The Emmys Had Its Most Diverse Nominees Yet, But Failed Them Over And Over

By the end of the night, no actors of color or LGBTQ actors had won any of the major acting awards.

9/20/2021 10:25:00 AM

By the end of the night, no actors of color or LGBTQ actors had won any of the major acting awards.

By the end of the night, no actors of color or LGBTQ actors had won any of the major acting awards.

when announcing his category, only to open the envelope and reveal that Tobias Menzies had won for Netflix’s “The Crown.”It didn’t help that Emmys voters only seemed to watch the same handful of shows from the past year, despite the glut of shows on TV right now and the diverse range of nominees this year.

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Many of the shows that dominated the nighthad predominantly white casts, like “The Crown,” as well as Apple TV+’s “Ted Lasso” and HBO’s “Mare of Easttown.” And when given the opportunity to honor something new and groundbreaking, the Emmys often went with the familiar, such as awarding NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” its umpteenth Emmy for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series, over HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show.”

Throughout the night, there was also a glaring discrepancy between the diversity of the presenters and the lack of diversity among the winners, with so many presenters of color giving awards to white winners.For instance, Sterlin Harjo, Paulina Alexis, Lane Factor, Devery Jacobs and D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai — the creator and main cast of the wonderful FX on Hulu comedy series “Reservation Dogs” — took the stage to talk about the importance of authentic and nuanced Indigenous representation on-screen. (“Reservation Dogs” will be eligible for Emmys next year — take note, voters!)

CBS Photo Archive via Getty ImagesThe cast of"Reservation Dogs" appears at the 73rd Emmy Awards on Sept. 19.They segued into presenting the award for Outstanding Directing in a Limited Series. The Emmy went to Scott Frank, director of Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit,” in a category in which Coel’s directing on “I May Destroy You” and Barry Jenkins, director of “The Underground Railroad,” were

right there.(“The Queen’s Gambit,” like many of the shows that won on Sunday night, also had a predominantly white cast, and one of its few characters of color was.)There were occasional markers of progress: The directing awards for both comedy and drama series went to women (Lucia Aniello for “Hacks” and Jessica Hobbs for “The Crown”). But even that was yet another reminder of the glacial pace of change in Hollywood; that women winning awards for directing still constitutes a rare and significant moment.

For years, TV viewers have become more diverse, demanding that the stories they see on-screen better reflect themselves. TV creators and artists from underrepresented communities have been advocating to get the few opportunities to tell those stories. Awards like the Emmys reflect the pinnacle of success, and the exposure that comes from awards can open up more doors for more people to tell their stories.

In a year when many institutions in Hollywood made promises to “do better” on diversity, it’s clear that so many of those promises remain unfulfilled. Read more: HuffPost »

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Maybe they just weren't good enough. NOT SURPRISED AT ALL......... Emmys are not given for skin color or sexual preference maybe you didn’t know that ? They’re given for performance excellence not who you do and what you are. Oh come on, really? The whole night was dedicated to unity and diversity. The actors that won deserved their award for an amazing performance. I didn't think RuPaul deserves an Emmy, not because he's black or LGBTQ but because I thought other shows were better deserving. Urgent!

I am ALL about equal opportunity, but is it possible, that none of them deserved it? Just like kids these days, everyone gets an award, do people of color or gay expect to get an award just because the color of their skin or who they sleep with? Where is the line here? A lot of talented people DID win

Perhaps. Perhaps they weren’t the best actor in their category .. there’s always that It’s a competition! Voters felt they weren’t the best obviously. This reminds me of Trump saying he won. It happens. If it's required, then it's affirmative action. If it was intentional, it's racist. If it just happened, which is likely, then it was simply coincidence. Not everything is an affront to people of color. Sometimes life just be like that.

Headlines like this are fodder for right-wing culture wars…

The Emmys Had Its Most Diverse Nominees Yet, But Failed Them Over And OverBy the end of the night, no actors of color or LGBTQ actors had won any of the major acting awards.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Woke Logic : Imma black actor, gimme reward now! I deserve more since the color of my skin is more important than everything else! Gimme or I'll cry on twitter tomorrow! Are they judged on their performances or on their sexual orientation, I would think the latter wouldn’t you? I was reading and totally forgot to watch.

Also: by the end of the night, the people most deserving of the awards actually received the awards? This is why people hate the term “woke”. This was about the arts. Not color or gender. Maybe they didn’t deserve it And who runs Hollywood? 🙇🏼‍♀️ Maybe they should learn to become better actors.

