The electoral map is tilting badly against Donald Trump right now

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The electoral map is tilting badly against Donald Trump right now | Analysis by CillizzaCNN

A series of polls in swing states released Wednesday make this reality plain. .duval-3{width:100%;position: relative; border: 1px solid #979797; border-left: none; border-right: none;padding: 20px 0; box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0 0 20px 0; max-width: 660px;} .duval-3 a{color: #1a1a1a; text-decoration: none;font-size: 0;} .

In each episode of his weekly YouTube show, Chris Cillizza will delve a little deeper into the surreal world of politics. Click to subscribe! * A Fox News poll in Arizona shows Joe Biden leading Trump 46% to 42%* A Fox News poll in Ohio put Biden at 45% to Trump's 43%* A Fox News poll in Wisconsin had Biden at 49% and Trump at 40%.Read More* A Quinnipiac University poll in Texas had the race at Trump 44%, Biden 43%.How bad are those numbers for Trump? To put a fine point on it: Really bad.The last Democrat to win Arizona at the presidential level was Bill Clinton in 1996.


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CillizzaCNN Lol... u guys got it wrong in 2016 wat has changed now in 2020?

CillizzaCNN Get his pompous ass OUT!!!


CillizzaCNN Poppycock. He is doing an outstanding job. Take your hatred blinders off.

CillizzaCNN Wish we could get Kansas to go blue!!!💙

CillizzaCNN Don't take any polls for granted. If you are a liberal or progressive, vote blue from the top to the bottom. Then stay involved and keep pressure on elected officials to follow through on their agenda.

CillizzaCNN No lying fascist CNN! But good try! However with liberal fascist massive voter fraud already happening, your corrupt party is trying hard!

CillizzaCNN Remember JohnKingCNN said Trump has NO PATH to the presidency in 2016

CillizzaCNN How can anyone who claims to be a decent human support anything gop is beyond me? Really!

CillizzaCNN FACT CHECK... fake news no way this wins. Never mind he incarcerated tens of thousands of blacks with his crime bill, done still locked up 20 years later. Great law joe

CillizzaCNN I guarantee Trump will win bigger than Ronald Reagan did.

CillizzaCNN LMFAO!! CNN again tossing out fake news on Trump’s poll numbers. Seriously, who cares what CNN has to say anymore.

CillizzaCNN Donald Trump can't rule US again, mark my word

CillizzaCNN 加拿大州呢

CillizzaCNN That map could have green, yellow and brown and mean exactly the same thing

CillizzaCNN What can CNN say?remember 2016how u lied us

CillizzaCNN Goodbye Trump, hello to new brighter future.

CillizzaCNN This is the turning point.

CillizzaCNN It's scary it's still this close vote JoeBiden 💪🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊💗

CillizzaCNN Want America Great Again. VOTE BLUE.

CillizzaCNN CNN fake news..

CillizzaCNN 'Tilting'?. That muthafucka gangsta leaning. VoteBlue ImRidinWitBiden Biden2020 Biden2020Landslide


CillizzaCNN Hope so, fuck Trump!!!

CillizzaCNN I don’t even know why he showed up against Clinton in 2016. I mean, based on the polls...

CillizzaCNN Then, I was on the Democratic side but now no more!

CillizzaCNN 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yeah, right!

CillizzaCNN A poll from Crappy News Network means nothing.

CillizzaCNN Not if the gop rig it again.

CillizzaCNN You probably predicted Hillary to win too!! Losers, move on!!

CillizzaCNN Right now is the key word WAIT TILL NOVEMBER.


CillizzaCNN Skew the data to show Trump will win. This will make more people to go vote against him. We can’t get comfortable WE MUST VOTE HIM OUT

CillizzaCNN Yes we know. Only if the polls were right in 2016 it would matter. But I’m sure it makes some people feel good.

CillizzaCNN This kind of analysis from Fake News CillizzaCNN is what keeps Sleepy Joe from getting out of his dungeon.

ruivelosomx CillizzaCNN De cnn no creo nada.

CillizzaCNN Same recycled map you used for Hilary’s landslide?

CillizzaCNN Lol

CillizzaCNN hahaha Biden wants to change our constitution for socialist agenda your lies on virus and riots fake news the truth will shine they will see the reality of your socialist agenda you feel people are stupid fixing the race with killary. but,there was overwhelming support for trump

CillizzaCNN TrumpOut2020 time to get rid of pathetic incompetent trump


CillizzaCNN So then the reality of it all is that it's the exact opposite of how the map reads. Face it CNN, your credibility is nonexistent. I'm not even American and I can see what your agenda is. At least try to make it less obvious. Christ you're terrible at lying....

CillizzaCNN CNN I can also say you have all been terrible to the President of the United states you report so many bad things against Mr. Trump every single day since he’s been in office you are A terrible group if there was ever a racist group it’s CNN hypocrites racist

CillizzaCNN No problem. He still has Ohio. So goes Ohio, so goes the nation! Trump2020Landslide

Hoops4x4 CillizzaCNN

CillizzaCNN Arizona needs to be purple on that map.

CillizzaCNN Just remember -

CillizzaCNN I really hope youre right on this one. If youre wrong it could spell the end of american democracy as we know it

CillizzaCNN Don’t get my hopes up. I’m continuing to hold my breath until god willing that man is out of the White House.

CillizzaCNN I can not believe that CNN actually trusts their polling, none of you have been right in 4 years. You need to change research company’s

CillizzaCNN FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CillizzaCNN More liberal left media propaganda and disinformation from CNN (Chinese News Network)

CillizzaCNN We’ll certainly see. Still way too early.


