The Band Lady A Files Lawsuit Against Singer Anita 'Lady A' White

Lady A, formerly known as Lady Antebellum, files lawsuit against blues singer Anita White who goes by the name Lady A

7/9/2020 12:34:00 AM

Lady A, formerly known as Lady Antebellum, files lawsuit against blues singer Anita White who goes by the name Lady A

On June 11, the band announced it was dropping the name Antebellum from its name after reflecting on the Black Lives Matter movement and in an effort to be more inclusive.

According to the suit, filed Wednesday in Nashville’s U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, the case arises from White’s “attempt to enforce purported trademarks rights in a mark that Plaintiffs have held for more than a decade.”The suit also alleges that after conversations broke down between the band — whose members are Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and David Haywood — and the singer and their respective attorneys, White’s new counsel “delivered a draft settlement agreement that included an exorbitant monetary demand.” While the dollar figure is not mentioned in the suit, a statement concurrently issued by the band says the amount is $10 million.

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“Today we are sad to share that our sincere hope to join together with Anita White in unity and common purpose has ended,” the group said in a statement. “She and her team have demanded a $10 million payment, so reluctantly we have come to the conclusion that we need to ask a court to affirm our right to continue to use the name Lady A, a trademark we have held for many years.” (Read the statement in full below.)

On June 11, the band announced via Instagram that it was dropping the name Antebellum from its name after reflecting on the Black Lives Matter movement and in an effort to be more inclusive.The next day, June 12, Seattle-based White, who says she has been performing under the name Lady A for more than two decades, told Rolling Stone she was blindsided when she heard the news. “This is my life. Lady A is my brand, I’ve used it for over 20 years, and I’m proud of what I’ve done.... They’re using the name because of a Black Lives Matter incident that, for them, is just a moment in time.... It shouldn’t have taken George Floyd to die for them to realize that their name had a slave reference to it.”

Only three weeks ago, it seemed like the two parties had amicably come to a decision that both would continue to use the name. On June 15, the group posted a smiling screen shot on its Instagram of a Zoom meeting with White and two of her colleagues, writing “Today, we connected privately with the artist Lady A. Transparent, honest, and authentic conversations were had. We are excited to share we are moving forward with positive solutions and common ground. The hurt is turning into hope. More to come.” White also posted the photo on her Instagram account.

When reached byBillboardJune 15, the solo artist Lady A said via email, "We had [a] meeting today and we’re looking forward to a beneficial outcome for both parties. We’re making progress.”However, communication broke down as talks, which included the band and artist possibly writing and recording a song together and the group promoting White’s career, fell apart.

In the suit, the trio says the group has used Lady Antebellum and Lady A interchangeably as early as 2006-2007, and includes a page from its website 2008 that cites the band by the nickname, as well as several other references to the band as Lady A through the years.

In May 2010, according to the suit and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filings reviewed byBillboard, the band applied to register Lady A for entertainment purposes, including live musical performances and streaming musical programming. After there was no opposition filed by any person or entity, the application was registered on July 26, 2011. Further applications to register the name for musical recordings and clothing were also granted after there was no opposition.

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“Prior to 2020, White did not challenge, in any way, Plaintiffs’ open, obvious, and widespread nationwide and international use of the LADY A mark as a source indicator for Plaintiffs’ recorded, downloadable, and streaming music and videos, Plaintiffs’ live musical performances, or Plaintiffs’ sale of souvenir merchandise,” the suit states.

The suit acknowledges that the solo artist Lady A has performed under the name and has used the name while touring and to identify herself on recorded music released as far back as 2010 and on streaming services, but adds that “Based on information and belief,” White has never used Lady A as a trademark and if she did, she applied after Lady Antebellum had secured its trademarks a decade ago.

According to the suit, the band’s counsel had prepared a draft agreement including such points as continuing to share the name and supporting White’s musical career. However, White told Newsday that she was not happy with the agreement and “their camp is trying to erase me.... Trust is important and I no longer trust them.”

On June 25, the band’s counsel was contacted by White’s new counsel at Cooley LLP saying it was reviewing the agreement. On July 7, it delivered a new draft that included the “exorbitant monetary demand while maintaining the cooperation and collaboration obligations,” according to the suit. “Paired with White’s public statements, White’s demand for an exorbitant payment in exchange for continued coexistence, notwithstanding the previous absence of discussion of any payment (other than reimbursement of nominal attorneys’ fees), gives rise to imminent controversy, demonstrating a course of action from which a threat of suit could be inferred based on White’s charge of infringement,” the band’s suit states.

The band asks for no money in the suit, only a court declaration that the trio is lawfully using the Lady A trademark and that its continued use of the trademark does not infringe on any rights White may have under state or federal law.White's attorney did not immediately respond for comment.

Read Lady A's full statement below:"Today we are sad to share that our sincere hope to join together with Anita White in unity and common purpose has ended. She and her team have demanded a $10 million payment, so reluctantly we have come to the conclusion that we need to ask a court to affirm our right to continue to use the name Lady A, a trademark we have held for many years. It was a stirring in our hearts and reflection on our own blindspots that led us to announce a few weeks ago that we were dropping the word ‘Antebellum' from our name and moving forward using only the name so many of our fans already knew us by. When we learned that Ms. White had also been performing under the name Lady A, we had heartfelt discussions with her about how we can all come together and make something special and beautiful out of this moment. We never even entertained the idea that she shouldn’t also be able to use the name Lady A, and never will – today’s action doesn’t change that. Instead, we shared our stories, listened to each other, prayed and spent hours on the phone and text writing a song about this experience together. We felt we had been brought together for a reason and saw this as living out the calling that brought us to make this change in the first place. We're disappointed that we won’t be able to work together with Anita for that greater purpose. We’re still committed to educating ourselves, our children and doing our part to fight for the racial justice so desperately needed in our country and around the world. We’ve only taken the first small steps and will prioritize racial equality as a key pillar of the work of LadyAID, specifically leaning into supporting and empowering our youth. We hope Anita and the advisers she is now listening to will change their minds about their approach. We can do so much more together than in this dispute.”

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They should come up with something original and not steal another's name. Only woke idiots do that Then they should’ve picked a new name. This is beyond low Yeah, they still don’t get it. 🙄 This is just foul. This is peak white supremacy. Anita White will always be TheRealLadyA Why did she change her name in the 1st place?

Nope. what the hell is wrong with them They are going to sue her out of existence. Because they trademarked the name. They were going to work with her, until she asked for $11 million dollars, has used every second of this for clout, and has bad names them endlessly. Truly racist They can simply rename themselves as 'We Identify As a Woman in the Pre-War South,' and call it a day.

They are asswipes. And not that good Shockingly, virtue signaling brands and celebrities don’t actually have a sense of morality. Please stop referring to Lady Antebellum as Lady A. That name clearly does not belong to them and should not be linked to them in any way, the last thing we want is for their music to pop up when people search for Lady A's music (Anita White).

More BS. They should have just kept their name. We already know what they about. Just change it to Lady Assholes. what a total unforced error This sucks. So what you're saying is the band ladya really meant to meet the international call for racial equity and for blacklivesmatter by renaming themselves Lady AntiBLM? White Band sues Black Blues singer to avoid paying for the name she used as a soloist for 20 yrs?!? SO WOKE!

Maybe they should stay as Lady Antebellum cause they’re acting straight up racist! AnitaWhite is Lady A Should we worry that another random white person would be suing her for having 'White' as her surname even though she's black? You know... my above tweet sounds ridiculous until one'd pause and realize how ridiculous this RL lawsuit against her is itfp smh

How very 'coherent' of you to change your name in support of racial equality and strip the identity of an indie black artist without a second thought for the damage to her brand. Don't know the legal particulars & I don't need to, you look like entitled assholes. LadyAntebellum No one thought you band name was racist, no one cares.

Countersues performer who stole their trademark rights and sued them first. There, fixed it for you. Well, their music sucks and pretty much only backward-ass, trumpiectypes like it, so... makes sense. LadyA LadyABluesSoulFunkGospelArtist ladyantebellumsucks WhitePrivilege This is what happens when you’re all about virtue signaling but zero substance in order to appease the mob. A) no one pays enough attn to them to be pissed if they just kept their original name B) now they’re suing a black woman who uses Lady A bc it’s her fcking name? Well done.