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It's not a failure. Awards have to be won, they can't be given out simply for the sake of including everyone regardless of merit. Hmmm might that be because those awards are based on merit and not on your skin color or who you choose to have sex with? I’ll never watch the crown. Lovecraft deserved all the awards

Since when did race and gender determine winning an award? well if they were not the best,of course they will not win.The awards are about who is best in each category and not “hey lets give poc or lgbt awards,so that they feel better”. Quit attaching someone’s sexual orientation to their JOBS! It’s very stupid and discriminatory and again, it creates segregation. What ppl do in their homes is nobody’s business!!!! ariannahuff It’s disgraceful what your paper is doing.

…..And is a bad message to our kids! Maybe schools should be more focused on teaching proper writing and people should be allowed more creativity than keep repeating the same story with different actors!!! It’s sad that the performances of actors now only matter of they’re gay or of a specific race. Maybe if the writers wrote better roles they’d win too, but I’m not sure why someone’s sexual orientation should count as acting talent!!! That’s bullcrap. Hollywood TheEmmys

Did they actually deserve any? Were any honestly better? It’s about talent first.

Well-known TV stars joke about losing in hilarious 'No Emmy Support Group' sketchScott Bakula, Jason Alexander, Alyson Hannigan and Zooey Deschanel talk failing to win an Emmy Award during a 'No Emmy Support Group' sketch at the Emmys. Thought it was hilarious People watch the Emmys? Nobody cares

People win awards on merit not the colour of their skin. There's so much dishonesty in the leftist movement that doesn't help in the long run. The emmys are not like the competition for vice president, you don't win just because of the color of your skin. Get over it. People shouldn't hand you awards just because you're a different color.

Maybe because they weren’t good enough Surely awards should be about quality rather than anything else! Such thinking is profoundly discriminatory and ridiculous, and stirs up unnecessary bad emotions that cause disharmony and alienation. This is not an injustice ffs. It's an award show of already famous people congratulating each other.

And this surprises whom exactly? It's just another day in Hollywood. Same caca as always. Nominate people to show how inclusive they are then shut them out to prove that they aren't. Like I said...just another day. HuffPost publishes non story. Film at 11. The cast from Pose deserved Emmys 11 million

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Just put a warning in the TV shows and movies that show them even close to each other and we'll treat them with minimal respect, we promise. No surprises on screen from these things unless it leads into a violent scene This is a radical idea..... But I'll go with it.... Maybe the non white/non straight actors..... Weren't that good?

One must remember these award shows ARE NOT AMERICA VOTES FOR FAVORITES. They are made by and paid for ppl with lost of money who give out awards hoping you will make them more money by watching the show they made. Its not about equality fairness or diversity its all about money Ummm I could have predicted this 6 months ago nosuprisehere

Lack of talent. Winners? Is winning a due? Just asking 'I deserve an Emmy, because I like other dudes!' -children who were awarded a trophy as the benchwarmer on the last-place team, as a real child. It has to be earned. An award is not given just because you belong to a minority group or colour. You’re commenting on the arts and skills,talents. Stop making everything about colour. Only in America.

Why is an award being based on your gender, sexuality or race? Should it now be about talent? I’m confused 🤔

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It’s not racist it just means they sucked Welcome back to old Crusty (Some of y'all know what I mean) Hollywood. It is really time now for the ethnic majority of American actors, directors, cinematographers, set & custom designers,et al to do our own. Why do we need they're acceptance? Emmy is for the best actors or the most colored? So color, in skin or flag, is what counts in Emmys, is that it? I thought it was about acting This is too politicaly correct for me

I don't own a TV, and if I could get off social media I'd be eternally grateful. That said, a question: did those who won deserve it or not? If there hadn't been a single white person among the winners, I wouldn't have even thought about it. What got to give them jist for being a tokin of the left? 😂 What's that the democratics are the party of sheets?

This makes me sad because PoseOnFX was so brilliant. MjRodriguez7, theebillyporter and the rest of the cast were exceptional. Black and 🏳️‍🌈 aside, their performances were mesmerizing. Employee of the month. Give it to the person that hasn’t won it yet Maybe the other actors were better. this is terrible news

Emmys 2021: Performers of color shut out of lead and supporting actor racesOut of the 12 acting categories at Sunday’s Emmy Awards ceremony, not a single actor of color won a performance award, despite the record number of diverse nominees this year. So what? What does race have to do with it? The awards are stupid anyway, I don't care what a panel of out of touch self important people think. Come on man… we got bigger problems I will direct you all on Twitter to Invest your Cryptocurrency with👉 MichaelEddy_1 ❤️ I got a lot of profits from the profits company and I’m going to share this with you all , contact him and invest with him ASAP 👉 MichaelEddy_1❤️