'The Daily Show' Goes Full Fox News In Damning Parody Of Vaccine Mandate Coverage

Correspondent Desi Lydic spoofed the conservative network's COVID-19 reporting.

9/18/2021 2:00:00 PM

Correspondent Desi Lydic spoofed the conservative network's COVID-19 reporting.

Correspondent Desi Lydic spoofed the conservative network's COVID-19 reporting.

’s new COVID-19 vaccine mandates in her latest “Foxsplains” segment for “The Daily Show.”In the bit released Thursday, correspondent Lydic claimed to have watched the conservative network for 87 hours straight before explaining why the measures aimed at ending the pandemic are a conspiracy on the same level as “North Korea times Apartheid plus 9/11.”

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This is amazing When U don't understand something or just don't get it (the consequences of Covid) U tend 2 oppose it, versus taking the time 2 research it, trying 2 understand it or trying to learn more about it. Knee-jerk reactions or pleading ignorance in the 21st Century just doesn't cut it. Hahaha

Damping parody ..😂😂😂😂😂 FuxNewsFoolishness CovidiotCWordChannel AntiScienceAHoleChannel ComplicitCs Brilliant horrible

Fox News host invokes Civil Rights Act during rant on vaccine mandatesAs Fox News voices blast President Biden for his vaccine mandate, a newly-revealed internal memo shows Fox Corporation's vaccine policy is stricter than Biden’s. The company requires daily COVID testing, in comparison to Biden’s mandate which requires weekly testing of many private-sector workers who don’t get vaccinated. Democratic strategist Juanita Tolliver and medical contributor Dr. Ebony Hilton discuss the company’s hypocrisy. Hypocrisy knows no bounds 🤦‍♀️ AriMelber This is some low level psyops guys you can do better. “Cmon guys you like fox right? They have MaNdates!!!!”

The Fake Vaxx Card Next to YouThe proliferation of vaccine mandates is creating a black-market boom for counterfeit proof. In the live broadcast of the Italian media, the media said that the intensive care unit had not been vaccinated, and medical staff came forward to clarify that all the intensive care unit had been vaccinated, and then the picture was quickly cut off. its probs a lot easier to get a shot

These vaccine mandates are already in place to attend school in the USThis school district is the largest in the country to mandate a coronavirus shot - which joins a list of other vaccines already required to attend school that protect against highly contagious diseases. Just passing along some beautiful jewelry I think you may be interested in! Please enjoy this thread: ⬇️ You will allow yourself to be injected... Or else

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