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The Circle's Joey Sasso and Shubham Goel Reveal the Status of Their Friendship Now

4/14/2021 10:22:00 AM

The Circle's Joey Sasso and Shubham Goel Reveal the Status of Their Friendship Now

As a new crew of schemers and catfishers move into The Circle pad, E! News caught up with last season's fan favorites Joey Sasso and Shubham Goel to see where their relationship stands now.

That bond continued post show as they lived it up in L.A. and even after the pandemic sent Goel back to the Bay Area, where he's finishing his master's in software engineering at Oxford, working at the software engineering company he cofounded and taking "super sick" sketch comedy and improv classes on the side to stay sharp for any film and TV opportunities that might come his way.

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"Last weekend, me and Joey, we had a fire FaceTime—that was a really good one," Goel said of how they're keeping in touch COVID-style. "I think Joey called me at, like, 2 a.m. or something. We were just shooting the stuff like old days. I'll give that, like, a 12 out of 10."

Still, as fun as their chats and virtual game nights are, Sasso can't wait til his bud returns to the City of Angels and they can get some actualfacetime."We were kicking it all the time and we were going to do so much s--t together," he lamented of their few weeks together. Agreed Goel, "We went to the bars in L.A. and we went bowling and stuff. It was just the time of our lives." But as soon as the pandemic begins to wind down, he added, "I'll return back to L.A. and the duo will be reunited. For sure. Unstoppable."

InstagramAnd if they could find some way to work together again, Sasso, finally at a point in his decade-long career where "I don't have to, you know, sling drinks to survive," would be stoked. "I call Shoobs all the time with ideas for stuff we can do. I know people get a kick out of seeing us together," said Sasso. But even if none of that were to work out, "we can just hang out and do simple things: Watch movies and go to events."

Until then, they've always got the Internet and a whole new cast of personalities to dissect, with Netflix releasing its first batch of season two episodes April 14.Instagram"Shooby and I were talking about it because I think with our season, what a lot of people gravitated toward that you don't see a lot, is that it wasn't really cutthroat," Sasso noted. "Everyone really became friends and were there for the experience. So I wonder if that's going to be a common theme now or if people are going to be like, 'Screw them, there's $100,000 on the line. Let's get cutthroat with it.'"

Goel expects to see the former. Where their season was "all about friendship and making those true connections," this time, "I think there will be a lot more drama," he said.InstagramAnd no matter what goes down or who emerges on top, both he and Sasso are ready to welcome

The Circle's newest alumni into the fold."I've had so many people ask me, like, straight up, 'Are you jealous that there's a whole new cast of people that are going to get all the attention?'" admitted Sasso. "And I'm always like, 'Dude, I'm literally not at all.' I always say that this show changed my life in every single way, it jump-started my career. I have nothing bad I could ever say in regards to my experience with the show."

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And now to get the chance to sit back as a seasoned veteran with his bestie Shoobs "and watch it and welcome in a whole new group of people and see how their experience was," he continued, "like, that is so dope, man. I really can't wait."

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