The Do’s and Don’ts when filling out a mail-in ballot

WATCH: The Do’s and Don’ts when filling out a mail-in ballot

10/24/2020 8:02:00 AM

WATCH: The Do’s and Don’ts when filling out a mail-in ballot

NBC’s Joshua Johnson demonstrates how to properly fill out and verify a mail-in ballot from both Hillsborough County Florida and Georgia. For more information on your state’s mail-in ballot instructions visit

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maddow We put two stamps on just to be safe. Witness, if required. maddow And in some states like NC and SC you need a witness maddow For the love of God, please don’t forget to add the signature and address of your witness on the outside of your envelope (at least in NC-it took me three weeks to untangle that mess And get my ballot validated and counted. But I did!)

maddow My Pennsylvania ballot was BLACK INK ONLY! And place in Dropbox, no u.s. mail. Disappointed that my ballot was marked received almost two weeks ago and it is yet to be marked accepted. They shouldn't be able to throw out ballots that they consider invalid if they aren't going to give people a chance to at least fill out a provisional ballot.

If You Can Hear Perfectly/ Have 20/20 Vision! HURRY!!! DON'T Sign Anything!🙄😷 Serious Though! Don't Trust Anyone UNTIL The Epstein Case Is Concluded & The Children Are Protected! No Presidents/Royals Etc. This Involvement Is Big & Spread Wide Globally. Not Just A U.S. Thing. Some states require a witness to also sign it. NC requires that. Not sure why and it’s stupid.

realDonaldTrump So, where’s Your Health Plan? Where’s your Covid Response Plan? Where’s your plan to fight racial inequality, white supremacy, wildfire/forest management, and job creation plans? 🤔POTUS is a sham, never completing anything; only deflecting. Vote JoeBiden CrookedJoeBiden WalkAwayFromDemocrats

From what I hear it doesn’t matter what you put on the ballot as long as it’s a vote for Democrats they will count it The Fight against Fake News Just to make sure you vote Democrat, sample ballots already completed were handed out in North Carolina. DONT VOTE FOR BIDEN Black ink only in Pennsylvania Jfc this isn't rocket science.. if you can't master the envelope, don't vote

Do vote for Biden Don’t vote for Trump You forgot one check box: Vote for Trump!! I don’t make money from China' in Thursday night’s presidential debate, Donald has in fact collected MILLIONS of dollars from government-owned entities in China since he took office. Forbes estimates that at least $5.4 million has flowed into the president’s business...

DON'T VOTE BLUE! DO VOTE RED! TrumpWins2020 good I did mine by mail. The instructions on it was deceiving. It told me to use the device given (A pencil). I don’t have to use a pencil. I could use a pen. And I did! DONT MAIL IN VOTE, DONT TRUST THE MEDIA WHEN THEY TELL YOU HOW YOU MUST VOTE. Or you could just go in and vote like a normal person

I literally forgot to sign the envelope. If I lived in a swing state republicans would only count it if it helps there guy Help USA - People DON'T Know that they can save the USPS, skip the middle man, avoid the lines and be COVID safe by directly dropping off their ballots at county Election Offices. It is simple and took me only 10 minutes to vote! PLEASE SHARE.

Do: Vote for Trump. Don't Vote for Biden. Don’t forget to sign with the signature you used on your drivers license. thereidout Ugh. Everyone should do it like WA. No postage necessary or you can put it in a drop box. Privacy sleeve is there, but not required. We manage to tally pretty well, too. And you can track your ballot online.

Vote in person, so the cheating bastards don't throw it out.

Pennsylvania ballots can’t be tossed out over voters' signatures, court saysPennsylvania’s Supreme Court rules unanimously on a key concern surrounding an avalanche of mailed ballots, prohibiting counties from rejecting them if the voter’s signature on it does not resemble the signature on the voter’s registration form. Suck in Donald realDonaldTrump You mad? good. judges should not be legislating from the bench, anyway. there was no provision for this in the first place.

Pennsylvania can not reject mail-in ballots due to signature discrepancy: state courtPennsylvania's Supreme Court ruled on Friday that mail-in ballots cannot be refused because a voter's signature does not appear to match the one on file, a decision that could help Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Why have election laws and election safeguards when some random judge is just going to throw them out for no valid reason other than feelings? And suddenly my poker game greatly improved. After they mentioned that gentleman never asks to show the cards... So I can fill out anyone’s ballot and scribble something for a signature? What could possible happen 🤔

N. Carolina GOP asks Supreme Court to roll back extra time for accepting mail-in ballotsThe Trump campaign said extending the extended deadline would "pose an immediate threat to the integrity of the federal election process." Voter suppression by the republicans again. Dead republicans need more time to vote.

Pennsylvania Top Court Says Mail-In Ballots Can't Be Rejected Over Signature MismatchesThe state's Supreme Court ruled Friday that election officials cannot reject mail-in ballots solely because of perceived signature discrepancies. but Rence said they will be court challenging mailing stamps and signatures on ballots Awesome news Same happened in California when the state rejected 33,000 to 45,000 ballots in the November 2016 general election alone due to a perceived signature mismatch.

Tens of thousands of mailed ballots Have Been Returned as Undeliverable in WashingtonSome 28,000 ballots—equal to 6 percent of the total mailed out—bounced back to the D.C. elections office. Democrats really screwed over our traditional voting, which was far more honest, accurate and 99.9% chance of NO screw ups. Now 100% screwed up. Can see how there all Democrat cities can’t budget correctly & why there’s never no money, no matter if the people was taxed at 100% Has this happened in prior presidential elections? 🙊You guys seeing this?! BITCOIN IS HOLDIND at $12.8k! I think we might really see it hit the $20k mark by Xmas like everyone has been saying!! 🚀 🌛to the moon!!!!!!