Go back to Lady Antebellum. I think you've just proved it suits you better. SMH The article said they made the change in 2010 and then learned about the singer whom they’ve been negotiating with until recently... advocating for black rights by stealing their name and suing them. They should just stay with their old stupid name if the next thing they were going to do is trying to appropriate someone else name specially a black woman.

Boo!! ladya this is some bullshit You do realize that antebellum just means, occurring or existing before a war'. Virtue signaling is becoming a worse pandemic than the CCPVirus Classic A country trio changes their name only to 'Antebellum' a black woman who went by the stage moniker Lady A prior for a number of years. Just goes to show y'all country ass changed y'all's name for optics. Performative much Someone call a trademark attorney

Sounds about white. My grandpa was right, “when you got white people doing TOO much for you, somethin stinks” there is an agenda. Why don’t black people question why the lefts are doing TOO much for black people. They want you and will own you and will get theirs! Don’t get played! She did an interview with vulture, it’s worth a read to hear her POV, amplify her voice amplify black voices , we need to lift her up

What a soap opera! Find another name. I swear the f*cking privilege mentality of white people is enraging! But didn’t she have the name before they changed theirs? What kind of stupidity is this ladya They should try Lady Asshole I don't understand why white liberals are so myopic. Their virtue signaling is always obvious, and as these three A-holes prove, usually its bullshit too. Everyone sees that...except them. ladya

The headline doesn't really reflect the story. Just own the name Antebellum you turn coats. What's weird is that you aren't supposed to be able to register a trademark without being able to demonstrate that you have been using it already. The real Lady A should have no problem destroying the validity of the actual registered mark in the first place IMHO

So they changed their name because of 'wokeness' and are suing the black singer who already had the name... Love it. Stick it to the black woman to be anti-racist. Anita White has been going by that name for years FUCK THEM for trying to sue her For the dozens of people who don't read, but like to be experts on everything: Their 2010 trademark won't cut it. She had the jump on First Use rights, in their same industry, by at least a decade.

They changed their name because of the racist back ground of the name only to sue a old black blues singer who had the name first, by decades. Maybe Trump will make the black woman apologize to Lady Assholes for daring to stand up to white folks. TRASHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.......... ladya I don’t think you’re doing this ally thing right.

So they changed their name to respect black lives, but then reappropriate the property (name) of a black musician? According to the lawsuit, the band is seeking a ruling that their use of the trademark 'Lady A' does not infringe on White's alleged trademark rights of the same name. The band is not seeking monetary damages. Did everyone just read the headline?

The new Dixie Chicks!! ( Or whatever their called now. )😂 So they changed their name because of its links to racism only to turn around & show their racist hand to a black woman who already has the name. Their motto probably is: “They had us in the first half...” 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ They're suing to see if they can 'share' the name..

you mean lady antebellum tries to legally steal a name used by a black singer? guess lady antebellum is dead Throw the whole Lady away and just leave them with the A .. the A stands for Aryan Wow. So changing their name because of the so called racist nature & now they sue a Black Blues Singer. Can you say Hipocrotical?!?

What a bunch of stupid assholes. sorry, twitter, couldn't get clever for this one. Just, 'what a bunch of stupid assholes.' Find your own fight Ted. Lady Antebellum was stupid for changing their name in the first place. Now they look like a bunch of white privileged racists to the fascist woke crowd that will probably end up cancelling them anyway...oh, shit...lmao 😂

They’re pathetic. But doesn’t ladyantebellum know she sucks anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 whatajoke So they're suing a black lady after they stole her name... To prove they aren't racist? 🤔 That's some fucked up shit right there. LMAO Just give it up and call it quits. Your band sucked anyway All kinds of alternatives beginning with “A” are available. Now their defense is “Well, we trademarked the name in 2010” ... but never used it for 10 years. “But we want YOUR name.” If there’s a god in heaven, the rightful owner will keep it.

White-trash privilege. Hey Maybe don't make this band out to be assholes by doing click bait headlines. That's now what happened. Anita White and Lady on June 12 made a mutual agreement for both to use the name. On July 7 Anita White sued Lady A for $10 million and then Lady A sued not for money, but to honor the agreement.

Just like Procter and gamble suing me for my African inspired brand name, AHOSI claiming is sounds like their Australian name, Aussie. The entitlement by white folks, to Black people' name, things, bodies etc, is disgusting. Stupid Google and trademark search would have fix the whole thing. By the way 'A' stands for Antebellum so it's not really a name change.

This name for a band is pretty fucking weak. Totally rebrand yourselves. I don't know who either of them are, are they any good at what they do or are they so crap they have to try and make money through the courts. This is just to put legal authority behind their 2010 filing. But it’s a hilarious headline that should act as a metaphor for how far clown world has taken us.

plznosteponkek Just change to 'A Chick' You really mean that they're attacking a black woman who was using the name before they ever did. Why do you cover for this racist crap? Delusional.Good bye! Just change your name to Lady Belly already! cc: babycakebriauna + ruthesamuel 😑 What the damn hell Fun fact from Wikipedia: “Having grown up in the South, ignorant of the word's glorification of the Civil War and slavery according to the popular propaganda of the Lost Cause of the Confederacy, they chose the name [Lady Antebellum].”

This is mighty white of them! They only changed their name first because they didn’t want backlash. But why try to sue the woman after she’s been using it for years. I don’t care that they not suing for monetary gains but it’s hurting the woman’s pocket anyway because who got money for a lawyer. Wow. So basically she would give us our way concede to us so we’re suing her ? Now that’s what I call solidarity !

Ohhh that’s some bullshit right there! Intimidation much!? Who tf is this ? They’re upset because they wrote a sweet song about meeting her, and they’re so woke... Awww... Then she wanted 10 MILLION DOLLARS and they woke up! Nobody in this entire string read the article. And the headline is extremely misleading. Some would call it a lie.

THE BLUES SINGER HAD THE NAME FIRST EXCUSE YOU ladya With this kind of move, maybe the woke Lady Antebellum should actually have changed their name to Lady Antifa Oof ladya this is not a good look. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Might wanna fire the white lawyer or PR person who told you to do this. The day they announced their name change, 'antebellum meaning' was one of the top Google searches. They probably could have kept their mouths shut and been just fine but they had to get in on the capitalist performative activism and dug themselves into a giant hole.

That's like suing someone for a joke that was acceptable years ago Ignorance at it's best 🤣🤣🤣 OMG people read the damn story not the headline! the case arises from White’s “attempt to enforce purported trademarks rights in a mark that Plaintiffs have held for more than a decade.” So they changed their name to show solidarity to black people and then sued the black woman who had the name first?

I believe the other lady is a person of color, so how can a bunch of white people justify this?. If you read the backstory she tried to get them to stop but they tried to bully her Do you realize how bad you have to be at reporting the news to get a headline this wrong? Cancelled. Didn’t understand why they SHORTENED it anyway, cause they really didn’t change it... cause the “A” stands for what? Oh ok.

How you gon Christopher Columbus a name I said right from the start they should of left their name alone but everyone who listens to them already calls them Lady A they have a trademark on the name and they are two separate generes I’m sure they would of willingly paid her but 10 million is a bit greedy

She’s asking for way too much for the name usage. $10 mill would be if she was getting, or had gotten, a similar profit while using that name. Lady A is just saying they want to use the name that has been trademarked by them. There’s no issue with Anita continuing to use it too Give me a break‼️ This is exactly why they only have one hit

davidmichaels Sing to the tune of need you now I know we’re kinda late but our name is great so we’ll sue you now! davidmichaels Just change your name to Lady A HOLES Wow ladya you’re really missing the point here. So much for your minimal BlackLivesMatter effort Great. That band is done. Gross...and they’re full of shit. Are they really claiming they named their band after plantantion homes and didn’t make the connection to slavery?!?!🤔🙄😑

ladya y’all are a piece of shit. Trying to erase this black woman WHO WAS LADY A BEFORE YOU CHANGED YOUR NAME. Talk about white privilege 🤦‍♂️ YALL ARE GROSS GO AWAY. Jeez. Get back in line Lady Antebellum. Come up with your own name and leave Lady A the hell alone. 😕 Who tf do you all think you are?

