The Five Blocs In Congress To Watch In Biden’s Washington

Here are the factions and members on Capitol Hill to watch over the next two years:

1/27/2021 1:15:00 PM

Here are the factions and members on Capitol Hill to watch over the next two years:

President Biden started off his tenure with a bunch of executive orders and directives. But to get most really big things done, he will need to go through Congr…

over the last few months.All of those GOP senators except for Collins and Murkowski are quite conservative. So some big Biden proposal that peels offjustenough Republican votes to get through a filibuster and pass in the Senate is unlikely. Instead, anything that Biden proposes that wins over those 10 or so Republicans is likely to be so inoffensive to conservatives that it passes 80-20, with

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mostRepublicans on board, instead of passing 60-40 with only this bloc of GOP senators embracing it.This breakdown gives you a sense of the big challenges for Biden. In both the House and the Senate, there are enough very progressive Democrats to kill legislation, and at the opposite ideological end, there are also enough more conservative Democrats to kill legislation. The Senate has only two true centrist Republicans (Collins and Murkowski), so if something requires 60 votes, Biden somehow has to convince at least eight conservatives to go along with him.

Where does that leave the Biden administration? We’ll have to wait and see, but a few things are more likely to happen than not over the next two years, in my view.1. The Senate is likely to approve Biden’s judicial and executive branch nominations — and a lot of Republicans may back those picks because the GOP votes don’t mean much since Democrats can get these nominations through by a simple majority anyway.

2. In the House, a lot of Democratic bills will pass, even as The Squad criticizes the bills as insufficiently liberal and the moderates suggest they are too liberal.The big question will be what happens to bills that pass the House but don’t have 60 votes in the Senate. That dynamic is is likely to lead to …

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