The GOP is losing voters. Particularly college-educated ones.

GOP faces massive realignment as it sheds college-educated voters. - @MeetThePress

4/18/2021 8:34:00 PM

GOP faces massive realignment as it sheds college-educated voters. - MeetThePress

The data suggest that what we are seeing might be more than just a sudden Democratic edge in party affiliation.

ByDante ChinniWASHINGTON — It's an off-year for national electoral politics, with only a few big gubernatorial races later in the year in Virginia and New Jersey. Still, polling data show the great shift in the nation's two major political parties is continuing and some of those changes could have significant impacts at the ballot box.

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Earlier this month Gallup released data showing a sharp drop in the number of people who chose to identify as Republican in the first quarter of 2021.The 9-point gap between the two parties was the largest Gallup had recorded in almost a decade.Democrats celebrated the numbers, but Republicans and analysts were quick to point out the figures don’t necessarily represent a departure from past political norms. The last time the Democrats held this large an advantage, Barack Obama had just won his second term in the White House.

In fact, going back in time, Democrats have held even larger advantages in Gallup’s partisan affiliation data, particularly when the party was riding an election wave.Back in 2008, when the Great Recession was just beginning and Barack Obama was cruising to his White House first win, Democrats held a massive 14-point edge in party affiliation. In 1999, just after Democrats did surprisingly well in Bill Clinton's second midterm election, the party had an 11-point advantage. And in 1993, just after Bill Clinton first won the White House, Democrats had a 12-point edge in party ID.

That's all good evidence for the Republican argument that"we've seen this before." And further bolstering their point of view is the fact those numbers bounced back, of course. Republicans held the affiliation edge in the mid-1990s and the early '00s, and the two parties were basically even in early 2020.

But another trend in politics suggests that what we are seeing might be more than a somewhat typical election-related bump for Democrats. Data from the Pew Research Center show that, increasingly, different people are populating the two major political parties — with Republicans and Democrats moving in sharply different directions among college-educated voters.

At the beginning of this century, Republicans held an 11-point edge on party affiliation among college-educated voters. By the time Barack Obama was president, the figures had flipped to become a 4-point edge for the Democrats. And as President Donald Trump’s term was winding down, the numbers had come full-circle and the Democrats had a 13-point edge among college-educated voters on party affiliation.

So, the data suggest that what we are seeing might be more than just a sudden Democratic edge in party affiliation. Those 2021 changes are coupled with a larger shift in party composition. And that might have real impacts come election time because voters with different levels of educational attainment have long exercised their right to vote at different rates.

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In 2018, voters with a bachelor's degree cast ballots at a much higher rate than other parts of the electorate, according to data from the U.S. Census. Their 64-percent voting rate was 12 points higher than those with some college and 25 points higher than those whose highest level of educational attainment is a high school diploma.

As Republicans shed college-educated voters, the party could find a new challenge that compounds the Democratic edge in affiliation. Even if the affiliation numbers bounce back this time, the different people in the GOP might make it more difficult for the party to get big turnout numbers in 2022. Midterm elections in particular are often about which party can excite and turn out their voters.

To be sure, there are still a lot of question marks. It's not yet clear what Trump's impact will be on the 2022 race, or how voters will feel about President Joe Biden 18 months from now.But the drop in GOP party ID, coupled with the Republican's loss of college-educated voters, could spell trouble for the party in coming elections. It's not just how many people are calling themselves Republicans in early 2021 that looks like a potential problem for the party, it is which voters are identifying with the GOP.

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MeetThePress Well MeetThePress And you have to keep posting your propaganda because no one believes it the first time when you posted this last Friday MeetThePress Republicans offer nothing but empty marketing clap trap. There are no substantive conservative ideas coming from the GOP anymore.

MeetThePress Ya.. I’d like to see a breakdown of these college educated voters degrees. I’d imagine the percentages would be much closer if you exclude the pottery majors or those who got useless degrees. Can’t see many economic or business majors voting liberal MeetThePress As they should be. The Big Lie party is shameless and disgraceful RepublicansAreTheProblem

MeetThePress So many people with no actual frame of reference for intelligence will suggest this is about education and not indoctrination, and I say that as a lifelong Democrat. There is no room for conservative thought on 90% of campuses. You either conform or get shouted down MeetThePress More and more people should be talking about it


MeetThePress Thank you, trump and Q! MeetThePress That's made up lie in my view

Tim Scott Resorts to Twisted, Cynical Logic to Defend GOP Voter SuppressionSen. Tim Scott’s rebuttal of Biden’s speech amplified the dark logic at the heart of the GOP’s war on voting rights Bet he got more than 30 pieces of silver. There is not one factual objection (to what Sen. Scott said) to be found anywhere in this Rolling Stone article. Not one substantive disagreement.

