The Emmys Teased A More Diverse Awards Show This Year, But Ultimately Blew It

“Michael K. Williams for me was like a massive letdown. It kind of reminded me of Chadwick losing at the Oscars.”

9/21/2021 2:10:00 AM

“Michael K. Williams for me was like a massive letdown. It kind of reminded me of Chadwick losing at the Oscars.”

“Michael K. Williams for me was like a massive letdown. It kind of reminded me of Chadwick losing at the Oscars.”

ND:I don't think I've personally seen any of the nominees or winners commenting on it. I think it was a lot of"the Emmys are back to their usual stuff" kind of thing. Like you said, there are a lot of diverse nominations. And I think even when I was filling out my little Emmy ballot before, I had some of those people poised to win. Michael K. Williams for me was like a massive letdown. It kind of reminded me of Chadwick losing at the Oscars. That was a massive letdown for me because I loved

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Lovecraft Country. He's phenomenal. And I think that was one of the biggest like,"Okay, so we're really are going down the route ofThe Crownis winning every single thing."BuzzFeed Daily: It was awkward because [theReservation Dogscast's] speech was about showcasing diversity. And then [Television Academy president Frank Scherma] came out and even talked about having all of these diverse shows and how important it is to have shows that reflect the world that we're living in. And then immediately following that, it was, again, just another white person winning, then another white person winning. So it was just like,"How do they not see that?"

Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times via Getty ImagesND:Yeah, and another thing with the Academy president coming out — it was the most uncomfortable thing for me to watch him do that spiel. You had Conan [O'Brien] doing whatever the hell he was in the audience and it was for Debbie Allen. Literally you stole this woman of color's massive moment. She was the first Black woman to win the Governor's Award. And it became a moment of,"Conan's making some joke in the audience." Everybody's laughing, not paying attention, and [the president] spieling on about how diversity at the Emmys and on TV has never been greater. So that was something that really stuck out to me, too.

BuzzFeed Daily: One win I know all of us can wholeheartedly support is Michaela Coel's for writingI May Destroy You Read more: BuzzFeed »

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Emmys 2021: Performers of color shut out of lead and supporting actor racesOut of the 12 acting categories at Sunday’s Emmy Awards ceremony, not a single actor of color won a performance award, despite the record number of diverse nominees this year. So what? What does race have to do with it? The awards are stupid anyway, I don't care what a panel of out of touch self important people think. Come on man… we got bigger problems I will direct you all on Twitter to Invest your Cryptocurrency with👉 MichaelEddy_1 ❤️ I got a lot of profits from the profits company and I’m going to share this with you all , contact him and invest with him ASAP 👉 MichaelEddy_1❤️

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