... And Then Come Back saying Colonel Mustard did it In The Library with The Candle Stick, GTFOH

They are on administrative leave awaiting a promotion. They’re actually moving to higher positions at the White House. Naawww poor scapegoats SaraCarterDC Im sorry but his ears and nose are not the same. God Bless Always Lightworker2012 Well that’ll teach them! Next they go to bed without milk and cookies!🤣🤣🤣

Both guards were seen fuming walking to their brand new AMG Mercedes. Diversion EpsteinSuicideCoverUp Interesting These guards were working multiple overtime shifts in a row. One wasn't even trained as a correctional officer and was impressed into the job by management. If the guards are the only people who are punished, that will be a fucking travesty. This is 100% on the management

SaraCarterDC Uh huh... So Trump is in charge of the federal prisons but the only thing he did was reduce their budget and cut staff. Then he blames others when things go wrong. Typical Trump. Took one from the Catholic Church playbook. _Granny_T That's the vacation they were promised to 'make yourselves scarse'. Maybe they'll get paid in Bitcoin?

They better be careful or they will be suicided

What this country needs is for people to stop being afraid and start whistleblowing. If you know something, say something. How about putting Barr TheJusticeDept on leave!! ImpeachBarrNow BarrIsCorrupt Lol whatever y'all say. They were probably temps anyway. The Administrative leave for overworked guards in understuffed prison. How is it punishment? Having to stay home and not be allowed to work in the prison surely that will teach them a lesson. 🤣

Promoted to White House you mean. Pathetic. These are the fall guys for this assassination? Of course, punish the lowest man on the totem pole while the powerful at the top continues w/their crime spree. Who runs that Manhattan federal prison? Their head needs to roll. Who at DOJ oversees this prison? Their head needs to roll as well. But we know that won’t happen. SIGH

They misspelled patsies. Upcoming tweet from BREAKING: Guards who were assigned to watch Epstein in car “accident” WITH ONE ANOTHER! Can't wait to hear about their car crashes next week

How much $$$ changed hands? Clinton’s will feed em where they on leave to? the bahamas? They are gonna set up some random rich guy to take the fall in the next couple of months, so that way nobody in the government with connections to Epstien is caught, calling it right now. Well that solves everything! I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this...

Probably just an innocent mistake. Things happen. Bad guards🙄 Great now are dead due to an unforeseen accident next week. ClintonBodyCount If Jeffrey Epstein would have had any dirt on Donald Trump he would still be alive today in protective custody because they will stop at nothing for the WitchHunt

Last winter the residents were banging on the windows and using lighters to attract outside help. They had no power and the jail was put on lockdown to discourage visitors. The mayor relented and provide them with woolen blankets. Lesson is don't go to jail in Manhattan. They are some rich ass former prison guards.

AnOpenSecret They should have been placed in protective custody. Unrelated but why down Epstein look like Obama from the side? Like we didn't see this coming🙄 they are banking on the fact that by next week it will be old news and the public will be distracted by some other shiny thing, yawn LOL - blame them for your 'hit.'

Yep saw that one coming Check the balance of their bank accounts. Yeah, that's right; blame it on the little poor guards 🤐🤐🤐

SaraCarterDC Oh gee whiz on leave . What the hell answers better come Barr Classic scapegoats. Were they these guys Administrative leave? As in leave NY permanently? Another horseshit story. How could two guards not watch him 24/7. I have personally done suicide watch in hospitals. It's not that hard. The highest-profile pedophilia case in history? Really? I'm not buying any of the DOJPH BS.

How many were placed on administrative leave when other inmates died? Or is Epstein still getting preferential treatment from the grave? I’d say it’s 20% one or both have an ‘accident ‘ in next 6 months Not enough. Truth serum anyone? AnOpenSecret They'll be suicided as well eventually

How about we put AG William Barr on administrative leave? 🤔 Where's the body though? BarrCoverUp BarrBodyCount should be held accountable. Not good enough, we want the TRUTH!! Keep looking on who ordered Epstein to be left alone for hours? Some heads are going to roll, for sure, in the system. Lots of e causes but little fact yet!

More time off to enjoy So bubba is out if a job..Dang! Don’t forget “with pay” More Murdercides to come.. .. Bill Barr must resign. BarrResign So expect more suicides?

These criminal politicians & media people are so predictable it’s laughable?! 🤣 I am pretty sure they are both the proud owners of off shore accounts!! They'll soon shoot themselves in the back of their heads “Guards” The fish stinks from the head and these two poor saps are clearly tail meat. Lol If this isn't a bunch of horseshit I don't know what is. PEOPLE! Are we really this stupid

So who did these 2 guards take the fall for, & where did the material he committed suicide with come from? But of course they were?! Administrative leave = 2 more suicides! AnOpenSecret 'when he killed himself in jail' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Of course they start with the working class.This investigation must go to the top. It should start at the top.I’m speaking of all charges;not just suicide. It should include Dems&Republicans, CEO’s, heads of state, attorneys (yes, you too. you know who you are). Crime is crime. Check their bank accounts for unusually large deposits...

