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The Coaching That Helped This Nike Exec Start Her Own Team

Stefanie Strack had a high-profile job at Nike. Her 'Jedi master' convinced her it was time to leave.

5/30/2020 5:00:00 AM

Stefanie Strack had a high-profile job at Nike. Her 'Jedi master' convinced her it was time to leave.

Stefanie Strack left behind prestigious jobs in the world of apparel to start VIS Holdings, a business that supports young female athletes. It might not have happened without encouragement from her key advisers.

May 29, 2020 9:00 am ETStefanie Strack is not afraid to embrace risky career moves. But she doesn’t do so on her own.Before leaving a high-profile job at Nike Inc., she consulted with A.K. Pradeep, an adviser whom Ms. Strack refers to as her “Jedi master” because of his wise entrepreneurial candor. He urged her to jump ship and never look back. So Ms. Strack quit to take charge of Rag & Bone, a small apparel company.

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So Nobel. First I sell my soul and become rich then I leave and declare a higher ground. I think that is the recipe You never know till you try !!! … and my own , 'The Future Belongs to the Ambitious' (tm)&(reg.) … Good Luck !!! Why is this news? “‘Male feminist at work convinces credulous Menstruator (it’s a thing now in Canada) who threatens his job to walk away from a 7 figure compensation package to go change world as super-cool ‘Founder’, dumb millennial falls for it, old guy stays put”. Didn’t read, amirite?

Sounds like it's working out horribly... Jedi Master?!? Yoda. You seek Yoda.

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Zoom aims to be the next big platform for start-ups to build billion-dollar businessesZoom is looking to team up with start-ups to fast forward product innovation as competition from tech titans heats up. Yep! Stay home. Dont socialize, dont congregate, dont touch another human and you will slowly decay.

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Dallas PR Exec Was Killed on Memorial Day While Pulling Car into Driveway, Suspect Arrested'She was a beautiful person with a glowing personality that will be remembered by many,' Leslie Squair Baker's daughter wrote Interested in seeing what race the suspect is? If he is black I'm not sure why it doesn't say 'black suspect kills white woman' because you know it would if it was the other way around.. and that is how the media is keeping us separated!!! facts Don't people see how the media want us to hate each other? They would have nothing to write about if we didn't!! We have to wake up as a nation of human beings!! Rip to this woman and Mr Floyd!!

Where does the phrase 'When the looting starts, the shooting starts' come from?Before Trump, it was uttered by a Southern police chief during civil rights unrest in the 1960s. Fascists. Probably the people who actually WORK HARD for what they have. When the lying starts, the dying starts, by the 100’s of thousands.