The Best Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now

8/15/2022 9:10:00 PM

The 37 Best Movies on Netflix

The 37 Best Movies on Netflix

Of the hundreds of movies streaming on Netflix, these are the best of the best.

Another period piece set in the 1920s, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom follows the feisty “Mother of Blues” Ma Rainey as she and her band head to a recording session.piece over the weekend, offering a deep dive into the disappearance of the kind of “raunchy, Apataowian” comedies that dominated the box office of yesteryear (think, mid-2000s).The much-anticipated second installment in the Fullmetal Alchemist On Saturday, Aug.— NETFLIX FAMILY Joined by her color-changing pet elephant, a joyful little girl creates music, merriment and mischief at her Indian family’s Mango Manor hotel.

Starring Viola Davis as the titular singer and Chadwick Boseman in his last on-screen rule as cornet player, Levee, the two deliver powerful performances and would both go on to earn Oscar nominations.As much of a movie it is about the 1920s music industry, it’s just as much of a revealing look into the injustices of black Americans in the past.Whatever the reason, Day Shift feels very much in line with a lot of the recent (and throwaway) Netflix original action comedies.(opens in new tab) 'The Irishman' Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Martin Scorsese, need I say more? When the film premiered in 2019, you couldn’t go on Twitter without seeing a film bro sing praises for Scorsese’s latest gangster flick, and for good reason.The third and final installment, Fullmetal Alchemist The Final Alchemy , will debut on Sept.Every minute of The Irishman's lengthy runtime (a whopping 209 minutes to be exact!) is jam-packed with emotion, grittiness, and thoughtful humor.Here, meanwhile, is what you need to know about the movie..Wednesday, August 17th.

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