The Knights Templar Are Urgently Hiring

This is an Equal Employment Opportunity (E.E.O.), except for women, the unbaptized, and the sexually active.

Knights, Holy Grail

1/20/2022 5:14:00 PM

Duties include overseeing the safety of the Cup of Christ and occasionally engaging in light-to-moderate combat.

This is an Equal Employment Opportunity (E.E.O.), except for women, the unbaptized, and the sexually active.

About UsFlexible work arrangement.We have a comprehensive, miracle-based health-insurance package that will give you peace of mind as you spend all of eternity protecting the blessèd cup from unholy seekers, e.g. heretics, marauders, and TikTok influencers who wish to mix Diet Coke and Mentos in the Grail for clout.

Wellness program.Just don’t drink them out of the Grail.401(k) matching.The promise of eternal life!Preferred QualificationsCan impale the skulls of intruders with professionalism and a positive attitude.

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TUSD looking to fill 600 positions from bus drivers to teachers

Job-seekers gathered at Tucson Community Center Friday, June 24 for a Tucson Unified School District hiring fair, where the district was looking to fill about 600 vacant positions. Read more >>

X GENDER, read 'The clock of life' by Cesare di Provenza I meet all of the qualifications, love the miracle healthcare plan and I’m also trying to get into the illuminati if that helps my application. ✨ The Knights Templar were 'freemasons'. I'd rather not. Still trying to live down the Crusades. All hello Help me pls I very need 50 dollar urgent PayPal denmark USA China germany England Finland Switzerland Canada poland football France Austria JustinBieber Japan Euphoria Hungary Holland forex photography instagram

Hard to imagine 'sexually active' for that guy. Define 'sexually active' When you say “cup of Christ” are we talking actual cups or is this a Da Vinci Code thing? Hopes raised and then dashed. 'Protect the Cup; the Cup protects you.'

People have thoughts about Oscar Isaac's British accent in 'Moon Knight' trailerOscar Isaac's British accent in the 'Moon Knight' trailer sparked lots of reactions on social media. It won't be his only accent in the series. Steven is just one personality. The overboard accent will make it more noticeable when he shifts to Marc and other personalities.

amsaybennett I made a suit of armour for an amateur play out of cardboard, sprayed with black and silver. It looked good! However, during Act 2, the tape gave way, the 'armour' rustled to the floor, and only one piece of card was left, saying 'Smith's crisps' (chips). Does the armor come in a 44 Husky?

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Marvel Announces New Moon Knight AnthologyMoon Knight is getting a brand new anthology alongside that shiny new Disney+ series trailer. [...] Not me going to google the meaning of anthology Hickman is writing MK?😩😩😩🥺 I'll be reading this

Gaspard Ulliel, French Actor From 'It's Only the End of the World,' 'Saint Laurent,' Dies at 37French actor Gaspard Ulliel, known for his roles in 'It's Only the End of the World' and 'Saint Laurent,' has died at age 37 following a skiing accident. What a tragedy, may God rest his soul 🙏

Gaspard Ulliel, known for 'Moon Knight' and 'Hannibal Rising,' dead at 37 after skiing accidentFrench actor Gaspard Ulliel had a role in Marvel's upcoming series 'Moon Knight.'

‘Moon Knight’ Trailer: Oscar Isaac Joins the MCUMeet Marvel’s newest (and darkest?) hero.

Moon Knight’s English accent is its first villainMoon Knight’s going to be a show about magic and mystery, but Oscar Isaac’s accent might be the most unbelievable thing about it. 😭😭 Let me drink cup of tea please ☕ than I shall attack you with my power It really wasn’t that bad, if Steven Graham weren’t actually scouse people would destroy his accent as awful.