‘The Bold Type’ Star Aisha Dee Speaks Out on Show’s Lack of Diversity Behind the Camera

‘The Bold Type’ Star Aisha Dee Speaks Out on Show’s Lack of Diversity Behind the Camera

7/16/2020 5:04:00 AM

‘The Bold Type’ Star Aisha Dee Speaks Out on Show’s Lack of Diversity Behind the Camera

“The Bold Type” star Aisha Dee took to Instagram on Wednesday to call out the lack of diversity behind the scenes of the Freeform series. In her post, she reflects on growing up in a pr…

series.In her post, she reflects on growing up in a primarily white, conservative area in Australia and how playing her character Kat Edison “pushed [her] to be better” personally and professionally.“For the first time in my career, I got to play a character who was centered in her own narrative,” Dee wrote. “She wasn’t just the white character’s ‘best friend.’ She was empowered and confident, she approached the exploration of her queer identity with an open heart, and was met with nothing but love and acceptance from her friends. Kat Edison: unapologetic, outspoken, brave, the woman I always wished I could be.”

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Dee said she took inspiration from her character to speak openly and constructively about the show’s lack of diversity behind the camera. “I’m ready to take a cue from my girl Kat. What would Kat do? She would take a stand and advocate for herself and all other marginalized voices to influence change,” she wrote. “I am ready to push harder and speak louder for what matters to me: The diversity we see in front of the camera needs to be reflected in the diversity of the creative team behind the camera.”

She continued: “It took two seasons to get a single BIPOC in the writers’ room for ‘The Bold Type.’ And even then, the responsibility to speak for the entire Black experience cannot and should not fall on one person. We got to tell a story about a queer Black woman and a lesbian Muslim woman falling in love, but there have never been any queer Black or Muslim writers in the room. In four seasons (48 episodes) we’ve had one Black woman direct two episodes.”

The actor also said Kat’s latest storyline, in which she had a relationship with a privileged, conservative woman, “felt confusing and out of character,” and it was “heartbreaking” to see it played out in a way she would not have chosen personally.“I’m critical because I care, because I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact of this show, and I believe in its potential to be better,” she wrote.

Concluding her post, Dee wrote that her message wasn’t a judgement, but rather a “call to action.”Producers of “The Bold Type,” Freeform andshowed support for Dee in a statement issued to Variety.“We applaud Aisha for raising her hand and starting conversations around these important issues. We look forward to continuing that dialogue and enacting positive change. Our goal on ‘The Bold Type’ is and has always been to tell entertaining, authentic stories that are representative of the world that Kat, Jane and Sutton live in — we can only do that if we listen,” they said.

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Skill+Experience+Work Ethic Skin Color We can tell 🙄...the writing for Kat and all the other POC is terrible. SarahWatson42 Thank you thank you thank you aishadee ❤️ shondarhimes ava E ela faz tudo! Aisha zero defeitos wow a show that works diversity into its storylines so often you’d think the diversity was in front and behind the screen happy for aishadee 👏🏿👏🏿 for speaking out tho

Fire her Kill her character off Salute. Salute to aishadee We must push for unity and equality for all regardless of race, gender or religion. That's how we will grow and evolve. Peace, love and unity - that's the way! This, coming from a barely black actor. So pathetic. 👸🏽 Let’s just elect a black King and Queen and get it over with

Girl we still not watching anymore. The .BoldTypeWriters ruined your character with their very narrow view of what a queer woman of color in her prime would value. Love you, you’re an excellent actor but we out✌🏽 MatthewACherry She’s such a great actress & I can’t believe the show has had such homogeneous staff. Agree 💯 Kat dating the privileged conservative was not something Kat would do, especially since their world mirrors the devastation the gop is currently causing. Good for her for speaking up.

MatthewACherry LEG UP is an organization founded by local high school students who are determined to aid in the fight against systemic racism within our school systems. LEG UP will combat oppressive practices as well as help neglected youth see the value in a sound education. Donate below MatthewACherry Glad she is speaking about this and that storyline was confusing unrealistic

NickCannonIsRacist aisadeeisracist A queen worth protecting!! I will forever be Super proud of Aisha dee for speaking up! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👑👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 birobot Where were y’all when we’ve been talking about this for weeks !! welcome to hollywood So PROUD of her! What a bold move!! 🙌🏾 Love her for speaking up! Using her platform ! Speaking the truth! Standing up for whats right! Thank you Aisha for taking the lead on this! For not staying silent! Wear your crown queen! 👑aishadee

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