'administrative leave' Big whoop! Did anybody actually believe he'd face Justice! Predictable Lightworker2012 Soon followed by 'TWO FORMER GUARDS found dead of Apparent Suicide' More smokescreen... who cares lol, the clintons gave them paychecks so that they won't have to work again Clinton's scapegoats

Bill Barr knew 4 months ago, he testified on the hill that prisons were understaffed. Do that story!! He should be put on administrative leave, forever! The guards Oh no let the great disappearing game begin. Ha kinda like chess. Disappearing pawns. Keep an eye on barr. Simpson’s make another accurate prediction

AnOpenSecret Y’all better run! SaraCarterDC With full benefits I guess. Only in government job punishment means pay with out working. No one believes these two are responsible. NO ONE! TrumpEpstein SaraCarterDC Still don't understand why big bosses do their job First two sacrificial lambs named...🐑🐑😳🙀🤯👎

Phx big af and I don’t take advantage of it No doubt 'with' pay. Not to worry, they'll get their jobs back after the 'investigation' ends, with the help of the Union 😐 EpsteinGate EyesOnQ Did they leave their Suicide. Note before they leave !!😎 “Vacation time” Let's hope Hillary doesn't take these two men out as well

SaraCarterDC Those guards should be put on protective custody before they end up like Epstein. Maybe look into the guards financial accounts and see if any large sums of money have recently been deposited. 😉Follow the Money. And soon they will be suicided as well. They should be locked up for murder pending investigation

Let’s laugh at this one! We will never know what really happened . Just so sad for the victims of his heinous crimes& who else was involved! Dead men tell no tales! May he burn in the fires of hell It's okay, the money they were paid to look the other way will set them up greater than any jail house pension would have.

No surprise there 😂😂 GhislaneMaxwell ? Where is GhislaneMaxwell ? Are they going to die next week too? “Prison guards Lucy Goosey and Jack Meoff have been placed on administrative leave” Do you think they should be able to sweep it under the rug so easily? There are far too may 'coincidences' to believe fault lies with the lowest rungs on the corporate ladder.

You think Well then. Case closed. Clearly.

Alan Dershowitz is as guilty as Epstein but hey all is fair in pedophilia and law. Please pray for the safety of the two guards, those that killed Epstein may come after the guards too to silence them 😂😂😂😂 8/14 BREAKING NEWS!!!! The two guards assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein when he killed himself in jail found dead in apparent murder-suicide.

They should be in jail ! Overworked in rough environments? I hope after they find scapegoats, they actually work on solutions to make these places safer for the workers and even the incarcerated. What ! Has Trump invited the two guards to the Whitehouse for a reception? I’d be willing to bet that payment to look the other way would be in the form of an offshore account that wouldn’t be traceable. Just watch to see how lifestyles change. Who takes a big vacation, buys a pricey car.

Fall guys. The case of 'assisted suicide' continues. What are the odds the 56 people with connections to HillaryClinton have 'died of Suicide' ? They were paid handsomely, don’t worry about them I’m sure the security videos will disappear “miraculously “ ...and all expenses paid golf trips to Marlago. They are going on vacation, they were paid handsomely.

IF there was foul play - then “those involved” are doomed - Many High Profile individuals thinks they can breathe a sigh of relief WorldWide EverydayPeople think Otherwise re these individuals USA USPolitics UK EU AU auspol They were only following orders when they abandoned their post. Throw away their NDAs and let them do public interviews under oath while writing tell all books and then, and only then, will I believe an official story about this.

Present day Lee Harvey! The warden will probably be fired. To the Bahamas.

Can't they at least be appointed to .....'acting something'? They was told to make themselves scarce for a few hours and they followed orders. And William Barr still has his job Why blame Guards who are overworked and physically exhausted. Remember who the actual culprit is here. The little guys will have to take the hit and fall. Oof!

They need a full investigation from a 3rd party. The cameras malfunctioned LOL is this a movie. And this Without pay ... Yeah always the low man on the totem pole gets used as a scale goat! Go after the big fish! What a f—king joke. Someone low on the totem pole gets to take the blame. God, who the hell do they think they’re fooling?.

Tragic, untimely and unlikely deaths soon to follow....

