The Arctic Is Warming Four Times Faster Than the Rest of the Planet

8/12/2022 9:20:00 PM

One study after another is coming to the same conclusion: the Arctic is heating up much faster than earlier research suggested

One study after another is coming to the same conclusion: the Arctic is heating up much faster than earlier research suggested

One study after another is coming to the same conclusion: the Arctic is heating up much faster than earlier research suggested

CLIMATEWIRE | One study after another is coming to the same conclusion about the rapidly warming Arctic: It’s heating up a lot faster than earlier research suggested..shot into a car on Michael Donald Avenue.August 11, 2022 Rebecca Hersher, NPR News Share: Temperatures in Longyearbyen, Norway above the Arctic Circle hit a new record above 70 degrees Fahrenheit in July 2020.

The latest figures indicate that the planet’s northernmost region is warming a whopping four times faster than the Earth as a whole.That’s a significant update compared to earlier estimates.Scientists have known for years that the Arctic is warming faster than the rest of the planet, a phenomenon known as “Arctic amplification.But the four people accused in Morrissette’s slaying so far have been charged only with felony murder.” But until recently, both scientific papers and news reports have typically reported that temperatures there are rising at about two to three times the global average rate.A new study, just out yesterday in the journal Communications Earth & Environment, is the latest to weigh in.The new study finds that is a significant underestimate of recent warming.

It finds that the Arctic Circle — the area located above 66.… It doesn’t seem to make any rhyme or reason or any sense,” he told FOX10 News.5 degrees latitude — has warmed by more than 5 degrees Fahrenheit since 1979.In all, the study concludes, the Arctic has warmed at about four times the global average rate over the last 43 years.“Of course everyone knows that … the Arctic warms faster than the rest of the globe,” said Alexey Karpechko, a scientist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute and a co-author of the new study.Jackson’s death qualifies because she died in a vehicle.“But I think the number — nearly four times that we found now — is simply quite impressive.There have been hints in recent years that the Arctic is heating up even more quickly than computer models predicted.

” It’s one of several recent studies that have all come to similar conclusions.A separate group of scientists presented research at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union last December with similar findings.Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said her office does not automatically bring capital murder charges in every case that might apply.And just in June, another study by a different research team also cited a four-times Arctic warming figure (Climatewire, July 11).The main reason for the update is simple: more data.The rate of Arctic warming has accelerated over time.“We look at the facts and circumstances of the case.Changes in the amount of air pollution coming from Europe and natural multi-decade climate variations likely play a role.

Older studies relying on earlier time periods may not have fully captured the scale of recent warming.The study published last month, for instance, found that Arctic warming has increased in uneven jumps over the last few decades.It spiked sharply in the mid-1980s and then again around 1999.She said prosecutors never make that decision until after a grand jury has issued an indictment.“Arctic amplification was not constant — it really changed in individual decades after 1970,” said Petr Chylek, a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory and lead author of the study.The latest acceleration over the last two decades helped push the Arctic warming rate up to around four times the global average, the study suggests.That means more open water.

The newest study also suggests the rate of Arctic warming varies by season and by geography.” Dozens of capital murder cases are pending in Mobile County Circuit Court, and Rich said that number could be double or triple that if she applied the capital murder statute robotically.It tends to be strongest in the autumn.And it’s also higher above the Arctic Circle.Studies looking at broader geographic regions may find slightly lower warming rates.She said filing a capital murder charge only to back off later causes pain for victims’ families.All of this means that previous studies citing lower Arctic warming rates weren’t necessarily wrong.Rapid Arctic warming affects people living far from the Arctic circle.

They just used earlier datasets or different geographic boundaries.Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, says he’s often reluctant to “pin a number” on Arctic warming at all.” Because of his age, the death penalty is not an option for a 16-year-old charged with capital murder in Jackson’s death.The exact figure is a mutable thing, shifting with different time periods and geographic areas.Serreze wasn’t involved with the most recent studies, but has researched Arctic warming rates in the past.What’s most important is that the Arctic is warming significantly faster than the rest of the planet as a whole, he says, regardless of the exact number any individual study points to.“If the government’s in the killing business, you know, there ought to be some certainty to it,” he said.The new research also finds that the advanced computer models that scientists use to understand how the global climate is changing now, and will change in the future, struggle to capture the relative speed of Arctic warming.

