The best Android phones from affordable to flagship

1/9/2022 10:30:00 PM

The best Android phones from affordable to flagship

The best Android phones from affordable to flagship

Even among the best Android phones, there's a ton of variety. Our breakdown will help you pick the right phone for your needs.

If this is your first time shopping for a new Android phone, you’ve probably noticed just how many options there are. Not only are there several Android phone manufacturers, but each company may have multiple smartphone lines, each of which comes in multiple models that differ in size, power, and features. It’s overwhelming, but spotting the right phone for you will be easier if you keep a few essential factors in mind during your search.

Sizebetter; the Pixel 5a was bigger than the Pixel 5, despite being the weaker phone. However, in general, bigger phones tend to have more powerful hardware and/or better battery life.However, smartphone camera specs can be deceiving. More cameras and larger megapixel counts might

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Two Samsung phones off the beaten path are updated to Android 12 with the One UI 4 updateTwo less familiar Samsung phones receive the update to One UI 4 which includes Android 12: the Galaxy S10 Lite (2020) and the W22 5G (2021). Grande Samsung lalitsehgal21 And S20FE still without one. Is there any specific date when it should be available?

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Google Pixel 5a How we picked the best Android phones We selected our picks for the best Android phones based on our experience with many of these phones, as well as trusted sources and professional reviewers.Samsung phones that you don't hear about often have received their stable updates to One UI 4 which includes Android 12.Toggle Back up and sync  on .Buy From Walmart.

Since there are so many Android devices on the market, each with its own hardware and features, we made sure to select a variety of devices at various price points and unique use cases that we’re confident will match your specific needs in a smartphone. What to consider when buying a new Android phone If this is your first time shopping for a new Android phone, you’ve probably noticed just how many options there are. The latter is model number SM-G770F, the firmware version of the update is G770FXS6FULA, and the software features the December 2021 Android security patch. Not only are there several Android phone manufacturers, but each company may have multiple smartphone lines, each of which comes in multiple models that differ in size, power, and . It’s overwhelming, but spotting the right phone for you will be easier if you keep a few essential factors in mind during your search. One UI 4 is ready for the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and China's W22 5G The Galaxy S10 Lite carries a 6. Display The first thing most people examine when picking a new phone is the part they stare at most of the time, the screen. Using optional software (or a mobile app), multiple Mevo cameras can be set up and used simultaneously, and the “producer” can instantly switch between cameras on the fly during a live broadcast or while recording.

Many immediately look at the phone’s size, but the technology that determines how sharp and bright it looks is far more sophisticated (and important). Both the front and rear panels are protected by Gorilla Glass 6.99 per month. This includes the screen’s resolution, which measures how many pixels are in the display, and pixel density, or how close those pixels are on screen. A higher pixel density, measured in pixels per inch (or PPI), translates to a sharper, more detailed image.S. A 7-inch screen with a 1080p resolution will look grainier than a 5-inch screen running in 4K. Robert Ghement/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Have you ever lost time searching for a photo you  know  is hiding in your gallery? Here’s one way you shouldn’t store photos   It’s tempting to store your photos on a thumb drive. In addition, a phone display’s refresh rate, measured in Hz, determines the number of times a screen “draws” a screen per second. One UI 4 is rolling out to the Samsung W22 5G The rear camera array includes a 12MP f/1. The camera also includes a built in microphone and basic content editing tools (accessible from the camera’s rear-facing display).

A phone with a higher refresh rate (aka frame rate) allows for smoother animations in videos, apps, and even menus. High refresh rates are especially important for mobile gaming.0 telephoto camera with a 3x hybrid optical zoom, a 12MP f/2. Think about how you’d feel. Size While the size of the screen isn’t a measure of picture quality, the overall form factor of your smartphone is still important. Android devices come in many sizes and, in some cases, shapes.3MP Time of Flight (ToF) depth sensor. Right now, 6-6. Ideally, you want a camera that’s capable of capturing 4K resolution content at up to 60 frames per second.

5 inches tall and 2. The W22 5G is a special version of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for those living in China .5-3 inches wide are common measurements for a modern phone, and most of our picks fall within that range. These should fit in the hands of most adults, and probably in your pocket. Now rolling out is the update for China's special version of the foldable.  Size isn’t just about usability, however. For better and for worse, a larger phone often comes paired with superior specs. The W22 5G is a little larger than the regular Galaxy Z Fold 3 and is priced at the equivalent of $2,649 based on current forex rates. To create the unique and visually compelling content that your audience will demand, make sure the camera offers the right collection of accessories, tripods, stands, handles, external microphone options, durability and portability you’ll need, and that the camera’s battery life meets your needs so you won’t constantly have to swap batteries or pause to recharge the camera.

The Samsung S21, for example, is smaller and less powerful than the S21 Ultra. The same goes for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, and so on. That means it sports a 6. Bigger isn’t always better; the Pixel 5a was bigger than the Pixel 5, despite being the weaker phone. However, in general, bigger phones tend to have more powerful hardware and/or better battery life. Opening the device reveals a 7. Cameras It’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have a camera in our pockets.