They only changed the name a little Are they hurting for money THAT BAD? Should be the other way around Y’all didn’t read the article & it shows They should just change their name to Lady Asshole Well that’s the end of them White people trying to appropriate something from a black person for their own gain? Get out.

What a group of idiots. Dear lord. 'suing a black person after we stole their identity will really show people we're not racist! good thing we changed our name!' Why don’t they just use a symbol of some sort and go by the name, “The band formerly known as Lady Antebellum” It worked for Prince. Well fuck Lady Antebellum!

I just want murders held accountable, apparently thats asking the impossible. So Lady Antebellum gets rid of their name out of respect for black people and then steamrolls a black singer to steal her name. ladya = White privilege on steroids. Correction: White band sues to steal name from Black singer

It's crazy bc she had this stage name from time and it actually fits and the other ppl just changed theirs 'in solidarity' they could have kept it bc I expect nothing from them. This is what I called being performative. ladya go back to your original name it's more fitting. Woooooooooowwwwwwww Lady Antebellum might prevail in this suit, but they shouldn’t. They’ve changed their name for!a week, I think they could make another change without issue. In a misguided effort to appear woke, they have stolen the name of a black performer with less power. Seems kinda racist.

Fuck that I'd say lady antebellum is done...and Lady A was here first by the way.. So, they want to try and be non racist so the best way to go about this is to change their name this late in the game and sue a black blues singer who used this name first? Plenty of bands/singers out there nobodies heard of. 10 million dollars to use a name they copy righted a decade ago seems to be asking a bit much and let's be real, it's not like she made the name famous.

Formerly? Y'all already giving her the title? They’ve been using Lady A for over 10 years and she never spoke up. Under the law, she failed to protect her name and she’ll lose. “Let’s sue the black lady in scary federal court and see if she can afford to pay a lawyer to represent her for the next year. If she can’t, perhaps she’ll rethink rejecting our offer.”

ladya that's right. Put that black woman in her place. How dare she use her chosen artistic name for 20 years, that you want today. Black women been getting away with this shit for far too long. SarcasmFont LadyAntebellum ladya so you're stealing from a black woman? Your band name should be Lady AntiBLM

Mfs had to see this coming. Anita White has been using the stage name Lady A for many years. A simple search would have prevented Lady Antebellum band from stealing the name of a great vocalist from Seattle. White privilege by these spoiled brats to sue her. Just trash. Never heard of Lady A except the black lady.

BLM Haha! Colonizers gonna colonize. They were being so woke they removed antebellum from their name. Now they are lady a, where the a stands for antebellum Just come up with an entirely new name. There's literally millions to choose from, Ironic to see a band of musicians this tone deaf Jeez! Americans either shoot each other or sue each other?! What’s wrong with you people

From 'racist' name to 'racist' bullying 👍 LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder wtf Publicity stunt. Who cares about either? Thinking just like that they can try to strong arm the real Lady A. Trifling! Maybe from the get, they shoulda picked a non-racist name and this would be a non-issue. Just become Auntie Bellum

This comment thread is classic 2020. Way too many people without the right information claiming to be up in arms. Noooo Typical liberal logic. It’s kind of like abolishing the police in order to save black lives while simultaneously putting more black lives in danger in areas where police are needed the most. Makes perfect sense.

.ladya is nothing more than a virtue-signaling woker-than-thou band who in an effort not to offend BLM snowflakes, are in fact infringing on a BLACK FEMALE blues singer who’s had the name ‘Lady A’ for several years. They are so full of themselves they don’t even see the irony. Who is Anita white and why should I care?

Clickbait-ish headline. I created a playlist in honor of all the original 'Lady A's' out there...its called 'White People Stole Rock Music' lol For everyone who didn’t read the article, here’s the key quote: “According to the lawsuit, the band is seeking a ruling that their use of the trademark 'Lady A' does not infringe on White's alleged trademark rights of the same name. The band is not seeking monetary damages.”

This might be one of the most misleading headlines I’ve read in a while In an effort to be more inclusive* *unless, you know, money Read the article, not just the headline. Lady Antebellum trademarked 'Lady A' a decade a ago, and used it on merch. The blues singer did not come forward to complain (she prob didn't know). L Antebellum isn't seeking $ or telling blues singer to drop Lady A name.

I hope they lose the lawsuit and end up paying the Blues singer. Bet her music is better than theirs too. Lol. I hope the blues singer wins. Lady Antebellum caved to the rage mob and took an already copyrighted name. The band has to realize that the A is still an abbreviation for Antebellum. It really doesn't fix the problem.

Omg!!! That's awful!!!! They could change their name to A Lady.... that no one wants hear from Must be nice to have enough money and lawyers to get whatever you want. Have never heard LadyAntebellum s work. Not inclined now. Support TheRealLadyA I'm enjoying the sheer stupidity of this. 🍿 It’s funny how many people didn’t read the article but are furious over the headline.

Just want to point out that this is essentially a declaratory judgment action. They want a court to say whether they can both use the name. I hope she kicks their ass and gets compensated 1.5 to $2 for every dollar she has to sped on this. This headline assumes/implies the correct party is Lady Antebellum. You should consider rewording to be neutral or in favor of the singer who had the name longer. Like, a frickin’ lot longer.

Progressives are really regressives. ladya - Suing a black woman because you want to take her name to appease the woke crowd. I am going to use your CDs for target practice. A still stands for antebellum and they're still racist.... 🤡🌎 So, in order to be Woke and not racist, they change their name. Then proceed to try and steal a black artists name who was already using the name. Huh?!!

Looks like this band isn’t great at doing research- first! 🧐 Seems like Lady Antebellum is going to use its money & lawyers to force Lady A into bankruptcy to fight back. Is this “social justice”? To the Left, yes. It uses threats, money, lawyers to bankrupt opponents all the time. This is just the dumbest most privileged obnoxious claim ever.

You can’t make this **** up. Antebellum changes name out of misguided wokeness and then sues someone who actually used the name forever!!!! No!! That’s not right!! Bullies! So I have never been to a Lady Antebellum Show... but if I had, would I now be able to get my money back for any shows/merch I bought that has that name on it now they changed their name, since it makes reference to slavery and I don't want that? logic smh

Wow! ladya so woke! What an absurd lot these people are Are you people to stupid to read the article? The blues singer went after them, their lawsuit is not asking for ANY MONEY. It's just a civil case to see if the groups renaming is against the Blues singers trademark. Read the whole story before ya jump on the racist bandwagon

The definitive microcosm of Woke America. I'm so sorry you are so hip on losing fans. Nothing lasts forever. You had a good run. Bye bye LadyA How long will this douchebaggery go on? Lost my respect for Lady Antebellum when they felt they needed to change their name. “After reflecting on the Black Lives Matter movement, we’re suing a Black woman who we stole her name from after not Googling if this name had already been taken”

Welp, time for me to download her music. order to bow down to PC culture, Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A. They then brought litigation against the black singer who has been singing under the name Lady A for years. 🤡 They better fix this mess because I love their music 😑😑! This ain’t it lady antebellum

They need to change the name of their band to White Privilege. Lady Antebellum isn’t formerly known as anything yet, the name they chose is already taken. The fact that you are disregarding the Black artist who still owns the name is disrespectful and an erasure. Ah, the camaraderie is inspiring. The name Lady A-hole seems to be available.

Suing the black singer so they can change their name to be more racially sensitive. Wait....what?!? Morons! They changed their name because it might offend blacks now suing a black singer who already had the name. Turns out these people chose their shitty name because the were shitty people. Who could’ve guessed?

Finally a report no one cares about Just change your name to Lady Bellum, it means War Lady, which sounds cool as hell. Plus Lady Bellum rolls off the tongue and is easier to change marketing to. Plus you dont need to explicitly steal your musical identity from a Black woman, you can just do it implicitly.

If they really mean it why not change their name altogether? This would be the right thing to do. Clearly they are not serious and this is a publicity stunt or they just don’t get it. Either is shameful. Ms anita white is gonna get herself a nice chunk of change. You cant takw her name If they win the suit maybe they'll have enough money to take the name Lady A$$.

