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The 'Euphoria' Jules Special Hit Fans Deep in Their Feelings

Excuse me, I need a minute to collect myself.

1/25/2021 5:05:00 AM

Euphoria really said 'let's start the Jules episode with 'LIABILITY'' I just— 😭😭😭

Excuse me, I need a minute to collect myself.

at a diner between Rue and her sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo).In Jules’s episode, she speaks with her therapist, Dr. Mandy Nichols (portrayed by Lauren Weedman) about a variety of topics, ranging from gender identity to her relationship with her mother. The episode allows fans a deeper look at Jules’s experiences throughout the first season, along with her current headspace as we get closer to Season 2.

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Jules tells Dr. Nichols that she’s considering going off hormones, musing that she’s tired of striving for femininity through the lens of what might be appealing to men, as she’s “no longer interested in [them] philosophically.”She adds that she’s always been fearful of puberty, describing a possible “broadening and thickening” that she’s wanted to steer clear of, but is now reconsidering, likening such descriptors to the ocean. “I want to be as beautiful as the ocean,” she explains to her therapist, adding that being trans is a spiritual experience for her. “I don’t ever want to stand still. I want to be alive.” (As plenty of fans have pointed out on Twitter,

Rue once commentedthat she “worships the ocean,” creating a parallel moment happening in two separate scenes.)Jules also talks to Dr. Nichols about her relationship with Rue, noting that there’s been no one like her in her life so far, while also expressing concern that Rue has been too dependent on her. We learn that her relationship with Rue bears similar themes to the one Jules has with her mother, who also struggles with addiction and was hospitalized around the time of the Halloween party during Season 1. One of her biggest fears, it seems, is losing Rue to an overdose.

As with Rue’s special, Jules’s episode had plenty of fans in their feelings — and right off the bat, too, as the opening song was none other than Lorde’s “Liability.” Read more: Teen Vogue »

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