That has got to go all the way to the top!! They’re just pawns and scapegoats. Come on g Are any of these people being investigated or are they just being put on leave and reassigned. They will be dead soon unfortunately Haa! A hit job covered up by two randoms taking the fall. TheExpendables4 Oh don’t worry about them....They made plenty of money to “not see anything”

They got paid to casually leave him unattended and whoops he dead And this is what happens with every investigation. The low rung are eaten alive while the top sail off to enjoy their buyouts and pensions. Does anyone else feel like brown paper bags stuffed to the gills with money was involved?

Seems to me one worked 18 hrs day for about 6 days in a row. Who the F is going to cover THEIR shifts? Unreal. And if Barr visited this place, he should have known they were understaffed or needed some help.Also, prisoners are aware when guards are burned out and will exploit it. FBI is going to cover this up in a hurry!! They’re going to need some sacrificial lambs... here you go!!!

Scapegoats, and probably will be taken care of when they are done. Was this a federal, state or prison or a private prison? Are they going to the Clintons house? How nice? Murder someone get paid vacation. pameladubsky49 They have been recalled to Moscow, no doubt. Well, that will bring him back. ***Paid Leave

Yeah, we know why.... This is Barr’s and Trump s problem. I beg those in power to correct this after all when trump is assigned to this prison we want everything to be in working order And they died in a car accident tomorrow Im sure they were paid off.. Those guards better watch‼️ They, too, know secrets like the ones that got Epstein killed

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell? Putting a hiring freeze on new guards then suspending an over worked guard and the nurse assigned to act as a guard isn’t going to do much positive to fix the nationwide problem. I’m guessing what ends up coming out of all this is a push towards private prisons. SaraCarterDC Too little too late!!!!! I smell Soros and Clinton rats!!

Great! Glad to hear justice has been served, thank goodness that's over with. He's not dead! There's nothing in that cell that he could've used to hang himself, the sheets they give you are like paper, why did they show a pic of him? Cameras weren't working lol, he has powerful info on Elites, a Prince, Clinton's, no way he's dead.

That's called getting rid of the evidence. They were either paid off or will die soon as well. And it will be Barr's doing. And these two need to have every type of communication for the kast four months looked at along with their financials. Better put surveillance on their homes n shit too before they commit suicide also

If they got paid, they probably frankly don’t give a damn. Umhm?mm The correct term for prison personnel accused of malfeasance would be 'stop order'. This is such an insult to our intelligence. People much higher up than guards had a hand in this. Are they the Scape goats for Barr? ! Imagine that! Wait, so they were assigned to watch him kill himself? What?

They REALLY think we are ALL stupid. Oh yeah that’ll show ‘em. The attrition begins. Total wash in process. I think these three have stories to tell. I wonder who will coerce them into telling anything but the truth. Is 'administrative leave' like last season's winners of the Running Man? The 'fall guys', it took far more than 2 guards for this to happen.

Epstein Not dead. I think. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Lol there can never be just a simple answer with people. Epstein was disgraced, did not want to face it, and found a way to not face it. That's it. But of course conspiracy theories sound better and someone has to be blamed no matter how hard you have to reach. I wonder who the scapegoats will be...?

What about William Barr? Doesn’t he take responsibility for those in his care? disbarbarr unqualifiedhack barrcoverup epstein

CBS you keep saying he is dead.... A nation is watching Here we go. The scapegoats So now they get that vacation they were promised. Hopefully they have good life insurance...loose ends always get tied up I thought one of the people wasn’t actually a corrections officer/guard? Scapegoats! Somehow I think there’s a hell of a lot more to Epstein’s supposed suicide and other guilty people are going to make these two guards the fall guys!! TrumpCrimeFamily

That shutting gate after horse is out. We all know planned hit . Even Epstein knew he neverback to Court knew to much. Just her one guards has been killed. Need investigation NOW. The guards: Guards need to be criminally charged. Their actions just compromised one of the most important cases currently occurring within America. These are child sex traffickers and these guards fucked any chance of justice. If they are found to be negligent they need to be in a cell

Stopping by the bank on their way out...

BarrCoverUp Who BRIBED them? Two large separate undisclosed deposit will be in their bank accounts.. notaword If two dudes couldn’t keep an eye on the most important dude in the building one has to wonder about the competence of anyone in that building They will end up committing “suicide” No new way to do the case.All the same repeat in crime

Gambino island where the Fredo's hide! Don’t you worry about the guards, they’ll either be well taken care of, or will end up committing suicide. Too soon? How much were they paid to not pay attention? All cash I bet. Yes, similarly I understand MBS has disciplined the 2 men ‘responsible’ for Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. Well that’s that then.🥴

Paid leave? PROBLEM SOLVED It is all about the narrative. Keep saying that he killed himself over, and over, and over....The dude is at Gitmo spilling his guts to who he THINKS is his buyer. As soon as he spits it out, he'll be liquified. Poor sucker thinks he going to France with a new name. Time2GetStr8

Go on a shopping spree with all that Clinton foundation cash So there were two people who directly let it happen? Hell they don’t care. They will use this time figuring out how to spend their millions helping him escaped Stop saying he killed himself. You’re bought too.

