The Best Food Processors for Veggie Chopping, Garlic-Mincing, and More

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3/3/2021 2:28:00 PM

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The smallest (and cheapest) pick on this list, this mini 4-cup Cuisinart processor is highly-rated and takes up little counter space, so you can chop, puree, grind, and slice with ease, no matter how tiny your kitchen (or budget) is.

Never chop an onion again.ByDec 19, 2019Jason SpeakmanNow matter how legit your cooking skills may or may not be, a good food processor is akitchen must-have. The best food processor for you depends on a few things, like what you see yourself using it for, how much cash you're willing to dish out, and how much space your kitchen can spare.

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Why make the investment? Basically blenders on steroids, food processors can chop, dice, blend, grind, and mince all sorts of ingredients and foods. Plus, unlike blenders, they don’t require any liquid to do the job.“Food processors can be manual or handheld, but electric counter-top appliances that come with many different attachments for various jobs are the most common,” says Alex Lewis, RD, LDN, dietitian at

Baze.“The reason they’re so popular, and why I recommend investing in a food process, is that it saves you time," Lewis says."And the more time saved when cooking, the more time you have to do other things you love—and the easier it is tomeal prep

."Since food processors cut down on time-consuming, repetitive prep work like chopping, slicing, and dicing, they're super handy for simplifying pretty much any cooking you do—a win-win in so many situations. (Read: No more crying while chopping onions!)

Not sure which food processor to add to your cart? The following 13 picks come highly rated by Amazon as the best food processors in 2020, so you know they get the job done. Read more: Women's Health »

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