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Elevator Pitch, Andrew Yang

The elevator pitch: These candidates explain why they should be president, in 90 seconds or less

The elevator pitch: 2020 Dem candidates explain why they should be president, in 90 seconds or less


The elevator pitch : 2020 Dem candidates explain why they should be president, in 90 seconds or less

Yahoo News is asking 2020 presidential hopefuls to explain to voters why they should be the next president — distilled down to the length of an elevator ride.

Sen. Cory Booker’s elevator pitch was focused on unity too.

Story continues“Here’s why you should vote for me in one minute or less,” Yang said. “We are going through the greatest economic transformation in the history of our country, what experts are calling the fourth industrial revolution. This led directly to Donald Trump becoming our president in 2016.”

“We’d automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Iowa,” Yang continued. “And now my friends in technology know we’re about to do the same thing to millions of American jobs.

“I will get America working again,” Delaney said. “There’s a lot of issues we need to deal with. We need to deal with climate change, we need to improve public education, we need to create a form of universal health care, we need to help workers, we need to invest in communities that are left behind and we need to reestablish ourselves in the world and we need a leader who’s committed to finding common ground in getting those things done.

“Vote for me if you are not approving of Mr. Trump, and you can vote against Mr. Trump twice,” Weld said. “First in the Republican primary, where your vote will come right out of his pocket ... and then again if he’s still in the race in the final and vote for whoever you want there; it might be a Democrat at that time. But that’s the way to maximize your vote.”

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JohnDelaney It's not about positivity. It's about a logical, working and sustainable future. Something that you cannot give us. JohnDelaney Yeah, it's always a good thing to take a complex topic and force its reduction to a few second explanation. Brilliant, Yahoo...no wonder I use Google. JohnDelaney The Delaney statement is hollow. Moreover, USAians don't need a leader. That's not the purpose/function of POTUS. USAians need a POTUS that does Art. II stuff and makes Congress do Art. I stuff, where POTUS does Art. I stuff ONLY when Congress abdicates.

JohnDelaney dropoutdelaney Amy Klobuchar!! BernieSanders O. M. G. Folks your Democrat Presidential field for 2020. Be afraid. Be very afraid. CoryBooker SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer SenGillibrand SenWarren KamalaHarris CoryBooker SenatorDurbin IlhanMN aoc RashidaTlaib BetoORourke RepCummings - Put all of these loser democrats POTUS wannabes & you still come out with 'Who the heck is this'? All of them good for NOTHING

CoryBooker Lame...and Rosario Dawson isn't really your 'Girlfriend.' BernieSanders Hes not even in an elevator. BernieSanders ObnoxiousOutlier It should take us a second to say hell no to all of them.

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AndrewYang Right Yang Just plain simple hard fisted govmt control of our freedoms & liberties socialism communism whatever you want to call it.Yang if we wanted that we’d all move to China... So why don’t you move to China. You could possibly be a Chicom agent “ THE 100 YEAR MARATHON “ AndrewYang Under President Trump inequality dropped. 😁

AndrewYang Socialist Pig 🐷 AndrewYang Americans will never elect a Chinaman AndrewYang what floor colincampbell AndrewYang I’m willing to listen to more of what he has to say... so, that makes this pitch a success as far as I’m concerned. 🤔 AndrewYang So called 'elevator speeches' are so on trend these days.


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