'The Batman' unleashes a villainous new trailer with 100% more Catwoman

Something in the way she moves.

10/18/2021 3:30:00 AM

Something in the way she moves.

Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight is facing the three-headed threat of Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman in 'The Batman'.

, at Warner Bros. 2020 edition of DC FanDome. Now it's time for a new FanDome and a new trailer, and honestly, not a lot has changed.It's still a dark and moody two-and-a-half minutes set to an appropriately dark and moody remix of Nirvana's classic

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Nevermindcut,"Something in the Way She Moves." And it's still largely focused on showing us how star Robert Pattinson brings this rough-and-tumble take on the DC Comics crimefighter to life.So what's the 2021 difference? More villains. You won't actually see Paul Dano's face here, but you'll get a clearer sense of how his menacing Riddler factors into the story (especially if you watch both trailers back-to-back). You also probably won't recognize Colin Farrell — he

reallytransformed for this role! — but that's him playing Penguin. We see more of him here, as well.The biggest beneficiary of the new trailer is Zoë Kravitz. We don't see her full Catwoman get-up in action, but there's plenty of Selina Kyle kicking butt, looking mischievous, and trying to seduce the Bat. The most important thing this trailer does, however, is put all the major pieces in place ahead of the sooner-than-you-think release. headtopics.com

How soon?The Batmanarrives in theaters on March 4, 2022.You won't get to see her suit up here, but Zoë Kravitz is hitting all the right notes as Selina Kyle.Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures"I'm vengeance." Robert Pattinson's bulletproof Batsuit is on full display here.

Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures"The Batman" arrives in theaters on March 4, 2022.Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. PicturesLatest videosThe now-former James Bond actor made a surprise appearance on 'SNL' as *a* prince, not *the* Prince.

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Colin Kaepernick. That's it, that's the "joke." Read more: Mashable »

this is terrible news

‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Shares First Look At Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman Selina KyleDirector Matt Reeves has shared three teasers from his forthcoming film The Batman’, set for a 2022 release and starring Robert Pattinson in the title role. The $100 million budgeted film is …

‘The Batman’ Trailer: Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman and Colin Farrell’s Penguin Take Center StageThe first full trailer for “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson — which debuted on Saturday during the DC Fandome virtual fan event — reveals a film that is unmistakably the darkest a… RestoreTheSnyderVerse why? why they have to do that to catwoman The Penguin? I honestly thought he was playing Carmine Falcone lol

A New Trailer for 'The Batman' Shows Zoë Kravitz's Catwoman in ActionThe DC hero will return to theaters in March 2022.

'The Batman': Gritty New Trailer Showcases Catwoman and the Penguin‘The Batman’: Gritty new trailer for Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight film showcases Catwoman and the Penguin This is a prequel to Ben Affleck Batman it's him but younger. Oooh Looks good. Year One vibes! 🦇

Bone-Crushing 'The Batman' Trailer Unleashes Robert Pattinson And Zoë Kravitz's CatwomanThe Dark Knight rises once again in the new trailer for Matt Reeves' 'The Batman,' which showcases a slew of major villains. I entrusted Mr_Hendrick7 with my money since I took rush of investing my money with his platform, and since then I've recovered all I lost to scams. Get in touch with Mr_Hendrick7 and get a good mentorship and safe trading. BmoreBlackpride Oh good. I’m glad the name of this installment in Batman movies is unambiguously clear.

Everything you need to know about the new 'Batman' trailer: Colin Farrell's Penguin is unrecognizableThe new trailer for 'Batman' gives a fresh glimpse of the newest Dark Knight (Robert Pattinson) and the most disturbing on-screen version of the Riddler ever (Paul Dano). We demand safety of Bangladeshi Hindus. StopCommunalAttack SeveBangladeshiHindus BangaldeshiHinduWantSafety WeDemandSafety WeDemandJustice SaveHindus SaveHinduTemples SaveOurCommunity SaveHumanityl Not really a fan. I'd rather have a Batman that actually knows how to fight, as he's supposed to, rather than just a bruiser that goes out and flails at people, like this one seems to be and Bale's Batman was.