And now 2 more will be committing suicide SaraCarterDC They better be in cells on suicide watch, just not there, and guarded by US Marshals, or they won’t live to be disciplined. Why doesn’t the AG place himself on adminIatrative leave? I don’t trust any investigation he is involved with Right. The scape goats. We all predicted this as well.

Still don’t believe anything you say DOJ, law enforcement, media, and politicians! You people are not good at lying! Step up your ‘game’! You’re embarrassing yourselves! Loose ends. Follow the money! Check their accounts, all family members, and any associates! Surpize! Breaking: the 2 guards watching Epstein suddenly commit suicide via gunshot to the back of the head

Check their bank accounts

Two prison guards take early retirement , both receive golden parachute showers. Excellent-I agree with the decision. He just tried to kill himself on July 23rd. It’s so unprofessional & downright lazy that he was not being closely monitored. Considering this is such an important case, perhaps the DOJ could have played a more active role in ensuring that scumbag would face justice... just saying....

Two suicides coming up!!!! EyesOnQ Wtf does that do Corruption at the highest levels.🇺🇸🌺 Check their bank accounts. One or both got a big payout. Juiceman_ayee What’s more interesting is that we’re at a point in our “distrust” that we’ve become skeptical about everything related to government (politics/criminal justice). When did this happen...JKF...Nixon...9-11... Mueller Report?

Who could have predicted that guards would take the heat

Wonder how long until they commit suicide? AKA the witness protection program. Scapegoat count: 2 I know two guards that will die in a plane crash over a volcano with 2 tons of tnt because of carbon monoxide poisoning with rare snake venom in their blood. They should track their bank accounts If they turn up dead a movie will go into production.

We will never know their names or what happens to them. Such a JOKE. A total CHARADE. The corrupt are doing the old razzle dazzle, 'punishing' two guards who will be benefitting in the future from what they did OR are total innocent fall guys. BOTTOM LINE👉IF THEY'D WANTED HIM TO BE ALIVE, HE'D STILL BE ALIVE 1% FILTHY COVERUP

Wow on one hand I say give them a raise!$ On the other hand, yeah. Someone turned their head. EpsteinSuicideCoverUp

Hey how about that? Their families better keep a close eye on them. Suicide is contagious around those parts. Apparently at TheJusticeDept, the buck stops at the lowest possible level... ResignBarr They are going to throw those two guards under the bus for this it’s deplorable Paid leave 🙄 Scapegoats. Now their lives will be ruined

Riiiighhht now i bet we will see news that they disappeared or bodies were found dead and close the case so no one finds out who paid them off or involved. Yeah, and I trust the Department of Justice in this country about as far as I could throw a cannonball. GOPCorruption GOPComplicitTraitors GOPComplicit

There are people above them should be held accountable

Oh, that should take care of it right there. The GOP way. check their offshore bank records? who paid them to look away? SaraCarterDC Serious question: will they check Epstein for sexual abuse (prior to his suicide)? With pay? KarenSantaFe Check their bank accounts? Of course. They guards will take the fall for failure to properly staff. Makes sense 🤔

Admin Leave = They know too much I think they’re pawns. Hawaii Or in other words...silenced!

They will disappear or commit suicide also ... Does this happen at all jails/prisons when someone commits suicide or just high purity prisoners? They are going to blame this on the guards instead of the people who actually killed him How come y’all aren’t outraged when this happens to regular people? Some of them innocent. Some in need of urgent medical care. Some dying of thirst. Some of them arrested for crimes that should never result in abuse/death at the hands of officers. 🤔Weird. 🙄

Two working joes are about to have their lives all fucked up for no reason. Bet he was gonna rat out trump Well paid administrative leave... So predictable! 🤣 These Politicians & Media are so criminal it’s laughable! CNN MSNBC FoxNews SaraCarterDC It’s a start. Tell em not to leave town....

Why was he in jail to begin with? Epstein's guards right now... EpsteinSuicideCoverUp We need answers. And they're dead. Suicide who would believe it The Epstein guards returning to work: No amount of blowback from “negligence” could compare to the hell Epstein could bring to some powerful people. He already showed he was suicidal so they paved a way for him to be successful this time. Negligence results in firings. The fall guy(s) will be well compensated.