Just changed their name to Lady Bellum, it means War Lady, which sounds cool as hell. Plus Lady Bellum rolls off the tongue and is easier to change marketing to. Plus you dont need to explicitly steal your musical identity from a Black woman, you can just do it implicitly. I did like these singers Good Lord. You can’t even make this stuff up! Go back to your original name already, and stop the foolishness. You went from being a really great singing group to a bunch of boring virtue signallers in a heartbeat.

White supremacy in 2020: become woke to score brownie points. Use those brownie points to stomp on a black woman's identity. It’s so gross how this headline gives Lady Antebellum the name Lady A but puts it in quotation marks for the woman who has been using the name for literally 2 decades. If that’s not upholding white supremacy I don’t know what is.

They could just change their name to something else. How about Lady A-holes So, ladya née LadyAntebellum , is now suing a black woman who’s been using Lady A for much longer. Looks like a case of MisWokenIdentity 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This decision makes zero sense.

Lady Antifa should be available and doesn't require suing a Black woman who was there before you. Isn't that what the A is for now anyways? So... They're suing a black woman so you can be more inclusive of black people? How do they not realize how stupid they're being? You are suing a singer that already established her name. Why are you humans such train wrecks?😂

When you want to be anti-racist so bad you sue a black person to make it happen. 'Lady' is so 20th century western culture. They should be called 'They A'. They should change it to lady A-hole... you know, just for clarity n stuff... They should have just taken her last name White; cause this is the Biggest White Folks move ever!!!

The epitome of white colonialism mentality. Move in, take over, take away. You can’t just change your name for racial injustice then GO AFTER A BLACK WOMAN WHOSE HAD THE FUCKING NAME FOR OVER TWO DECADES. Ah the hand is using their woke privilege to steal a name already in use by another performer WokePrivilege

So it was just publicity changing her name Ummm who had the name first? These people are clowns Oh the irony. CancelAntebellum ladya wtf is wrong with you guys do you understand how backwards this is? gross This is just too perfect. Should have stayed Lady Antebellum. Fake Lady A need to go back to sleep bc being woke is just too damn painful these days.

This is disgusting & racist ladya & proves your name change is nothing more than performative & opportunistic. Suing to take a Black woman’s trademark brand & livelihood bc you were embarrassed by the name YOU chose previously? Pick another name. I think Anita will and should win. So nobody on their team had the intelligence to say “hmm this makes no sense”

No one listened to them anymore, it’s a quarter after 1 and they need to break up Anita had it first. So, they’re suing a black woman to support black lives matter? This may end well for them in a court of law but not in the court of public opinion. LadyAssholes Lady Antebellum is trying to steal something from a black woman who had it first? I think Lady Antebellum is racist.

On what grounds? The fact that they have sold more albums under a different name? This case should be thrown out immediately. Virtue signaling matters most of all. Trash headline also. They're not 'Formerly known' they are still Lady antebellum if they have to sue for the name Lady A. Why not change name to Lady Americana or Lady America, or just Lady and drop the A. They took a name that’s already being used so they cannot use for something that has long been established by this artist and is branded as hers. Pick another name. Obviously; they are losing fans

Please call them Lady Antebellum. They are not Lady A. It is white erasure to call them a name they do not own and erase the Black woman because they are trying to get away from their racism. This group should be over, forever. This goes to show virtue signaling is just that, signaling, no real meaning.

Why do they not simply disband altogether ladyA Bet you didn't think people would find out. Good Lady AntiBLM, sounds about white Disgraceful. She had the name first. They change their name to be woke to the black culture then sue a black lady for the name SHE already had! Pathetic. Does no one in that organization do any research? Didn’t they google Lady A before they made their announcement? One would think they would be a little more careful about picking a name under the circumstances. What a bunch of whiney babies.

Lmfao white peoples are ridiculous That wokeness is the epitome of irony 🤷🏻‍♀️ Suing a BLACK Roman for a name she had FIRST! White liberals ARE the disease. Great example of Liberalism ladya Maybe you should just rebrand as 'Best Case Scenario Lady Tone Deaf' or 'Worst Case Scenario Lady Southern Racist'? Both seem like a better fit.

Like everything else in society right now, what should be up is down and what should be down is up. I hope the original Lady A countersues and takes the woke Antebellum band for everything they have. This is so stupid! These people are trash Wait! LadyA_Fans isn't/wasn't known as Lady A. Anita White is/has been. Anita White would seem to have the stronger case... while Lady Antebellum seems to be just being grasping assholes.

LOVE IT!!!!! LADY ANTEBELLUM IS RACIST! RIPPING A POOR BLACK LADY OFF!!!! What a bunch of HYPOCRITES! Major L You can't make this shit up. Nothing says “ woke” like a lefty Needle_of_Arya Lady Antebellum needs to be cancelled. The height of white privilege, suing the black owner because you want her name, even though she’s had it for years.

Stupid strikes twice. So ladya changed their name so they wouldn’t look racist....and now is suing singer ladiawhite a blues gospel black artist for her name that’s she’s been using for a while...........racist ass racists acting more racist taking property like Columbus lmao ladya are you serious right now?

Real classy ladyantebellum. You change your name but not change your Twitter handle. Classic. Lost me as a fan a long time ago. How about changing the name to 'Lady Ant'? LadyAntebellum LadyA What? Whatttt White performers taking advantage of Black ones 😉? So being themselves. This revolution is gonna eviscerate y’all irreparably and you won’t have anyone to blame but your ancestors😌.

If they succeed in the law suit, she should rename herself 'Lady Anti-Antebellum' That would remind everyone that she was the black performer who was forced into giving up the name she originated by a white group The new 'Lady A' would feel the pressure to change their new name Are these ppl stoned? 'According to the lawsuit, the band is seeking a ruling that their use of the trademark 'Lady A' does not infringe on White's alleged trademark rights of the same name. The band is not seeking monetary damages.' You guys need to read more.

Sounds racist. Looking really Christopher Columbusy. Just go back to Antebellum if u plan on oppressing & Columbusing a black woman. No one asked for the fake solidarity in the 1st place. This is rich 'Wokeness Brokeness' in 3......2........1...... Brace,brace,brace Their name sucked from the start and they can go eat shit

🤦🏻‍♂️what white privilege fuckery is thisDropping the racist “Antebellum” only to sue the black artist who had the name for some time now. Lady A-holes is available...jeez! Just when they thought they virtue signaled enough to get some breif free PR, they turn around an White Privilege themselves straight into the headlines, possibly for months. I sense there will be a whole lot of feet washing in their future.

I hope they never perform again. Don’t buy their music or go to their concerts. Shame on them! Wait... Lady Antebellum, to prove how non-racist they are, wanted to change their name to Lady A and filed a lawsuit against a Black female singer who has been using the name for 2 decades? WTF? So, a famous white band sues a local black singer b/c she wants to keep using her own stage name, Lady A? ladya

If that ain’t a Christopher Columbus move right there 🤦🏾‍♀️ LOLOLOL is this real life? You mean Lady Ahole. That is what these virtue signallers have become. They change their name in some sort of virtue signal to BLM, now are suing a black woman who used the name for twenty years. You can’t make this shit up!

Who had the name Lady A first,,,,,,,,,,,,,, case closed! It's a quarter after one , FINALLEVEL icecube MrChuckD I can't believe ladya is going after this poor woman. Sue the black woman for racial justice. So THIS is how celebrities think 'anti-racism' works. Give up your name and steal one. From a black person. ladya

So let me get this clear, they change their name after no one (literally NO ONE) asked them to. And now they're going to STEAL the name of another artist?! CANCELLED!!! No one should listen to thieves...😤😤😤😷 How people with too much money waste the court’s time. Lady Antebellum formerly known as, could re-change their name to ‘The New Original Lady A’.

Hm, this headline needs fixing: 'Lady Antebellum decides name too controversial, sues Black singer so they can take her name.' I see why they called themselves Antebellum in the first place. The privilege is southern-fried A perfect example of the lunacy, entitlement and idiocy of the left. Goooood ladya let the hate flow through you.

