The Crunchy Samosa Burrito That Comes From a Surprise Pit Stop

The crunchy samosa burrito that comes from a surprise pit stop outside of D.C. (Via @Eater_DC)

10/18/2021 1:30:00 AM

The crunchy samosa burrito that comes from a surprise pit stop outside of D.C. (Via Eater_DC)

Chit Chaat cafe marries home-style Punjabi cooking with convenience in a Northern Virginia gas station

On a recent lunchtime visit to a nondescript ExxonMobil gas station in Vienna, Virginia, a handful of curious onlookers were drawn to a line attached to a little kiosk inside. Alongside soda and the usual lineup of packaged snacks, grab-and-go mango lassis were lined up in a refrigerated case. When people forked over their money, they left with boxes of chicken biryani, assemble-yourself pani puri, and burritos stuffed with fried vegetable samosas.

Raja and Bindu Puri openedChit Chaat cafeinside the gas station at 200 Maple Avenue E a few months ago. The husband and wife do all the prep and cooking. Their children Neil, Maggie, and Nikki take on respective roles in operations, finance, and social media. Although it’s not the family’s first restaurant, it’s their first one surrounded by fuel pumps.

The Puris moved to the U.S. from the Punjab region of India in the late 1990s. Bindu liked to cook for the Indian community, preparing elaborate meals for parties and serving as an unofficial caterer for friends and family. About three years ago, the couple decided to take the leap and open a restaurant in Chantilly, Virginia. The first Chit Chaat cafe opened in the summer of 2019 after lengthy delays.

RelatedWhy America’s Gas Stations Are Great Dining DestinationsIntrigued by the business opportunity to own a gas station, the family bought the ExxonMobil in Vienna in 2021. They had no plans to open a restaurant inside, but they soon recognized the potential of serving customers on the go. For the first few months of business, the family packaged prepared meals in the Chantilly kitchen and sold them at the gas station. Once they realized there was a demand, they decided to build another kitchen.

“We wanted to make sure that we were delivering to our customers the promise of fresh, homemade food,” says Neil Puri, the son who manages finances for the business. Neil says open flames are not allowed inside a gas station, so the family makes due with electric stovetops. “There’s definitely less room for cooking,” he says, “but mainly we are seeing more traffic than we thought of initially so we are learning to be more efficient in the limited space.”

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Freezer Breakfast Burritos Recipe on Food52It took 18 eggs, 12 tortillas, and 3 mountains of grated cheese to yield this—the freezer breakfast burrito of my hopes and dreams. Allow me to explain... Which cheese works best? Mozzarella is melty but too mild. Cheddar is flavorful but doesn’t have the correct amount of goo. Pre-shredded is temptingly convenient but faintly starchy. Monterey Jack, with its velvety melt, quickly decimated with a grater, is the winner. Do I need to prep potatoes from scratch? No. One session of rinsing and squeezing and flipping grated potatoes rendered that idea obsolete. Then I remembered—tots! But more of them made their way into my mouth than the burrito, and something wasn’t quite right. So I returned to the freezer aisle to discover shredded hash browns. What even are shredded hash browns? Ignoring this and other existential questions, I forged on, and they were perfect, substantial but creamy. What’s the easiest way to cook 8 eggs? I started with scrambled eggs. This was good, this was working out, my life was great. But then I didn’t have a pan big enough to scramble the 8 eggs, and I didn’t want to cook them in batches. Solution? Bake the eggs in a thin sheet like a frittata. Easier to cook and easier to build the burrito. The trick to getting a luxurious layer of eggs, similar to a quiche, is to cook it low with a bit of cornstarch to hold it together and some dairy for added lubrication. Wait, where’s the meat? I ended up nixing the breakfast meat to cut back on bulk (beans and eggs provide enough heft). If you’d like to add some in, though, feel free to use about ½ pound of cooked protein (tempeh, seasoned tofu, bacon, sausage, or ham) scattered on top of the eggs just before rolling. Any tips on assembly? Wait for the potatoes and eggs to cool before ensconcing them snugly inside (steamy ingredients equal soggy tortillas). When it’s time to roll, don’t be overzealous and tug too tight. Roll loosely, then tighten up the shape when wrapping with parchment (I was inspired Is there such a thing as gluten free burritos? Wow, that recipe looks like a great and delic idea! …I can’t help but feel that the ambition is misplaced.

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