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‘The Last Duel’ Box Office Debacle: Hollywood’s Battle for Older Moviegoers

‘The Last Duel’ Box Office Debacle: Hollywood’s Battle for Older Moviegoers

10/18/2021 4:56:00 PM

The Last DuelBox Office Debacle: Hollywood’s Battle for Older Moviegoers

The period drama is among a number of upcoming films counting on consumers 35 years old and up. As one studio executive says, 'the business can’t rely on Marvel characters alone.'

on opening weekend were 17 or younger, while just 17 percent were between the ages 18 and 24. Conversely, more than 80 percent of ticket buyers were 25 years old and up.The historical drama, set in Medieval France, limped to $4.8 million domestically, behind already muted expectations and a career worst debut for the well-respected Scott. The movie’s plight underscores Hollywood’s battle to win back customers 35 and older, who, before the pandemic, were among the most frequent moviegoers and would fuel a title such as

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The Last Duel.No longer. Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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The problem has been despite all the industry research since March 2020 saying older audiences will take much longer to return to movie theatres nothing was done about it and unlike the UK hasn't been a must see film like No Time to Die that would want them to go back yet This issue has been known about for almost 2 years so The Last Duel BO wasn't a surprise, the question is will Dune and The French Dispatch perform similarly poorly this weekend, as with Halloween Kills exhibitors have their excuses ready for Dune blaming day and date streaming

This will do well in Redbox flops are big on home video 📹 I just thought it looked kinda miserable No one has a clue what this movie is about. Maybe a tag line would help? Gigli starring JLo Affleck was better than this junk. These 2 so over rated, narrowly escaped unscathed from their buddy Weinsten drama. Will this be her 4th or 5th marriage, can't blame this hot mess on covid. Glad they left a huge carbon footprint in France for this trap film.

I'm saying it again: Matt Damon said that they already had to cut 60+ minutes from this movie to make it theatrically viable. Ridley Scott said he wanted to make a miniseries for streaming. Why not just re-release it as a miniseries, with extra footage? It was a bore Shame, it was an excellent movie. I thought this movie was a parody when I saw the trailer. Looked so over the top and cheesy

I still can’t wait to see it.

Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Slays With $23M Friday As ‘The Last Duel’ Bombs' Halloween Kills ' opens about as well as it would have sans-Covid in 2020 as ' The Last Duel ' gets clobbered by the Michael Myers sequel and the James Bond epic. JUSTICE4US ✊🏾❤️If I know something is that“I will never give up”Son👶🏽This is all for you & what is yours,I fight every day for all of this ends and we can have a normal,peaceful and loving life, I just need a bit of you now..justice4noahisaacandamandagarcia

Article states that TLD's target audience was an older crowd, but that it faced competition from Venom 2. The article contradicts itself. Sadly, Dune will have a similar story next week Love Ridley, but based on the trailers this movie looks horribly miscast. Have absolutely no interest in seeing it. We definitely need something besides Superheros and horror, but Matt and Ben Affleck (with a terrible dye job?) as knights? No thanks.

I think releasing it only one week from the release of Dune is a big mistake. Fast forward to Ridley Scott talkin' shit about CBMs. The wide appeal of movies about knights may have been vastly overstated. op-ed: we canceled history? there is no such things as the past. irony: past is the only dead thing, that smells sweet.

I think this movie would have bombed even if released ten years ago. Its just got a generic title & the subject matter is dull. It looks dreary. A table of three legs will still stand if the table is round or shaped different otherwise. Were many predictable mistakes with the opening of TheLastDuel 1) premiering at Venice Fim Festival getting far harsher reviews than it did later 2) why did it stay on October 15 when Venom 2 and No Time To Die moved and then the issue about older audiences returning to cinemas

Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Nabs Huge $50M Weekend As ‘Last Duel’ Flops With $5M' Halloween Kills ' opened as well as it would have a year ago sans-Covid, while ' The Last Duel ' got crushed by the Michael Myers slasher and the James Bond adventure. Hmm stabby trick or treating in the perfect time of year or lame historical drama?

Did the writer of this article bother to watch the previews for this movie? Whoever made those needs a change of occupation. Besides there being “a duel” I have no idea what this movie is about. Nobody wants to watch another movie with Matt Damon and his pal Ben Affleck Maybe the movie sucked Sounds like Medieval MeToo gibberish

Looking forward to seeing this! Too bad the box office numbers were disappointing despite it getting great reviews

Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Nabs Huge $50M Weekend As ‘Last Duel’ Flops With $5M' Halloween Kills ' opened as well as it would have a year ago sans-Covid, while ' The Last Duel ' got crushed by the Michael Myers slasher and the James Bond adventure. May God continue to bless you ma'am I never believe it's going to work out because I have lost a lot in different places I know one day they will face the judgment. I really appreciate you Lisahawthorrne

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