The IOC loosened its social media rules, and now Olympians are TikTok stars

Olympian TikTok makes watching the Olympics fun.

7/29/2021 11:38:00 PM

Olympian TikTok makes watching the Olympics fun.

Olympic content is so much more fun now that the IOC loosened its social media guidelines. Athletes are going viral on TikTok.

, Olympians are allowed to make more entertaining content.I, for one, keep forgetting to watch the Olympics. I'm perpetually behind on which teams are competing, what events are taking place on each day, and who's winning. The pomp of the Olympics is fun, but the time difference and my inability to pay attention to sporting events tend to outweigh the excitement of actually keeping up with the games. Like I've done for the past three Olympics, I usually sleep through the events I actually consider watching, and then catch up through clips posted on Instagram and Twitter.

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This year, I'm at least familiar with the athletes competing in the Olympics. Athletic exceptionalism got them to Tokyo, but their delightful TikTok content got them to my For You Page. Regardless of their performance at the Olympics, athletes are building a following based on their digital fluency.

Athletic exceptionalism got them to Tokyo, but their delightful TikTok content got them to my For You Page. Read more: Mashable »

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