The “Bones Day” TikToker Talked Us About His Pug Noodle And His New Fame

“Noodle supremacy is upon us.”

10/23/2021 12:48:00 AM

“Noodle supremacy is upon us.”

“Noodle supremacy is upon us.”

BuzzFeed Daily: So what does that mean for us? What's the forecast for the day?Instagram: @showmenoodzJG:OK, so I contributed to the false narrative of this at the very beginning, but there are no bad days here. A No Bones Day is not a bad day. It's just a day where you should feel permission to stay in bed, to wear soft clothes, to use that bath bomb that you've got. It's a self-care day, you know? Or at least that's how Noodle handles that. Whenever I see Noodle collapse back down into his bed and just go back to sleep, I'm always like,"That's self-care. I should do that, too." It's just that thing where if it's a No Bones Day, you don't have bones, so you can't push yourself too hard and you've just got to take it easy and do right by yourself.

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BuzzFeed Daily: OK, so you've been making Bones predictions with Noodle for a few months now, but your TikTok account really caught fire in the last couple of weeks. Can you point to a specific moment when everything blew up?@jongraz / TikTok / Via

tiktok.comJG:So the first one that got a lot of traction was done in the middle of August. I wasn't thinking much about it. It was just the silly little thing I do with my dog in the morning and I posted it. And then it had been up for like 45 minutes and I saw that it had like 250K views and was like,"Oh, something's happening here." And then I realized that this was just sort of a thing that people could connect with. So I started posting a little bit more through September and things were doing fine. And then October 3 rolled around and I had 100K followers on TikTok and I was like,"Oh my God, that's so cool. Look at this — 100K people. That's amazing." The very next day, I posted another video that ended up being a Bones Day video, and everything absolutely took off. And from there it's only grown from there. So the beginning of October is when it started to get a massive amount of traction and it's ballooned into a place that I have no way to measure. I have no idea what's happening.

BuzzFeed Daily: Because Noodle is a dog, I have to assume you're taking him out for a walk every now and then. Has anyone recognized you or Noodle on the street?Instagram: @showmenoodzJG:Yes. Yes, they have. I was at my coffee shop the other day and the barista there who I know, she knows everything that was going on, and she was like,"Oh my god, I saw you on

The Today Showyesterday," and I was so excited to chat with her about it. I was like,"Oh, it's so great. I totally threw up in the morning and then I felt amazing — that post-vom glow. I totally illuminated the screen." But as soon as she said,"You're on

The Today Show," someone just stepped over and was like,"Oh my god, you're The Pug Guy." And you know, I'll take it — I'll take"The Pug Guy," you know what I mean? Like, Jonathan is great, but The Pug Guy also works. And I said yes, and there were four other people in the coffee shop that just kind of got up and came over to me and were like,"Oh my gosh, we love your dog. He's so sweet, you're so funny." And I was like,"Oh my gosh, I love compliments. This is so fabulous."

But it was definitely a surreal experience to just think like,Oh, there were like so many people who watched these and my faces in them. And that's such a great thing because I think it humanizes the whole thing in it. You know, people can relate to it because I know there are many dogs out there that are also No Bones professionals, quite like Noodle. I know for sure. So, yeah, it has happened. Noodle more so than me. People will look over and they'll just go,"I know that pug."

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BuzzFeed Daily: From time to time, I personally imagine all the things I would do if I suddenly went massively viral. I feel like it's sort of human nature at this point in the 21st century. Is there anything you've been thinking about doing or trying out next, now that you have this massive platform? And if you're looking for suggestions, may I humbly suggest starting a campaign to change Groundhog Day to Bones Day?

Instagram: @showmenoodzJG:So, OK, so I can I tell you? I believe that campaign has already been launched. Oh my god, I do not control anything. There is a Twitter account called No Bones Day that has 170K followers that I have absolutely nothing to do. The person is so nice. They tag me and everything and my names in the bio. I'm verified on Twitter now, and I have no business being verified on Twitter. I tweet about existential dread and how much I love

Fleabagand stuff like that. But the whole thing has been like,"I'm building this plane while I'm flying it." You know what I mean? There's the merch store launch, and I'm like,"Oh my god, you want pins of Noodle? What a fabulous idea." But I don't know how to do that.

I want to start doing different Noodle stuff. Bones-or-No Bones is eternal, right? As long as Noodle is comfortable and happy, they can continue for sure because TikTok is such a great platform, that I want to do more stuff sort of highlighting how silly he is. I have so many absurd photos of him on his Instagram, and I want to do my top five favorite noodle photos. But it's a total Sophie's choice. I can't actually decide. He's got so many nice sweater pics. So I have to just keep doing this over and over again.

I like to do skits and stuff as well. I'm a millennial on TikTok. I have anxiety and I like to talk about it, and I feel like people have really responded to my personality on this as well, which I think is something that is also going my way. So I'd love to do some of my own stuff. Noodle is omnipresent, but just some more silly skits and stuff.

But then the ultimate goal for all of this is to raise awareness around dog adoption, rescuing dogs — specifically rescuing and adopting older dogs. I got Noodle when he was seven-and-a-half years old, and he was loved his whole life, but there's something so incredible about adopting a dog that, as someone explained it to me the other day, came"preprogrammed." It was a really fun way to think about it because Noodle did — he was house trained and he knew the couch was his. He moved into my apartment, and on the first day he was like,"This couch looks nice. Pick me up." It was very clear what he was going to do. So I want to work with some animal shelters or some rescues to try and help drive some attention their way, whether it's during the holiday season or whenever. If I've got a platform and I can help some dogs find some homes, I would absolutely be thrilled to do so.

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