Let me get this straight. A country band composed of white members is suing a black signer over her groups name in support of blm? Awesome! This is the epitome of Baizuo. Why change a name to not seem racist, but then sue a black woman so they can use her name. They missing the point smh ladya antebellum suits you best. Real Lady A had been using it for over 10 years before you, as a good colonizer, declared it yours. Clearly you didn’t research if it was taken. Shameless to use BLM for your motive while attempting to ruin real Lady A’s life

The name Lady Antietam is not taken Lady Anti-BLM This is so stupid! Lady A was using the name first, Lady Antebellum should just change their name to something else She can do the “Lady Postbellum” one Morons... who had the name first? White Liberals at their best. Ugh She should change her name to Lady C.

Maybe they thought her name was Antifa White. poorform Interesting since original lady A was singing before the other was born. At the end of the day, this does nothing to end racism, in fact I view it as soft racism. The only thing they have done is try to earn points with mob rule idiots, their peers.

Hasn't she been using the name for a long time, seems to me they need to find another. I hope she sues their asses for wasting her time, awon ode The judge is gonna tell them to pay the 10 million ladya is completely wrong for this. First you change your name because of the BLM cancel culture and now you sue the actual Lady A who happens to be Black.

Keep the original name and calm the fuck down Oh wow... Im sorry but ladyantebellum is 10000% wrong on this point! WTF how pathetic I think a change to “Lady Antediluvian” would be most fitting. Cuz that’s how old their damn racist practices are. That will leave them with 38% of the country Call the band Lady H since the female member’s name is Hillary. Problem solved.

You guys are so uninformed. Did you know 'White' before all of this? Does she have a trademark on that simple name? Why did she agree to share the name then changed her mind? All you want to do is attack white people; even allies. I'm black... fuck you all. Perpetual victimhood. The tone-deafness is staggering.

What color is the original Lady A? Is she black? White privilege at it’s finest 👌🏼 Not ok. She had the name first. Is this a joke? The best example of white privilege right here. 😆😆😆 The band could possibly use the name on their clothing brand but not as a band. Trying to fit in by taking the name of the original Lady A singer is down right opportunistic. There are some many alternatives, how about Ant Lady or Lady Love . One Lady in the band ? Lady O

Colonizers gonna colonize How about ladya does everyone a favor and hang up their hat. Their poor attempt at representing the BLM movement has only shown their true, selfish colors NoMoreLadyAntebellum How dare they contest an African American person! HOW DARE THEY!!! 🤮 Talk about missing the point of BLM by suing a Black Woman to stop her from using her established stage name or allow you to use it too DisrespectfulAF 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

But doesn’t “Lady A “ still stand for Annabellum for this band? So what did they really change? 'When we learned that Ms. White had also been performing under the name Lady A, we had heartfelt discussions with her about how we can all come together and make something special and beautiful out of this moment,' said the group in a statement. She wouldn't bow so they sued.

Racist aren't they. Lol Says it all!! Such hypocrites This is such a bad look... Perfect...'We're woke and changed our oppressive let's legally oppress a black artist so she cant yse her own name'....Leftist Logic. 2020 is really showing us who people are, hmm? Despicable Lady Antebellum has a knee jerk reaction to 'racism', drops the Antebellum part, changes it to Lady A...meanwhile there's a singer who for the past 30+years has gone by the name of Lady A. Lady Antebellum is now suing the original Lady A...and the original Lady A is black🤔🤔🤔🙄

According to the lawsuit, the band applied for trademarks for the name 'Lady A' for entertainment services and for use on clothing back in 2010 and no oppositions were filed by any person or entity. So they own the trademark. So it's a no story? Fix your damn headline! They're not suing her. They're seeking a declaratory judgment to stop her from suing them. 🙄You’re stoking racial hatred 😡....they should sue you too!😡

Congratulations now both the left and the right hates them Luckily they make some of the worst music possible Lady Carpetbagger or...Lady Scalawag How about “Lady Post-Bellum?” Just a suggestion.. Maybe they could change their name to LadyG Ummmmmm wow Self entitled racist whites trying to erase an African American lady & her legacy. Stealing her livelihood

This is white privilege with a subtle streak of racism looks like. When you’re so righteous you’re actually wrongteous. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wow they are some assholes.they changed their name to something somebody already had and are now suing her.completely wrong and they're just making themselves look bad Omg redic

This is one I think thevivafrei will enjoy! Are they columbussing her name? ladyantebellum 'after much personal reflection, band discussion, prayer....' Prayer? Really? And then sue a black artist to steal her name? How 'christian'. Lady Anti should just choose another letter of the alphabet. Like.....C.

Wow they’re really just gonna Columbus the hell outta this aren’t they. 🤢 My name use to be Will & I started using William and am going now to sue because I'm living in the AgeOfEntitlement wow they should keep the Antebellum name, white privilege indeed DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THEM So Lady Antebellum suddenly 'realizes' their band name is racist af, changes name to Lady A, realizes Lady A is an already existing Black female artist and sues her for trademark. Sounds about white! Let's support Anita White the real Lady A!!!

Didn’t they JUST change their name a day ago!? How are they going to sue someone else who had the stage name first!? ladya wtf!? You think 2020 was the year to pull this? Sounds about So not only are they idiots for bending the knee to the rage mob but they are also douche waffles for copyright trolling some that used the name first.

No no no, you cant ask to take food when you show up late, this is not a grab and go! How disappointing. No more Lady A aka Lady Antebellum for me.... Should only get on your knees for God.. Well, the perception of being woke was brief!🤦🏾‍♀️ Surely, those who cheering ladya & dismissed the original LadyA coz she was unknown to some must realize this' nasty, right?🧐 Seriously HillaryScottLA charleskelleyla ladya you had to flaunt your WhitePrivilege So nasty!🤢

Excuse me black artist....we've virtue signaled. Now let us steal your identity as we've already sacrificed so much for the cause. Lady A said Lady Antebellum could use the name in exchange for 10 mil. Lady Antebellum refused to pay then decided to sue ladiawhite for use of the name. what type of bullshit

Wow! You gotta be fuckin kidding me!!! Funny She had the name first. She’s been using the name, Lady A, for years, long before they buckled to PC, cancel culture. They should either just keep their non-offensive, original name or pick a name that’s not already in use by another artist! Maybe just Lady. Fix this Lady Antebellum, I’m losing respect.

I can’t. Idiots! Oh, I guess the name change was only about looking woke and then back to Hollywood style narcissism when they thought no one was paying attention. Hypocritical scum. Wow! Seriously it doesn't make sense to drag all this in court to spend money just for a name . This Lady A ( Ms White) has been using name for 20 years, just drop your lawsuit ladya to change name - why drag this out for a name ?

Why don't they change their name to Lady Postbellum? Fuck them, WOW🤨 They may as well just be known as Lady Antiblm now.. Just removed their music from all my playlists. Stop stealing from Black Women. Throw the whole band away. It was her name first. And 'Antebellum' meant the same thing in 2007 as it does in 2020.

😂😂😂 H I L L B I L L I E S . Dogshit by move already giving this trash band the name they don’t deserve and haven’t won yet. Get it Anita White. Scooter Braun is sick I was behind em for the name change but that's pretty rotten The sheer amount of stupid about this is ridiculous. Antebellum is so fukn dumb Also it’s ironic suing a black white

Copyright & Trademark kids. All this is just messy. Same goes for TheDCUniverse 's ShazamMovie should have been named captainmarvel but the name was lost to Marvel even though Shazam was the original Capt. Marvel. Same goes to WWE 's Banks also wasn't the first 'Blueprint'. I have no respect for them!

Who are any of these people. Oh my this is RICH. 😂 Changes their name because they don’t want to be considered racist while they sue a black woman they stole the name from! ladya 🤦🏾‍♀️ So Black lives didn't REALLY matter to them, huh? WeAlreadyKnew Civil War Reenactment band routs the career of a Black blues singer.

What a bunch of wankspanners If she’d left her own name alone, she wouldn’t be having this problem, now would she 🙄 Nice. White Nationalist band destroys career of black woman They should try Lady A-hole What a POS move ladya ! first come, first served BS. Antebellum is even more crap if they try and take that away from her.

fuxk that Lady Asshole. That's really effed up Wtf!?! ladya should change their name to Lady Pandering tonedeaf¹⁰ Who used the name first? Easy answer. Anita Hypocrisy Or you could say ' white musical group steals name from black blues singer and now suing the victim' So A black artist had the name 'lady A' in the 70's. And the Lady Amtbellum band has files a lawsuit against that artist. When Lady Antebellum came up with that name last week. This is about as: *ss backwards as It gets folks.

