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The Best Inversion Tables to Make Your Back Feel Better Than Ever

Get at home relief and relaxation from a good stretch of the spine.

10/16/2021 6:02:00 PM

Get at home relief and relaxation from a good stretch of the spine.

Key Specs\r\nWeight Limit: 300 poundsAdded Features: acupressure points, contoured ankle cups \r\nIf you are someone that tends to hold a lot of pressure and tension in your back, investing in an inversion table with acupressure points may be a good option for you. These strategically placed nubs help to release tension in your muscles at trigger points that tend to hold the most stress. \r\nThis inversion table is also registered with the FDA, and takes only about 15 minutes to set up by yourself.

What to ConsiderAt first glance, it seems like all inversion tables are pretty much the same. And this is true to a certain extent, but it is the smaller details that differentiate the tables, and will help you choose the right one for you. Here are a few key features to look out for, and how they work.

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Adjustable lumbar pillow:Most inversion tables will have some sort of lumbar pillow, but the adjustable ones are best. These help to keep your back properly aligned when laying on the table, and prevent it from straining while stretching.Heat and vibration:

Some tables have added features like heat and vibration. While they are not necessary to the function of the table, they do help to loosen the muscles quickly and effectively. This can also be a welcome sensation if you suffer from back pain.Acupressure points:

These are hard balls that pinpoint trigger points in your back and help to release stress and tension deep within the muscles. This is not only great for your physical health, but can help you feel more relaxed overall.How We ChooseTo find the best options among the many inversion tables out there, we researched the most popular models available. We then took into account price, weight limit, features, size, and comfort. Finally, we consulted more than 20,000 reviews, written by people who’ve bought these models on sites like

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