This is interesting - and on a different outrage, people please let us not forget our outrage at Dipshit Tucker Carlson claiming that the increase in number of white nationalist crimes is a hoax. I’m still like wtf!? Votelue Huge pay day for those 2 guards! They're probably in the Bahamas. Find out if their Democratics.

SaraCarterDC They will he dead soon Hypocrisy! How often do prison guards get punished for injury or death of inmates who don’t make headlines? USPrisonSystem What are their names so we can make sure we know when they disappear SaraCarterDC When we assume he killed himself. One thing for sure, the gov will find someone,anyone to take the fall.

Don't worry...they can now retire in luxury anyways. Admin leave usually means they are still getting paid - like a vacation. Expect they will get rewarded in the future by AG Bill(don’t call me a GOP shill) Barr. Look at their bank accounts Fall guys. I knew they would blame whoever was the lowest on the totem pole I am a Trump supporter I blame the attorney general

The MbS plan is in motion. Off today, Arkancide tomorrow Check their bank accounts especially deposits from any account with the name Clinton on it Sacrificing poor guards to protect pedophiles...nice . Curiouser and curiouser Who paid them off? AWorldOutOfMind Just to disappear into the night to never be seen again. Was the coroner in on it too?

Please stop posting this photo of this horrible man. I can't wait until they 'kill themselves' too. Hmm...are they about to take the fall for someone else? Is it irresponsible to speculate? Nope, it’s irresponsible not to.

ShakariSBriggs Check their bank accounts.. I thought at least one was not actually a guard? ClintonsBodyCount ClintonCrimeFamily Two days later: BREAKING: Two guards dead in apparent suicide Hope they're not on suicide watch or they'll probably end up dead. Go after the Higher UPS , not the small guy, who was ordered do what he did. Start with Barr......

These guys again? 🤪 The guards were in on it. I don’t think Barr can convince too many people that he is “outraged.” If he wanted Epstein to remain alive, he would still be alive. Sounds like we found 'the fall guys'. The two people who killed Jeffrey Epstein are now taking a paid vacation.

Jail them for getting paid to let epstein take the cowards way out. That's right. Blame it on the guards They should be murder suspects They’ll head to the Caribbean and collect that fat Clinton paycheck. How was someone this high profile and on suicide watch not monitored by video? If there are any questions about what the underside of a bus looks like, there are two jail guards who can give detailed explanations.

I.e., vacation. So they can spend the laundered money they got from Trump. epstien had attempted suicide 2 weeks before - was taken off suicide watch. Gaurd not following rules, monitors turned away from cell. Not wearing suicide proof jacket no cellmate nothing in cell that you could hang self with but he still found a way. clinton body count adds 1

Wink,wink. Nudge, nudge..... Hopefully they don’t turn up suicided!

WHO CARES WHAT THEY SAY? HOW ABOUT AP DO SOME REAL REPORTING AND ASK SOME SERIOUS QUESTIONS TO OFFICIALS. I'VE SEEN COURTS COVER UP CRIMES BEFORE. What are their names so we will know when their bodies show up like the 4 NYPD who saw wieners laptop did! Let's hope they don't accidentally shoot themselves in the back of the head, twice, or accidentally fall from a 10th floor window with shoulder high sills.

One of the guards reassigned He’s probably still alive and in the federal witness protection program..... trevahhhNstuff MistyACallahan Someone better be monitoring their bank accounts (and their activities). When he ALLEGEDLY killed himself in jail* People who kill themselves aren't usually overhead shrieking for their lives. Please be more competent with your tweets in the future.


There is little to no trust in the DOJ. Barr is going to be the scapegoat more than likely. 'Shrieking heard from Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell the morning he died''One of Epstein's guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on the night he died was reportedly not a regular corrections officer.' I am still suppose to believe it was a 'suicide'?

There's more lack of evidence pointing towards a successful escape attempt by Epstein than there is actual evidence that he's even dead. GenuineHeart7 Check their bank accounts. Now. Money transferred into offshore bank accounts! So will these guys serve as the fall guys like with the Crown Prince, or “literally “fall” off of a balcony like Putin’s men?

Right..... They all definitely need to be on suicide prevention/control 24/7 So they are going with the false narrative that he killed himself.ok 🙄,And absolutely nobody political ppl +non political ppl don't believe this.Its a cover up,also the palace will protect prince Andrew he can't get into trouble,epstein knew too much+was about to drop many names

How nice of Barr to arrange paid vacations into his murder plot. Someone needs to track their bank accounts veggie64_leslie Every assassination the deep state sets up patsies!! Little late. Aka on the island drinking mojitos WHY CARES NOW? THE DAMAGE IS DONE!!! “When he killed himself”. 🙄 They on leave like this right now

I thought they were short handed... Why give a shit now

Don’t worry. The union will step in here and save their jobs They have left the country! Cover up That’s ok, they just got a fat deposit in their bank accounts last week The guards are living it up at Mar-a-Lago as we speak. JonLemire So much for the 'news'-driven, ridiculous theories that US Presidents participated in Epstein's youth rapings and his demise. He off'd himself because he's a coward. Let's focus on more important issues within the realm of reality. Idiots. MSNBC cnnbrk foxnewsdesk

They should be placed in custody A no brainer. With pay or...