MeetThePress inevitable consequence of the fact that there is no longer a difference in policies between the two parties beyond how they present them MeetThePress fake news. BlueAnon is a cult MeetThePress Because the Democratic Party is one that is usually full of educated people because educated people understand that it takes a whole instead of the self to get things done. They also have better rational thinking skills unlike their counterparts of the GOP.

MeetThePress People are getting wise and not putting themselves in prohibitive debt to become an ideologue MeetThePress One can only hope MeetThePress GOP is going after the stupid people now. It is working for them as the sheep have no ability to think for them selves. MeetThePress Right, they have all blue collar workers that actually make and fix things.

MeetThePress Important thread about batteries and CO2: MeetThePress Donald always said he loves the uneducated. MeetThePress I hope this is true. I can't imagine how educated people can back this increasingly loony party.

Hayes: Thanks to John Roberts, Voting Rights Act can’t stop GOP anti-voter push“John Roberts took this completely effective way of balancing all these different interests and he destroyed it because he just didn't like it. And nothing has risen up in this place,” chrislhayes says on the Supreme Court stopping the Voting Rights Act.

MeetThePress michaelwoodtx is trying to change the face of the GOP. MeetThePress 7 Days in a row, Breaking! 168 hours, or 7 full days, on average: Wind electricity in UK & Scotland = 5.4% capacity MeetThePress That's all fake news. Unless all these murders are killing off college-educated voters. MeetThePress The crapfest of the previous admin makes W look good, and I thought that would be impossible.

MeetThePress Here comes the liberals are brainwashing kids at colleges comments. MeetThePress Hey 'College Educated Voters' is the 'American Dream' based on 'Science' or is it the world greatest conspiracy, brought to you by the Democrat National Convention, for the 1%. That's why they're making more money then ever and your college degree is worthless.

MeetThePress Its also shedding non-racists. MeetThePress If you went to college,Graduated & call yourself an educated republican you need to go get your money back ijs... MeetThePress GOP pretends those uneducated voters are their peeps. They have great disdain for them. They believe those voters can be manipulated and used. GOP pretends they care about values and they can get their voters to believe anything no matter how absurd.

MeetThePress Wanna know how 'college educated' people ignore their 'education' and vote for Republicans in the first place. There's IQ and then there's Emotional IQ. The two do not seem to go hand in hand.

Democrats press for broader voter access as GOP resistsRepublicans in the U.S. Senate mounted an aggressive case Tuesday against Democrats' sweeping election and voter-access legislation, pushing to roll back proposals for automatic registration, 24-hour ballot drop boxes and other changes in an increasingly charged national debate. At the end of a long, contentious day, the Rules Committee deadlocked 9-9 over advancing the bill to the full Senate in its current form. Just Tuesday, the Arizona Legislature sent the governor a bill that would make it easier to purge infrequent voters from a list of those who automatically get mail-in ballots, the latest battleground state to push through changes likely to take months or years to finally settle in court. Old hagg. you don't have enough support! just give up. Old fart, stop voting him ridiculous !!!!

MeetThePress What College educated people aren’t buying into all the lies and Qanon conspiracy?!?!? MeetThePress Evidence liberalism is the main subject taught in today's universities. MeetThePress 🤣🤣🤣 MeetThePress Yes and now all those well educated can’t find work and are begging the master to forgive all school debt.

MeetThePress Bat Quano. MeetThePress Why🤔? MeetThePress Trump did say “I love the poorly educated.” MeetThePress Do insurance companies prefer customers take vaccines that prevent Covid-19 and possible death from it? Should they make a statement to help people get vaccinated? StateFarm GEICO AmerMedicalAssn

MeetThePress YOU KNOW YOU ARE FCKED WHEN YOUR PARTY CREATES A LAW TO LEGALIZE PUBLIC SHOOTINGS AND PENALIZE VOTING. MeetThePress Those “college educated” kids have 401k’s yet? Any clue about how they will retire? Provide for a family? Any clue about the real world at all? Give them 10 years and ask them how they’ll vote.

