Hydration Packs, Running Backpacks, Fuel Belt, Water Bladder, Camelbak

Hydration Packs, Running Backpacks

The Best Hydration Packs for Runners, Tested

Carry water, extra clothing, trekking poles, and more with these versatile running backpacks.

1/23/2020 1:03:00 AM

Carry water, extra clothing, trekking poles, and more with these versatile running backpacks .

Carry water, extra clothing, trekking poles, and more with these versatile running backpacks .

amazon.comBuy NowChoosing the Right TypeHydration packs generally come in two flavors. The first is a minimal vest that can carry water and not much more, designed to be as light as possible. If you’re looking for a race-ready pack that’s nimble, or just need to carry fuel for short trail outings, this is the pack you’ll want to consider first.

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The second is for more adventurous outings—high-mileage trail runs or ultramarathon races that require you to bring along certain supplies. For those, you’ll need a larger pack with greater carrying capacity. These adventure packs typically have a sleeve for a hydration bladder, but also extra pockets to let you

haul jackets, additional layers of clothing, trekking poles, and more.In both cases, the packs will have small pockets on the shoulder straps for gels, a phone, and other small items. And some have larger pockets capable of holding water bottles and soft flasks up front for easy access without the mess—and bounce—of a bladder.

Trevor RaabComfortCurrent packs have a sport-specific (and even gender-specific) construction to boost comfort. Adjustable straps help you tweak the fit so the pack hugs your torso and won’t move or bounce as you dash down the trail, while vented panels and lightweight fabrics stretch and allow sweat to evaporate instead of build up.

Women should look at one of the new women-specific packs offered, which have bags and straps that better fits a woman’s torso, as well as adjustable closures and strategically positioned pockets for all-day comfort.Bladder or Bottles?It’s important to keep in mind how you prefer to carry your water, and match your pack to suit. Some of the options below can be used with a hydration bladder in the main compartment, so you can carry a couple of liters of water and sip through a bite valve and hose cinched down on the shoulder strap. Others have storage space for

water bottlesin pockets on the straps. These are typically easier to fill trail side and quicker if you’re looking to save time at an aid station. Some packs can accommodate both. But consider that some packs might not come with either and require you to buy them separately.

Trevor RaabHow We TestedEvery pack here has been thoroughly evaluated and tested by our team of editors and local test staff. We research the market, survey user reviews, speak with product managers, and draw from our own experience wearing and running with these backpacks to determine the best options. We then called in testing samples and ran with them on trails near the

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Runner’s Worldoffice in eastern Pennsylvania. The models with the best value, technical features, comfort, looks, and ability to haul all your stuff without bouncing made this list. Read more: Runner's World »

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