“The band formally known as Lady Antebellum file lawsuit against blues singer Lady A for not letting them use her name.” Fixed your line there.... donovanxramsey Lady Antebellum changes their name to Lady A to appear less racially insensitive, then sues a Black woman who has performed under the name Lady A for nearly 20 years. You can't make stuff up. I mean, the irony.

Wait a minute isn’t Lady Antebellum the that ripped off Alan Parson’s Eye in the Sky” A white group sues a black woman to take her name (which is literally “White,” btw) because they gave up their old name to appease black people. 2020vibes 2020trends I am not sure this is going to go well for the Antebellum folks.

Bullying a Black singer to snatch away her pro name — that’s very “white supremacist” of the band. In this thread: people who only read headlines. Just wrong!! They should just called themselves Lady Future Bellum. Petty. So they are showing solidarity for BLM by suing a black artist smh make it make sense

They've lost their cerebellums. Lady Anti-BLM They should change the name to 'Lady Antifa' Wow suing a black woman for her trademarked name. Not a good look. A band of white people trampling on a black woman's singing career because they feel THAT will make them seem non-racist.🤨 That seems racist to me. Weird.🤔

No case. She had the name first. 😂😂😂 Grow up People! Really ladya ? Performative ass has beens So maybe shouldn't caved and changed your name Ummm... newly 'woke' country artists are now suing a black female artist who had the LadyA name first?!? CantMakeThisUp This is one of the foulest things I’ve ever seen.

They did have the trademark since 2010, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. But they had to realize the headlines would make them look worse than never even having changed their name. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Shoulda just done Lady Ant! 🐜 Since no one read the article: group filed the lawsuit Wed. after negotiations with Anita White broke down. The band seeks a ruling that their use of the trademark 'Lady A' does not infringe on White's alleged trademark rights. The band is not seeking monetary damages.

Maybe change your name to Lady Antibellum. 🤷 ladya They are still Lady Antebellum, not “Lady A” which you have clearly stated belongs to this Blues singer that they are disgustingly suing. Correct your tweet. Shame on them! It was a PR stunt to change their name, now this? Truly awful. With optics this piss poor, they might as well have just kept the name and their heads down.

In an effort to be more “inclusive”, and put an end to “systemic racism”, country group STEALS the name of a BLACK female artist named Anita WHITE and then SUES her. Can’t make this shit up. 😂 Never heard of them maybe they can just go away And this is....white nonsense. LOL Oh lordy LMFAO Hey, Lady Antebellum could always just change their name to Miss Jim Crowe.

They need to simply pour me an espresso. ladya - maybe stick to your original name since it seems to fit you better- talk about missing the point! I would say cancel Lady Antebellum, but has anyone been giving a fuck about her? What does she even do? Well. Clearly they care deeply about doing the right thing 🙄

Perchance does anyone know or did 'Lady A' the group give detail as to what that 'A' stands for? Hmmm. Should have gone with 'Lady Antediluvian' imo. Nothing says 'we want to help stop racism' like *checks notes* deciding you want something more than the black person who has it and taking it from them.

Seriously? What serf is managing them and didn't look into this? Literally who is Anita White tho Someone says “Lady A” I’d say 99% of people think of Lady Antebellum. Personally I think changing their name was a lame move, but this shouldn’t be a court issue. Seems like Anita just wants attention ladya come on ,you took her name now that you changed yours randomly. Find yourself a different name.

That's crazy, it won't go anywhere the other last had her name first, infact she should counter sue Shouldn’t that be the other way 🤷🏼‍♀️ dumb move ladya 🤡🤡🤡 Another white move to gain audience, change name and then use the white priviledge to sue a person of color. So where's the cancelladya Dixie Chicks: What can we do to lose fans?.... Lady A: Watch this

I’m starting a new hamburger place called McDonalds. I’m going to sue McDonalds for using my business’s name before I knew what my business was going to be called. Drops the word Antebellum because it has ties to slavery which it doesn’t and then sues a Black woman named Anita White over a name Anita had long before Lady Antebellum. Lol! Can’t make this shit up! Quite disappointed. ladya

I’m getting mixed signals here. She’s had the name for 20 plus years...this is not it Trying to steal a black woman's stage name is soooo non-woke. unintendedconsequences 🤷🏻‍♂️ Guarantee no one knew who Anita White was until today. Glad to see all the ~social justice warriors~ out nothing says “I’m a progressive” like millionaire musicians suing a black person so they can steal their name to show everyone how much they care about black people.

What a jerky abuse of power. They can be Lady AB. Wait, what?! No moral justification for Lady Antebellum's (Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood) lawsuit against Lady A (Anita White) I think she is the one that actually has the better lawsuit. Hopefully she collects. Are you fucking kidding me ladya?

They should go by Lady Cerebellum because they all need one In Canada she would be Lady Eh Someone ever mentioned “cultural appropriation “ to them Shouldn't it be the other way around? You mean, some group, formerly known as Lady Antebellum, files lawsuit agains blues singer Lady A to steal her name. I hope they lose and pay the original Lady A license fees forever and ever and ever and ever....

Nothing says “I’m woke” like appropriating the longtime stage name of another entertainer (who also happens to be black), then filing suit against her. They should change their name to Lady Asshat. they could go by “white lady” aka KAREN, for short LOL at virtue signaling fake anti-racists. They don’t need to change it.

Shouldn't that be the other way around. Da f? She had it first! They should change the name to The Who, because I have no f-ing clue WHO they are. panderingbitthemintheass no one likes your music anyways ladya damn, chill How the?! Lady A had her performance 1st n for quite some time...LadyAntebellum just stay w your name n don't be scared...

Lady Antebellum (problematic 🤨) Lady A (taken 😲) Lady B (derivative 😐) Lady G (sullied 🤮) Lady Anthrax (metal 🤘) Lady Antibiotics (gynecological 👩‍⚕️) Lady Antifa (priceless 👍) PS Gaga sounds insulting to pre-lingual children. I hope they lose Did you even read it just wondering Who the fuck is Lady Antebellum

So Lady Antebellum is a confirmed racist. Literally trying to steal a name from someone that already had it what a douchebag. FIFY: “White Country Music stars change name to avoid racist label then sue black performer over name rights” Let me fix your headline. Lady Antebellum files lawsuit against blues singer Lady A. There you go. Fixed, more accurate, more succinct.

You claim you wanna change your name due to racial discrimination yet you’re gonna sue a black woman because you want her name?!? She’s had the name for more than 20 years. Pick another name. That awkward moment when you perform a publicity stunt to disavow racism and then immediately ruin a Black woman’s career.

Assholes The A stands for Antebellum. Apparently they want to play maga rallies now Are you kiddind me?! Lady Antebellum (ladya), also known as 'Lady A-word,' I'm not even going to finish the tweet... dwell on that... if I say F - U, you know exactly what I mean, right? Same thing. F-word Lady A-word. I met the “Real” Lady A in Clarksdale Mississippi back in 2013 so Lady Antebellum can take a long walk, they disgust me.

ladya you better stop this white nonsense Hypocrites I hope someone starts a fund for her to countersue, they deserve to play concerts for years with much of the profit going to her. Very classy. Are you f’ing kidding me? ChadBlue_ Ain’t y’all been Lady A for like 6 days now. Did she just start going by that? Next is the artists formerly known as the Dixie chicks gonna sue baby chickens?

Whoa! ladya is suing a black woman who had the name first? Racist much? Hey HR, how about 'Lady Antebellum, finding their tentative new name already taken sue blues singer Lady A'? Because Lady A(nita) originally agreed to coexist, including writing and recording a song with Lady A(ntebellum) but she got a fancy new lawyer who wanted 10 million from them! That’s extortion/blackmail against them who legally own “Lady A” as of 2010.

But the A in Lady A will STILL stand for Antebellum sooooo......nothing about this makes sense I seriously doubt anyone cares.. but it’s the other way around I am not clear on this. Is stealing the black lady blues singer’s name and then suing her supposed to be less racist than the name Lady Antebellum?