“When I see all these numbers coming up there — whether it’s twice as fast as the globe as a whole, three times, four times — I take it with a little bit of a grain of salt,” he said.“That it is warming at an outsized rate, there is no doubt about it.” ‘Not a simple thing’ So why is the Arctic warming so much faster than the rest of the globe? It’s a matter of physics.“It’s extremely arbitrary,” he said.Various physical processes are helping rapidly raise temperatures at the top of the world.Melting ice is among the most important.“We have more work to do to figure out the source of this model bias,” says Armour.

Much of the Arctic Ocean is covered with a layer of sparkling sea ice.… You can have very similar cases that have oddly different charging practices, or results.But the sea ice is steadily shrinking as the planet warms — in fact, it’s been declining for decades now.As it disappears, it exposes more of the ocean surface, allowing heat to escape from the warmer water into the colder atmosphere.It’s a kind of feedback process, raising Arctic temperatures faster and faster as more ice vanishes from the sea.V.At the same time, the atmosphere itself is changing in a number of ways as the planet heats

Some of these changes are altering the ways that heat flows north from the warm equator, affecting Arctic temperatures.These changes can, in turn, affect the speed at which Arctic sea ice melts.“Sometimes it’s not clear.It’s a complicated web of physical mechanisms that all relate to one another, according to Serreze of the National Snow and Ice Data Center.“The moral of the story is that Arctic amplification is not a simple thing,” he said.It’s also not likely to last forever.We’re getting phone records and phone dumps and cell tower data and, you know, tag reader data and all those things.

Some of the feedback processes driving rapid Arctic warming may taper off.Melting sea ice is a prime example.Large areas of ice are still disappearing and contributing to the Arctic’s swiftly rising temperatures.So far, clear evidence has not been presented that R.But eventually, enough ice will vanish that the feedback process will naturally slow down.“It’s very unlikely that this large Arctic amplification will last for long,” Karpechko said.

“Definitely by midcentury we should get lower values, because by that time, we have already lost quite a lot of sea ice.An investigator in the Michael Donald Avenue case, however, that witnesses described two shooters circling the car Jackson was in.” If Arctic amplification does slow down in the future, it’s not exactly a cause for celebration.The Arctic region will have fundamentally changed and temperatures will have already risen dramatically.The region will also likely continue on warming — just, perhaps, not at four times the global average.“He never left.As Serreze bluntly put it: “What it really means is that it’s freakin’ warm.

” Models versus observations Scientists use model simulations to make projections about the future of Arctic climate change.And some climate models do suggest that Arctic amplification is likely to slow as sea ice continues to decline.” Jordan, Petite’s lawyer, said he believes the evidence will show that his client did not fire int the car.But there’s a catch: Models, on the whole, might not be completely capturing the scale of Arctic warming or all the processes driving it.This week’s study finds that climate models tend to underestimate the rate of Arctic warming.It’s still unclear why — but there are a few possible explanations.“In Alabama, if you’re charged with capital murder, whether it is correctly charged or not, you don’t have a bond while it’s a capital murder.

It could be that natural climate fluctuations are working alongside the influence of greenhouse gases and human-caused climate change, causing the Arctic’s temperatures to temporarily climb faster than the models predict they should be rising.Or it could be that the models aren’t capturing some physical process contributing to Arctic amplification.That’s Karpechko’s theory — and if it’s right, it means more research and future improvements to climate models could help solve the problem.Available free in the.The study “highlights the importance of comparing observations and climate models using a systematic approach to identify ways in which our climate models can be improved,” said Karen Smith, a climate scientist at the University of Toronto, in an email to E&E News.Smith wasn’t involved with the new study, but has researched Arctic amplification in the past.

Improving model simulations of Arctic climate change is important, experts say.They help scientists predict not only the future of the Arctic, but the rest of the world, too.Human communities and natural ecosystems in the Arctic will be strongly affected by future warming.And studies suggest that Arctic warming may affect weather and climate patterns elsewhere around the globe.It’s important to make sure model projections aren’t underestimating those effects.

