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What-We-Learned, Donald-Trump

The Enemy Isn’t Republicans

Without agreement on facts, we can’t agree on policy.

1/25/2021 6:49:00 AM

Without agreement on facts, we can’t agree on policy.

The case for a broad, fact-based alliance against lies.

, said she had learned from her mother, an endocrinologist: “She instilled in me a fundamental belief in the importance of collecting and analyzing data, facts, of forming a hypothesis, and recognizing that it’s not a failure to reevaluate that hypothesis when the facts don’t add up.” In science, discovering you were wrong isn’t failure. It’s progress.

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AdvertisementAdvertisementScientists take this process of testing and reevaluation for granted. To them, it’s common sense. But it’s more than that. It’s an ethic. No law of nature forces you to test your theories against evidence or to admit, when those theories don’t check out, that you were wrong. Scientists concede error, often grudgingly, because their peers demand it. Science has a culture of falsification.

AdvertisementPolitics doesn’t. When political promises don’t pan out—wars turn into quagmires, public schools underperform, or tax cuts fail to pay for themselves—politicians invent excuses. This has always been a problem, but it’s getting worse. Trump and his acolytes don’t just spin facts; they completely disregard them. They repeat fantastic lies about election fraud, and when they’re confronted with contrary evidence, they’re not even embarrassed. headtopics.com

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Biden scores legislative win as House passes $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan

President Joe Biden scored his first legislative win as the House of Representatives passed his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package early Saturday, though Democrats face challenges to their hopes of using the bill to raise the minimum wage.

One in the same. No its republicans. Because they willingly believe the lies. We voted and picked people who choose science based policy. That's how democracy works. Let's hope we can keep this going. Demons, liars, and Republicans oh my! republicans and liars. isn't that a bit redundant? there still are gop who say the election was stolen, and who in the party is pushing back? any in the party push back on 'covid is a hoax'?

But republicans are the liars so.....? The Venn diagram of those two groups is a circle. It’s just that there’s a considerable overlap between the two groups. Observing and understanding reality, a basic education, and compassion for others are basic human skills that need no debate at all. It is absurd to argue for alternate false realities, anti-intellectualism, and screwing other people, then say that they are valid viewpoints.

And the difference is... the internet made everyone dumb, didn't it? How much she squat? conveniently, Republicans have unified behind lying Agreed. But not all lies are equal. Some lies take lives. To which party do all these people lying about the election belong? Republicans are liars One in the same though, no?