Oil-İndustry, Environment

Oil-İndustry, Environment

The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Is Dead

The politics and economics of oil have shifted and there may be no going back.

6/11/2021 12:04:00 AM

The politics and economics of oil have shifted and there may be no going back.

After years of protest, the Canadian operator announced it was ending the pipeline project.

The politics of oil has changed over the last decade, as have the economics; falling oil prices have made big, pricey fossil fuel projects less attractive. The oil industry and Republicans, however, have resorted to well worn lines, criticizing Biden’s revocation of TC Energy’s permit as a jobs killer, while making vague protestations about American “energy independence.” The oil was coming from Canada, which is not a part of the U.S., so it’s not really a question of independence. TC Energy said it would cut more than 1,000 construction jobs when it suspended operations, but most of those jobs were only temporary anyway. The State Department

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peggedthe number of full-time positions that the pipeline would bring at closer to 50.In announcing the decision, TC Energy didn’t give much of an explanation for its decision, but the Wall Street Journalreportsit did say “that going forward it would build its businesses in shipping and storing natural gas, liquid fuels and power to meet growing North American demand for cleaner fuels.” And that, while not the final destination, sounds a lot like progress.

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Developer of Keystone XL oil project abandons pipelineBusiness Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know. thisisinsider The Democrats are destroying US civilian private market, civilian jobs and US energy independence Because JoeBiden doesn’t think the United States still uses oil. Great. There was no real reason to do it anyways. There is already the non xl pipeline. This one was just a shortcut.

TC Energy terminates Keystone XL pipeline project, months after Biden canceled permitEnergy infrastructure company TC Energy said on Wednesday it had terminated the $9 billion Keystone XL pipeline project. And people wonder why gas prices have spiked 30%. Its called the Biden effect

Developer pulls the plug on Keystone XL oil pipelineThe developer of the Keystone XL pipeline announced Wednesday it is pulling the plug on the controversial project after the Biden administration revoked its permit in January. Fake news Ya'll are slow 😂😂 Oil bye rail car or shipped across sea is much better. Do you think refineries won't get there oil. Brain dead Biden brain dead decisions.

Keystone Pipeline Is Finally Dead. Good RiddanceNever doubt that a [large] group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. One of them just did 🤙🤘🤘🤘🤘🥴 Hypocrites. Consumption is ok, but production is vilified. Your purple hair die came from somewhere. They are tribes and not natives, the rest of us are natives! Refresh your words kindly suggested by the late George Carlin. Thank you kindly. 🍀

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Keystone XL Oil Project Abandoned by DeveloperThe Keystone XL oil-pipeline project was abandoned by its developers, handing a major victory to environmentalists after a decadelong fight Keystone lost their Trump card. Time to leave town. For the 'environmentalists' transporting oil in leaky trucks and railway cars is always preferable to a much safer pipeline.