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The best apps for remembering that website you want to revisit

The best apps for remembering that website you want to revisit

7/5/2020 2:30:00 AM

The best apps for remembering that website you want to revisit

Apps to help you locate those sites you vaguely remember but would like to see again, for whatever reason.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphotoMatt Binder2020-07-02 19:49:21 UTCSome people look to wipe their web history as soon as possible. (Can't have anyone stumble across those adult websites you visited!) But what if you're the opposite? What if you're looking to hold onto that history?

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Maybe you're trying to remember that really funny video you saw online but can’t remember what the heck it was called. You can’t find it online. Your browser history doesn’t go that far back, and it’s not pulling anything up.Or maybe you're just a bit of a digital hoarder, like me.

Either way, not being able to find what you're looking for is, well, annoying. I’m here to solve this problem. Here are a few of my favorite apps that will help you create your very own web history archive so you never forget about another website you once visited again.

History Trends UnlimitedImage: Screenshot: mashableHistory Trends UnlimitedYou know those apps you download straight away whenever you get a new computer or work laptop? It’s a very special tier of software; you literally cannot imagine using your computer without it.

That’s whatHistory Trends Unlimitedis for me. It's a completely free Google Chrome extension that archives your entire web browsing history locally on your computer. Some people are still surprised the Chrome web browser only keeps around three months worth of your web history. This extension is the workaround.

But it’s not just a way to save more web history. There are charts to track your web usage, including what times and days you browse most websites. There’s data to sift through, letting you know which URLs you visit the most. History Trends Unlimited also provides a simple way to search through your entire history, whether by keyword or chronologically. Chrome’s built-in history search is always glitchy for me, so to be able to actually find what I’m looking for in History Trends Unlimited — even if the item still exists in Chrome’s history — is very helpful.

History Trends Unlimited features one more extremely helpful bonus: It backs up your web history locally every time you open your Chrome browser, so you’ll never lose track of a site you previously visited. Read more: Mashable »

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