‘The Big Leap’ Creator Liz Heldens On Season 1 Finale Twists & Season 2 Renewal: “We Are Very Hopeful”

‘The Big Leap’ Creator Liz Heldens On Season 1 Finale Twists & Season 2 Renewal: “We Are Very Hopeful”

Fox, Liz Heldens

12/7/2021 6:00:00 AM

The Big Leap ’ Creator Liz Heldens On Season 1 Finale Twists & Season 2 Renewal: “We Are Very Hopeful”

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details about the Season 1 finale of Fox ’s The Big Leap . The Season 1 finale of Fox ’s The Big Leap offered its share of drama and happy endings for ma…

DEADLINE:Just when viewers think Nick isn’t beyond redemption, he proves he is soulless. Who hurt him? Would things have been different had he learned Monica is in love with him?HELDENS: Nick had his heart broken in the finale! He got all caught up in the mission statement of the show within the show (which is also the mission statement of our show) which is that people need art and connectivity in their lives in order to thrive. He started to see himself as an artist instead of a sleazy reality show producer. That all comes crashing down when he hears what Monica really thinks of him (and misses the B side of that conversation where she realizes she loves him). He reverts to what he knows best… being a sleazy reality show producer and using Brittney’s pregnancy to set up Gabby for heartbreak in season 2. As a showrunner, I can relate.

DEADLINE:The Season 1 finale sets up where you could go if the show gets another season. Can you share an update? Are you planning for more just yet?HELDENS: We are very hopeful about a season two! The show does well on Hulu, the cast is spectacular, it’s been well received and people who find the show really love it.

DEADLINE:Gabby almost gets the perfect ending, and I hate thinking what learning Brittany’s secret will do to her. Why not allow her to live happily ever after—with Reggie or otherwise? Or is that maybe the long term plan?HELDENS: I don’t think Gabby’s story ends with finding a man. We felt the same way about Julia’s arc this season for what it’s worth. I’m super invested in the Gabby-Reggie relationship but I’m also interested in her journey as a choreographer. That said… yeah, Brittney’s pregnancy is going to be a huge obstacle next season and create a lot of drama for everyone. headtopics.com

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DEADLINE:The Big Leap’s final tribute to Paula through that final dance was beautiful. If the show were to return for more, do you see Mike’s story continuing on in some way? After the Season 1 finale, his story feels complete.HELDENS: Jon Rudnitsky is so talented and funny and relatable! We have plenty for him to do in the future. He’s still grieving Paula. With him it’s about staying connected and active and not falling into depression.

DEADLINEIf the show doesn’t continue, what do you hope viewers take from Season 1?HELDENS: I hope the show will continue! But I think what Paula says in her last video to Mike in episode 110 sums it up: “Do stuff with people. That’s what life is.”

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