The damage Dominic Cummings has done to Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson’s administration—which he calls the “people’s government”—is particularly vulnerable to accusations of hypocrisy

aides have a habit of creating headaches for their bosses. Damian McBride, Gordon Brown’s pressman, quit over a smear campaign. Andy Coulson, who did the same job for David Cameron, resigned over his role in the tabloid phone-hacking scandal. Such rows are often complex, who-knew-what-when stories that delight insiders, but which the public would soon forget.

As in 2009, anger has mixed with ridicule. Mr Cummings’s claim he drove to Barnard Castle, a beauty spot, on his wife’s birthday in order to test his eyesight is the butt of jokes and memes online. Just 8% of Britons accept the alibi, a similar proportion to those who believe the earth is flat.


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Cummings and goings

One rule for Boris & Friends, another for the rest. Not sure where Cummings his “listen to the people” sit, maybe he should also get his hearing tested cumgate

When he finishes the Brexit job, no doubt he will go. Until then, the Left and Remainers cannot be trusted not to try to overturn Brexit as they have tried to previsouly.

The media sure hates this guy. But, Brexit marches on, despite your anger and vindictiveness.

But you couldn't have that. Your shaky edifice depends on his kind in every conceivable environment. Stand by your man!

What utter Bull.

Popularity of Boris Johnson was destined to nose-dive within the shortest time possible because it was built on soft sand, breakup of European Union.

Most leavers want Cummings to stay

Do what I say not what I do

acatherwoodnews No, this is wrong. What will happen is that people will be pleased to see Boris not allowing MSM to dictate policy. It is after all the case that this whole witch hunt was caused by lies repeated by them.

Approval ratings, what?! Sadly they have learned that public opinion is something that can be manipulated for victory at the crucial point and ignored otherwise.

Sometimes it is good to appreciate individual's starling contributions to change of our lives as a nation. His Excellency Raila Odinga's is worth recognition. I support Tonney Gachoka's sentiment. By Jethro Tom Odera, The Gadfly.

Even Johnson seems to be admitting in private that Cummings made a mistake.

Cummings administration still going strong this morning. The weirdo still running the show. He obviously has some serious dirt on Johnson and Gove. What is unbelievable is how the British people are stomaching it.

Cummings knows what he needs to do and he should get on with it.

but, arrogance and globalism do go.

If you look at polls, Tories at 43% which is pretty close to what they got in both 2017 and 2019. Biggest difference is LibDems dropped and almost all that has gone to Labour making it more competitive. But that will only get things close, Labour needs Tory votes 2 win.

Last weeks news? This weeks chip paper

Dominic Cummings should resign as what he did was inexcusable. Will he bring down the party with him or fall on his sword?

Dominic Cummings is going nowhere.... he is not a minister of state that will resign or get prosecuted under the court of public opinion...Cummings is only responsible to BorisJohnson and no one else.

Think we all agree total shamblesq

Both disappointments and a shit prime minister who has done nothing to help with the pandemic but clap for the nhs

Drop it. You lost.

Considering the people who reported they ‘saw’ Dominic Cummings were liars. Don’t you think you ought to report the truth just for once?

Defending globalization think the games over

or at all.

reflects public anger at BorisJohnson MattHancock etc putting Cummings (see henrymance in FT) above the welfare of those who did their CivicDuty & followed Lockdown (& spirit). Lost control & support by their Distractions. HollowingOutTheScience Reckless

They try to stifle the story about Cumming's day out. Emily Maitlis was reprimanded for telling it.

The moment you and the people around you believe you're indispensable, it's the moment of capitulation to weakness and inevitable failure lockdown2020

Fuck politicians

He blatantly broke the law and has to be accountable for it

People are sick of politicians not apologising when they have made a mistake. If he had if owned up, taken responsibility and apologised he might of had a chance. Arrogant disgusting behaviour.

Please don't fool the already uneducated and hateful and spiteful British working class. Boris is a cunning obese fox and knows that Dominic baby is a contender to the PM's post and this way he can keep him out of reach from the throne.

The media have not come out of this well. Plus they have failed to remove him.

It’s obvious Boris is weak and can’t live without Cummings.

'Regime', not 'Administration'. Surely.

acgrayling The problem is people have short memories and will have forgotten about all this by the time the next election comes round.

juniordrblog Haven't you resigned already?

It is not the damage to Boris we should be concerned. It the damage to Britain World wide

juniordrblog Still here?

A blessing in disguise for theUK

Negative accusations

And do you think he really cares?

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