'The fight starts again': Jon Stewart returns to Capitol Hill to advocate for burn pit victims

'Welcome to another exciting episode of 'When is America going to start acting like the great country we keep telling ourselves we are?'' Stewart said.

9/16/2020 3:40:00 AM

Jon Stewart returns to Capitol Hill Tuesday after a 15-year battle fighting for the 9/11 victims' compensation fund to advocate for legislation that would help veterans affected by toxic burn pits.

'Welcome to another exciting episode of 'When is America going to start acting like the great country we keep telling ourselves we are?'' Stewart said.

calls burn pits a"common" way for soldiers to get rid of waste at military sites. The agency has downplayed the long-term effects of burn pits, but Stewart said that being in close proximity to the sites may have regularly exposed soldiers to toxic fumes.

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"The fight starts again," Stewart said."The only difference between the 9/11 responders at Ground Zero who are sick and dying from toxic exposure is that that was caused by a terrorist attack on our country," Stewart said."The veterans in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering the same illnesses and the same toxic exposure because of the actions of our own government."

Along with Stewart, Feal has been a regular presence in Washington in the last two decades to advocate for first responders."It doesn't matter who's president, it doesn't matter who's in control of the House or the Senate," Feal said."Whoever gets in our way and opposes us— you guys saw what we did to Congress for 15 years— we're gonna punch them in the mouth."

Gillibrand told NBC News that she is"certain" Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will support the bill if elected.Danielle Robinson's husband, a veteran, died this past May after being exposed to burn pit fumes."He was honestly the ideal soldier, he was a non-smoker, he didn’t drink, he was in impeccable shape, and he served and did it so in great honor and he honestly was one of the strongest people I know," Robinson said.

Stewart criticized legislators who are currently at a stalemate over how and when to provide Americans with another round of coronavirus relief funding."It’s bulls---," said Stewart."It’s bulls---. It's about money. And we’re here today to say we’re not going to let this happen in the dark."

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SRuhle Why is the start and first thought in EVERY Republican bill 'which Republican Party donor can we pay off?' instead of 'where will the money do the best for the country?!!!!!!!!!! Amazing how he can blame a most pro military president in history on awful things previous admin did (admin that humiliated soldiers by making them wear red women’s shoes). Go in, John. You’ll actually achieve something.

JoeBiden time to make a presidential order with helping these people with the limited time they have left on this earth. Which by the way, will be spent fighting disease. donwinslow SupportOurVeterans SRuhle Losers and suckers ! Biden supports our proud Men & WOMEN 1 Here’s a picture of young Stewart with his Dad. I worked with his father at the State of New Jersey in Trenton. He was a very smart guy. FWIW

Democrat or Republican you really need to watch this… donwinslow Good luck with Moscowmitch Para invadir sete países árabes em cinco anos. donwinslow Another difference was during 9/11 we had a president that was a capable, caring and decent man. Afghanistan is one run into the World Trade Center not a Iraq

donwinslow And next to nobody gives a fuck! Crying shame there on all of us! What the fuck are we asking people, our people, to do? donwinslow LOVE JON STEWART donwinslow My preschool is open right now with nothing to mitigate airborne covid19 TayAndersonCO no fans, no a/c, no ventilation, no nothing. WENDYS has more safety rules to follow than the classroom, and if wendy's had NO social distancing and was at 100% capacity, it would close linux

Need an instant follower? Follow me and be followed back in a seconds 💯 % sure I promise to follow back If u don't want to follow please don't like Well the 15 minute rapid tests out this month should help JS doing good in the world 3 Just another reason our troops should be home. We have no business being the world police and the UNs private muscle. Use our troops to defend our borders.

Our military gets screwed enough in so many ways they don’t need to be treated like that due to Burn Pits. jonstewartbooks did such a great job for 9/11 responders he can do the same for our military heroes. He's a comedian for petes sake. good for him. a really good topic to promote. while i differ from his politics, this is a righteous issue to put forth.

Jon Stewart Rips Congress Over Veterans Exposed to Burn PitsJon Stewart rips Congress for not helping veterans exposed to burn pits at war. Seeing the way this tweet blew within seconds got me realizing that there are people watching and observing but not interacting😂 cause people are looking for heat and something to talk about Keep on with the good fight. I have a lot of respect for you Mr. Stewart. Wow, such bravery. 10 yrs too late.

Jon Stewart, John Feal backing bill to help veterans affected by toxic burn pitsJon Stewart and John Feal, who worked together to pass 9/11 relief legislation, are now backing a bill to help veterans struggling with health issues after exposure to toxic burn pits used to dispose waste while serving. They join Andrea Mitchell along with Danielle Robinson, whose husband served in Iraq and died of a rare lung cancer after exposure to those burn pits, to discuss why such legislation is important. EXCLUSIVE | The Trump administration has secretly siphoned nearly $4 million away from a program that tracks and treats FDNY firefighters and medics suffering from 9/11 related illnesses. What about the countless vets who have died from being sprayed with agent orange? Can they be included in this too? My father died from Dementia and Alzheimers sped up 80% by the damage caused by it. My children have suffered health issues from it. 202010Maria Wait a minute.... What health care?

Jon Stewart backing bill to help veterans affected by toxic burn pits'Everybody thinks that veterans get health care for life, but they don't. They only get health care if their injury or illness can be tied to their service,' Jon Stewart says about legislation that would help veterans affected by toxic burn pits. Tell me about it. I need a crown & two root canals that I can't afford, and I can't do it through the VA. My dental insurance will cover half the crown, but that still leaves me needing to find $550 for the other half. Afraid to ask on the root canals. Just live w/the infections! I have a friend who was in the Army. She suffered multiple injuries while on duty and has spent the past 10 years fighting for benefits, through 'lost' paperwork, over and over and over, to the point she keeps multiple copies of everything. It should not be this hard. Thank you so much for bringing this to everyone's attention. My sister's husband was fully exposed to these burn pits and now has developed MS.

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