Antebellum is only a word that describes the period before the Civil War. There isn’t anything racist about it. There was an antebellum period in the North and the South. Pretty sure the real Lady A (the blues singer who has been using the name for years) could have sued them. I don’t know why they think they have a leg to stand on. They suck anyways.

How does changing their name 2 'Lady A' mean anything when it's just a shortened version of Antebellum nickname style? If they were serious wouldn't they get rid of name all together? This is fracked on so many levels. 😂 Its the upside down. Call them by their dumb name and the singer by LADY A - the name she has used for decades.

Classy ladya - it was someone else’s name first! Heres an about they nust go back to Lady Antebellum? There was nothing wrong with that to begin with. Maybe the groups trying to make publicity. How corrupt can these people be? The real Lady A predicted this. This whole thing just keeps getting worse.

Alt headline “Aggrieved white gang legally assaults Black female after she stands up for her self” Just need to read the first paragraph. Miss Anita White was using Lady A first. It’s disgusting that Lady Antebellum felt the need to virtue signal for BLM and now they’re suing a black woman to keep their new name

This is gonna turn out GREAT!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ How? It was her name first Wow! Just wow. Lady. Just change your band name to Lady. It was right there! ktjazz14 WTF! Wait. So, this black blues singer has been using the Lady A name. Then, Lady Antebellum decides to virtue signal, because who the hell even remembers them, and change their name to Lady A because BLM, whatever... So, now, they’re suing the black singer?!? WTF!?!?

What fvckery my God. LadyAntebellum is trash. They change their name then sue someone who’s already using Lady A. Lost a fan forever Before the war... Does Lady A refer to a novel The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne HillaryScottLA thywill Im betting nobody actually read the article. For all we know they offered her an amount of money she got greedy and wanted more, they said no. They aren't suing for money just to use the name

That’s it. We are officially living in a simulation. Definition White privilege .. Did these 3 loser sellouts just shoot themselves in the foot ?Sounds like racism to me. That ladies and gentleman is white privilege in a nutshell ladya the A still stands for antebellum still has slavery connection so how bout youz guys STFU and change your name to something that isn’t racist⁉️⁉️

Assholes. Let's get ready to CANCELLLLLLLLLLL Not sure what I think yet but for clarification: band applied for “Lady A” in 2010, nobody objected. Now they want to use it, lawsuit is to establish they’re not infringing on her use, not them suing for sole use nor $. Her issue is they didn’t reach out out before changing name.

Pro: They’ve owned the trademark since 2010. Con: She’s used the name since before the trademark was established. They may not win. Feeling entitled to something you stole from someone else who has had it for a long time. Very American. You can follow ladiawhite . CelebrityFind I'm not sure if there's even legal pretext: given that they were never in the same genre or name originally, as to what they're suing over. inyourface34 That'd be like a vacuum rental shop owner suing TheVortex 🍔, suing the chain, when they used to repair cars not RentVacs.

Do they have no one advising them at the very least the optics of this? JFC Soooo ladya dropped antebellum off their name to support BLM but are now dragging a black woman through a lawsuit in which you took her name Pretty sure that is the epitome of anti-blackness and using your white privilege against her and her community

They can change it to Lady G 🙄 ladyaholes LadyA Wow. Just awful people. Racist I sincerely hope that not only are they laughed out of court that they also have to pay costs and whatever other penalties can be levied against them for being fools of the highest order. So let me get this right... White woke band no one really listens to,appropriates a name already in use by a black female musical artist under the guise of brand protection,er,tolerance,inclusivity & the BLM stealing a black persons intellectual property. Right 🤦‍♂️

That’s right. You get that black woman. ladya - you can’t be serious! mrBobbyBones .....excuse me? Y'all are some kinda stupid!!!!! RockySly9 Leftists fighting... AP4Liberty Why not change her name to LADY ANT? wow fuck you ladya really and truly Who used the name First? That is what is the court should look at. If was White the she should Counter Sue for AS MUCH AS SHE CAN GET!

How about Lady Anti-Antebellum I didn’t even know they changed their name.. so why did they pick the name Antebellum in the first place? Can we get a link to the original Lady A's music to show our support? Just wow This is what we call liberal cannibalism! The rich leftist white people love them some black slaves.

!!!!! Are y’all still a little drunk? Bad optics but read the article. They were fine with her using the name; she asked for a $10 million payout so they sued so they and the lady can both use the name. Again, bad optics but a lawsuit is the only route if they can’t agree. ladya It's sad you feel the need to sue a women over her name all because you guys want to change your name to the one she has been using for YEARS. Instead of being self-centered people you can maybe try and be original and find a different name or stick with what you got.🤷

🙋🏿- So wouldn’t the A just stand for Antebellum? 🤷🏿 This how white people think they slick when they say the “n-word” in a sentence instead of Nigger.... as if that should pass This is the Globalist Marxist Left in a nutshell. Absolute empty vessels controlled by demons You know what would be easier? Change the band's name to Money Grubbing Socially Woke Poseurs.

SuetLee4 Really? Idiots. This is absolute cringe ladya ... disgusting pathetic disgraceful They should merge with Hole. ladyantebellum this is wrong on so many levels. Just call yourself Polka Dot Underwear. No one cares IF your music is enjoyable. Going after her is hateful. They have to know how bad this makes them look, right? Unreal.

How about Lady WT? Cc RekietaMedia Have they lost their freaking minds? White privilege! Seems racist, maybe Lady Antebellum shouldn't have changed their name. GoWokeGoBroke Wow..what a bunch of A Holes Good! Isn't Lady A black? Surely they didn't think the name change would sell more music. It was hers first. Countersuit.

__Dutch The irony. Eating it’s own, so damn tasty. They’re hypocrites! Color me shocked. Team ORIGINAL Lady A!! Pretty shitty, Lady Antebellum! So a woke country band sues a black blues artist Who has used the same name for decades that The woke country chose a couple weeks ago. Who do these people think they are ? Is it that hard to choose a name that somebody else doesn’t already have?

I can see where Aaron Rodgers first got infected with the pandering social justice bug.. Shame ladya ladya is absolute trash. Just like colonizing white people to take what belongs to a Black woman. LadyKaren This is a common legal tactic where when someone has a claim against you, but haven’t filed suit, you can go ahead and get litigation started to get the matter resolved. Happens in copyright court all the time. In this case Lady-A just want it resolved by the court either way.

In 2020 the new name should have been 'Lady Bellum'. Black lives matter - unless one of them has a name we want, then - MINE! To the back seat, Former Lady A! Virtually none of the loudmouths commenting has read the actual article. MotherVoorhees Why not call themselves, 'The Band Formerly Known as Lady Antebellum' ?

She was called Lady A first though. And you changed your name cause of BLM. I like y’all but this is not a good look. If BLM didn’t blow up this year, would you keep the same energy? The music world has not seen something like this since the Adam and the Antebellums controversy of 1980. This has to be the height of hypocrisy. Virtue signaling artists suing an obsure soul singer, in the name of cancelculture. CapitolRecords - nashville! I hope Ms. White wins this one!

Doesn't matter im so over ladya and their ' social justice' pandering. How generous of the white liberals to reach out to Lady A and try to force her to stop using her own name. This lawsuit needs to be the other way around. Who had the name first? corrcomm Hey Band Formerly Known As Lady VIRTUE SIGNALED. You caved in. You made the WRONG call. You don’t get to steal Lady A’s name.

They need to learn ' The First Rule of Holes' AND fire the person who thought this was a good idea. 2020 is the year of the Onion. Buts it all real life 🤨 Whites gunna white Yeah... they're doing it wrong. I thought they had reached an agreement Woke is broke. Country music sucks anyway Renamed Leroy Brown Band

They started using 'Lady A' for business ventures in 2010? So, the 'woke' name change is just more business posturing anyway? Add in bullying a black artist who stood her ground? They just lost a long-time fan here..... You would think that Lady Antebellum and anyone attached to them, lawyers, label, label lawyers, management, lawyers, PR, lawyers, would have done a check to see if LADY A was already taken... now these LADY A-HOLES want to sue a black singer already using that name.