“From the Arctic, we can learn what may be waiting for the globe in the next couple decades,” said Chylek, the Los Alamos researcher.“So there’s a reason why everybody is looking into the Arctic.” Reprinted from E&E News with permission from POLITICO, LLC.Copyright 2022.E&E News provides essential news for energy and environment professionals.


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We’ll be fine. Why? How do you get “much” out of less than 1/2 a degree in 43 years? Maybe we should learn about biomass power generation and how it is consuming the Amazon. Professional liars like Barak Obama convinced people that sea levels are rising due to global warming then bought seafront property that would have been flooded a long time ago if what they claim was true. It's not.

Lmao I’ve seen articles from all over the globe saying the place each article came from was warming faster than anywhere else on earth. Propaganda Just goes to show that the cause of arctic warming is much more sophisticated than the simplistic models or algorithms used by scientist today. can't name them,eh, scientific american. more junk science. rico/nuremburg2.0

What’s happening with the Antarctic? The Bible does say that in the End Times, Islands of the Sea will Disappear! Maybe if Man would stop Geoengineering the Weather?! Polar ice has been expanding

One on One - Azerbaijani FM Jeyhun BayramovArmenia continues to station its troops in the Karabakh region. Azerbaijan and Türkiye are working together to solve tensions in the area. TRT World sits dow...

Good it's really cold there. try and be a little more scientific in your articles. How about reporting on solar minimum and sun spots as an influencer on our climate? That is so much nonsense. Lol I remember this scam from the 80s 🤣 Lies 55,000 views. 200 likes. People are catching on. Show your proof the earth has been melting and freezing for billions of years. So you tell me if have something a billion years ago.

Tell the Midwest and East Coast about how warm the Arctic is. They will probably move north! What happens after the arctic rises in temp? What happens? Richest people have mansions on tiny islands in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure we will be fine.

Two similar Mobile murders one day apart – one is a capital case, the other is notTwo murders. Two child victims. Two different sets of charges. The approach by the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office to killings that occurred a day apart in May have drawn attention to the discretion prosecutors exercise in determining whether or not to bring capital murder charges. Prosecutors use different charges to intimidate people into pleading guilty, so they don't have to do too much work. They also overcharge people they really don't want to convict. People have to know the victim's rights and exercise them with the system.

Thats American science for ya. You forgot the truth. And nobody in the government run scientific community will admit that it has nothing to do with humans. Good !! I am glad we walking towards human extinction But when Jesus returns this whole world will be burned up in a fire so will the unrepentant volcanic activity is ramping up - under ice - but blame it on Air temps..okey dokey

Be-Cause, the largest portion of the UEF i/o of the SSWs that 'instantaneously' comprise Earth flows ('gyroscopically') to exit Earth 'at' its Poles. kpc Fake news Science compels us to connect the dots Yeah India and China have too many people, you think?

The Arctic is heating up nearly 4 times faster than the whole planet, study findsScientists previously estimated that the Arctic is heating up about twice as fast as the globe overall, but a new study finds that's a significant underestimate. Loss of sea ice is one of the clearest drivers behind the rapid warming.

Yawn... Yes instead of 64 below zero it's only 63 below zero. Surprise, surprise. Studies have found that every part of the planet is warming faster than every where else. Then it is meant to happen. Focus on preparing rather than preventing or it'll be the death of us all. Earth will do whatever it wants . It might even flood and we all die . I love how humans think they can control nature 🤣 They invented a great new telescope , now they think they understand the universe and can see god. You guys waste your lives on BS

Amazingly the weight of the ice deformed the Earth's mantle and it has been rebounding 1cm per year in certain areas. The oceans were 360ft lower. Earth is 4 billion years old. Earth's climate alternates between ice ages and greenhouse periods, during which there are no glaciers on the planet. Our human emission likely is delaying the next ice age expected in 1500 years. I don't think we can survive ice 2mi thick in PA.

Lies! GREAT news. As you know if all the sea ice melts it will raise sea levels EXACTLY 0.0mm and our biodiversity will explode with warmer temps. Great shout out! BS Is it true the Antarctic getting colder ?

