The Biden administration says it's in talks to prevent flight disruptions over 5G rollout

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1/18/2022 7:23:00 PM

Biden administration says in talks to prevent flight disruptions over 5G rollout

Mike Blake | ReutersThe White House said it working with airlines, wireless providers and federal agencies on a solution to a dispute over the rollout of 5G service, scheduled to begin Wednesday, that airlines say may interfere with navigation systems and could force them to cancel flights.

"The administration is actively engaged with the FAA, FCC, wireless carriers, airlines, and aviation equipment manufacturers to reach a solution that maximizes 5G deployment while protecting air safety and minimizing disruptions to passenger travel, cargo operations, and our economic recovery," said a White House official.

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'A devastating impact': Airlines ask Biden administration for 'immediate intervention' on 5GExecutives from the nation's largest airlines asked the Biden administration for 'immediate intervention' in the rollout of 5G tech near airports.

'A devastating impact': Airlines ask Biden administration for 'immediate intervention' on 5GThe aviation world is concerned 5G signals will interfere with aviation technology including the radar altimeter onboard planes.

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