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Home Audio, Rs Recommends

The Best Bookshelf Sound Bars

The best bookshelf sound bars

9/18/2020 11:59:00 PM

The best bookshelf sound bars

Fill any room with full audio and deep bass without taking up much space

Audio Format: When shopping for a sound bar, make sure it’s going to fit the format of all the devices you want to connect, since not all of them have the same ones. For example, Dolby Atmos or DTSX are popular formats found in the best sound bars. It also helps to narrow what you’ll be primarily using it for, as some sound bars are engineered more for music than movies, but if you’ll be playing downloaded files or using this for studio mixing, you may want to double check it can play files such as WAV, AIFF and FLAC too.

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Display: Some units have a built-in display up front to show you things like volume, which audio settings you’re on, and sometimes even the track name. It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker if there isn’t, but it’s always helpful to get a visual confirmation of your voice or remote command, and saves you a trip from the couch.

Space and Size: Not all sound bars share the same size, and some are significantly larger than others. It may be an afterthought, since sound quality is the real priority, but if you’ve got limited shelf (or desk) space or a small entertainment center, definitely take some measurements before going all-in. Same goes for the reverse too – some bars are designed for bigger rooms, and won’t perform as well in enclosed spaces. headtopics.com

Remote: Sound bars sometimes include remotes to give you more options from afar, instead of having to keep the bar on one single setting and just adjust everything around it like your TV. Some are more involved than others, and a few have only the most basic functions, but may be compatible with a universal remote.

Ports: Depending on how many devices you’ll be connecting, ports are definitely something important to consider. While one HDMI port might suffice for now, chances are you’ll be getting another device in the future that’s going to need an input of its own. You can always buy an additional HDMI splitter later if needed, but it’s best to have a few free openings just in case. Other than HDMI, sound bar inputs can also include RCA and AUX. It’s also advised to make sure the ports support the latest tech like 4k, Bluetooth, and HDR, so you’re not missing out on all your media has to deliver.

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