The curious case of Vivian Flores, Lakers catfish queen

The curious case of Vivian Flores, Lakers catfish queen

4/22/2021 10:04:00 AM

The curious case of Vivian Flores, Lakers catfish queen

A report that Lakers fan Vivian Flores went missing Sunday unlocked a wormhole of catfishing possibilities that pulled Markieff Morris and Kevin Durant into its maw.

Lakers playing like they was all out looking for Vivian this morning— kev (@doublerim)April 20, 2021On Monday Toussaint said Flores had been found, but soon deleted many of his posts, including his initial plea for help in search of Flores. In response to accusations that he was guilty of catfishing the public, a frustrated Toussaint insisted that he was a victim like the rest of the internet.

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Still haven’t gotten a goddamn explanation. Thought I trusted someone and learned my lesson. Tried to help a friend I thought was in peril. I was duped like yall and feel bad I was a pawn. Such garbage. Logging off for awhile. Stay safe out there. You never know ✌️

— Josh Toussaint (@josh2saint)April 20, 2021That same day, someone posted to Flores’ account sharing her side of the story.“I have people on here that can verify who I am,” the since-deleted tweets said, according to theNew York Post. “I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. ... As for me going missing, yes it happened. I passed out from my treatment.”

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🥲ppl are so dumb. Lmao Lakers Speaking of catfish, nope, the story isn’t worth the subscription. This is cray.