Democrats press for broader voter access as GOP resistsRepublicans in the U.S. Senate mounted an aggressive case against Democrats' sweeping election and voter-access legislation, pushing to roll back proposals for automatic registration, 24-hour ballot drop boxes and other changes in an increasingly charged national debate. At the end of a long, contentious day, the Rules Committee deadlocked 9-9 on Tuesday over advancing the bill to the full Senate in its current form. He should retire and spend the rest of his days enjoying time at mintgaminghall The FACT that this guy is allowed to stand in the way of progress, democracy, the well being of the people in America & ultimately common sense, only shows how Americans are all talk and no action! Even democrats R sitting ducks & have no balls to end this Gov ABUSE. 👎 ewarren MoscowMitch is desperate. He knows that without voter suppression Republicans would win very few elections.

MeetThePress These college educated voters will soon lose support from GOP. MeetThePress The fact that 40% still remain is amazing. All those liberal indoctrination professors must not be working hard enough. MeetThePress Not very surprising... Those who seek a higher education tend to be more willing to think critically about not just complex issues, but basic ones as well & unless you stand to personally gain from GOP economic strategies, there isn't really any socio-political reason to vote GOP

MeetThePress One can only hope that wisdom is finally taking hold. MeetThePress FakeNews MeetThePress People who can think don’t become Republicans MeetThePress Well it’s about time!! This party is ruining your country. MeetThePress RandPaul tedcruz SenatorLankford GOPLeader GOP GOPChairwoman keep it up folks, good work so far

MeetThePress Gas prices keep climbing. If that could stop I would appreciate it. AlecMacGillis MeetThePress Plus, they seem to be doubling down on antivax koolaid, not helpful in keeping their older/fatter adherents alive.

'It's a scary thing': Cheney expresses dismay after House GOP ousts her from leadershipCheney did not rule out a White House bid when asked in an exclusive interview with NBC’s “TODAY” if she would consider running for president. 'This is quite a mess'....... says the bull! Liz Cheney for President! What's scary is that some of her RWNJ colleagues say that January 6 was a bunch of tourists. I suppose those who did this at the Reichstag were tourists, too...

MeetThePress You can just say they're trying to appeal to 'others'. No need to get intellectual....the words fall flat on dumb ears. MeetThePress Good. Let the party of ignorance and hate die out along with the supporters who refuse to change. MeetThePress Good MeetThePress Remember when was giving daily infomercials to the guy (after it was reported) who gave immunity to nursing home execs in exchange for donations, cut hospital funding & Medicaid also during the pandemic, lied about the number of deaths & has a mass grave?

MeetThePress But they've got the stupid vote wrapped up MeetThePress This isn't a victory for Dems. Dems are simultaneously shedding non-educated and working class voters. The 'realignment' is ironically making the GOP slowly become the party of workers (mainly bc Dems have become super neoliberal) MeetThePress The future of the Republican Party

MeetThePress Opinionated news give us only views ,never facts America MeetThePress MeetThePress The GQP folks would just refute this.

Cheney swears she's 'not leaving' the GOP after being removed from House leadership postRep. Liz Cheney said in an interview Thursday morning that she is 'not leaving' the Republican Party despite her harsh criticism of former President Donald Trump and House Republicans removing her as the conference chair via voice vote on Wednesday. She can go and join the 'holly' dems. You’re fighting Trump because he’s saying the election was stolen but you never raise voice about the democrat who never for once accepted the 2016 election that alone is enough for me to not support you Cheney. Do your job or quit. After all you’re leaving soon!

MeetThePress Years of forced indoctrination by Marxist professors are bound to take a toll on squishy young minds. The real world is the cure for that. MeetThePress Not that it will need voters at all once it's got those Georgia-class 'legislative overrides' on election results. They don't need to care that they're losing votes anymore; it's democracy they're shedding now.

MeetThePress It’s ok GOP plan to win by cheating MeetThePress GOP needs to wise up. MeetThePress FireChuckTodd MeetThePress Only ignorant dummies remain MeetThePress MeetThePress Republicans GOP has aligned itself with Neo-Nazi ideas & raw hate! America is NOW dealing with American-Taliban Neo-Nazi terrorism within it's own boarders. IT IS NEVER GOING TO END! This is the NEW terror in a dangerous America that Trump, their US-Taliban leader, uncovered!

MeetThePress MeetThePress Do not confuse book smarts for common sense. Many Democrats and Independents attended a trade/vocational school. They're hard working, salt of the earth folks. These Americans don't need a degree to tell them that voting Republican is wrong.