The Best Vampires in Anime

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Vampires are some of the most popular monsters in fiction, and anime is no exception, where they take the most original and bizarre features.

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Summary SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT The best vampires in anime are popular not just when Halloween is close, but year-round. Monsters that prey on humans, drink their blood, and transform them into undead have been part of many cultures’ mythology for millennia. Humans’ collective fears of disease, death, and what may be lurking in the dark gave rise to one of the most recognizable character types of all time.

9 Alucard Hellsing: Ultimate (2006) - Available on Hulu Alucard may be the best-known anime vampire out there. Like the original Alucard from the 1943 film Son of Dracula, the name is an alias for his true identity as Count Dracula. Also like the original Alucard, he is an immortal devoted to one human woman, whom he will do anything to protect: in his case, Integra Hellsing, whom he has protected since she was a child.

7 Shiki Shiki (2010) - Available on Crunchyroll Sometimes, the cruelest of vampires put down roots in the most unlikely of places. In the sleepy coastal town of Sotoba, the arrival of the mysterious Kirishiki family to the abandoned castle in the nearby woods brings disappearance after disappearance. Now, the survivors must fight to keep from being overrun by the undead.

Despite the difference in Diva’s personality and feelings towards Saya between manga and anime, her powers as a chiropteran queen remain consistent. She has the usual super-speed and strength, is bulletproof, and her singing transforms infected humans into chiropterans. Saya is a skilled swordswoman once she regains her memories, and capable of even greater and bloodier destruction than Diva once her instincts take over.

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