The important lessons sports parents need to learn from Simone Biles

The important lessons sports parents need to learn from Simone Biles

7/29/2021 8:00:00 AM

The important lessons sports parents need to learn from Simone Biles

Sure, you can be their biggest cheerleader — just make sure you're really listening.

“I hope parents see that sometimes there is a dangerous level of anxiety that is not nervousness and that you shouldn't be powering through," Rippon says."I really admire [Biles] for just knowing her body well enough to say, ‘You know what, I am not safe if I do this.’”

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Know that athletes have a breaking pointIn sports, athletes are always told to pay attention to their bodies and to deal with injuries. Being aware of their mental health is just as important, if not even more important, says Jill Emanuele, senior director of the Mood Disorders Center at the

Child Mind Institutein New York City.“Parents need to teach kids that they have to pay attention to how they're feeling and what's going on, and also how what they're feeling affects their body,” she says.Angela Connor and her daughter, Kaiya, who was a competitive gymnast for 10 years.

Angela ConnorParents and coaches tend to reward mental toughness and persevering in difficult situations.Parents should recognize, however, that every child has a breaking point.“There is a line when it becomes too much. When a person can only reach what they are capable of in that moment. And sure, they can push a little harder, but at some point they are at the line where they can break," Emanuele says.

“It’s up to parents to teach kids how to find that line ... and to know when they are able to continue to push and try harder and really see how far they can go and also when they've reached their limit,” Emanuele said. “And that's not something that just comes naturally to people; you have to be taught that — it has to be modeled.”

Biles and other athletes like Naomi Osaka saying they have limits that are mental as well as physical is a gift for so many people, Emanuele said. “This is such important role modeling, not only for kids their age, or people in their generation, but for everybody.”

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Thoughts and prayers for you Simone Biles you take care of yourself first and then you will be good, love ya! This isn’t just for parents…it’s a massage for every negative “tweeter” who sent their sincere-to-the-marrow regards to her. All of you. Everyone involved, pleaaseee. Society and media need to quit making this quitter out to be a hero when she is noting but a mentally weak quitter.

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Our lesson was that you can quit at the end of any season. It gave out kids an out if they were unhappy, but never let down a team. Quitting in the middle of a competition because it “wasn’t fun” (her own words last week)? Nope. How not to let your kid quit?

Aly Raisman's Important Reminder After Simone Biles Exits Team Final: 'Simone Is Human'Aly Raisman supports former teammate Simone Biles after her sudden withdrawal from the team competition.

Normalize not being ok. Normalize putting mental health first The ONLY important lesson to be learned here is SHE QUIT! Do NOT allow your children to idolize or follow this person. NOT a role model! Believe it or not, most parents do know what to do and when to do it. I wrote this the morning before she withdrew. Sometimes “quitting” is the best thing to do

Instead of goat, she’s now being elevated by the media as being the greatest quitter of all time! She can only compete in her version of a perfect environment? Time to move on… How about important lessons the media, coaches and PR firms need to learn?

The Superhumanity of Simone BilesThe pressure that Simone Biles has been under at these Olympics is unfathomable. Writes williamfleitch: 'The wonder is not that Biles was unable to perform. The wonder is that she made it this far at all.' williamfleitch Why is it when an athlete isnt doing well they blame mental health Biles williamfleitch I just can't help but believe she never allowed herself to have fun. williamfleitch 'The Superhumanity of Simone Biles' Hope she sees this bro.

Just 15 Photos of Simone Biles Being Her Teammates' Biggest Cheerleader in the FinalsSimone Biles may have had to withdraw from the women's team gymnastics final at the Tokyo Olympics, but that didn't stop her from becoming the best

'Worst nightmare': Simone Biles withdraws from team finals - CNN VideoSimone Biles has withdrawn from the women's team gymnastic team event, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee has confirmed to CNN. CNN's Christine Brennan reports.

The World Is Gutted By Simone Biles' Withdrawal From Team Competition'We hope this isn't the last we've seen of one of the world's best gymnasts,' the Tokyo Olympics Twitter account wrote. It was strictly her choice. Don't be selfish. Now let's see if NFL players will get Vaccinated for their teams. seethefaces Science NFL TeamWork biles cant win. one side makes her a saint another side makes her public property another side wants to desmean her. stop doing all the above. she is her own person she owes no one anything she is no saint. her life is not our call She needs to Kerry Strugg it.

Simone Biles out of team competitionFrom the Ariake Gymnastics Centre in Tokyo, TODAY’s Hoda Kotb reports that Simone Biles is out of the team competition in women’s gymnastics. Retired American artistic gymnast MyKayla Skinner tells TODAY, “My heart broke for her; I can’t imagine what she’s going through.” Skinner adds, “I don’t really know what happened … I’m not sure if she hurt something recently.” Ahhh ela é uma atleta admirável