The Best Budget-Friendly Laptops Under $300

From gaming to working remotely, these affordable laptops will get the job done

3 hours ago

You don't need to spend a lot for a decent laptop these days - our product editors review some of the best budget laptops under $300.

From gaming to working remotely, these affordable laptops will get the job done

RAM: Before anything hits the processor, it’s routed through here, and low-level RAM can only handle a limited load. A minimum of 4GB of RAM is usually enough for web browsing and to run basic applications. But for heavier-use programs, fast gaming and multitasking, you’ll need more, and on most brands these can be installed later too.

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Screen: A laptop’s screen that’s tough to see in either bright or low light can be annoying and make whatever task you’re doing unnecessarily harder. Having around 300 nits of brightness in a screen, at the least, should be plenty visible. And if it has a touchscreen, the brighter the better, because they tend to be on the glossier side and reflect more light.

Ease of Use:If a laptop is uncomfortable to use, even a low price isn’t worth it. This includes things like a backlit keyboard that’s smooth and springy to type on, along with an accurate trackpad, and parts that won’t overheat and trigger loud fans (though an additional

can’t hurt).Ports:USB-C seems to be evolving into the new one-size-fits-all standard, and that’s a good thing. Having at least one of those built-in ports is a solid investment for plugging in your future devices. But having a couple old-school USB ports saves you from needing to buy new adapters and dongles down the road. An HDMI port is also advised for hooking up your machine to a bigger screen, and if you still want to rock wired headphones, check to see if it includes a 3.5mm jack.

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