The same old story. Corruption and the public's right to understand has gone out the window with the wash. Always an excuse in this country. Does anyone tell the truth any more? Probably not!!! Check their bank accounts. Wow paid vacations Paid vacations as a reward Now they're stashing the actors out of public domain.

PammyC10 He has not been killed by himself or by anyone else. Not really kidnapped but sort of. House of Cards: Season 7 Is this administrative leave an equivalent of sending the pet to a nice farm in the country? Scapegoats. wow that will definitely make this okay! as if the guards werent mandated to pay zero attention to the POS 🙄

Ah, yes. The scapegoats. Will there be a toxicology report? I'm guessing no. Poor saps didn’t know they were pawns And free passes to Mar a lago !! And now the other guards will be forced to work even more overtime. This is really how trickle down works. I’m sure they will both have unfortunate accidents very soon.

People. If u know the streets u know what just went down...u know the script and the usual actors. Street people weren't born yesterday... we real.. we dont spew conspiracy. I heard they already got better jobs as test pilots for Boeing. Epstien wins again. Oh yeah, because it's all their fault said no one ever. This falls on Barr.

Looks like they can go shopping now! Since they were SOoooo short handed & overworked They better get a couple of high school kids to take their shifts! BS. All the way! SaraCarterDC Nobody is buying the MSM narrative NOBODY If Scumbag is 💀 It was a hit job More people than not believe he is alive under protection Hope so Want this POS the die slowly painfully WE ARE Q 🇺🇸🇺🇸

You think ? Wonder how much the Clintons paid them to turn the other way 🤔 Shutting the barn door after the animals have escaped. Very helpful they’ll be missing soon enough On leave where...? Mar-a-Lago? SaraCarterDC Yeah , right. I’m sure they were well taken care of. SaraCarterDC Useful idiots to the dark side...of course they’re not fired

Fall guys

They will take their payoffs and start new lives.🙄 So...the cover up begins.... SaraCarterDC So much for the Overtime Hope they don't have any accidents! Super max in Colorado, you know where El Chapo will escape from while these guards are on shift? Thrown under the bus = shorter version. JEFFREY EPSTEIN DEFINITELY GOT WHACKED

Check their bank accounts, take away their passports! SaraCarterDC They should be under protective custody so they don't get suicided too... on leave with a big bag of cash monies

jhta2013 Narrator:'To this day the warden and two guards were never heard from again...' Too late now. He's dead. Everyone involved in this is too loud. Something went down here that someone is trying to cover up. It seems like his death, as deserved as it was, was no accident or even suicide. Better put those guards on 24 hour watch too.

scapegoats EpsteinSuicideCoverUp He was not pronounced dead upon his departure from prison. Get your facts in order. SaraCarterDC Follow the money Clinton will clean up the loose ends don't worry. Multiple accidental things to follow SaraCarterDC Blame the guards. Blame everyone but the people behind it.

you think?

Rich White guy commits suicide, Guards get suspended. Numerous UNARMED Black people get killed by Cops and the Cops get Promoted! And this is Trump's America!!! SaraCarterDC Their banks accounts for large deposits recently. who is going to fill in for them in an already under staffed problem plagued facility! President dismember the nation one piece at a time instituted hiring freezes!

All this B.S. being thrown against the wall until something sticks... SaraCarterDC Oh, let's put them on leave where they can now mysteriously go missing or worse yet dead. SaraCarterDC I wonder if they walked out with a game show check under their arms? Or would that be too noticeable? How about their boss Barr places on administrative leave?

SaraCarterDC Was he insuicide watch or not? If not, don’t scapegoat these guys! SaraCarterDC How long before both of these guards are involved in fatal 'Accidents'? SaraCarterDC Never to be heard from again...

It's kind of really disingenuous to repeat the 'official' state story with no pushback. Especially when the medical examiner did not rule it suicide. SaraCarterDC I will be impressed if we find out who Epstein was naming before his so called suicide. Hopefully we get the truth of what happened, I have faith if judicial watch is on the job. New York will sweep this under the rug

This happens to other inmates, why the special treatment... 🤔 The one that worked 80 hours in a week is probably relieved! SaraCarterDC They have time to spend their hush money. Seems like low level scapegoat move. That should fix it. SaraCarterDC No paid leave until their testimony is preserved under oath before a grand jury.

