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The Best Gifts Under $50 to Add to Your Wedding Registry

Outfit your kitchen with all of the must-have accessories you need.

5/11/2021 3:04:00 AM

Outfit your kitchen with all of the must-have accessories you need.

You've got the appliances and spendy cookware covered. Fill out your list with these lower price-point but just as vital kitchen tools and accessories.

or somewhere else—with a number of picks for under $50 provides options and ensures you’re ending up with an actually functional kitchen.When adding home cooking basics to your wedding registry, there are some things to keep in mind. For the tools you’ll be getting a lot of day-to-day use out of, selecting the best doesn’t always mean the most expensive option; a ton of Epi’s

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product review winnersretail for less than $50, and our rigorous testing ensures you’re getting a lot of bang for your (or your guests’) buck. For more decorative accessories, wedding gifts are the place to level up a bit, opting for the gorgeous (and

top-performing!) hand-carved rolling pin and luxe linen napkin set instead of the things you might have bought yourself. And don’t forget to add a book or two to the list—you’re going to want to put that well-stocked kitchen to work. The same rules apply when picking titles as selecting anything else you’d add to your registry: Make sure it all reflects the way you really cook, so you can celebrate your wedding by actually using your gifts for years to come.

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