The grift goes on for former President Trump

Former Pres. Trump hasn’t put any of the money he’s raised toward ballot ‘audits,’ the Washington Post reports.

7/24/2021 6:46:00 AM

Former Pres. Trump hasn’t put any of the money he’s raised toward ballot ‘audits,’ the Washington Post reports.

White House reporter for the Associated Press Jonathan Lemire and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson discuss the former guy raising money off the Big Lie he continues to spread

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Global automakers could lose $210 billion in revenue this year because of supply chain disruptions, nearly double a forecast earlier this year, consulting firm Alixpartners said Thursday.

Thief!! He keeps stealing from the poor and they keep allowing him to take their hard earn $. The power of the cult leader. Because he’s too damn stingy. This fool don’t have any money. His money is getting ready for battle, which he has already loss. Orange matches his hair color Professional grifter. This surprises anyone

Well, when you have idiots who support foolishness, what do you expect🤷‍♀️? Are you surprised? I am not. He wants his followers money only, and they continue giving to him, no questions asked. So I'm confused. If he's pocketing the money ,doesn't he have to pay taxes on it? Will someone please explain?

MSNBC hasn't put the TRUTH into anything they say? Would that be about the same? Because he only knows how to put money in his own pockets.

The Trump Org Is Basically Just Donald Trump — But That Won’t Make Prosecuting Him EasyTrump’s company is accused of fraud, but prosecutors would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump knew what he was doing was illegal Do they still have Michael Cohen on speed dial? Well, he's always saying he's a genius so a genius would know the law. Right? good luck

Hoarding money for his escape to Russia Once again… my stocked face 😱. His base has no idea. SMH I earmarked mine for a happy meal. Are you surprised? MSNBC clutching at straws 😂😂😂 Don the Con is fleecing his base. THE VIDEO DEMOCRATS DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE!! But he's paid his lawyers I heard. I bet Rudy's jealous..

Might try your luck three card Monty ?

Sean Hannity’s Clueless Question About Biden Gets Turned Right Back At TrumpThe Fox News host's attempted slam of Biden turns into a scathing reminder of the former guy's history. wow If FAXE 'news' wasn't funded by anti American interests, it would not exist. It is there solely to confuse the morons with repeated lies and filth A little bit of Authoritarian government is a good thing specially for Young people. Young people with no directions, doing all kind of bullshits are destroying the US.

Because…Grifters Creed: “There’s a sucker born every minute”😭 You people are so scared of the truth. Go do real reporting, and let us know what's going on at the audit......jerks Government demands citizens get vaccine while flooding the entire country with 100s of thousands of illegal immigrants from unknown countries that havent even been tested much less vaccinated. You can assume the delta virus is flooding into this country unchecked. Bidendoesntcare

It was once said by a man who couldn’t quit: “Dopeman, please, can I have another hit?” So what who cares. He not going to tell the radical left his plans. This is the first time in history a president had to fight election fraud on a massive scale. Chinese hacking of our voting systems. This is the biggest crime in history we have the proof for courts eyes only

Trump still owes Putin millions. He's the first creditor in line. What ? I'm beginning to think this guy's not on the up and up. And doctor trump realdonaldtrump won't he needs the dirty illegal money for his legal fees that's giving he pays his bills i do know he owes millions in bills that he doesn't plan to pay

You’re talking about a man that stole from a children’s cancer charity. Of course he hasn’t. Gee, I wonder if it might be a con?🤪🤡

Trump saw 'love' and 'kissing' during violent Capitol riotSpeaking to Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker for their new book, 'I Alone Can Fix It,' former Pres. Trump tried to argue that there was a 'lot of love' on January 6 during the riot Trump himself incited. Philip Rucker joins MSNBC's Brian Williams to discuss. To commit an act of terrorism Donald? We know! This is not new news!

It’s not a gift, it’s a steal, but that’s all he knows! Of course he hasn’t. What did you expect? Ha ha ! I am sure Biden’s and Democrats are pocketing millions from Black Lives Donations for the DNC mob Party Chump45’s minions are real suckers. And yet his supporters keep donating to him and supporting him knowing he is ripping them off? Why isn't the former president getting charged for this for scamming his supporters into their money? Isn't this illegal?

Of course even he knows it’s BS. His niece, thinks he’d never run again anyway because he wouldn’t want to go thru the same problems & potential of losing again. So Trump will continue to do what he does best: grift.

Bonkers New Trump Audio Stuns Anderson Cooper: Sounds Like 'Nixon Drunk Rambling'The former president doesn't drink. He snorts pills and poops his diaper a lot, though. Who's bonkers! Adderall and insanity are a bad mix.

FBI Reportedly Did Nothing With 4,500 Tips on Kavanaugh Before Forwarding Them to TrumpThe agency said it didn't investigate the tips because officials were conducting a routine background check. sounds like the punchline of a joke. guess the jokes on us!

Trump calls Jan. 6 rioters 'loving crowd' in new audioAndrea Mitchell is joined by Phillip Rucker and Carol Leonnig, Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post reporters and co-authors of “I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year.” which details the chaos inside the White House and Trump 2020 Presidential campaign in his final year. In newly released audio from an interview with the authors, former President Trump calls the January 6 rioters as a 'loving crowd' and says that disinformation a “beautiful word,” which Leonnig describes as a “through line of his final year in office.” 71% of $AMC stock traded over the dark pool (Out of Public View) today. They are stealing money from your friends and family and the SEC is doing nothing about it DarkPoolAbuse good What does it say about Republicans that still think he is their strongest contender for next election?