CillizzaCNN Your electoral map is way off..there are less red in there than you display. Also this is the reason why we need to get rid of the EC. a few local yokels in an abandoned state has more votes than states with an actual population.

CillizzaCNN That a good decision

SethAbramson CillizzaCNN VOTE VOTE VOTE

CillizzaCNN Get this orange face out of the white house and start respecting out country again. BlackLivesMatter BunkerBoyTrump AmericaOrTrump

CillizzaCNN Sucios CNN


CillizzaCNN Michigan hasnt voted yet!

CillizzaCNN Good news!!!

CillizzaCNN no it's not

CillizzaCNN Anywhere Trump won because of black voters, he will not win in November. He only has the Sheeple evangelical vote still locked in.

CillizzaCNN Polls and projections don’t matter. This lulls is into complacency.

CillizzaCNN Minblowing that there could even be any red states on the map willing to vote for this lunatic

CillizzaCNN Let me enlighten you... I have no intention of voting for Trump again, but his people WILL get out and vote. A LOT of dems talk online but don't vote. Many independents like myself won't bother going out because they see both as 'more of the same' Trump may very well win again

SethAbramson CillizzaCNN I hope the electoral map keeps tilting until it completely flips over & makes trump disappear.

CillizzaCNN Trump will still win !!!

CillizzaCNN Fake Fake news!!

CillizzaCNN Joe2020

CillizzaCNN 6.2 percent of Montana's Republican voters decided 'blank' would be a better president than trump. Let that sink in.

CillizzaCNN Self deceit is the worst thing to engage in in life, CNN's situation is really pathetic


CillizzaCNN Psssst -- your desperation is showing. CorruptMedia FakeNewsCNN

CillizzaCNN As it should. May it keep tilting badly against the dotard. VoteOutTheGOP VoteOutHate VoteTrumpOut2020 VoteBlue VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

CillizzaCNN Good, let's get the anti-christ out & try to make America better.

CillizzaCNN 😂

CillizzaCNN I sure hope so, this country must rid itself from this cancer.


CillizzaCNN No one believes that Biden is gaining. Only sheep at CNN. This is the same movie MSM did with Hillary. She got her a** handed to her.

CillizzaCNN Yeah didn’t you say that 2016

CillizzaCNN Concocted-News Network (CNN).

CillizzaCNN 99 percent chance Clinton again!!! Wooop! Lol


CillizzaCNN He who laughs last laughs...

CillizzaCNN CNN revealing what all the chaos is truly about.

CillizzaCNN AMEN And So Shall It’s Be. IJMN. Shalom.

CillizzaCNN Still mind-boggling that democrats managed to lose to Trump in 2016, and these are the people to lead us going forward?

CillizzaCNN So says CNN.

CillizzaCNN LOL. False. Trump's approval is the highest in his presidency and above Obama at this time in their presidencies.

CillizzaCNN He needs to be a 1 term president. He’s already scarred this position for life in this country.

CillizzaCNN Sure is all that red fir trump

CillizzaCNN Analysis by Cillizza

CillizzaCNN And when Trump wins in a landslide, CNN viewers will be so confused and outraged, because they are being spoon fed far left propaganda, not news

CillizzaCNN Change Arizona to blue... We voted for a Dem Senator. We will vote out 45. 🇺🇸🗳✅

CillizzaCNN Ha Ha. We are silent now. We are going to talk in November. Trump 2020 ❤️🇺🇸

CillizzaCNN Keep stoking those red voters to turn out and those blue voters to be complacent. 👍

CillizzaCNN I wonder why? 🤔 Democrats tanked the economy with shutdowns. Democrats incited riots for police abuse that happened in a Democrat city and state. Democrats abused the DOJ with the Russiagate hoax. Let’s elect more Democrats!


CillizzaCNN PSA : Canada has very lenient immigration laws 🇨🇦 🍁 maplesyrup eh

CillizzaCNN From lol


CillizzaCNN FakeNews

CillizzaCNN Can't believe anyone can support this monster

CillizzaCNN If the election is today who will you vote for ?

CillizzaCNN Hallelujah

CillizzaCNN Looks like the REAL America is back in town.

CillizzaCNN First of all Cillizza is full of it all the time. Second, you should be investigating Trump’s taxes, his ties to Epstein, and whatever Putin has on him. You could have ended this by now if you really wanted to.

CillizzaCNN Fake News!

CillizzaCNN Just like 5 years ago no? 😁

CillizzaCNN Seriously Doubt CNN

CillizzaCNN And that’s what you said when Hilary was your candidate. Don’t be fooled again CNN.

CillizzaCNN Isn't it Democrat states that burnt? Their leaders let them be burnt?

CillizzaCNN Best part of the riots was when they attacked your building , 👍👏👮‍♀️👮👮‍♂️👌back the blue .... Trump 2020

CillizzaCNN It is funny how they blame realDonaldTrump when it is the TheDemocrats who will not condemn them and are using them for their own political means. they will not condemn the murder of those who murdered GeorgeFloyd needs justice but so do they WalkAwayFromDemocrats

CillizzaCNN Yipee, give chris a raise. But fire him if trump wins.

CillizzaCNN Learn from your mistakes, boomer

CillizzaCNN 98% Sure?

CillizzaCNN Honestly it is likely to be worse for him. Lots of others will be going down with him too.

CillizzaCNN Republican senators will soon be coming out against Trump to save their own seats

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