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The world needs to transition from the neoliberal derived growth based economy (more is less) to the Marxian derived ecological economy (less is more)… Meanwhile all the rich people telling us that the oceans are rising are laughing in their ocean-front homes that they know will be just fine. That’s worrying 🤥

'ice shelves in Antarctica have thickened by an average of 1.3 m between 2010 and 2017 as ice losses from West Antarctica are compensated by ice gains in East Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula, reversing the negative trend of the previous two decades' Science says after LittleIceAge ended 150 years ago.... GlobalWarming is the natural result. Not ManMade Not caused by CarbonDioxide (Plant Oxygen) fridaymorning

No it is not Totally bogus. Make up human minds to change . And yet the Elites keep buying multimillion dollar beachfront houses. 🤔

The Arctic is warming even faster than scientists realizedThe Arctic isn’t just heating up two to three times as quickly as the rest of the planet. New analyses show that warming is almost four times as fast. UFOChronicles There are many extraterrestrial civilizations that visit Earth. NASA knows this. The Pentagon knows this. Bigelow knows this. Every intelligence organization of every country knows this. Soon everyone in the world will know this fact. Many will FREAKOUT! Lift the veil,apocalypse. The very beginning of a run a away greenhouse effect. Venus is the final destination

Unfortunately,'trusting the science' left us 'not trusting the science' I call BS on all this global warming The solution could be:- The released water should be consumed in other parts of the earth. Need to know quantity of released water. Based on data each country start making rain water store 1. Well Quantity per country 2. Pond in city, Jungle, Mountain 3. Society store units

EndGameWW3 Let’s create another tax for this issue. won't this mean that some more of the land up there will be arable? The methane release will be larger than previously predicted as well. Who's going to tell China and India that they need to stop burning coal? China now produces much more CO2 than any country in the world. Note: Plants love CO2. The more the better. The earth is now greener than it has been in quite awhile & plants are more resistant to drought.

Oh no!!! Everywhere is warming faster than the planet if you believe the news. Each country across the world gets news articles that their country is warming faster than average. It's quite funny when you put them all side by side.

One YearThe people and struggles that changed America—one year at a time. In each episode, host Josh Levin explores a story you may have forgotten, or one you’ve never heard of before. What were the moments that transformed politics, culture, science, religion, and more? And how does the nation’s past shape At least we know what the theme song will be...

Considering the south pole use to be covered by tropical rain forests. Not that worried. 👎 . And we’re in deep crap! Apple sides with manufacturers in China locks out airdrop! Just more of the same old crap, no brains! Best get to high ground!?!? Which study is that 🤔 Strong polar vortex and warming springs, summers & autumns. What is the empirical data for the last decade I wonder. Like to see that but in layman terms so I could understand.

Bullshit! Like it was 20 years ago? 😱😡🥺 be afraid! Rubbish. We are in a mini ice age, to peak in 2035 ref Zharkova et al. The evidence is all in. Polar vortex mass gains, sinking seas, earth spin increasing, more snows in glaciers and more calving. You can talk carbon all you want, physics does not care. It WILL get colder.

First the glacier warms up from -10°C to 0°, the ice melts superficially, now the glacier of Greenland karstifies, then the glacier will become crumbly and brittle by 2045, by 2050, the destroyed glacial ice of Greenland will go off as an icemur, and the sealevel rise +14 m! So? Not true Yeah ok. Tell that to the politicians and billionaires with beach front properties.

And will have absolutely no affect on sea levels. But it will make oil exploration easier. Good shout out! This has been the case since the end of the last ice age. Yeah we've known since 1910, but Pole shifts don't sell carbon credits. Millenarianism is alive. Effective change begins with awareness. The world is now well aware of the climate deregulation. Great that world leaders and civil societies are coming together to fix the current ecological crisis. We keep producing cost-effective tools and business models that will help.

Good I’m pro global warming. It means more plant food. We can farm where the permafrost used to be. Bring back giant plants and megafauna.

Maybe we should stop geo weather engineering programs and just let nature do her thing… Of course it is! This coming just after COP27 where the UN halved the warming prediction for the end of the century... Is the Arctic ice melting from below caused by geothermal or above caused be fossil fuel. Is there warm air from China or India causing the ice to melt? Every summer I hear of Arctic ice melting in the Arctic doesn't the warm summer air and water cause melting of the Arctic

Only if you read 'studies' by zombies, and financially compromised 'researchers'. If you actually look at data, then its all one huge scam. 'scientific' 'american' is just a stupid propaganda outlet. They couldn't science their way out of a paper bag. Earlier research suggested no summertime Arctic ice by 2012. That never happened so what gives!?