SaraCarterDC Check the bank deposits of both guards! Any unusually large deposits lately? SaraCarterDC Ahh now they have more time to spend on their new boats that mysteriously they just bought!

SaraCarterDC Check their bank accounts and alike..... They did the job, now moving on until trump calls in another FAVOR Scapegoats. Yup not doing their job 👍🏼 SaraCarterDC Let's hope they don't know anything If they do Don't drive a Car? Don't book a plane flight? Hope your not suicidal? That's how the Deepstate kills!!!!

I hope their passports have been taken. CrystalMaga68 Will they be safe ? Once again, the sacrificial sheep are lead to the slaughter to protect the Clintons and their suicide machine. I wonder how many $$$ the Clinton Foundation sent to these people? SaraCarterDC LEAVE, DOES THAT MEAN,PAYED VACATION And they are also really rich from the Clinton foundation

This better not be the end of it. Scapegoats Of course. Convenient. Let it be forgotten. were they white? “Guards” SaraCarterDC The sad part is everyone knew Epstein would never live to testify Check their bank accounts. What’s the coverup 🤔 SaraCarterDC The two guards excited its over for Epstein the story gets worst everyday.

The guards were working overtime & the MCC knew. It is about prison policies that must be enforced bit not beyond human strength. Overtime made them less efficient while families to feed. I expected a comprehensive review & judges ignored complaints by prisoners b4. If that is a private owned jail the JD has to fire the owners and take control of it

What idiot is in charge of the Dept. that runs the Federal jails...? SaraCarterDC Just another reason to be absolutely PISSED at our government for not throwing the book at bad actors. It's a freaking joke. Our founding fathers did NOT intend for us to be treated this way. We desperately need a Convention of States to clean house. So much for swamp drainage!

I am relieved these two guards are being disciplined, but make note, we need to understand humanity and why certain people would do this. A great example is from a M*A*S*H episode that we still haven't learned from, (scene time, 20:15). SaraCarterDC Who were the two guards .....bill and Hillary Clinton

Not good enough! SaraCarterDC Because closed circuit TV Cameras were just too expensive? and have hired lawyers Such harsh consequences🤬

SaraCarterDC upstate New York* pftttt cme7777 Question: Why does the little guy goes to jail and the rich and powerful criminals walk free That's good. Now they'll have plenty of time to shop for vacation homes and superyachts. Thank God they are being punished, now we have justice. SaraCarterDC I hope without pay!

why did 4chan post about suicide before it was a so called 'breaking news'? Imagine killing a high profile person and then getting vacation time... Lol weren't they already on leave. They weren't watching him. Never to be seen again The Fall Guys!

lol - even more ridiculous. The state let Jeffry Epstein get assassinated or the state had him play dead to get him out of jail. Either way....System is dirty. SaraCarterDC How would we know the difference? Scapegoating at its finest. In reality it’s the ultimate responsibility of chickenBarr and realDonaldTrump (Epstein apologist), he was in FEDERAL custody. EpsteinSuicide fishy PedophileInChief

Why everybody is so upset that he committed suicide? Isn't death the ultimate punishment? After all he was in jail to get punished. So that we can pretend something is being done to right this tremendous wrong peretrated by so many wealthy people. SaraCarterDC He didn't kill himself. So not only did they get paid to look away, now they are on a paid vacation.... government smh

SaraCarterDC Hillary and Bill are now officially retired SaraCarterDC One suicide in 40years. That is not a shocker. This was a very convenient 'suicide' for all of the pigs he was going to expose.

SaraCarterDC Oh oh. These are dead men. Run gentleman..... RUN for your life. What about Barr ImpeachBarrAndTrump Yep, blame it on the GUAR, Should be 45 N BARR ASSES!!! ON DOWN!!! SaraCarterDC Paid leave They weren't guards. Administrative leave?! Oh thank goodness. I bet they were terrified that they were going to be put on suicide watch.

What's the difference between 'administrative leave' and a paid vacation? ...and will disappear after midnight tonight So they are both as good as dead in a day or two? Got it.

SaraCarterDC That’ll teach them.. Our confidence has been restored.. NOT Never to be seen or heard from again. Some Jason Bourne shit going on here. SaraCarterDC So... 'officially being paid to do nothing, as a punishment for doing nothing while getting paid'. Of course they are . scapegoat JonLemire Let's hope some of these guys talk

SaraCarterDC The only good thing about the DEEP-STATE and their EpsteinSuicideCoverUp IS they are FULLY EXPOSED and the American people will never trust them again Chris Fredo Cuomo = DEEP-STATE PROPAGANDIST LET'S SEE HOW HELD IN CONTEMPT BARR HE HANDLES GISELLE'S SAFEKEEPING And now they’ll be suicided. It’s become way too predictable now.

