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The Biden presidency from The Economist. You've seen the news, now discover the story.

1/22/2021 5:17:00 AM

Joe Biden faces many crises. How will he deal with climate change, racial injustice and covid-19? Visit our hub to read about his proposals

The Biden presidency from The Economist. You've seen the news, now discover the story.

Welcome toThe Economist’s coverage of Joe Biden’s presidency. On this page you can find our reporting on his domestic and foreign policies, as well as other stories on American politics. You can also find our statistical analyses, data journalism and explanatory articles. To keep up to date, bookmark this page

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Myanmar police break up protests again after bloodiest day since coup

Police in Myanmar broke up demonstrations in several places with tear gas and gunfire on Thursday but there was no immediate word on casualties a day after the United Nations said 38 people had been killed in the bloodiest day since last month's coup.

Hopefully he can squash the elite commie undertow movement of the Democratic Party. The ones taking away/suppressing our citizens 1st Amendment rights. Truly sad days. You miss the high blood pressure and other problems related to his age He obviously doesn’t know. ‘Give (him) a break man!’ TìmTop làm người yêu lâu dài, trân trọng nhau, thông cảm quan tâm nhau, không cần ngoại hình, học thức,.... khu vực Bến Tre, Cái Bè, Vĩnh long. Tìm bạn cùng trang lứa.. .

Faces many crisis? He's been in the Government for half a century and hasn't fixed anything. What could he possible fix now when he's clearly showing signs of dementia. JoeBiden is a bad joke Sleep in. The fact that he is dealing with them at all is a huge improvement. Two of those are not crises much less real issues

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