The Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles

Discover the best coffee shops in Los Angeles, where you can find espressos, pour-overs, and inventive drinks that respect the essence of the brew. These independent coffee bars offer a unique coffee experience.

What is the best place for coffee in Los Angeles? It’s the one most convenient to your home, or the one where the barista remembers your name, or the one with a calm, sunlit room that helps you disappear into your workflow. Taste in coffee — and coffee shops — is fiercely personal. I wouldn’t dare steer you away from a local haunt.

: espressos that delight rather than burn as they go down, pour-overs that express flavors like elegantly made wines, inventive drinks that respect the essence of the brew. These are 19 of my favorites. Some are multiroaster cafes while others are run by baristas and entrepreneurs who started out making and selling coffee from the world’s most skilled roasters and then moved into roasting themselves. Jack Benchakul, owner of Endorffeine in L.A.’s Chinatown, pours from a distance to aerate coffee before serving it to customers.The emphasis here is on independent coffee bars. Anyone with a passing interest in the subject knows names like Intelligentsia, and probably California-based operators like Verve and Tierra Mia as wel

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