First the glacier warms up from -10°C to 0°, the ice melts superficially, now the glacier of Greenland karstifies, then the glacier will become crumbly and brittle by 2045, by 2050, the destroyed glacial ice of Greenland will go off as an icemur, like a whiskey on the rocks. Can you show absolute proof of that? The current temperatures at the Arctic or below freezing. Much of the midwestern US and Canada is freezing right now. Try reporting real news rather than propaganda.

That's odd, the data I saw suggested that the arctic is getting cooler. So, how in the heck does 0.004% CO2 in the atmosphere raise temperatures anyway? Early research must have got it wrong. Maybe the latest research too is incorrect ?

Notice it's warming in the areas where there is major volcanic activity! Of course it's heating up. Can't subscribe to volcanism than dismiss it's results. Better start controling the clouds… carly4330 But GOP says climate change is fake news. Actually almost all studies became just like a pile of feces, and whoever conducts real research will be fought in every corner.

all of us who care about survival must take notice of climate change...Darwin noticed it as important as evolution..climate change kills on a huge if you want to help..then educate yourself how to stop it... 7 continents. 6 Live, 1 emerging, 1 gonna get ghosted and 'Who you gonna call?'. Asia Europe or North America. Science says the north pole is leading this flight, the south pole is trailing during our ever continuous rotation around the sun as it spirals around the galaxy.

what did they expect? that the Earth rotates on a perfect 90º axis?🤣🤣😂 👀 Somebody tell the Repugnicûnts. We must run to stop this disaster

On January 14: The Tonga's underwater volcano eruption sent 50 million tons of water vapor into the atmosphere. 50 million tons of water vapor from Tonga's could warm Earth for years. Slave to volcanic activity: under water=heating underground=cooling Literally, every biologist to geologists… yeah, that’s how it works. (E.g., cell signaling cascades!)

8 billion and rising. overpopulation Oops With the early research proven to be wrong by the latest research. Why would anyone believe the latest research? Maybe the people doing this research don't know what they are doing. Maybe this whole thing about the Artic warming is just nonsense. 🤣🤣🤣 Following the science shows everywhere is warming faster than everywhere else. Amazing discovery.

But why is the planet cooling? 🎶it’s the end of the world as we know it🎶😕 We are literally toast. It is too late. On January 14: The Tonga's underwater volcano eruption sent 50 million tons of water vapor into the atmosphere. Will warm Earth for many years to come. If it was ash pushed, instead if water, we would have a cooling. Slave to volcanic activity.

Friction from 'dropping plates' momentum? Nice! We are on the right track … I can’t even heart this because it’s heartbreaking. Here are a few studies. It’s hard to take anyone seriously. I was capped at 4 pictures but you can find news articles from ‘reputable sources’ on nearly any country or region that make similar claims.

I believe it's not always the surface temperature but the seismic heat generated below surface water that is the concern Jamie_Woodward_ How is that compared to the Cambrian explosion? Quick easy experiment..Fill a glass with ice, top up with vodka and mixer and then watch the ice melt and flood the room..... Don't worry about sea levels, drink the vodka and chill out 👍

and the powers to be are only concerned about protecting their income . . for the love of a dollar 😔 So naturally, it could return to the tropical state it was in prior to the ice caps being formed from all the gasoline and coal we were burning before they happened? Oh wait, those happened before we even knew what that stuff was .... My fault.

I would love to see that Equation. This is the equation I'm working on. Pretty sure Peter Wadhams has mentioned this a while ago You can really see the seasonal differences if you’ve been following sejsejlija (Cecilia Blomdahl)’s life in Svalbard over the years--especially the weather this summer. It’s deeply concerning.

This is exactly what worries me about climate science - everybody comes to the same conclusion. I like science better when everybody *doesn't* come to the same conclusion. ice takes up more space than liquid water. Someone is lying. You can decide who. Been nice knowing y’all 🤝