When will they learn it's their music that's annoying...not their name. This is so bad. Love ladya music, but wish they had the conviction to stand up to cancel culture and keep their original name, not sue someone to take their original name. They should just call themselves lady. case closed no lawyers will benifit

Does the A still stand for Antebellum? So racist. Lady A-word. So white woke music group wants to change their name to something that a black blues singer has been using for years so they sue her for the rights. Sounds like white privilege and cultural appreciation to me. The fckn nerve of them ladya Wow, y’all are super lame for this. Y’all need to drop this shit right now. This woman’s been using this name for Lady A, y’all have no right to take that away because you’re fake-woke asses wanna hop on the BLM train now that it’s the trendy thing to do.

Niiiiice. Tell me this is satire. Please. White leftist who sue an innocent black woman because they feel shame for choosing a name they decided was also racist. Wow. They spoke too soon and I hope they loose, and have to pay the real Lady A big bucks, for forcing her to go to court to keep her name. RACIST LEFTIST.

If Lady Antebellum has a federally registered trademark in LADY A and had some commercial use, I think this suit is over quickly A reminder to artists: talk to a lawyer to make sure you're not stepping on anyone else's IP & see what you need to do to protect yours Lady A ntifa What a bunch of mole people

Nashville is to music, as Hollywood is to film. Both are fake as all hell, extremely toxic to society, and are backed by the same people trying to indoctrinate the uninformed. Wait...what. Lmao To those at home wondering about Anita White, yes, she is just name yourself Karen and be done with it Suspect white supremacists. NoAntiBlackRacism

Shouldn’t have changed their name. 🤷‍♂️ Anita White had the Name Lady A twenty years before Lady Antebellum decided to steal it. They are suing over something they stole to begin with . That's fucked up. They should've had enough sense to not use Antebellum in the first place. They're going to come off as Lady Assholes. Smh

They should be ashamed of themselves ladya are racists. CancelLadyA cue curbed theme Wait, shouldn't the singer Lady A sue them for using her name? SUMMARY: The band filed trademark “Lady A” in 2010 and was granted trademark in 2011. Agreement was made between Lady A (band) and Lady A (singer) to promote singer and collaborate. Went to sign, Lady A (singer) asked for $10 million. Band suing for $0, but for trademark.

Screw Lady Antebellum ladya I’m destroying all their albums from my music library. Hey Siri never play the country band Lady A, formerly Lady Antebellum in my iTunes library again. ...oh, and remind me to buy some merch from the real Lady A. They JUST changed their name so they should get sued for trying to go by a name already taken. And the person they are trying to sue is black so their virtue signal name change to support BLM will potentially negatively impact a black person. Very nice work you morons.

GibbonsTime warned us about them on SUNDAYPAPERS1. They should just change their name to Lady Assholes for no money. ladya just go back to your old name. It suits you better if you know what I mean. I introduce to you the true white supremacists, and they didn't vote for Trump. What the? Lady A has been using the name for decades

Who in their PR team thought this was a great move? Read the room, always. They should change their name to Lady Gaga instead. Wow! You can’t make this bs up! This is 100% worse than keeping the original name ladya Seriously How can musicians be so petty towards each other? Cheer publicity? This is Amerikkka...

The South will steal again! They stole it from her This right here? This. Is. Effing. Perfect. Wait a minute ; Anita White was Lady A first. Lady Antebellum changes their name to Anita White’s name and they are suing her?! ThatsSo2020! Depends on who had the name first. First come first serve. That’s ACTUALLY racist.

a bad look The ego of someone to think they own a nickname. So now they’re erasing the identity of a black artist in order to...*checks notes... be less racist? Lol, everyone is unserious. Let me guess Anita white is black. Damn. White liberal tries to steal black singer's name.I can pretty much watch the left cancelling themselves all day. So entertaining. I can't even keep up any more.

Find another name ladya you are using your privilege to railroad another artist. Shameful!! The Blues singer had it first. This can’t be true Wow, that seems counter productive! Well that's dumb. She had the name first. Is Lady Assholes still available? Be careful what you wish for. Was their original name really so offensive?

She had it first, quit whining What? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Wow racism is over now. Thanks Lady Antebellum! Holy shit. This doesn’t seem woke. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Welp it’s safe to say most of the idiots responding have not read the full article. Typical. No mention of the $10 million she wanted Lady A had the name first.

🙄 This is one of those tweets that needs a “I read the article” check before allowing comments, tbh. Wow - colonization in action! White privileged singer sues black singer for name. Lets be clear. RACISM!!!! Then quickly loses. Lady A-holes whoweekly Sounds SYSTEMICALLY racist There’s a lesson here to be learnt. Anita White NEVER trademarked the name Lady A. She should’ve.

This is TheBabylonBee, right?!? White band trying to erase black woman. Haha that's priceless. What shitty people Never heard of this band, and how i fucking hate them. Fucking. Gross. Bro what Move up the alphabet dummies. Lady B isn’t taken or Lady Boy. I bet they also hold the trademarks to Call Us Karen ladya KarensGoneWild

It’s almost as if they just repeat the carefully curated new social norms bestowed upon them. While at the same time suing a black woman who had the name first. Seems.. hilarious. The only way they can do that if Anita didn't copywrite the name and they did. BRUH LMFAO any entertainers who openly come out as anti-white will no longer be entertaining me

She had the name 20 years before the band changed their name. Sorry, consequence of being woke! So, the name Antebellum means white supremacy, but suing a black woman singer over the name is fine. I see no one read the article which will inform you that Lady Antebellum trademarked Lady A in 2010. They’ve had the trademark Lady A for years

Just reject cancel culture & go back to your previous name! The article is behind a wall for me, but This probably has to do with trademark law. I think to maintain a trademark, the holder has to show it is protecting the trademark, and suing people using the same name is a way to show that. I don’t understand? Who used the name first? Doesn’t that just settle it automatically? No lawsuit needed.

Wtf is wrong with you guys? ladya She should counter-sue and take 'em for everything they've got. Wow Geez. Just change your name to Karen and be done with it. White privilege Woke Lady Antebellum changes name to appease the BLM mob.....then Sues Black woman who's been using the new name for way longer. Yeah, Lady Antebellum is the epitome of Woke White ppl.

Wtf... Good plan. Epic. 🏆 WTF, this is a confoundedly bad move. So basically hearing Black Lives Matter made them drop antebellum for 'branding purposes' but evidenced here they've learned absolutely nothing from it. So much for having principles. Who's on first? Destroying a black person’s life to show how not racist you are.

Lady Antebellum snaps a wicked bull whip. ladya you changed your name because it was offensive to black people. So you turn around and sue a black artist because she had the name you now want before you Hahahahhahaa this is the actual definition of irony and racist all in one. The A in ladyA just took on a whole new meaning. Anita White was there first, a- darlin'.

Can I change my name to The Hollywood Reporter and sue you guys? The insincerity and pandering that came with changing the name was worse than the actual original name. Hamilton is being criticised but they've admitted there was only so much they could do in 2.5 hours and ppl understood. ppl would have understood.

This is stupid So many people have lost their damn minds lol. BravoKiloActual So some white people got woke, changed their name and now are suing a black artist. 2020 is lit. Didn't she have the name first? rich. Nothing more racist than white leftists. Hahahahahaha wow! How NOT racist?! I didn't see this plot twist coming... Wow, what a bunch of assholes.

You want her name... PAY HER ladyantebellum. Whatever she wants is what she wants. It’s called a negotiation. Such a sad pitiful show. I hope Anita white gets an injunction preventing Antebellum from using her name. Cave to the mob and suffer the consequences. What. The. Fuck? win, lose or draw, no one should ever buy lady antebellum music again.

Now this is fuckin bullshit Glorious. So much for reaching out and working to a compromise 'It's a quarter to one, I'm a little drunk and I'm gonna sue.'

Lady A The Band Files Suit Against Singer Anita 'Lady A' WhiteAttorneys for LadyA, formerly known as LadyAntebellum, have filed a suit against blues singer AnitaWhite who goes by the name Lady A. LMAO k JOANE: OUT

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Lady A The Band Files Suit Against Singer Anita 'Lady A' WhiteAttorneys for LadyA, formerly known as LadyAntebellum, have filed a suit against blues singer AnitaWhite who goes by the name Lady A. LMAO k JOANE: OUT

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