The Batman Director Details How The Zodiac Killer Inspired The Riddler

Matt Reeves used the killer to shape his villain.


1/20/2022 3:00:00 PM

TheBatman director Matt Reeves has explained how the real-life Zodiac Killer inspired Paul Dano's villain The Riddler, taunting Gotham's 'supposedly legitimate figures' to unveil corruption in a horrifying way.

Matt Reeves used the killer to shape his villain.

The character of Edward Nashton, known throughout Gotham as The Riddler, has regularly been depicted as a criminal mastermind, taunting Batman and law enforcement by incorporating puzzles, which act as clues, into his schemes. The first full trailer for The Batman does not reveal much about The Riddler or his regular appearance, beginning with his early arrest in a café, but it does signify that the supervillain in Reeves’ adaptation will be darker than in past live-action iterations. Dano’s performance as The Riddler looks to establish him as a significant threat in Gotham, carrying a more menacing demeanor and live-streaming his crimes for citizens to see. A new teaser, along with official images, revealed more of the villain's costume, but much about him has been left ambiguous.

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