The impact of Florida Gov. Ron Desantis' hurricane Ian leadership analyzed

10/2/2022 8:20:00 PM

Common sense cowboy Patrick Dorinson joins Carl Higbie on 'Wake Up America Weekend' to discuss whether Gov. Desantis' can lead Florida forward after Ian's de...

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Patrick Dorinson: 'Now is going to be a question of how does [ Gov. Ron Desantis ] lead Florida forward … This is the kind of thing that's going to reveal what kind of leader [he] is going to be.' CarlHigbie MORE:

Common sense cowboy Patrick Dorinson joins Carl Higbie on 'Wake Up America Weekend' to discuss whether Gov. Desantis ' can lead Florida forward after Ian's de...

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Rain, Wind, Cold: Weather Service Warns of Wet, Messy Commute

The cold front passing through Northern California will bring rain sooner than expected with slightly less rain than anticipated Thursday because the front is moving so quickly, according to a revised forecast from the National Weather Service. Read more >>

CarlHigbie My favorite on Newsmax CarlHigbie What a disaster! Do not use our tax dollars to rebuild failure! CarlHigbie Good ole Socialism. CarlHigbie Has someone asked him why he voted against sending funds to aid the victims of hurricane Sandy? CarlHigbie He’ll be great leader despite the Dems and liberal press trying to run him down!

CarlHigbie The United States of America as the United States of America will united each &every one of the states & Im sure the vast majority of the populations of Americans living in them enjoying their freedoms because of the freedoms all Americans enjoy & the lands we all cherish as they CarlHigbie What a complete waste of energy. I cannot believe anyone would be paid for such reporting. Report what is real, Ron's accomplishments to date are amazing!

CarlHigbie He already is a good leader, there's no 'is going to be' about it.

Michigan woman shopping at Target explains cart etiquette in viral TikTok: 'Common sense'A woman's viral TikTok video showing her shopping in a Michigan Target has people debating on shopping cart etiquette and who has the right of way at intersecting aisles. People that bring the entire family grocery shopping and spread out across the whole aisle 🙄. Or people who stop in the middle of an aisle to look at something and leave their cart right in the middle. 😑

Moving America forward requires common sense, courage and leadershipJoe Lieberman and Will Hurd approach politics with the same orientation: The political arena is a place to get things done, especially big things. Lieberman... Sadly we are short on all three. -Millions still think the election was stolen -Politicians who know better lack the courage to say / do something -Thousands are gunned down every year, but “leaders” lack the common sense and courage to take decisive action.

Hurricane Ian just might unite two bitter rivals for the common good | OpinionFolks cannot be pro-insurrection and pro-democracy.

Butter, garage doors and SUVs: Why shortages remain common 2½ years into the pandemic | OpinionWhile each product experiencing a shortage has its own story as to what went wrong, at the root of most is a concept people in my field call the “bullwhip effect.” Why? Because it’s all going according to plan.

This Common Infection Is Often Mistaken for Dementia, Experts Say — Best LifeConcerned about dementia? This common infection is often confused for dementia symptoms—and can worsen true cognitive decline.

Homeowners: Beware these common scams following a natural disasterNatural disasters like Ian commonly attract scammers, who pose as reputable contractors in damaged communities to swindle unsuspecting homeowners out of their insurance payouts or other benefits. Like democrats and climate change? KamalaHarris please prevent scammers an looters It’s one thing to loss due to climate, it’s another to those that steal 😡