Every smartphone has a camera, but there’s a lot of variation in camera quality. Under the hood, you'll find the Snapdragon 888 chipset made by Samsung Foundry using its 5nm process node. For some devices, photography is a major focus; for others, it’s merely a formality.  Sussing out a phone’s camera quality will be tough unless you already have a strong background in photography. There is 256GB of storage available. In general, the best camera phones will at least have a main camera, a telephoto camera, and a wide-angle (or ultra-wide angle) camera on its rear-facing array, and at least one or two selfie-cameras above the screen.  However, smartphone camera specs can be deceiving. In fact, just the other day we told you that .

More cameras and larger megapixel counts might seem better, but the truth is much more complicated. Other factors, such as sensor size, pixel size, whether a camera uses optical or digital zoom, and your phone’s settings will affect the final picture quality. Owners of the device can see if their update to One UI 4 is ready to be installed by going to Settings > Software update . And perhaps even more important than hardware specs—at least when it comes to high-end flagship devices—is camera software.  For example, Google’s Pixel devices are frequently heralded by critics as the best smartphones for photography, but it’s easy to imagine a general user seeing the Pixel 6’s three-camera array as “inferior” to the four-camera setups with high megapixel counts on the OnePlus Pro and Samsung S21 Ultra.  One UI 4 includes more mobile productivity, and customization options. In practice, however, the Pixel 6’s camera’s hardware and software result in the best phone photography currently available.

  The best way to judge a smartphone’s camera quality is to test the phone hands-on before you buy. Speaking of Android 12, the latest and greatest build of Google's mobile operating system will be coming out of the box on the just unveiled Samsung Galaxy S21 FE model. If you can’t, be sure to look for reviews that provide photo comparisons for reference. The processor It’s easy to forget sometimes, but a smartphone is a computer. New reasons to get excited every week Get the most important news, reviews and deals in mobile tech delivered straight to your inbox sign up. Modern phones are packed with powerful components that let them run apps, games, take pictures, and every other function you can think of instantly, without any friction. To run so smoothly, phones require a powerful system on a chip (SoC) with the core processing components of your phone, including its CPU and GPU.

  Newer and more powerful SoC chipsets will naturally result in faster performance. Currently, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and 888 Ultra are the top-of-the-line chipsets found in many flagship Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S21. With the Pixel 6 line , Google started building its own custom Tensor chips like how Apple creates custom chipsets for each version of the iPhone. While not quite as powerful as Qualcomm’s high-end SoCs, Google’s Tensor chips enable AI-driven features that are exclusive to Pixel 6 devices. Memory The processor isn’t solely responsible for your phone’s performance.

Memory, or RAM, dictates how many tasks a phone can do at once. (Which is important, because it’s almost always doing many things at the same time.) Though cloud services allow you to offload lots of files, having enough internal storage for your apps, photos, media files (like songs and podcasts), is also important. 5G connectivity It’s likely you’ve seen 5G, short for fifth-generation cellular broadband, touted as a massive step up for your mobile download and streaming speeds. It’s true! That said, actually connecting to and using 5G is still a mess in some parts of the country.

Mobile ISPs are expanding 5G service, though, and more smartphones are 5G compatible than ever. Confusingly, there are actually two types of 5G: the “true” millimeter wave 5G, and “low band” 5G. Both are faster than the 4G LTE networks, but mmwave is where the true benefits lie, enabling download speeds that markedly outpace both 4G LTE and low band 5G connections. Unfortunately, mmwave’s rollout is slower than low-band 5G and not all phones advertised as 5G actually support mmWave. If 5G is important to you, make sure you check for 5G coverage in your area and check which type of 5G a phone uses before buying.

  Android version Like we said, even Android itself varies from phone to phone. Many Android phones run plain-old Android out of the box, but some use modified versions of the OS—such as the OneUI on Samsung devices, OnePlus’ OxygenOS, and ASUS’ ZenUI—that look and run slightly different from the standard, “stock” Android experience created by Google.  Custom variants tend to add manufacturer- or model-specific features and apps, like the Samsung Messages app or the ASUS ROG Phone’s gaming-focused widgets—but these modifications are mostly superficial. OneUI, OxygenOS, and ZenUI are still Android, so you won’t have any trouble downloading apps, and deciding whether they’re “good” or “bad” is a matter of taste.  However, there is one objective downside to these custom Android variants: you won’t get major Android system updates immediately at launch.

The monthly security patches still roll out on time, but you may have to wait months before you get major upgrades and revisions like Android 12 , which was only available on a very small number of devices at launch. If you want the pure Google Android experience, the company’s Pixel devices are built around the stock Android experience and get the latest core features, system updates, and beta invites before other Android devices. If you want to get —and, eventually, Android 13—as quickly as possible, a Pixel phone is your best option. Best Android phones: Reviews & Recommendations Even if you know what you want from your next smartphone, it’s hard to grok a phone’s quality based on spec lists alone, and even harder to parse the differences between models with seemingly identical components. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best Android phones currently available.

  We used the criteria outlined above to find the best Android phones overall, plus the best options for specific uses like photography and gaming, the best folding phone, and the best 5G phone at an affordable price point to give a range of devices we think are worth your time. Or, at the very least give you a good place to start your search. Best Android phone overall: Check Price Why it made the cut : The Galaxy S21 Ultra is packed with the latest smartphone technology, including five cameras, a high-refresh-rate screen, and one of the strongest smartphone processors available.  Specs 6.8-inch AMOLED (3200 x 1400 px resolution; 10 to 120 Hz variable refresh rate) Processor: .