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Gabby Petito, Missing Person

The Internet Banded Together to Search For Gabby Petito. What About These Missing People of Color?

The internet banded together to search for Gabby Petito. What about these missing people of color?

9/22/2021 2:13:00 AM

The internet banded together to search for Gabby Petito . What about these missing people of color?

Social media users are trying to harness the energy of the search for the #vanlife influencer to find others who have gone missing — but didn’t go viral

It is impossible to define with certainty exactly why Petito’s case caught fire. Hers was a bizarre and suspicious disappearance by someone with enough of a public presence on Instagram to give online sleuths material to dig through. She and her fiancé had announced their “van life” journey on YouTube, situating the disappearance within an alluring subculture. Still, her white blondness is unavoidable, and likely contributed to her success on social platforms, which

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reward whiteness.“When it comes to missing persons of color — men, women and children — our cases are not taken seriously,” Derrica Wilson of the Black and Missing Foundation told Reid. “No one is looking for us if we were to go missing.”Since searchers in Wyoming announced the

discoveryon Sunday of human remains matching Petito’s description, many social media users are trying to harness the energy and eagerness for action that Petito’s disappearance generated to boost other missing persons cases, particularly those of BIPOC individuals, that have gotten far less media attention.

Jelani Dayappearedon the streaming news network Newsy on Friday, expressing frustration over the media attention her son — missing from Bloomingston, Illinois, since August 24th — has received compared to Petito, who at the time had been reported missing less than a week earlier. “I do not understand why Jelani doesn’t get that same coverage,” she said, through tears. “Just like Gabby is important, I can sit in this seat and say I know what her mother’s feeling like, because she wants her child back. I want my child back, too, and I want them to look for my child like they’re looking for her. He is not a nobody; he is a somebody, and I want him to come back home….It makes me mad because this young white girl is getting that attention and my young black son is not.”

Day, 25, is a graduate student in speech-language pathology at Illinois State University. His family last heard from him on August 23rd. The following morning,security camerascaptured him on campus in a button-down shirt and black pants around 7:20 am. His bank account showed he’d bought Starbucks coffee there, but he didn’t show up for a meeting with a faculty member and missed class after that. Instead, security cameras captured him just after 9 a.m. entering a nearby cannabis dispensary wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The faculty member he was supposed to meet with notified the police, because Day’s absence was uncharacteristic and he was not responding to calls or texts. His family filed a missing persons report after failing to reach him within a day; his mother has said he typically calls her several times a day. On August 26th, police found Day’s car abandoned in a wooded area of Peru, Illinois. Inside were the shorts and t-shirt he’d been wearing in the most recent security footage. His family has started a

GoFundMeto raise money for their search.Bloomington police released a statement on Monday announcing they are still “actively investigating” and “seeking leads” in the case. Officers are collecting and analyzing physical and digital evidence, finding and interviewing witnesses, and continuing to look for more information, the statement said.

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Why don't you THE MEDIA do a better job of informing the public. You as MEDIA never wrote about any of these other cases before. Your article should headline. WHY WE SUCK AT MEDIA. Not happening 👍 I don't care about this Gabby cunt or any of the other missing people, sorry. andreaa_marks Instead wasting time scolding people, why don’t you cover the story of these “other missing people”? Why are you wasting everyone’s time?

They’re not missing…..;; Just waiting in line for a hospital bed! Shouldn’t y’all be focusing on hospitals in Oklahoma or something? Yes, step right over any other missing white ppl so you can score virtue signaling points. Not all missing ppl, because that wouldn't be virtuous, but specifically just poc. No wonder I no longer read your rag.

Gabby’s white privilege didn’t keep her alive. Clearly no one cares. And that's a fucking travesty. May be the bats and civet cats ate them 😀 Lowkey disrespectful to gabby and her family pulling the race card right now.

Gabby Petito Case Live Updates: Amazon started selling Gabby Petito merchandise before her body was foundA search is underway for Gabby Petito 's boyfriend after a body that police believe is hers was found at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest. He Needs To Be Convicted!!! It’s Obvious That He Has Done Something Illegal and Is Definitely The Reason She Disappeared!!! This is such a sad picture of her. Swollen, red eyes, but a hopeful smile.

Can you please stop making a race and gender issue out of anything? El progre donde puede meter que hay racismo lo mete, son agotadores. I think the Petito case drew more attention because of the nature. It wasn't just that she went missing, it was because of Brian Laundries involvement which made it more mysterious. I sincerely hope they find 'El' and the young geologist Daniel Robinson.

Not hot enough. Sorry. EnigmaticEvil The internet couldn’t give a fuck. Depressing. And there are several girls and women missing 😢😢 Don't forget this guy . After all aren't he and his ilk your ideological messiahs? JustinTrudeau . Who cares? Who were they last seen with? Vehicle description? Persons of interest? Videos of recent whereabouts or activities?

Rolling Stone us funded by the CCP.

Gabby Petito Case Updates: Family lawyer confirms Gabby Petito's remains found in Wyoming Gabby Petito Case Live Update — The body discovered Sunday in a Wyoming forest was confirmed to belong to Gabby Petito , a lawyer for the family told Insider Tuesday. Follow our gabbypetito live blog:

Here's Why She Deserved to Die - rock(?) magazine Big difference is how Gabby's case began. Basically had the suspect before they actually knew something had happened to her. If you have suspects and areas for these people put it out there. 90% of the news media is owned by six families, ask them? They are the same people who allowed you to print this article.

Just stop it already Here's a thought,all the fake people,not one of you in 10 years have discussed the 710 indigenous missing woman.not one of you,there's your fucking influence.fake. The internet? So are we saying google found Gabby? GabbyPetito wasn't missing. It was an attempt cover-up a murder. As soon as anyone heard about the story they instantly realize the boyfriend murdered her and was trying to get away with it. He is still trying to get away with it.

GTFOH The people that have a platform ( MEDIA) to reach America needs to be talking more about missing the people…Maybe have a designated channel on basic cable television and run missing people 24/7

Gabby Petito Case Live Updates: Could Brian Laundrie have left America?A search is underway for Gabby Petito 's boyfriend after a body that police believe is hers was found at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest.

You do realize that there are plenty of missing white people that don’t get this coverage to right? Maybe it’s just a bizarre story that drives people’s interest? Please…

Gabby Petito Case Live Updates: Hours before autopsy, Laundrie attorney scraps presser to protect client 'interest'A search is underway for Gabby Petito 's boyfriend after a body that police believe is hers was found at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest.

Gabby Petito Case Live Updates: Brian Laundrie's lawyer pelted with 1-star Google reviewsA search is underway for Gabby Petito 's boyfriend after a body that police believe is hers was found at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest. has his lawyer even spoken with him? Lol Now pay this much attention to a woman of color being murdered by her spouse. What? No money in that, you say? Yeah, I thought you'd say that.

FBI Searches Brian Laundrie's Home As Gabby Petito Investigation ContinuesHuman remains suspected to be Petito's were discovered over the weekend in Wyoming. real part after the penis Pontifex the pope can laugh about the ganagers alal he wants you are not the sky police His parents need to be arrested! I bet Brian Laundrie is teaming up with OJ Simpson to find the real killer.