The best Black Friday gaming deals, from consoles, to games, and more

It's deals galore.

11/27/2021 3:42:00 AM

It's deals galore.

It's deals galore.

How to shop for a gaming deal this Black FridayThe best shopping tip we can give you for Black Friday 2021 is to follow our in-depth coverage of the whole event (wink wink), but besides that, there are a few things you can add to your repertoire to ensure you're getting those amazing deals.

First, you should make a wish list of what you hope to find on sale during Black Friday. When it comes to the gaming category, the options can get a little overwhelming, and it'll be easy to either a) spend more than you were hoping to spend, or b) not spend any money at all due to a case of intense online shopping paralysis. This is especially important when you're shopping for individual games, so make sure you get your top 10 in order (maybe a few extra) and keep an eye out for those specific titles. We expect to see a ton of 2021 games on sale, even some of the most recent ones (

ReturnalDeathloop), so everything is fair game.Another tip is for the PC gamers — if you're planning on upgrading your rig with a new graphics card, processor, or some other component, pick them out ahead of time. Things like GPUs and CPUs tend to go out of stock

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veryquickly, so wasting precious time deciding what you want after the sales already start is ill-advised. Unsure of what your PC setup could use an upgrade for? Spend some time atPCPartPickerto get a better idea of what you'll want to be looking out for.

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