Figures that they would take the fall. If a prison is short staffed it is not the guards fault it is the administrators fault or the wardens fault. They need to have heads roll in the right places. Under wraps. Incommunicado.

SaraCarterDC This whole thing is going to boil down to a couple of innocent jailors being labeled 'incompetent.' That will have to suffice because we will never know the truth. Ten bucks says they end up suicided. ClintonBodyCount No way!! That is excessive.. P.S. don't forget to slap their wrists DOJ EpsteinSuicideCoverUp EpsteinSuicideInvestigation

SaraCarterDC So does that mean they are on paid leave? AG needs to be placed on admin leave. More breaking! two guards guarding Epstein moved to Madagascar and left a note stating the following, “we are definitely still alive and we feel terrible for allowing Epstein to fall on those bullets, vote Hillary 2020”.

SaraCarterDC Whoopie. Useless gesture. So? Imagine all the millions they have in an overseas bank.

Fall guys. Sad. Hope they got more than the $130k stormy got for the 45 secs she closed her eyes JonLemire Placed on administrative leave, somewhere in the Caribbean or South Pacific. SaraCarterDC Were their names Bill and Hillary Just until this whole thing blows over. In other words, paid off and put in witness protection.

SaraCarterDC Not bad if you can get it. Better then working every day . mr_jettlife SaraCarterDC The same administration that sent them home early to free up some alone time for the hitmen to stage a suicide SaraCarterDC A little bit too late, no?

SaraCarterDC They should be FIRED! Check their bank accounts shortly! On the DNC payroll! SaraCarterDC They are both out buying BMW’s today! SaraCarterDC send a strongly worded letter also With pay? C'mon, this isn't about the guards. This is about a chain of command, and whose marching orders led to Epstein's death.

EpsteinBarrVirus Yup they might be next! Erikk_the_Dane2 The government will make those guards “mysteriously disappear “. coverup so they can spend some of their payoff $$$ SaraCarterDC Oh so fn what. We want answers.

SaraCarterDC Obvious move. What next? SaraCarterDC Weird the guards last names were both Clinton. SaraCarterDC Effectively ... their death warrant... We'll never see them again SaraCarterDC Their suicide/accidental deaths will be surprising and tragic. 🇺🇸 KAG 🇺🇸 SaraCarterDC ClintonBodyCount SaraCarterDC Administrative leave?!? They need to be put into witness protection.

Epstein did not kill himself. He was murdered. This is homicide, not suicide. jeeezelouise WHEN YOU SAY VACATION DO YOU REALLY MEAN ALL EXPENSES PAID VACATION TO THE US VIRGIN ISLANDS? Unpaid it better be.

SaraCarterDC They will be killed in some sort of accident. SaraCarterDC How long till those guards also commit suicide? It's like joke to me SaraCarterDC Wardens been transferred, too! SaraCarterDC Oh yes that is going to solve everything. iamwoke2020 I bet you they're going to kill them self or they will die in their car accident or airplane accident

They did not work there! Hopefully with protection Fool I work with thinks Hillary did it🙄 SCAPEGOATS - ITS A COVER UP

kl_coop This is what’s called administrative leave. Who wants to beat THEY commit suicide in coming months Hmmm... SaraCarterDC They should be on suicide watch as well. SaraCarterDC We want names. They should be charged with criminally negligent homicide. His estate is going to have a hell of a law suit.

SaraCarterDC Big deal...they will will be suicided too! All this fuss because a white rich man died in prison – do the same inquiry standards apply to all other prisoners who suffer the same fate? SaraCarterDC Why not, their both millionaires now. They’ll get placed on Clinton leave soon enough

'Accident' waiting to happen? SaraCarterDC And the guards will probably be on TV tomorrow about they’re suicide. Inside job come on man! To Hawaii probably SaraCarterDC Yippie. A paid vacation. That’ll show em Better guard their..... oh forget it - 2 more “suicides coming up” SaraCarterDC They really need to be fired. One jobband they couldn’t do it? You’re FIRED!

SaraCarterDC Is that all that will happen to them? Were they paid off?

Paid vacation Why? Like it was their choice 🤦🏽‍♀️ GTFOH SaraCarterDC might want to ask them who paid them off to look the other way Gives time for the checks to clear. SaraCarterDC They need to be put on 24/7 watch! Hahahah. Ok. Will they be found tomorrow with shotgun blasts to the backs of their heads and autopsies confirming their suicides?

And 5 million will mysteriously appear in their bank accounts!

SaraCarterDC Well they're as good as dead AKA paid vacations

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